JVZoo Review and Bonus – Affiliate Network

All about the JVZoo affiliate network

1Looking for a good affiliate network or perhaps a viable alternative to mainstream networks like Clickbank and Amazon? If so then JVZoo might be something that you might want to check out. There is much talk about this particular network among marketing affiliates and in this review we are going to take a look at why, how it differs from other affiliate networks and what it actually has to offer.

Now as affiliate network goes, JVZoo is fairly new but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining much traction and popularity among affiliate marketers and it’s mainly attributed to the fact that the said affiliate network directly pays affiliate commissions straight to one’s Paypal account. This is unlike most other affiliate networks which often process payouts on a weekly or monthly basis – more on that later.

Of course there are perks for being a seller on their marketplace as well – there are no upfront costs for putting up products on JVZoo and sellers can create as many “Buy” buttons as they want. There are no out of pocket charges for doing so and for a small percentage of the sale; the marketplace handles all billing and affiliate processing

How does JVZoo compare with other affiliate networks?

As mentioned earlier, JVZoo instantly processes commissions via Paypal and we believe that this is what truly sets it apart from most of its counterparts. Popular affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon Associates and Commission Junction can make it difficult for affiliates to get paid especially for beginners. JVZoo was one of the first to adopt PayPal’s adaptive payment architecture which enables the network to hand out affiliate commissions the moment a sale is generated.

JVZoo’s adaptive payment system also guards against refund issues prevalent in most other affiliate networks which protect all parties – the seller, consumer and affiliate.  Just as it instantly credits the account of sellers and affiliates at the point of sale, the system also divides the refund amount between both parties avoiding delays, confusion and possible loss of reputation.

Note: At the time of writing JVZoo now provides sellers the discretion of whether to release their affiliate’s commission instantly or delay it by 45 to 60 days.  Most sellers offer instant commissions to affiliates who’ve sold 25 or more products and have proven themselves capable of promoting their offers.


As illustrated on the diagram above, consumer sales in JVZoo are truly divided among JVZoo, the seller and affiliate. Thus when a refund is initiated via Paypal, the amount is split among all parties in the same manner as it was credited creating the ideal situation to benefit all parties – JVZoo gets a percentage of the sale, sellers get to outsource the promotional and billing process on their behalf and affiliates quickly get their commission.

Considering its advantages, it is no wonder JVZoo has managed to quickly attract the attention of so many sellers and affiliate marketers. In your search for this review, perhaps it has managed to capture yours as well. There are a bunch of other great things that JVZoo offers as well:

  • Easy product creation for sellers along with a useful collection of free tools like the “Sales Funnel” tool.
  • Clever integration with Warrior Forum (an even larger marketplace for online marketing products). It works by replicating any offers sellers might have on the warrior forum and posting it on the JVZoo network as a backup. An automatic WSO Fail over System constantly monitors the status of the Warrior Forum which is known to be prone to network downtimes and reroutes all affiliate links to the JVZoo backup whenever the site is unavailable.
  • Easy deliver of affiliate bonuses – bonuses are a great way affiliates to increase their sales and JVZoo makes it’s fulfillment a breeze. One simply needs to navigate their way into the “Create New Bonus” option then specify the URL where your bonus is located or upload the file to the network’s server. The set bonus will then be immediately available to buyers after completing checkout.
  • Simple and Practical User Navigation – users can easily find whatever information they need on the website


Easy bonus fulfillment for affiliates
Easy bonus fulfillment for affiliates


Having mentioned some of the great things about the JVZoo affiliate network, it does have its own share of drawbacks and it is only fair that they be mentioned in this review:

  • Web interface design leaves much to be desired although this is more of a personal preference
  • Currently lacks mobile compatibility – site is not viewable on many mobile devices. Users also report issues across different type of mobile browsers.
  • Some products are not properly categorized – most offers appear to be mostly centered on online marketing or making money online (e.g. top results for the employment category include Neobux PTC, Art Outsourcing, etc.) which makes it unintuitive for most users who are probably looking for information on how to excel in their career, how to seek out employment opportunities and passing a job interview.




Is JVZoo the right affiliate network for you?

If you can appreciate the advantages that JVZoo offers that it can certainly be the right affiliate network for you. Granted the network has less than 15 percent the total number of offers that Clickbank or Commission Junction has but that could very well change in a year or two citing policy changes that left many sellers and affiliate marketers disgruntled.

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Rackspace Hosting Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

All about Rackspace Hosting


Rackspace Hosting is a web hosting platform powered by Openstack (one of the largest providers of cloud technology for both private and public open source computing platforms) and specializes in providing high performance and scalable solutions for hosting websites and web applications. The platform boldly claims that “apps and sites run better on their high-performance cloud” but is that really the case or is it just all hype?

