The 11 Most Typical On-page SEO Issues And Errors (Infographic) Featured Image by Think Big Online

The 11 Most Typical On-page SEO Issues And Errors (Infographic)

Having an SEO-friendly website is one of the keys to gaining top keyword rankings from major search engines. The best way to achieving an SEO-friendly website is through On-page or On-site SEO.

On-page SEO provides a huge impact in determining the overall SEO score of a website giving it a greater chance to perform well on search engines along with the other ranking factors.

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To help you gain traction on your SEO campaign, I will be sharing you this very helpful infographic about "The 11 Most Common On-page SEO Issues" so you can properly optimise your website and fix these issues which may be hampering your overall SEO efforts.

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The 11 Most Typical On-page SEO Issues And Errors (Infographic) image by Think Big Online

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How To Craft The Perfect SEO Content Infographic Main Image

SEO Tips: How To Craft The Perfect SEO Content (Infographic)

Content Marketing has been one of the most effective strategies in SEO and Online Marketing today. With a proper strategy in place, you'll be able to drive targeted traffic from major search engines to your website.

Want to find out how it's done?

Check out this interesting Infographic on "How To Create The Perfect SEO Content" and find helpful SEO copywriting tips and strategies on how you can leverage your campaign using the power of Content Marketing.

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SEO Tips: How To Craft The Perfect SEO Content (Infographic) image by Think Big Online Marketing

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Top 10 Free Tools For Building An SEO Friendly Website (Infographic)

It's a challenging task to create and develop a website for your business online. Everything must be planned perfectly including the design, functionality and content. After all the tedious processes of building your website, it's now time to launch it.

Now, what's next? You need to drive a decent amount of visitors and let them know that your site exists. According to various online studies, the best type of traffic comes from Search Engines since these forms of traffic have the great possibilities to convert especially if you are offering products and services.

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How will you be able to drive targeted and high conversion traffic from popular search engines? The key is to build an "SEO Friendly Website" and I have here an Inforgraphic with the list of "Top 10 Free Tools For Building An SEO Friendly Website" which can definitely help you in crafting a website that can be well loved by Google and other major search engines. You can also check out our online SEO Webinar to learn more about Search Engine Optmisation and how it can help you grow your business.

See Infographics below:

Top 10 Free Tools For Building An SEO Friendly Website (Infographic) image by Think Big Online Marketing

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The Smart Ways And Strategies To Combine Content Marketing With SEO Featured Image by Think Big Online

The Smart Ways And Strategies To Combine Content Marketing With SEO (Infographic)

Looking to leverage your SEO campaign with the help of content marketing?

Discover the keys to how you can effectively integrate your content Marketing efforts with SEO and gain traction on major search engines for important keywords relating to your business online.

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Check out this interesting Infographic entitled "Smart Ways  To Combine Content Marketing With SEO".

You can also take advantage of our FREE SEO E-Book and learn the top secrets to achieving your SEO success!

Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO (Infographic) by Think Big Online

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The Killer Onsite And Offsite SEO Checklist Featured Image - Think Big Online

The Killer Onsite And Offsite SEO Checklist: Keys To Generating Highly Convertible Organic Traffic (Infographic)

Are your having trouble with generating free traffic from top search engines to your website? Tired of trying and continuously thinking about the right combination of strategies in order to gain search engine traction for your most important keywords?

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Check out the The Killer Onsite And Offsite SEO Checklist below and discover the keys to ranking well on Search Engines and generating high conversion organic traffic to your website. Find 75+ actionable steps which can guide you to success. You can also sign up to our SEO Webinar to learn more about the best SEO practices and the latest trends in the Online Marketing.


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How to Avoid Becoming a Marketing Dinosaur

Avoid becoming a Marketing Dinosaur and digest these valuable tips from top online marketers on how to stay relevant and keep up with the rapid development of the Internet Marketing industry.



Image of infusionsoft by Think Big Online Marketing Australia

Is Infusionsoft The Right Investment For Your Business?

You’ve probably heard of Infusionsoft, and you might be thinking . . .

Is Infusionsoft the right investment for your business? This is really the only question you need to answer right now – and you’ll find the information you need right here.

It’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve from your sales and marketing campaigns.

