Facebook Ads Huge Help to Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is an industry which has seen tremendous development this previous year and is fundamentally an arbitrage business. The low hindrance to passage has tempted numerous growing business visionaries to end up the "go-between" - gaining by less expensive item sources and offering them online to clients for an edge. In any case, it is vital for this new age of go-betweens to ensure they use the privilege advanced showcasing apparatuses to drive the sales conversion.

Facebook is one of the biggest person to person communication organizations on the planet. Here we have listed few reasons that why Facebook Ads are a huge help to dropshipping websites.

Huge users groups

As we as a whole know, more than 10 billion populace are the users of Facebook and its users are from everywhere throughout the world. On Facebook, there are various sorts of individuals, for example, student, businessman, office specialists, teachers, and retailers. They are all from various types of enterprises. Each individual on Facebook can be your potential clients. When you advertise your dropshipping data on Facebook, individuals from everywhere throughout the world can read that data.

In the event that somebody looks for related items' or brands' data, Facebook will demonstrate to them the related items' and brands' data. Incidentally, in the event that you need to grow your dropshipping business, Facebook can offer you diverse nations' market. Huge users groups of Facebook additionally mean tremendous potential business openings and markets.

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Strong advertisement functions

Making promotions for dropshipping items is one of the techniques to draw in considerations from people in general or your potential clients. For Facebook, it can offer your various types of advertisements, for example, advertisements on the page, site advancement, and quickly push posts. It can as indicated by your prerequisite to give the promotions a chance to show to your objective shopper group, target market and show at any spots on Facebook. For, promotions positions, it can offer creative advertisements to groups, for example, photographs, videos, slideshows, boutique bars, carousels or full screens. Differentiated advertisements mode can address all your issue.

Professional operation team

A proficient task group is a key for a site including long range interpersonal communication platform. Expect over this administration, it has an expert tech support group to ensure that different of capacities on Facebook can be utilized as a part of typical status, for example, installment work, making Facebook accounts, advertisement work, the capacity of altering page and capacity of sharing a post.

Facebook can offer you proficient task individuals when you begin your drop shipping advertisements on Facebook. It can enable you to make a decent advertising impact for your brands or your dropshipping business and items, can make safe and stable installment techniques, offer to purchase and offering in a commercial center, offer and help you break down task date which is about your drop shipping advertisements on Facebook.

Strong cooperation partners

Expect Facebook, there are numerous popular social networking stages in which you can begin your drop shipping business, in the event that you need to broadcast your drop shipping business advertisements on other informal communication stages. Facebook likewise has numerous solid accomplices, for example, Instagram. There are more than 2 million promoters share their brands and their business stories on Instagram. More than 2 billions of shooters will at any rate visit one business' Instagram page and more than 60% Instagram user will know the item points of interest on Instagram. There are more than 25 huge number of business pages on Instagram.

Thus, dropshipping on Facebook, you can achieve numerous assets from Instagram. Also, Facebook can enable you to refresh your Facebook dropshipping data to the Instagram account. However, every one of these administrations should be charged by the Facebook.

eCommerce Businesses Invest on Facebook Ads

Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing Facebook promotions to direct people to your eCommerce business webpage? In case you are not, you are overlooking anything, particularly in light of the fact that Facebook has recently presented an idea called lookalike audiences for the eCommerce site guests. There are so many ways on how ecommerce business uses Facebook Ads.

We should investigate how marvelous Facebook promotions can be for eCommerce businesses and separate what conventional lookalike like audience focusing on works.

You don’t need to invest a lot

This will be the first and the most vital explanation behind any eCommerce venture. While you can put several pounds into advancing the posts, you don't need to. Indeed, even a little measure of spending allotment can go far. A little spending plan of something like £10 seven days can reach many followers, which is all you require in the event that you are in the process of developing your eCommerce business.

More reach, more traffic to website

This is a conspicuous reason yet regularly ignored. In the event that you are placing exertion into motivating individuals to see the posts, it is likely that these individuals will visit your eCommerce site. What does this mean? This implies more enthusiasm for your item or profit and in the long run more deals or enquiries.