Is Rackspace Hosting the right web hosting solution for you?


Now if you are interested in Rackspace hosting as a web hosting solution for your website then there are probably only two things that you would like to know – is it truly the right web hosting solution for you and what are some of the great things that it actually offers?

Well there’s certainly a handful especially for webmasters looking to create demanding corporate sites or resource extensive web applications – public cloud technology is more than capable of supporting such vital workloads.

The great thing about their public cloud hosting solutions is that they are designed to seamlessly work together and can all be managed from a single API/control panel. One popular and sought after cloud product that they offer is the hybrid cloud (a dedicated server linked to a cloud server) but more on that later. Let’s check out some of their main features:

The power of cloud hosting – Rackspace hosting offers quick and highly reliable cloud hosting solutions to suit any site or web app requirement.


Automated scaling – webmasters can set their own resource specifications (CPU, storage, memory and overall cost). With these parameters, the web platform automatically increases or decreases web hosting resources to adjust to any irregularities in website activity. A Deployment feature enables web masters to easily install and run any web application or site framework.

Fully managed dedicated servers – Rackspace hosting offers dedicated server solutions for webmasters that need web hosting power that extends well beyond what shared web hosting has to offer. All dedicated server plans come with a perfect uptime guarantee and around the clock support.

Introducing Hybrid Cloud – the pride and joy of Rackspace hosting. Hybrid cloud offers webmasters the best in web hosting performance by combining the speed and reliability of a dedicated server with the security and flexibility of a cloud server.


For: While all of Rackspace public cloud and hosting services are all fairly good and are better than most other web hosting platforms in the market, it is with their hybrid cloud hosting services that it truly distinguishes itself. If you are among those who seek out the advantages offered by hybrid cloud solutions then you certainly can’t go wrong with Rackspace hosting.

Against: Higher than average cost even for their most basic hosting solutions and dedicated server plans. Service is generally reliable but when you do run into any problems a lot of feedbacks and complaints can be found online about their less than adequate and fairly unresponsive support. Additional cost in terms of API and web module integrations can also be a factor.

In conclusion

Rackspace Hosting represents a good and very capable choice in web hosting platforms and particularly so for webmasters interested in hybrid cloud technology and benefit from the advantages that it offers over conventional hosting. Now it’s not for everyone – learning curve can be terribly steep and the less than stellar quality of support makes it a not so friendly choice for beginners but for webmasters that know what they are doing and doesn’t have to rely much on back end support, Rackspace hosting provides a reliable and proven web host platform that can truly deliver!

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Site Ground Hosting Review and Bonus – Web Hosting


Are you interested in Site Ground and the services that they offer for hosting your site? Well hold off your horses and check out this detailed review about this particular web hosting service provider and whether they are actually the right option for you.

All about Site Ground Hosting

Site Ground is a company that has been in the web hosting industry since 2004 and represents one of the top web hosting service providers in the market today. They specialize in providing affordable and comprehensive web hosting solutions for small and medium- sized businesses and now serve thousands of webmasters from all over the globe.

What does Site Ground Hosting have to offer?

A full range of shared web hosting solutions to inexpensively suit just about any web hosting requirement whether it’s the “Start up” plan for newbie webmasters to the premium “Go Geek” web hosting plan for experienced webmasters with multiple websites and a need for more powerful features such as super cache and server priority for better site performance.


Granted that Site Ground’s shared web hosting plans are far from being targeted and lack customization options but they are more than adequate for many webmasters especially those who are operating on a tight budget. All plans come with a 100 percent network up time guarantee as well as access to all essential features (free domain name and transfers, around the clock support, unlimited data transfers, etc.)

Value-packed cloud hosting services – Site Ground hosting offers some of the most affordable and reliable cloud hosting services on the market today. Considering the many advantages that cloud technology offers over conventional web hosting, it has become the top choice for many businesses but is often too expensive for many webmasters. However it appears it doesn’t have to be with Site Ground hosting.


Now one of the great things that can be said about Site Ground hosting is that in addition to being relatively inexpensive, they offer a lot of neat extras that present webmasters with a lot of value in return for their web hosting expenses and the same thing can be said about their cloud hosting services packed with added value features that often represent an additional cost in other web hosts. Such features include free domains, dedicated IPs, SSL certificates, remote backups, CMS optimisations and many more.

Dedicated Servers/ fully managed – Site Ground also offers some of the most inexpensive dedicated server plans in the market with options for full management. The web platform can handle all the management work for you (setup, server updates, server fixes, security, etc.) so that webmasters don’t have to.