‘Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product or service, and that bring friends with them.’ W. Edwards Demine – Statistician

Imagine if you could maintain your customer relationships with less time and effort on your part? Enhance your client experience with less time spent per customer? Encourage your customers to spend more money with your business? This is the kind of customer lifecycle and engagement plan that builds robust businesses – and long term profitability.

Infusionsoft is about automating client engagement – and monetising that enhanced relationship.

  • A Bad Infusionsoft Consultant Focuses On Increasing Your Customer Lifecycle
  • A Good Infusionsoft Consultant Focuses On Increasing The Value Of Your Customer Relationship Lifecycle.

Infusionsoft is designed to increase the value of your customer relationship lifecycle. After all, it’s the relationship that generates the profit, not the mere fact that a client sits on your list for months on end – they may never spend a cent. Hardly the sort of result you’re looking for.

  • A Bad Infusionsoft Consultant Will Tell You What This System Can Do.
  • A Good Infusionsoft Consultant Will Discover What This System Can Deliver FOR YOU.

Infusionsoft focuses on improving the lifecycle of your relationship with your customer. It should save you time and money on client retention. The point of Infusionsoft is to make sales and marketing easier, simpler, and more automated for your business – and if you know what you’re doing with the software, this is exactly what it delivers.

  • A Bad Infusionsoft Consultant Will Offer You A Prepackaged, Cheap Solution When You Ask About Price.
  • A Good Infusionsoft Consultant Will Keep Your ROI Front And Centre.

Infusionsoft is not the cheapest sales and marketing system around – no doubt about it, there are less expensive alternatives. But what are you getting for your money? There is a vast difference between ‘inexpensive’ and ‘cost effective’.

There is really only ONE way to decide whether or not Infusionsoft is for you – and that’s to examine your ROI.

Will Infusionsoft generate an increase in profitability that far exceeds your financial outlay?

If so, then your investment can be said to be cost effective, rather than inexpensive. Prepackaged solutions run a high risk of costing you more in the long run, simply because every business has individual characteristics that no one-size-fits-all approach will be able to leverage.

In other words, will you receive a decent return on your investment? If so, price is not really the issue.

This is exactly the kind of equation our consultants spend all day, every day, working on for our clients. If the answer is ‘No’, then we know we can’t help you and that will be that – but if we can find some ways to make a substantial difference to your business’s bottom line through our expertise and knowledge of Infusionsoft, then we can have a more detailed conversation – and it will start with one question: What do you want your sales and marketing to achieve in your business?

We can tailor an Infusionsoft solution around this goal for you. We make absolutely certain we are doing everything we can to maximise your ROI – we keep our focus honed in on that number to ensure Infusionsoft is working harder for your business than you are – after all, that is what an automated business system is for.

If you are looking to sustain and enhance your client relationships, and monetise this deeper level of engagement, then enter your details for a free consultation, or call one of our experts. All our consultants are locally based right here in Sydney, Australia so we know this business landscape and we work in your timezone.


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Google Algorithmic vs Manual Penalty: How to determine difference?

Google penalties image by Think Big OnlineGoogle has been very active in improving their search results for recent years. Gone are the days where you can rank a website for its competitive keywords within just a month or two though spam tactics which violates Google’s search quality guidelines. In recent years, I had witnessed how Big G strives to clean up its search index by executing proper actions to those who manipulate their search rankings. Many websites have received Google site penalties and lost traction in terms of having decent rankings and sufficient amount of traffic. Most of them tanked on keywords which they normally rank for and experienced a huge decline in search traffic.

Types of Google Penalties

According to Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, there are two types of site penalties being imposed to Google guidelines violators. It is classified between “Algorithmic” or “Manual” penalty. The formula for ranking and traffic recovery are different for these two types of penalty, so it's essential to understand which type has taken its toll against you.

Algorithmic Penalty

This is the type of penalty that is normally caused by Google algorithm updates. Two major examples of algorithm updates are Google Panda and Google Penguin. You will experience sudden decline in rankings and search traffic once the algorithm update didn’t go in favor of your side. This means that Google has made some algorithm adjustments and triggered some signals which are considered to be spam based on their standards.

For this type of penalty, there are tendencies that only minimal amount of keywords are affected and you still manage to rank on majority of your target keywords.

Algorithmic Penalty Detection

If you experience sudden drop in rankings and traffic, first thing you need to do is check reputable SEO news hubs if Google just rolled out a new algorithm update. There are SEO blogs that tracks every update and has kept the history of Google’s actions in years. Check out this page from for reference: Google Algorithm Change History.