Individuals can frequently overlook that you are not just putting resources into reach, you are likewise putting resources into web traffic, client engagement and brand devotion, in addition to other things.

Get a lot of brand engagement

Similar to the above point, putting resources into helped posts could get more individuals keen on your brand since they are really ready to read your messages. With deliberately created social posts and the right Facebook speculation, you can expand the brand engagement, which in all sincerity is what being on Facebook is essentially be about.

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Reach new audiences

In case that you don't advance the posts, you are constraining your reach to new audiences. Facebook enables the ecommerce business proprietors to not just put resources into their posts with the goal that the majority of their supporters get the opportunity to see them, yet they likewise enable you to push posts into individuals' courses of events who are not following you.

This is an incredible chance to get the brand out to individuals who have not yet experienced you. New individuals mean a new follower which means new sales.

Reach very specific, targeted audiences

We cleared out the most energizing reason. A standout amongst other tools that Facebook brings to the table is that you can set up the post with the goal that it reaches the sort of audience you need to pull in.

While throwing a net and reaching an extensive variety of audiences is great, it can be more important to reach a little measure of individuals who are destined to purchase from you later on.

Facebook promotions work. Also, numerous online retailers can affirm it. But in the event that you feel that your advertisements don't convey the ROI you expected, chip away at expanding their significance, grab the interest of the audience and give them a strong and great motivation to click.

Facebook Advertising Trends for 2018

As Facebook randomly makes an update nowadays, some advertisers are hesitant on what actions to take to maintain their promotions in targeting the right audience. Some would look for free tutorials or guides to determine what new features arise during the random updates.

There are different trends that we can consider for Facebook advertising this 2018 that will help us enhance our creation of ads to get more sales.

Video Ads

People might get tired of reading your blog-like post that contains all the details that you want to highlight. Video watching behavior has increase since last year. Most users would rather watch video than reading information. Just take note that, your should also create a stunning or well informed video that could catch the attention of viewers.

Facebook Ad Types

Remember to conduct split testing different ad formats available in Facebook advertising. This will help you determine the performing ad type for your business.

- Carousel Ads

- Slideshow Ads

- Collection Ads

- Canvas

- Link ads

- Lead Ads

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Paid Advertising and Organic Reach

Some advertisers were asking on where to be more active, paid or organic? Well,the answer is both, be active on your organic community as well as investing on you paid promotion. Pages that are consistent in posting tend to gain more trust from target audience.

Investing your time and effort in Facebook advertising will help you business find leads. Make sure to implement strategies that you know your business will benefit.

Reasons Why Your Business Should Promote Using Facebook Ads Today

Many business owners focus their targets on their products or services based on quality and quantity. In terms of promoting their brand, some are not aware of how to maximise the use of different social media platforms in targeting their audience. Let’s take a look at the following reasons why your business needs Facebook ads.


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Facebook as a Daily Routine

Majority of people worldwide tend to treat Facebook as their breakfast, lunch or dinner. When they wake up in the morning and before going to sleep, it is an automatic gesture to check news feed or any other updates. Using Facebook Ads, your target audience will see your sponsored post on their news feed. A huge chance of getting leads that will later convert to sales.

Organic Reach is NOT Enough

Yes, you keep on posting 3 times a day of your products or any creative banners you consider as engaging. However, you only limit yourself using organic posting strategy because it is free. Take note that anything that is free is not giving you the guarantee that you will benefit from it. Organic reach is limited to your posts are limited. Consider using Facebook Ads to reach more audience.

Always Measure Your Success

You will only consider your ad campaigns’ effectivity by looking at the important metrics. One thing that will help you find out if your reaching your target audience is by looking how many engagements it got.

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Survival Guide to Creating Effective Facebook Strategy

Facebook Ad is one of the top major tools in terms of pay per click advertising. There are many tips online on how to use it effectively and make money using your Facebook ad promotions. They say that it is still the power of word of mouth even in the digital world. But businesses should always consider having a detailed target audience so that upon creation of Facebook ads, the message is clear to the market.