Fast and reliable support – it’s always comforting to know that webmasters can always get in touch with their web hosts at any time for any issues that they might need help with. Site Ground certainly knows this all too well and maintains an average response of time of no more than 15 minutes. Dedicated support teams are available for webmasters on cloud hosting and dedicated server plans with near instant response times.


Is Site Ground Hosting the right web hosting solution for you?

Site Ground web hosting is ideal for web masters looking for an inexpensive but proven and highly reliable web hosting service. The platform’s web hosting plans are more than ideal for small businesses and for people looking to get their sites hosted at an affordable cost. However due to the nature of shared web hosting, businesses are advised to opt for cloud hosting or at the very least, go for dedicated server plans.

Of course Site Ground hosting is not without shares of downsides – as mentioned earlier, their web hosting plans lack any degree of custom options which makes it a poor choice for webmasters that are in need of a dynamic and adaptable web hosting solution. (Irregular peaks and lows on website activity). Site Ground also does not currently offer any free trials across all of their web hosting plans although the practice is relatively common for low priced web hosting platforms.


Overall, Site Ground is a good choice in web hosting platforms particularly for web masters looking for something that has proven itself very capable in covering all the web hosting essentials without costing too much. Site Ground offers a lot of value across all their web hosting plans that come with extras that often represent an additional cost in many of its counterparts.

Having mentioned that, Site Ground Hosting is clearly not for everyone and particularly so with webmasters that need a platform with custom and highly dynamic web hosting resources required to quickly address fluctuating website requirements. If that sounds a lot like you then you might want to take your business somewhere else. If however you are looking for a proven and reputable web hosting platform that is more than capable of covering your entire web hosting essentials at some of the lowest and most competitive of cost then you certainly won’t be disappointed with what Site Ground hosting has to offer.

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Simple Helix Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

A Good Look at Simple Helix Web Hosting Solutions


Are you interested in Simple Helix as a possible web hosting platform for your website? If so then you might want to check out this quick review that should provide you with a good look at what this particular web hosting platform has to offer and whether it is actually worth investing into.


First let’s take a look at some of the hosting platform’s features:

Magento specialized web hosting – Magento is Simple Helix’s forte and hence webmasters that make use of the Magento ecommerce platform for their sites stand to benefit the most out of it. If that sounds like you then you’ll find Simple Helix’s offerings ideal for your web hosting needs.


As a web host that specializes in hosting solutions for Magenta sites, Simple Helix pretty much has all the essentials covered. Added value features include server name indicators which allows for the installation of multiple site certificates with one IP address. Simple Helix also offers unlimited sub domain, automated error checks and reporting, Litespeed servers, unlimited autoresponders and email accounts, perfect network uptime and 24/7 webmaster support.

Cloud hosting for Magento websites – Simple Helix also offers cloud hosting technology for Magento sites and unlike most other hosting platforms offering cloud products, they enable webmasters to specify the tiniest details about their cloud computing services to create something that is custom tailored to one’s needs. Simple Helix’s cloud technology is backed by VMware’s ESXi and features a user-friendly Cpanel, perfect network uptime, fully scalable resources and around the clock support.


Managed dedicated web servers – for webmasters in need of the speed and hosting power of a dedicated server without having to deal with the trouble of managing it themselves. Their fully managed dedicated servers were created with the most modern and powerful CPU architecture capable of meeting any web host requirement especially for high traffic and demanding Magento ecommerce websites. Specs include the latest 64 bit Cent OS, unmetered bandwidth with transfer speeds of up to 100 mbps, 2 dedicated IPs. Simple Helix can get a managed dedicated server in less than 48 hours with no contract.


Is Simple Helix the right web hosting solution for you?

If you don’t plan nor see a need for Magento CMS then Simple Helix probably isn’t for you simply because you’d be missing out on web host’s expertise which is to provide a web hosting environment that is specific to Magento. Their support staff specialises in Magento specific troubleshooting and may even provide recommendations to deliver the best possible performance.

 Now if the value of these things is something that you can appreciate and find invaluable to your web hosting needs then you certainly won’t be disappointed with what Simple Helix has to offer!

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Bluehost Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

A good look at the Blue Host Web Hosting platform


Are you looking for a good and affordable web hosting service provider for your website? If so then Bluehost is probably one of the few names in the web hosting industry that you’ve come across but if you’re reading this then all that you probably want to know is whether or not it is actually worth investing into. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look!

Features – what can Bluehost do for you?

  • 2Affordable and distinctly adaptable shared web hosting service – Bluehost offers some of the most affordable web hosting plans in the market today (as low as $4.95 per month). Webmasters can opt to start out small and upgrade to more powerful web servers later on as their site and hosting needs grows.  Shared web hosting plans also come with neat extras that often entail additional cost on other hosting platforms – free domain names, unlimited websites/domains, and automated backups.