In case there is no fresh algorithm update prior to the day you experienced instant lose in ranks and traffic, then there is a great chance that the other type of penalty has been taken against your website.

Reclaiming Ranks and Traffic after Algorithmic Penalty

After confirming that you’ve been hit by an algorithmic penalty, next thing you need to do is to study what the algorithm update is all about. You will then get an idea on what adjustments to make in order to cope with the algorithm changes and regain what’s lost.

It is also important to track the recent internal changes you made website. If you had edited some parts of your site prior to the day you have been negatively affected, then those changes might have triggered the algorithm to act upon your site. You can also check on the links you build recently since they might also be part of the new algorithm’s criteria. Once you have made the necessary changes in accordance to the recent algorithm update, your rankings and traffic will start to pick up gradually.

Manual Penalty

Manual penalty is an action executed by Google’s web spam team to penalise sites which violates Google’s search terms and conditions. The main targets of this penalty are those who use spam strategies to game the system and attain top rankings on Google’s search engine results page.

One of the most famous manual penalties sent by Google to penalised sites recently is called “Unnatural Links Penalty”. This is triggered by unusual amount of unnatural links pointed to a certain website. The type of unnatural links being filtered may come from sources like Splogs (spam blogs), forum profile links, low quality social bookmarks etc.

Manual Penalty Detection

Google Manual penalty is the type of penalty where you get notified and informed what have caused the said action to be taken against you. The manual penalty message is sent to your Google Webmaster Tool Account’s message section. Be sure to check your Google Webmaster Tool account right away whenever you noticed drastic decrease in ranks and traffic within a short span of time.

Reclaiming Ranks and Traffic after Manual Penalty

Regaining ranks and traffic is a tedious task especially when you were tagged with a Google manual penalty. If you have been hit by “Unnatural Links” penalty, it would require a huge amount of time, effort or even serious amount of money just to be able to bring back your site to norm.

An important key to recovering from this penalty is cleaning up your whole backlinks profile and letting Google know about all your efforts by means of submitting a reconsideration request. Below are helpful tips on how to recover from unnatural links penalty:

1)      Conduct an extensive audit on your website’s backlink profile – This can be done by using a link analysis tool such as Majestic SEO.

2)      Measure the amount of anchor texts linking to your website – Anchor texts links to your site should not exceed by 25%. Diversify your links to have a more natural looking backlink profile.

3)      Analyse bad links and create a list – This can also be done using Majestic SEO. Check high percentage rate anchor texts then scan bad links to be removed.

4)      Remove bad links to your site – Send link removal emails to low quality or spam website owners you listed through Majestic SEO.

5)      Use the Google Disavow Tool – This tool can be found inside your Google Webmaster Tool account and is used to devaluate spam links pointing to your website. Include all the links that you were not able to remove in your email link removal campaign.

When to submit a Google reconsideration request?

Google reconsideration request image by Think Big OnlineHave you noticed significant drop in ranks for the past few days?  Did your traffic suddenly descended from thousands to hundreds, or even lesser? These are some of the indications of a website that has been negatively affected by Google’s recent activities. But is it necessary to submit a reconsideration request to Google right away, especially after experiencing the manifestations which I mentioned above? The answer is a capitalised NO.

Before you submit a reconsideration request to Google, you first need to investigate the cause of the problem. Below are two major reasons why websites experience notable plunge in rankings and traffic in Google:

1)      Algorithmic – This is the type of Google penalty that affect websites once an algorithmic change has been rolled out. The impact implicated by this update is automatic in accordance to the aim of the algorithm. For an algorithm penalty, there is a tendency that only few keywords are affected and you still rank on some of the other terms you optimise for.

Normally, you’ll notice improvement in ranks and traffic once Google re-crawled and re-indexed your site, thus detecting the adjustments you made to fix the issues that might have triggered the penalty.

2)      Manual Penalty or Manual Action – This is what causes devastation to many website owners and webmasters across the globe. In order to know if you were hit by Google’s manual penalty, you need to login to your Google Webmaster Account and check your inbox to find a message informing you that a manual action has been taken against your site.

