What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign operate as both a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and an email marketing platform – and includes quite a good level of automation for auto-responders and event-based email marketing campaigns. The software really does try very hard to operate as a sales and marketing automation program; it even allows you to manage your list and score your leads so it goes some way to enhance your customer lifecycle marketing.


Best Features of ActiveCampaign include:

Contact Management – this includes intuitive tag management and automated email sequences. It also offers a level of segmentation which many other systems in this arena do not do. It is however, limited in the way it allows you to manage your data segmentation as it is list-based.

Opportunity Management – you can customise your sales funnel quite specifically to your business offering. It’s simple to set up and uses a drag and drop functionality that is easy to get your head around. This part of the software can also track tasks, emails, and notes on client interactions. It can also connect up to gmail and outlook, etc. However it is not so easy to automate in this area, and can not link outcomes to new automation sequences.

Email Marketing – this is very easy to do in ActiveCampaign, especially for electronic newsletters. You can also customise the e-newsletter content so that one client can receive different copy to another, based on how they are tagged in your list. This is a great feature for personalising your marketing.

Automation – you can design the ‘flow’ of automated activity and it is fairly easy to step out and program. You can also use SMS marketing in your automated marketing campaigns, and automate your social media updates for Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t easy however, to version one campaign from another, or to use the same email across a range of automated email sequences. Setting up automation sequences triggered by active responses from prospects is also not simple to do, and some users have found it to be unnecessarily complex.

Support – ActiveCampaign offer 1:1 training sessions, as well as live chat, email support, and searchable help documents. However, their support is not based locally, so their team is not often available during local business hours for Australian businesses.


ActiveCampaign Price:

The pricing for ActiveCampaign is reasonable and starts from around $49/month if you’d like the CRM functionality included. You can also get a free trial of the software.

Interested in finding out more about ActiveCampaign? Find out more about the systems and software available to automate the marketing and sales for your business by speaking with one of our experts. Book a free Marketing Automation Strategy Session today.


What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is more than just a well-organised Client Relationship Management (CRM) system. It is also a marketing automation platform, with an included sales component and shopping cart. As a highly intuitive marketing system, it can be tailored almost to the individual client level – or at least it can deliver this impression pretty strongly to your clients and this does make a difference to your profitability. The software is intentionally designed with small to medium businesses in mind, so the automation features are excellent. Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder focuses on automating customer lifecycle marketing and this has been shown to pay dividends when it comes to your business bottom line.

Over 23,000 small business owners use Infusionsoft to tailor their CRM and segment their lists. Almost all of this activity can be automated in Infusionsoft which saves you buckets of time. It is also extremely beneficial to have all your sales (including your sales team management and shopping cart functionality), marketing (including your social media campaigns), and CRM handled within the same system. Infusionsoft was developed as an antidote to the nightmare of Multiple System Chaos – something every small to medium business owner deals with at some stage. The software is an effective and efficient solution to this problem.

Infusionsoft includes pretty much everything a business owner needs, including electronic newsletter creation and campaign strategy planning. Lead capture, scoring and followup can be done fairly easily using Infusionsoft – and done with an emphasis on tailoring it specifically to your own business. This can also be automated to save you time. Infusionsoft also allows you to customise your campaigns to suit your business and the kind of clients you’d like to attract – and to do this with ease.


Price for Infusionsoft:

Pricing for Infusionsoft begins around $199 / month per user. There is also a kick-start fee of around $2K. This covers your training and a personal consultant (and is excellent value – by the time you’ve done your training your first few campaigns can be up and running).


Best Features of Infusionsoft:

Infusionsoft’s included training is the fastest way to get your sales and marketing automation underway, and is one of the best features of the software. Your one-on-one consultant steps you through setting up your backend and planning, executing, and tracking your early campaigns. The flexibility of the platform means getting the right guidance to hold your hand while you establish the system and integrate it into your business processes is a good idea. Infusionsoft has a wide range of functionalities to choose from and you’ll get the most value by tailoring the system to best serve your business. Then you can adjust this as your business grows. Infusionsoft is designed to be scalable and grow with your business.

If you think Infusionsoft is the system you’ve been looking for, contact one of our experts to talk through all your options. Book a free Marketing Automation Strategy Session now.


Which One Should You Choose?

ActiveCampaign works best for small, service-based businesses that use a wide range of online marketing media and wish to automate as much of their digital marketing activity as possible. If however, you’re looking for a fully functional CRM tool that also covers sales and marketing automation – and includes a shopping cart – then Infusionsoft is likely to be more of a fit for you. It is also the better choice if you have a sales team to manage. The prospect tagging and lead scoring are also more specific, plus the range of plugins and third party add-ons you can access is greater which means you can build exactly the system you want for your business – and you won’t need to ‘graft on’ any others.

It’s often helpful to discuss your business needs with an expert – there are literally dozens of systems available to small business owners and you’ll want to get very clear about what you’re looking for right now, and for the future as well. Our expert consultants have tried and tested just about every small business system that’s out there. Contact an expert for your free Marketing Automation Strategy Session today.


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