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All 17 survival tips are very great to consider but we will highlight the most remarkable one and should be applied to gain social engagements.

Completely Fill out Your Profile Info

Define your business by your mission, vision and what you actually offer. Customers would want to know exactly the products or services you are offering and what kind of business you are in.

Don’t Ignore Facebook Insights

If Google has analytics that provides a more detailed information about your audience, Facebook insights also give a report of ever page visits that the page has. Insights will help you determine which gender, the range of age and location you should focus.

Focus on Engagements, not Likes

Yes, we are very glad in getting likes, however, like are not the basis to say that your ad is working effectively, engagement does. Having engagements in your post is a result that you are targeting the right audience.

Moderate Spam and Negative Comments

Not all bad reviews or comments are true. Sometimes, it is a form of spam due to having several competitors in the industry. A great tip would be to manage your posts comments.

Always Ask, Does this Post Help my Fans

You can determine the effectiveness of your ad by reach and engagements. If your promotions don’t gain any insights then it’s time to change or modify your ads.

Always Stay up to date on Facebook Updates

Number one rule if you choose social media marketing, make sure you stay up to date with the latest creatives or rules released by Facebook. It is a must so that you can keep track the changes happened.

Be Visual

Being creative in terms of ad banners will help your promotion attract more audience. It is not enough to just post your thoughts or explain your products in detailed information. Post the best description of your post and create engaging creative banners.

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Enhance Your Ads with Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons

Whenever we are creating an ad for promotion, we would like to make sure that it will be easy for our target audience to go to our landing page. Thanks to Facebook call-to-action buttons, it is much easier to determine if the purpose of the ad is for shopping or educational learning.

If you have a website or app, it will always be a must to include the right CTAs in your posts. In this article, we will show you the results of Facebook CTAs by popularity and performance released by Adroll.


As we can see, in terms of popularity, Shop Now is the most widely used maybe because of many eCommerce websites and Facebook shop established for the past years. In terms of performance, Learn More performs the best among others, websites who promote more details of their products or services used Learn More so that audience would click if they find it interesting to read.

We can also take note of the CTAs applicable to use in different industries.

Shop Now

- Apparel

- Consumer electronics

- Home

- Crafts and Hobbies

Learn More

- Education

- Finance

- Healthcare

Book Now

- Travel

- Real Estate

Sign Up

- Technology

- Media and Entertainment


- Technology

- Games

- Social Apps

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Facebook Advertising Principles that Will Help You Provide Excellent Customer Service

Just recently, Facebook released news about their advertising principles. The advertising team stated that they strive to deliver meaningful connections between businesses and people. Of course, the main goal for every business is to gain profit from their leads and for people to see only relevant and useful ads that they prefer.

Untitled design (1)

Here are the Principles that will help you provide extraordinary customer service:

They build for people first.

Facebook specify that they are showing what’s relevant to people and not by how much money they make from a given ad. Some users find it disturbing to see irrelevant and repetitive ads. People interact or make an engagement with ads that they can relate to.


Facebook doesn't sell our data.

Number one important concern of online users is the security of their personal information. The ad system of Facebook is designed to protect people’s privacy. Advertisers will never know the detailed information from their audience but the given data about the performance coming from Facebook.

We can control the ads we see.

If an ad is annoying, you may click the upper right-hand corner of the ad and you can choose to hide or block it. We can also view our account’s Ad Preferences to learn more why we are seeing those ads with interest and information.


Facebook Advertising is transparent.

Whenever you see ads in your news feed, you are directly seeing which page it is coming from. And when you visit its profile page, you may distinguish instantly if the account is legit or not. Facebook provides us information of the advertisers so we can decide if we should trust them or not.

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Facebook Advertising for business gives equal treatment to both businesses and people. Each aspect gain from each other, as businesses get the leads they want and people discover the things they need.

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Attractive Video Practices for Creative Facebook Advertising

There are different styles video advertisers use to promote their products or service. However, to make it more engaging with viewers, there are best practices that you should consider when you want to capture the attention of your target audience during the first few seconds.