  • 3VPS Web Hosting for webmasters – ideal for webmasters that need better hosting power along with the advantages of being able to instantly scale resources as needed. Bluehost’s VPS servers are custom built from scratch to provide the best possible experience in cloud computing and are all fully managed in the back end so that web masters can focus on the more important things.


  • 4Dedicated hosting plans that offer webmasters the best in website speed, control and security. Unlike most other dedicated server plans that can take days to deploy, Bluehost regularly preps an array of RAID class dedicated servers that can be up and running in a matter of hours. Like most of their hosting plans, Bluehost dedicated servers are among the most affordable in the market yet come with some valuable features like free domains, 4 dedicated IPs and a powerful quad core 2.5 GHz CPU with 8 GB RAM, 10 TB of bandwidth and 1 TB of disk storage.


Is Bluehost the right web hosting solution for you?

If you are looking for a proven and reliable web hosting service provider without the high cost then Bluehost is certainly one of the web hosting platforms that you ought to look into. Their shared web hosting services are better than most other similar platforms in the market thanks to their efficient hosting architecture that equally distributes resources among users. The same thing can also be said about their dedicated web servers and VPS plans.

Having mentioned that, we did find a few drawbacks that a lot of web masters may find significant. One is the lack of upgrade options across all their web hosting plans and perhaps the most significant of which is the fact that the web platform doesn’t offer windows-based servers which can be an important requirement for many web modules and APIs.


Bluehost can be the perfect web hosting solution for many webmasters particularly those that are on a fairly limited budget but only when it is matched to the right web hosting requirements. Bluehost is generally reliable and affordable enough without having to sacrifice any essentials and although it possesses a number of significant drawbacks which may make it unsuitable for some, Bluehost remains to be an affordable and highly capable web hosting solution for many webmasters.

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Storm on Demand Review and Bonus – Web Hosting

A good look at “Storm on Demand” Cloud web hosting services


Are you interested in cloud hosting technology for your website? Cloud technology certainly presents significant advantages compared to conventional web hosting (instant provisioning, resource scaling, and better security) and Liquid Web’s “Storm on Demand” is certainly one the best and most popular players out there when it comes to cloud server technology.

If you’ve been in the market for quite some time, you’ve probably heard a few things about it yourself – but is it really the right web hosting solution for you?

Now Storm on Demand is actually a marketing arm of a web hosting company called Liquid Web and one that specialises and exclusively offers a range of Linux or Windows based cloud hosting solutions that webmasters can choose from which includes:



  • The Storm Server hosting plan which starts with web server base specifications of a single CPU, 75 GB of storage and 0.9 GB of RAM. As a cloud hosting service, webmasters can instantly scale it to as much as 64 CPUs, 250 GB of RAM and more than 1 TB of disk space.
  • The Storm SSD cloud hosting plan which is very much similar to the server plan except with the added benefit of an SSD hard drive for even better website performance
  • The Bare Metal Server plan which is basically a “hybrid” web hosting plan combining the power of a dedicated server with the flexibility and security that cloud hosting technology offers. Users can choose from more than 80 different specifications to best match their web hosting needs.

Is Storm on Demand the right cloud hosting solution for you?

Network Uptime

An important quality of any web hosting service is network uptime and overall reliability – with Storm on Demand; it’s something that webmasters would never have to worry about. Storm on Demand’s service level agreement guarantees perfect network uptime with the exception of scheduled server maintenance work and upgrades.

A 100 percent network uptime is certainly a good thing and rightfully so considering its relatively high cost not to mention the fact the perfect uptimes are the expected norm in cloud hosting. It is however important to note that the said guarantee does not cover downtimes due to Cpanel issues or external security issues like DoS ( Denial of Service) attacks.

If said guarantee is not met then webmasters can claim free hosting time worth 10 times as much as the duration of the down time. So for every minute of downtime webmasters can get an hour back of cloud hosting.

Support levels

Storm on Demand offers 3 types of support across all their cloud hosting plans – Self-managed with basic level support, Core Management with software and security support and the Fully Managed support plan with complete Cpanel support (you won’t even have to touch it).

All these support levels also come with around the clock phone, chat and email support. Of course support is also present via social media channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter although it isn’t that active. I imagine it’s because they found that most of their clients are more inclined to seek out help from direct channels.

Who is it for?

Now if you’re reading this then you are probably well aware of the advantages of cloud hosting. Storm on Demand certainly represents one of your best choices in cloud hosting technology and unlike conventional web servers, offers hosting solutions that are fast and highly adaptable to one’s day to day needs.