See sample manual action message from Google below:

Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to

Dear site owner or webmaster of,
We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Specifically, look for possibly artificial or unnatural links pointing to your site that could be intended to manipulate PageRank. Examples of unnatural linking could include buying links to pass PageRank or participating in link schemes.
We encourage you to make changes to your site so that it meets our quality guidelines. Once you’ve made these changes, please submit your site for reconsideration in Google’s search results.
If you find unnatural links to your site that you are unable to control or remove, please provide the details in your reconsideration request.
If you have any questions about how to resolve this issue, please see our Webmaster Help Forum for support.
Google Search Quality Team

Getting tagged by this penalty is like going into a jail with arraignments underway and it’s up for you to prove that you’re not guilty to be set free and live a bountiful life once again. During the period of being penalised, you’ll experience visible drought in search traffic and miss out on businesses that usually go your way. Recovering from this penalty is a tedious process and requires a lot of time and patience. 

Get more in-depth explanation about Manual and Algorithmic Google penalties in an article which I had written recently. See article here: Google Algorithmic vs Manual Penalty: How to determine difference?

Keys to getting algorithmic and manual Google site penalty revoked

  • Improve your onsite SEO
  • Build quality links on related sites
  • Publish exceptional, interesting and shareable content on your website
  • Don’t overuse anchor texts for link building and build links naturally
  • Integrate Social Media to your SEO campaign
  • Clean up your website and inform Google about your efforts
  • Disavow bad links to your website (Using Google Disavow Tool)
  • Send a reconsideration request (For manual penalty only)


To sum it all up, you don’t necessarily need to send reconsideration request if you did not receive a manual penalty message via Google Webmaster Tool.  Traffic and rank fluctuations caused by algorithmic updates can be automatically lifted by employing some adjustments and making sure that we follow Google’s quality guidelines.

For those who received manual action from Google, you really need to work hard in reclaiming big G’s trust. Be sure to quarantine your website and document all your efforts for proofs. Include screenshots and supporting data when sending your reconsideration request to have a greater chance of getting the penalty lifted. It’s not going to be easy but it’s all worthwhile especially when you achieved your goal and regain presence in Google’s search results.

internet marketing agency

Tips for Landing at the Right Internet Marketing Agency

Tips for landing at the right internet marketing agency image by Think Big OnlineSince you belong to the age of modern advancement, you need to be at a constant pace with its demands.  Your company will do well if you learn the ins and outs of establishing a good cyber presence.  A mobile web designer Sydney will help you fulfill this goal.

Agencies to Market Your Company

Everything that concerns the growth and development of your company is of great importance.  This is to answer for a good company reputation in the eyes of your existing and prospective clients.  To maximize the solution to this problem, you might want to think of seeking for the valuable services of marketing agencies that are responsible in making your company known online. Yet, how are you supposed to know that the company is really reputable in this field?

Evaluate these agencies according to your standards.  To narrow down your search, take note of the following characters that they should embody.

  1. Good Experience – Above all things, nothing beats an agency with years of experience in the field of internet marketing.  It would be a great idea to do your own research about agencies that do well in this industry for years now and the clients that they have successfully helped.  If there are clients that have a similar business set-up like yours, you could very well ask if they have been fully satisfied with the marketing agency or not.
  2. Credentials - Be keen about the agency’s credentials.  Learn about their connections and memberships. Through these credentials, you will be given an idea if they are eager to learnnew skills in the internet marketing technology. This will greatly benefit your company since their credentials would also mean if they are legally authorized to promote their services.
  3. Clarity –The agency should be skillful enough in explaining every internet marketing technique that they plan of introducing to your company.  They ought to explain it to you clearly without the need for highly technical terms that would only confuse you.  Through this, you are sure that what they are doing are within your own capacity.
  4. Establishing Good Rapport – You have to make sure that the agency treats you with high respects. This agency should learn to treat every client differently and not just an addition to their profit.  Establishing friendly relations to you as their client means a more comfortable and lasting relationship with them.
  5. Goal Oriented - Make sure you are working with professional who are not just IT programmers. They should also have high regards for the marketing principles since this is the basic reason why you are outsourcing their services. While highly technical professionals understand the cyber world perfectly, marketing principles is a completely different field.

 Searching for the right internet marketing agency Sydney might be challenging search.  However, if you land on a credible agency equipped with the mentioned characteristics, you are ensured of a good catch.