Untitled design

Tell a Story

One way that people will likely to pay attention is to tailor the content that is relevant to the audience’s interests. Creating a video advert must not only focus one unique video only. You have to consider creating different versions for split testing.

Invest in Production

In making a video advert, people do not care the kind of camera you use to capture every moment. Whether it’s a camera phone or a professional one, just see to it the video is clear, the editing is well organized and the additional designs or animation used are match with each other.

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Capture Audience Wisely

Show the message of the video advert to your audience as quickly as possible. So people would focus on your story and higher chances that they get hooked on the ads you created.

Make it more Appealing, with or without sound

Some users leave their video ads autoplay in their newsfeed, so it is important that you create your video advert with enticing images or scenery or you can announce some catchy word at the very beginning to capture their attention.

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Identify Your Reach with Facebook Advert Audiences

You might be wondering after you set up your ads on Facebook, there is a slow movement in achieving your goal, whether it’s a post engagement or website conversions. You must see to it that upon setting up your campaigns, you exactly know what you want to target. Right audience by their location, age or gender or audience from your site. In this article, you will get familiarise with the different Audiences that you can select in Facebook Adverts Manager or Power Editor


Core Audiences

With Core Audiences, you will choose the people in detailed targeting. You will be looking for people who might be interested in your products. This feature can be found in Boost Post from the page, Ads Manager, and Power Editor. Core Audiences will allow you to target the following:

  • Demographics
    • You will choose people by their age, gender, relationship status and many more.
  • Location
    • Target people based on their location. You may also create radius or distance from where your shop is located.
  • Interest
    • One of the good thing in Core Audiences is you can choose the interest of the audience which will help your ads get the right engagement. You may choose certain things that are related to y our products or services or even audiences with interests on your competitors end.
  • Behaviours
    • You can reach people based on their purchasing behavior or intent, device usage, and other activities.

Custom Audiences

This type of ad targeting will help you reconnect with your existing customers and contacts. There are lots of options in setting up your Custom Audience but the goal is same, to stabilize the relationship within your current reach and drive more sales. Custom Audiences can be of the following:

  • Loyal and Potential Customers
    • Your current customers and prospects that might get interested again in buying your promotion.
  • Website Visitors
    • This is a big help in conducting more engagement between your Facebook and active website as you will be targeting people who visit your site.
  • Mobile Users
    • If you have an active mobile and you want to reach the people who are currently using it.

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Lookalike Audiences

With Lookalike Audience, it will help you target similar reach your Custom Audience has. This will increase your chance of reaching more people who might be interested in your business.

Making different adverts and creating targeting audience takes time and more testing. We can help you achieve your goal for your ads, if you need more guidance, you may reach us here - Contact Us.

Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Creating Facebook Ads Image

Creating ad banner for your campaigns in Facebook Ads is the part that will take most of your time. You will think of creative idea of image that will catch the attention of your target audience. Some advertisers do not have enough knowledge of do’s and don’t’s in terms of getting images. Some would just go to Google images and download the picture and edit it afterward. Actually, there are tips for creating Facebook Ads images like a pro.

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Avoid using images with copyright issues


As much as possible, avoid using images coming from Google. There free stock images available online. If you want high-quality stock images, you can take advantage of premium plans. Another best way is to take your own photo.

Use Image Text Check on Facebook


Using the Text Overlay Tool will rate your ads based on the amount of text and determine if it will perform well. Your ads can be rated as Low, Medium or High.

Consistency and Relevancy


Make your image stand out from your competitors. Be consistent with what you post, meaning all posts in your Facebook page must be aligned on what you are offering. In terms of relevancy, make sure the image you use is related or exactly what your ad copies or text is promoting.

Other Image Best Practices

There are other image best practices that you should also take note to effectively create a banner for advertising on Facebook.

Choose your image based on your targeting.
Test different images in promoting your campaigns.
Use images that define the important context of your business.

Want to learn more in terms of creating outstanding banners for your Facebook business page? Here at ThinkBigOnline, we can help you get leads that will convert into sales. Contact Us today!