As good a cloud hosting solution Storm on Demand is, it’s certainly not without its drawbacks and perhaps the most significant of which is cost. Granted that as the cloud hosting arm of a large, proven and well established company (Liquid Web), Storm on Demand is certainly in a position to charge higher than most of its counterpart but such costs can be prohibitive for many webmasters. Storm Server base prices start at $35 per month to as much as $750 per month.

Another disadvantage with Storm on Demand is the lack of a free trial or a money-back guarantee. I suppose it shows how confident they are with the quality of their services but it would have been good to know that there is always a way for unsatisfied customers to get their money back. Thus one might want to avoid getting into a long term contract or simply opt to pay month to month for their cloud hosting services (just in case).


Overall Storm on Demand is an excellent choice in cloud hosting service providers and you won’t see many comments or reviews online that speaks ill about any of their services. It’s basically a department within a bigger web hosting company and offers clients the benefit of a specialized cloud hosting department and the industry-leading hosting mechanism of a large and well established web hosting company. It’s innovative and highly reliable approach to cloud hosting should prove suitable for any webmaster in need of a comprehensive and modern cloud hosting solution.

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Liquid Web Hosting Review and Bonus – Website Hosting Solution

All about Liquid Web hosting

liquid web hostingLooking for a good web hosting service provider for your website and wondering if Liquid Web Hosting is actually a good fit for your business? Where to get one’s site hosted is certainly one of the most important decisions every website owner inevitably has to make. Needless to say, a good web hosting service provider needs to be secure, reliable and reasonably priced – Does Liquid Web Hosting actually fit any of those bills? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what the web hosting service provider has to offer!

Liquid Web is a premium website hosting service provider that caters to the needs of businesses of any size all over the world (over 10,000 clients from more than a 100 countries). The company’s assets include 3 data centers and specialize in web hosting solutions which include shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

Now Liquid Web Hosting is certainly one of the top web hosting service providers on the market today. A lot of users highly recommend their services although poor ratings and comments about their services are just as many – so what’s the real deal? Well we only know what we know based on our experience working with clients who’ve opted for such a web hosting platform but first –let’s take a look at some of Liquid’s features and offerings:

What does Liquid Web Hosting have to offer?



Liquid Web offers some comprehensive features and everything that marketers need to create professional looking websites regardless of what programming languages users choose to opt for (PHP, Python, MYSQL, etc.) Site Statistics provide detailed information about your site’s status and a redundant backup system save daily copies of a site in case of emergencies and render site data secure. The web hosting company prides itself in providing all the web hosting resources that their clients need. Granted Liquid’s web hosting services are a tad pricey than most but many would agree that the value they provide more than justifies its cost.



It’s an all important attribute for any web hosting service provider and Liquid Web Host certainly doesn’t disappoint in this area with a network uptime of 100 percent backed by multiple data centers around the world manned around the clock by skilled and highly qualified engineers. Network uptimes are achieved via individual “level redundancy” checks which mean that client servers won’t be affected in the event of hardware failures anywhere in the system.

Liquid Web’s web hosting network is both robust and generally reliable although a lot of user reports issues with their shared web hosting services (unequal distribution of bandwidth and slow loading speeds). Businesses are advised to opt for dedicated servers when signing up for Liquid Web for a truly robust and reliable web hosting solution. Such servers use top of the line Tier 1 bandwidth connection which provides the fastest connection with the least amount of network latencies.


Like most web hosting solutions on the market, Liquid Panel has a Cpanel or WHM user interface that marketers can use to manage just about everything  – site data, emails, domain names, FTP accounts, web server configurations, etc. The interface is graphic-based and in our opinion, intuitive enough even for beginners looking to get started.


We found that the quality of support offered by Liquid Web is generally excellent although they are certainly people out there who would readily tell you otherwise. Support is available on-site 24/7 which includes over a hundred support engineers ready to respond and rectify any technical issues to give clients that peace of mind that comes with knowing that their web hosting needs are in some of the best of hands.

Their SLA (Service level agreement) covers guarantees one wouldn’t in most other web hosting service providers:

  1. 30 minute IR (Initial Response) guarantee
  2. 30 minute hardware replacement guarantee
  3. 100 percent network uptime guarantee

Failure to meet the said guarantees entitles clients to a credit (10x the length of time in which a site was impacted for any reason.

Is Liquid Web hosting the right solution for you?

Liquid Web Hosting is without a doubt one of the top web hosting service providers on the market today and comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a robust and highly reliable web hosting platform. Simply put, the quality of Liquid’s web hosting services is generally excellent but it does come at a cost. If up time and reliability is of great importance to you then Liquid Web Hosting is unlikely to disappoint you there!

