Why Pay Per Click Marketing Can Be Like Shopping For Clients

Picture this… David is driving home from work and his phone rings. He answers and it’s wife on the other end. “Can you pick up some new clients from the supermarket on your way home honey?” She says. “Business is a bit slow” She adds. “Of course” says David. He stops off at the local supermarket on his way and he is walking up down the aisles looking at all the clients. There are big ones, there are small ones, there are some that are top shelf quality and some are the no-frills type (you know the cheapo ones). Some are difficult to bring on board to his shopping cart

JVZoo Review and Bonus – Affiliate Network


All about the JVZoo affiliate network Looking for a good affiliate network or perhaps a viable alternative to mainstream networks like Clickbank and Amazon? If so then JVZoo might be something that you might want to check out. There is much talk about this particular network among marketing affiliates and in this review we are going to take a look at why, how it differs from other affiliate networks and what it actually has to offer. Now as affiliate network goes, JVZoo is fairly new but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining much traction and popularity among affiliate marketers and it’s mainly attributed to the fact that the said affiliate

Rackspace Hosting Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

All about Rackspace Hosting Rackspace Hosting is a web hosting platform powered by Openstack (one of the largest providers of cloud technology for both private and public open source computing platforms) and specializes in providing high performance and scalable solutions for hosting websites and web applications. The platform boldly claims that “apps and sites run better on their high-performance cloud” but is that really the case or is it just all hype? Is Rackspace Hosting the right web hosting solution for you? Now if you are interested in Rackspace hosting as a web hosting solution for your website then there are probably only two things that you would like to

Site Ground Hosting Review and Bonus – Web Hosting


Are you interested in Site Ground and the services that they offer for hosting your site? Well hold off your horses and check out this detailed review about this particular web hosting service provider and whether they are actually the right option for you. All about Site Ground Hosting Site Ground is a company that has been in the web hosting industry since 2004 and represents one of the top web hosting service providers in the market today. They specialize in providing affordable and comprehensive web hosting solutions for small and medium- sized businesses and now serve thousands of webmasters from all over the globe. What does Site Ground Hosting

Simple Helix Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

A Good Look at Simple Helix Web Hosting Solutions Are you interested in Simple Helix as a possible web hosting platform for your website? If so then you might want to check out this quick review that should provide you with a good look at what this particular web hosting platform has to offer and whether it is actually worth investing into. First let’s take a look at some of the hosting platform’s features: Magento specialized web hosting – Magento is Simple Helix’s forte and hence webmasters that make use of the Magento ecommerce platform for their sites stand to benefit the most out of it. If that sounds like

Bluehost Review and Bonus – Web Hosting


A good look at the Blue Host Web Hosting platform Are you looking for a good and affordable web hosting service provider for your website? If so then Bluehost is probably one of the few names in the web hosting industry that you’ve come across but if you’re reading this then all that you probably want to know is whether or not it is actually worth investing into. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look! Features – what can Bluehost do for you? Affordable and distinctly adaptable shared web hosting service – Bluehost offers some of the most affordable web hosting plans in the market today (as low as

Storm on Demand Review and Bonus – Web Hosting


A good look at “Storm on Demand” Cloud web hosting services Are you interested in cloud hosting technology for your website? Cloud technology certainly presents significant advantages compared to conventional web hosting (instant provisioning, resource scaling, and better security) and Liquid Web’s “Storm on Demand” is certainly one the best and most popular players out there when it comes to cloud server technology. If you’ve been in the market for quite some time, you’ve probably heard a few things about it yourself – but is it really the right web hosting solution for you? Now Storm on Demand is actually a marketing arm of a web hosting company called Liquid

Liquid Web Hosting Review and Bonus – Website Hosting Solution

liquid web hosting

All about Liquid Web hosting Looking for a good web hosting service provider for your website and wondering if Liquid Web Hosting is actually a good fit for your business? Where to get one’s site hosted is certainly one of the most important decisions every website owner inevitably has to make. Needless to say, a good web hosting service provider needs to be secure, reliable and reasonably priced – Does Liquid Web Hosting actually fit any of those bills? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what the web hosting service provider has to offer! Liquid Web is a premium website hosting service provider that caters to the

WP Engine Review and Bonus – WordPress Hosting

wp engine

A good look at WP Engine WordPress is without a doubt the most popular website platform on the market today as it takes away much of the burden of putting up your own website. Unfortunately for many online marketers, WordPress can be hard to manage and maintain. Miss a few updates or fail to optimise your WP site and marketers can lose out on traffic and profit or worse – get their website hacked and lose months/years of hard work. Now for businesses who only own a couple of websites, manually updating your WP site core version, plugins, security, etc. isn’t much trouble and only takes a fair amount of

Webinar Jam Review and Bonus – Web Seminar Software

webinar jam

A Good Look at Webinar Jam – Is it the right webinar software for you? Are you interested in a webinar software called Webinar Jam but not quite sure whether it is actually the right tool for you? Well Webinar Jam is a digital marketing product that was released in the market only recently hence it would certainly be best for people to know all that they can before jumping in on anything. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what the webinar software offers and what it can actually do for your business. What are some of the great things that Webinar Jam has to offer? Webinar