Bad Spelling and Poor Grammar Affecting Page Rank

Bad spelling affecting Pagerank image by Think Big OnlineIn this video by Google's number one spam cop Matt Cutts, he first denies and then basically confirms straight after that part of Google's algorithm to determine the quality of a page looks at spelling and grammar of the information on the page.

Whether the algorithm actually picks up that the spelling and grammar  is incorrect as part of the page rank or if it's in combination with the user engagement of the page and time spent, it's a good reminder to run everything through a quick spell check.  Tip: Before publishing your content walk away from the computer for an hour and come back with fresh eyes to proof read if you are worried about there being mistakes.

What are your thoughts on incorrect spelling and Grammar on a site?  Does it matter to you?

Google Plus Hits 90 Million Users

Google Plus Hits 90 Million Users image by Think Big Online

It looks like Google Plus  is gathering momentum with Google announcing last month that their version of a social network has reached 90 Million users with it expected to hit 100 million this week.

Google plus is starting to have an affect on search engine results with as many a 4 listings out of the top 10 results in Google now being results that friends have plus oned. 

Mashable has the full report at 


Think Big Online – Web Design and Web Development

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services image by Think Big OnlineSex sells and the sexier you are, the more you sell. It’s been proven in multiple studies. Check out the video above to find out why this is true and the biggest mistake that businesses owners make when getting a website.

Now one scientific study done by Dr. Daniel Hammermesh found that the average good looking person will earn $250,000 more than their less attractive colleagues over time. Again reported in the journal of economic psychology, that good looking people sell more. How does this relate to your website?

Well your website is a salesperson too!

Indeed your website is a salesperson that works 24/7 and the thing is that just like the homosapien type, you can get the hard to manage, slow and poor performing websites that don’t get out there and bring in sales and you can also get the ones that are easy to manage, get out there, flaunt their stuff and bring in more business that you can handle.

We at Think Big Online only build the latter type because we are an online marketing agency and not just web designers. We understand how to build you websites that don’t just look good and converts visitors into phone calls.

All about our Web Design and Web Development Services

Too many web design companies build sites that look good but don’t make sales. We use a proven formula to make you look like a champion and have phone calls, emails and sales pouring in. You see contrary to popular belief, having a site design is not about having the prettiest design or having it at the cheapest price possible. It’s about building a machine that looks good, easy to use, works on mobile devices, search engine friendly and converts visitors to leads and sales.

Now let us share with you the most costly mistake that most people make when getting a site but before we do, we just want you to know about some of the great things that you can expect out of our web design and web development services:

  • Your website will be built on a platform that is updated daily so that you have an up to date website at any given time and you’ll never have to replace it
  • Your website will be built to sell - Your website is a marketing tool and the front door to our business so we use proven and tested elements within your website to make it stand out from the crowd and convert visitors into buyers
  • Your website will be built so that you can easily manage it and even a one armed monkey standing on its head can create new pages, update content and upload videos and images (It even comes with a blog at no extra cost)
  • You can have as many user logins as you want
  • Your website will be built on a powerful search engine friendly platform to help it rank higher in the search engines and be found by your new customers
  • Your website will be built to integrate easily with social media
  • With mobile usage going through the roof, your website will also be built to be compatible with mobile devices.


Now you may be wondering, what sort of sites do we actually build? Well we build business websites from small 10 page sites to thousands of pages eCommerce sites and everything in between. What’s more is that we offer a full 30 days tech support to make sure that everything is running smoothly and the site is exactly what you want. If you require any further support, our friendly team are always here to help.

A fair warning - other companies build your site but you don’t have control over it and you can’t move it away from their platform. Best case when you can move it, they’ll slug you with thousands just for the right to take it. We don’t buggerise with shenanigans like these.

we build your site so that you have full control over it and if you decide to move the hosting somewhere else, go for it! We don’t have any fine print or nasty exit fees to move which means that you have 100% control and ownership over you site as well as full training videos and documentation for you to have at your fingertips!

Google Adwords PPC Management

 What can our Google Adwords PPC Management services do for you?

Google Adwords PPC management image by Think Big OnlineWould you like to discover the fastest way to drive streams of highly targeted buyers to your website in the next 24 hours and have the phone ringing like a smoke alarm in an Aussie barbecue?

Just before I get into that, we want to let you in on a little secret – websites don’t make money. It’s not about the sausage, it’s about the sizzle and it’s not about the website, it’s about the visitors you get to your website.

Now you’ve probably heard of Google Adwords and you know that you can setup a campaign yourself or you can send one of your staff to attend courses on how to effectively run your campaign. We can tell you now that around 96 percent of all people that come to us for Adwords management that have an existing campaign have been doing it wrong and wasting fistful of money every day.