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WP Engine Review and Bonus – WordPress Hosting

A good look at WP Engine

wp engineWordPress is without a doubt the most popular website platform on the market today as it takes away much of the burden of putting up your own website. Unfortunately for many online marketers, WordPress can be hard to manage and maintain. Miss a few updates or fail to optimise your WP site and marketers can lose out on traffic and profit or worse – get their website hacked and lose months/years of hard work.

Now for businesses who only own a couple of websites, manually updating your WP site core version, plugins, security, etc. isn’t much trouble and only takes a fair amount of consistent effort. However what if you are dealing with 10 or 20? If only there was something out there that can ease the burden for such marketers enabling them to focus solely on their business – that’s where WP Engine actually comes in!

All about WP Engine

WP Engine is a premium WP hosting service provider that promises marketers a couple of things – faster website loading speed, security and unrivaled expertise among other things. With WP Engine, users would no longer have to worry about their WordPress websites and whether they are in a top and updated condition along with all the support needed for troubleshooting any technical issues. It’s a dream come true for many marketers with a plethora of WP sites. However the question remains – is it all hype or does it actually deliver?

Well first off let’s go ahead and take a look at its features and what WP Engine can actually do for you:

One of a kind WordPress Hosting Service – WP Engine offers a hassle-free web hosting experience for any WP site. WordPress sites enrolled under the service are fully managed by the platform on the owners behalf which means that marketers no longer have to worry about site maintenance and focus on more important aspects of running a business online.


Optimal Website Speed – the experts behind WP engine certainly know their stuff and can help users ensure that their business WP sites are loading as quickly as possible. Any delays in website loading speed can result to lost business opportunities and with WP Engine marketers wouldn’t need to worry about all that.


Website Security – the platform maintains a dedicated staff well-versed in all the security risks that can be found in one’s WP installation and rectify them before it can be exploited by hackers. WP Updates come in every few weeks or so and overlooking to implement them can open WP sites to vulnerabilities many of which are serious enough to bring business WP sites down to its knees.


Is WP Engine the right hosting solution for you?

If you own a lot of WP sites that you can barely keep up with its maintenance or place great value in the peace of mind that platform provides knowing that there is an expert that you could turn to for any concerns regarding WordPress – WP Engine is certainly for you!

Now what we really loved about WP Engine and what sets it apart from other web hosting solutions in the market is the fact that it is designed to  specifically for WP sites. Most other web hosting platforms don’t go beyond the one click WP installer. Before we made the switch to WP Engine our staff had to painstakingly troubleshoot technical issues on their own or bring in help from a WordPress expert and needless to say, that costs us time and money which we could have spent working on our campaigns.  

Since enrolling our websites to the WP management platform we never had to bother with any technical issues regarding our WP installations. If a plugin stopped working all we have to do is contact one of their WP experts. Indeed these experts know their stuff and have always been able to quickly resolve issues on our WP sites or point us to the right direction. Support in this hosting platform is generally excellent.

Perhaps the only downside to WP Engine as a web hosting platform is its high cost – starting at $29 per month for 1 WP installation with a traffic cap of 25,000/month, unlimited data transfer and 10 GB of local storage, that’s more than twice most other web hosting platforms are changing! If you have more WP installations and require a higher visit cap then the cost gets even higher. As much as $99per month for a professional account and $249 per month for a business account.


Simply put WP Engine are only for businesses who are actually ready for it and dead serious about having their WP sites managed by an exclusive and dedicated hosting platform that is all about WordPress with all the expertise to boot. Having said that, WP Engine does offer a 30 day free trial so don’t simply take our word for it – go and see for yourself!

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Webinar Jam Review and Bonus – Web Seminar Software

webinar jam

A Good Look at Webinar Jam – Is it the right webinar software for you?

Are you interested in a webinar software called Webinar Jam but not quite sure whether it is actually the right tool for you? Well Webinar Jam is a digital marketing product that was released in the market only recently hence it would certainly be best for people to know all that they can before jumping in on anything. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what the webinar software offers and what it can actually do for your business.

What are some of the great things that Webinar Jam has to offer?

Webinar Jam is add-on software for Google Hangouts designed to further facilitate the promotion of events (webinars in particular). The software is touted by its developers to be the most reliable webinar platform on the market today packed with powerful marketing features but is this really the case or is just all hype? What makes it different from other webinar platforms on the market today? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look!


