Social Media is the buzz word of the 21st century and rightly so with facebook adding 10s of millions of new users every month and is still on target for 1 billion users by 2012.

Facts about social media:

  • Creates a large awareness very quickly
  • Highly targeted marketing
  • Strong branding opportunities
  • Create bonds with customers like no other media
  • Build a community of loyal followers around your brand

The average Facebook user has approximately 148 friends. Now If 100 people like your page, it will show up in 100 news feeds, giving you a potential reach of 14,800 views. Fueled with a smart marketing campaign we can see these number in a matter of hours.

The full power of social media is realised when you build a community of around your brand, a community of raving fans that interact with your business on a regular basis and become an unstoppable sales army for your business.

Having connections with your customers in the social allows your brand to stay top of mind and have a greater amount of touch points, building more trust and authority in your market place.

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Highly Targeted
Unlike TV, Radio or Print advertising, with Social Media Marketing we can target very specific demographics so that there is no waste in your campaign, giving you a far better return on investment.

We don’t just create a good looking social presence, we work with you to create a dynamic marketing machine that brings more interaction, brand awareness and bonding with existing and potential customers.

Services include:

  • Facebook, twitter and youtube page creation
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Content creation and distribution
  • Social monitoring, Analytics tracking and reporting
  • Promotion and competition creation
  • Fan and follower acquisition
  • Social media training

Why We are different:
Social Media is rapidly evolving and that’s why it’s is vital to stay on the cutting edge with the latest technology and trends.

We have a dedicated team that are consistently innovating new techniques and updating our strategies so that our clients stay at the forefront of Social Media and at the top of the consumers mind.

Some of the strategies and techniques we deploy can’t be learnt at any course because we develop most of them in house to give our clients a competitive advantage.

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