What can be more embarrassing than incorrectly spelling the word embarrassed in your sales copy or social media post?

Spelling mistakes are a scourge which plagues even some of the biggest brands.

According to Forbes magazine, Pepsi makes four times more writing mistakes than Coke. General Motors makes two and a half times as many writing errors as Ford.

Even if you aren’t keeping score, visitors who read your sales copy, blog posts, social media updates and other content notice these errors.

It’s one of the first things which strike us when conducting copywriting audits for business owners.

If your sales copy isn’t converting, your blog posts aren’t getting shared and your social media updates are being glossed over, it may be a good idea to take a fresh look at the content to see if you can spot any misspelt words.

Sometimes the errors you make aren’t picked up by your word processor, and using a tool like Grammarly, can help in uncovering misspelt words which may have slipped underneath the radar.

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Here is an infographic which reveals the 100 most common misspelt words.

Use this as a checklist every time you write sales copy, emails, blog posts or any other marketing message. It will go a long way to protect the integrity of your brand.

Top 100 Misspelled Words in Business

Infographic Courtesy: Proof Edit Write


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