When it comes to Client Relationship Management (i.e. CRM) systems, there is certainly a wide range to choose from. Infusionsoft is well known these days as one of the best client management systems available for small to medium business owners. It offers scalability and is able to be tailored precisely for your business and your list, which makes is a useful business management tool as well. It is not, however, the only system on the market.

As a small business owner there are a number of factors likely to be weighing on your mind.


The cost of new business infrastructure is always an important consideration – and looking into purchasing a new CRM system certainly comes under that heading. While Infusionsoft is all any small to medium business owner could wish for when it comes to a CRM system, there is no doubt that getting your business set up with Infusionsoft costs a substantial amount. With around $2,000 as a kick start fee (which covers your initial setup and training), plus ongoing monthly fees from between $180-$380+ (depending on which plugins you need or choose), it is not a low cost consideration for most businesses.

The key here is to look at your Return On investment (ROI). What do you expect to achieve with your sales and marketing? For how much growth in business are you planning to reach? This is important, because stepping out your business growth plan will help you decide how much you can afford to invest now, for high-growth gains later on.

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Flexibility and Scalability:

As your business grows, you will find your sales and marketing programs may need to become more nuanced. Usually, your client list will grow along with your profits and your business – and while this is exciting, it does bring with it a new set of challenges moving forward. How do you personalise your marketing? Make your customers feel special, individual; like you know their needs and requirements? This takes a certain kind of targeted marketing, and well-designed capture-and-nurture campaigns and programs. For this, you may find you require a lead management system that you can finesse as you require – and these systems are often more expensive to purchase and a little more complex to learn. This is because they are flexible and the more options your CRM system offers, the greater the learning curve required. The upside is that your system, while costing more and taking longer to master, will likely serve your business for far longer and far better than some of the cheaper systems.

Mailchimp for example, is an excellent email marketing tool – but this is all it does. It does not operate as any kind of data management software, or content management software. AWeber and Constant Contact have similar limitations. You would need to graft other systems on to these if you wanted to implement a broader sales and marketing program than just email marketing communications to your list. If you wanted to run an AdWords campaigns for example, or social media engagement programs, none of these systems would serve your purposes. The more systems you use, especially online, the more exposed your data becomes and risk management online is not a threat any small business owner can afford to ignore these days. Using multiple systems has many other drawbacks as well – including the chaos that comes with applications management. Multi-system chaos is the small business owner’s personal nightmare – and there is no way such a set up can be either efficient or effective for your sales and marketing campaigns, which will impact your ROI over the long term.

It is also important to look at the cost of adjusting your campaigns; marketplaces are never static and whether your industry moves quickly or slowly, it is certain that the digital marketing environment is ever-changing – and your programs need to keep up to date with the latest developments. If a campaign isn’t working for you, how fast can you scale it back? If it’s working brilliantly, how easy is it to ramp up that lead generator? Not all systems are easy to adjust as and when you need – and that can also cost you in terms of time and money.

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The purpose of automating your sales and marketing processes is to save you time. This is where you really do have to look at the more high-end systems like Infusionsoft and Ontraport. Both offer a high level of automation, although Infusionsoft has the edge when it comes to automated sales data segmentation because of the way you can set up your customer management tags and score your leads. Ontraport do offer something similar but it is much harder to program this functionality into Ontraport than Infusionsoft. That said, lead capture via social media marketing campaigns is done very well in Ontraport – click throughs from Facebook and the like go straight into your database and new records are created right out of the box. Can Infusionsoft do this? Yes, but it takes extra programming , and costs more per month.

Infusionsoft also offers its Campaign Builder which is one of the best features of the software – and this is a great tool. None of the other CRM systems currently available on the market offer anything like this for small businesses and it is useful. It allows you to plan each part of your sales funnel. You can cover every client touch point and create a path for each and every customer entry and exit point on your site. You can also automate those touch points and create customer nurture campaigns – and set them to auto-run. This is a great time saver – and done correctly, it can be a big winner for your bottom line. Think carefully about how you could use it and take a close look before deciding if this is really the system for you. Salesforce and Hubspot are two other systems which offer much of the same functionality as both Infusionsoft and Ontraport. However, both are less flexible. Salesforce especially is designed as a piece of sales management software; i.e. for larger businesses that have a sales team in-house – and is much harder to transition from, should you decide to switch systems at a later date. It is however, quite popular in business to business CRM (B2B management) situations.

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There are to Infusionsoft. Like any large business investment decision, it comes down to your endgame. What are your business goals? How much current budget are you prepared to commit to achieving these goals? What functionalities do you foresee you will need to run your sales and marketing now, and into the next few years? How much time and cash do you have to invest in this?

These are all important questions – and they will help you make the right decision. You need to have some idea of where you’re heading if you’re to select the right vehicle with which to get there.

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