Let’s check out some of the great things Webinar Jam can do for you

  • Unlimited webinar and attendees – it is perhaps Webinar Jam’s most significant feature and one that is sure to attract a large number of users. While most other webinar platforms on the market charge an extra fee for a higher number of participants, users of Webinar Jam doesn’t have to worry about that and only have to focus on getting as much interest and attendees for their webinars as possible. Webinar attendees only need to put in their email address to login (any type of email address will do).
  • Schedule webinars – Get your webinar going instantly or set a specific date or time.  The platform will automatically follow up with registrants before the set date and time then automatically open the webinar room.




  • Users can present their webinars however they want – users can bring in co-presenters and other webinar administrators on the scene for any assistance required such as live chat support so that your business can respond to any questions during the webinar.
  • Easy webinar setup – users can organize a webinar with no design or coding knowledge required. The software implements a “point and click” system for setting up practically everything. Simply choose a template and fill in the required information. Users also have the option of opting for custom designs and have registrants sign up from their site.



  • Broadcast anything you want from your computer – users can broadcast practically anything on their end which includes their web camera, audio or any applications they have on their computer making it one of the most flexible webinar platforms on the market today.



  • Webinar metrics – users have access to detailed information regarding the results of their webinars through in-depth reports that covers traffic, sales, registrants, number of participants, etc. The said report can be downloaded at any time for users to review and know exactly how everything went down!



  • One click registration – one of the hardest things about running a successful webinar is getting enough people to sign up for it. Any complexity with regards to the registration process only makes it harder. Users won’t have to worry about that with Webinar Jam – send email invitations with a link to sign up to your webinars with a single click. Signing up for webinars doesn’t get any easier than that!



  • Present webinars on your own website – unlike most other webinar platforms on the market, the platform enables users to present their webinars right from their own site which is certainly the best place to do so. Presenting webinars outside the comforts of one’s own site in the absence of logos, brands, etc. won’t inspire much confidence among participants. Users can even brand their sessions with their very own custom overlay footers with their name and topic on it.



  • Webinar follow-ups and reminders – Webinar Jam automatically follow-ups with registered participants via a series of queued emails, SMS and voicemail to maximise the chances of registrants actually showing up for the webinar.



  • Go social – make it easy for participants to share your webinar pages on social networks that they frequent via embedded social sharing buttons. Of course users who wish to keep things private can always turn this feature off.
  • Build your list – webinar jam is compatible with most popular autoresponders on the market such as iContact, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc. Webinar registrants are automatically enrolled to one’s mailing list.
  • Sell your webinar sessions – think you are ready to start charging for your webinar sessions? Webinar Jam makes the process easy and hassle-free as it readily integrates with most popular payment gateways online which includes Paypal, Clickbank and even a user’s own custom payment gateway. The platform takes care of everything and makes sure that only people who’ve processed their payment can proceed with the registration.




  • Sell products or services through your webinar – users can pitch their offerings during the webinar through pop-up offers that participants can see on their screen. It’s a great way to instantly make a sale through your webinar especially after explaining the value or benefit of the products or services that you are offering online.
  • Integrated Live Chat session – users can spice up webinars with added live chat sessions manned by a fellow webinar administrator responding to any concerns or questions or simply to get conversations going.
  • Webinar records – Webinar Jam automatically records sessions allowing those that missed your webinar to access a video recording of it by clicking on a link the system sends out via email to participants who were not able to make it to the scheduled webinar.



  • Audience Polls – thinking about getting a survey going? Webinar Jam allows users to quickly and easily do just that! Users simply need to put in their poll questions and specify the choices for participants to vote on as it is introduced in the webinar room. A great way for marketers to get into the minds of their prospects or reach a general consensus about certain features or topics of interest – what features did they like the most? Were they satisfied with your webinar presentation?



  • Full accessibility – registrants can access the webinar sessions on almost any web capable device (PC or Mac, any OS or browser, etc). Users won’t have to worry about their participants not being able to access their live sessions due to technical issues.



Is Webinar Jam the right webinar platform for you?

Looking at the features mentioned above, Webinar Jam certainly offers marketers a lot of great and invaluable things when it comes to successfully hosting live webinar sessions online. Now it’s all good on paper but the question remains – is it really any good?

Now we’ve had the opportunity to delve into Webinar Jam’s offerings since its recent release and here are a couple of things that we have to say about the platform:

First off, we have to hand it to its developers – we were mighty impressed with Webinar Jam and without a doubt it is cut out to be some of the best webinar platforms on the market today.

Some of the things that we loved about Webinar Jam is the fact that their webinar sessions cater to an unlimited number of audiences in addition to providing just about everything a marketer needs out of a webinar platform (webinar analytics, follow up reminders, recordings, etc). All the other webinar tools we used charged more with an increased number of attendees and when you’re dealing with thousands – that can become a real problem.