It’s not about how many visitors you get to your website but rather it’s about getting highly targeted leads that will be more likely to buy your product or service.  Sure we can send 2 million visitors to your website tomorrow but if no one buys that would be a waste of time and money so we would rather send 200 targeted visitors to your website tomorrow and have 100 of them pick up the phone, send you an e-mail or buy something giving you better returns on your marketing dollar and make more profit.

So how do you get more targeted visitors to actually pick up the phone, e-mail or buy from you? It all starts with tracking and this is where 99 percent of Adwords managers drop the proverbial ball. Think Big Online is the only company in Australia that has developed a state of the art tracking system that tracks every visitor on your website so that you know which types of people actually convert into sales. Once we know this, we start targeting more of these people to increase your return of investment.

Now you may be wondering, why is tracking so important? Well It’s because you can’t improve something that you’re not measuring. If you are running an Adwords campaign and not measuring which keywords and ads turn into phone calls, then you are burning money - money that you could be spending on a holiday in Bali, ski trip to France or a shiny new car.

You see that is where we are different - aside from driving floods of visitors to your website, we track everything so it’s simple for you to see that you are making money on everything we do.

Imagine when you get reports at the end of the month and you can see that for every $1,000 you invest outwards, you get $10,000 back in sales. How many thousands of dollars  would you invest? Think Big Online offers you all that and more!

Think Big Online Google Adwords PPC Management Services

As a full-service internet marketing company, our Google Adwords PPC Management Services here at Think Big Online includes:

  • In-depth keyword research (we target unlimited keywords)
  • Competition analysis
  • Tracking for all e-mails and phone calls
  • Full month reporting for position, traffic and leads

Here at Think Big Online, we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about dealing with any sleazy salesman, false promises and big stupid technical terms. We fully intend to bring our clients more leads for less and more sales resulting to higher return on investment and more money in their pocket. Some clients benefit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the services that we offer.

Go ahead and get in touch with our PPC consultants today for nothing less than excellent and truly profitable results!

Search Engine Optimisation Video

 All about search engine optimisation

All about search engine optimisation image by Think Big OnlineOkay so you got your website online and are now waiting for the sales to come in. Problem is all those sales don’t just magically come in do they? If you’ve been in the web marketing business for quite some time, you would know all too well the importance of web traffic and search engine optimization.

You see, no matter how wiz bang and fantastic your website is you can’t make sales without traffic. Traffic is like blood and if you don’t have any, you’re dead – the same thing can practically be said about web traffic and any business looking to establish a profitable presence online.

Don’t worry though because, you’ve just discovered the company that can help you get to number one in the search engines, make more sales and more profit even if you have no idea where to start. Yes you too can be driving thousands of visitors to your website every month like our other clients here at Think Big Online.

Think Big Online Search Engine Optimisation Services

Now you don’t really have to be a geek or anything like that to succeed in search engine optimisation and effectively generate the web traffic you need. Think Big Online can help you rank high in the eyes of major search engines – imagine getting ranked at the top and getting 5, 10 or even 50 sales or phone calls per day and you can’t keep up with the orders. That would be a good problem to have.

Just before making the video posted above, one of our SEO clients called us up and said that they are going to have to put on more staff because of the amount of new businesses his site is generating!

Make no mistake though – we are not offering a push button BS system that will make you millions of dollars while you sleep. There is simply no such thing because SEO takes consistent sustained effort to get your rankings and sales up and your investments down.

With Think Big Online you get genuine solid guidance and a done for you proven SEO strategy that will get you ranking faster and higher than ever before. Think about what it will be like when you shoot past your competition in the rankings and get the phone ringing off the hook.

As a full-service internet marketing company, our search engine optimisation services here at Think Big Online include:

  • Keyword research (we target unlimited keywords)
  • Competition analysis
  • On-site and off-site optimisation
  • Google places optimisation
  • Full month reporting on position traffic and leads


Some of the great things that can be said about our SEO services is that unlike many of our competitors we don’t charge any setup fees. We don’t confuse our clients with big stupid technical terms either and offer any false promises like a sleazy salesman - only more leads for less, more sales, higher returns on investment and more money in your pocket.

Many of our clients benefit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the same exact service we are offering. So why not get in touch with us today and one of our SEO consultants will give you a call straight back.

You may be a bit skeptical because we know there are some other companies out there that promise the world and don’t deliver results. Get in touch with us today and we assure you that you won’t have to worry about any of that. We guarantee results and if we don’t think we can help you get to position 1 and drive floods of traffic to your website, we’ll let you know right away no hard feelings.