Another great thing that we loved about Webinar Jam is its unmatched flexibility enabling users to present their webinar however they want. Switch between multiple web cams, share your screen or broadcast any application that you might want to show viewers or integrate live chat sessions – again these are features which often cost extra on other platforms.

The downsides

Webinar Jam is such a good platform that we were barely able to find anything to gripe about. Of course every digital marketing product in the market today has its own share of downsides. In our case, we did have some trouble integrating our autoresponder with the platform but there was ample support from the developer’s side and we were quickly able to resolve the issue. Some might also find the interface a bit “clunky” although that is probably more about personal preference.

Now perhaps Webinar Jam’s most significant drawback is its cost – access to the platform doesn’t come cheap and at $297 a year (cost is expected to go up in the future), it often costs twice as much as other webinar platforms on the market. Its high cost might seem like a deal breaker for those who are simply not ready for it especially for beginners and small businesses operating on a very limited budget.

Having said that, many users would certainly agree that Webinar Jam is well worth the cost and a long term investment that is sure to pay off! Users can try Webinar Jam for 30 days risk-free so users really got nothing to lose!

The Verdict

Overall Webinar Jam is an impressive and feature-rich webinar platform that packs a lot of value for marketers. We certainly recommend it for users looking for a complete one stop solution for organizing and implementing successful webinar campaigns. Of course one must approach Webinar Jam prepared in order to actually make the best out of it. After all, it doesn’t come cheap - for one thing, marketers would need to have a team of co presenters and support staff ready as well as plan out sessions. One can then just leave everything else to Webinar Jam!

Are you interested in Webinar Jam? Purchase the software through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at www.thinkbigonline.com/bonuses. Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

Social Post Press Review and Bonus – Facebook List Building Tool

A good look at Social Post Press

Social post press image by Think Big OnlineThe money is in the list – its something that people in online marketing business tend to hear all the time and its certainly true. What better place to build a profitable list than on the newsfeed of the dominant social network on the Internet - Facebook! Social Post Press enables marketers to do just that and more but how does it actually work?

Social Post Press is essentially a premium WordPress plugin that enables users to introduce opt in forms straight from within the newsfeed on Facebook. Needless to say, the ability to market products and gather email information from Facebook news feeds certainly has its advantages which marketers simply can’t pass up. For one thing, the plugin maximises reach in one’s list building campaign making the process easy and effective as well improving one’s chances of introducing something viral in the process.

Access to the Social Post Press plugin also include free updates and a complete range of video walkthroughs designed to enable marketers to make the most out of the list building software.

All that one needs to do in order to get started is to install Social Post Press on your site in the same way as you would a regular plugin and let the software work for you. Come up with great marketing messages and let the plugin post and promote it for you via the Facebook newsfeed as well as giving prospects some heads up about your latest offerings. More importantly, the plugin enables marketers to grab the email information of their target audience and feed it to their email auto responder directly from the Facebook Newsfeed!

Perhaps the best thing about Social Post Press is that it enables users to easily build the “opt in” list that they need by leveraging the power of Facebook as a dominant social media network.

Social Post Press in action:


The highlights on Social Post Press

  • Gather email information directly from the Facebook News Feed and easy integration with Facebook pages

facebook page integration

  • Make use of preset or customized backgrounds for your posts


  • Make use of custom video opt in forms and promotional videos - introduce them directly on your Facebook Newsfeed


  • Easy integration with email opt in forms


  • Compatible with most operating systems and mobile platforms
  • Detailed analytics – determine which of your posts garner the most attention and why


How much does it cost?

 At $97, Social Post Press isn’t exactly cheap but many would agree that its well worth the cost considering the things that the plugin enable marketers to do. Although thanks to a full 30 day money-back guarantee, there’s hardly any risk involved!

 Is Social Post Press the right list building tool for you?

 Social Post Press is indeed an excellent tool for effective and profitable list building. The plugin certainly comes highly recommended for anyone struggling to build a targeted and profitable list for their online marketing campaigns. However one must keep in mind that coming up with good interesting posts is still essential and can remain a significant challenge for some. Sure Social Post Press can help you promote your marketing messages but that won’t do you any good if your posts are hardly of interest, useful or noteworthy.

Social Post Press makes list building quick and easy – with a couple of clicks users can get their list building campaign via the social network up and running with some of the best chances of kicking off some posts to a viral state! Perhaps the best thing about the premium plugin is that its creators are confident enough to offer a full 30 day money-back guarantee should it prove unsatisfactory for any reason.

Are you interested in Social Post Press? Purchase the plugin through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at www.thinkbigonline.com/bonuses. Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].