With Think Big Online, you can be sure about getting every bit your money’s worth in effective and highly profitable results in search engine optimisation!

Free SEO Report Released

Are you sceptical about having SEO work done on your website?

Have you employed an SEO company in the past and been disapointed with the results?

Would you like to be able to walk into an SEO company armed with the knoweledge to know if they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes?

Then this report is for you...Free SEO Report Released image by Think Big Online

The only 24 page report that uncovers all the things that some SEO companies try and hide from you so that they can take your money without caring for the results you get at all.

Every week we have people come to us that have employed other search engine optimisation companies and have walked away feeling disappointed that they didn't get the results they were promised.

So we decided to make a highly valuable report that will empower you when interviewing for an SEO company.

This is likely to be the most informative report that you have ever read about hiring an SEO company and the tricks they use.

Call our friendly Sales team now at 02 9460 0581
to get a Free SEO Report Released.

To find out how much we can increase your business by please contact us here.



Social Media - Changing the Face of Online Marketing

Social media is facing the face of online marketing image by Think Big OnlineThe growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is altering the communication model followed by big and small companies when it comes to online marketing. While emails and newsletters were once the buzzword in digital marketing, they seem almost archaic now in comparison to various social media platforms available today.  

One digital marketing company that has been quick to perceive the winds of change in this sphere is Trinidad and Tobago based Caribbean Ideas Limited. It recently organized the Caribbean Digital Expo 2011 to get prominent industry players to throw light on the latest trend that is most likely to shape the future of marketing strategy adopted by companies to bolster their online presence.

 The overwhelming attendance at the expo testified the growing interest and eagerness among companies to know how they can take advantage of the latest online and mobile apps to get more visibility  and to add value to their businesses.

The panel discussions at this expo were focused on offering valuable tips to the attendees so that they could use social media as an effective tool of communication. This platform offers an equal opportunity for small and micro enterprises in the industry as well as the leading market players. Businesses can compete for consumer attention irrespective of the marketing budgets that they have.  

In today’s tech savvy world, social media serves as an excellent point of contact for customers. However, this is a dynamic forum and online marketing experts agree that companies need to take maximum advantage of social media platforms by developing a three-line marketing strategy or using multiple formats to stay connected such as making announcements on the official website, posting updates on Facebook, tweeting about promotional offers and sending emails, newsletters and BBM messages.

However, companies need to create specific strategies for the use of various social media sites to increase their customer base and to get a high ROI. For instance, while Twitter serves as a perfect information conduit for followers, Facebook is the right choice of platform to engage in real time with clients and advertisers. With social media already touted as the next big thing for online marketing, companies are jumping on this digital marketing bandwagon fast.

Social Media Marketing is Rapidly Becoming Essential

Social media marketing essentials image by Think Big OnlineThe popularity of social networking sites is creating a demand for productive social media marketing. With consumers shifting their research behaviours to social networking sites, successful marketers will need to incorporate a social media marketing strategy into their marketing system.

By following the most popular sites, the marketer will be up-to-date with current consumer demands and purchasing themes. This will improve the marketer’s ability to generate new customers by being involved in the communities where consumers are spending much of their time.

 This marketing strategy begins with having a social presence but requires more than that to be successful. Realizing that customers are more likely to buy products from companies that they feel acquainted with, marketers need to promote their business as well as their merchandise. There is no longer a limit to the availability of information concerning corporate activities.

A company must provide a desired product that appeal to their customers' interests. By actively participating in the social arena, marketers are creating "friends" who will purchase products from them and help to spread the word about their company as well.

 Social media marketing is more than just throwing an advertisement up in front of a large crowd of people. This strategy is about generating a buzz around a company brand that will attract a crowd and potentially more customers.

This is precisely what is taking place in social media platforms like Facebook. Rather than reaching out to demographics with a sales pitch, successful marketers are creating a Facebook presence and promoting their brand. Once this occurs, the dynamic of the social network does the rest.

 The traditional approach to marketing is had evolved with the advent of social media. As people confirm the popularity of a brand or product by becoming a part of a company’s network, more people tend to follow. It is necessary for marketers to utilize this approach to satisfy existing customers and to gain new customers.

To be successful in social media marketing, a company must create an appealing presence, become interactive and engage their customers in conversations. They must socialize!

The Facebook Marketing Bible Dictating Online Marketing Campaigns

Facebook marketing bible dictating online marketing campaigns image by Think Big Online

The latest online marketing reports have concurred in the predominance of Facebook among various social media platforms used by companies to communicate with their customers. With a large percentage of marketing dollars being spent on social media, the recent launch of the Facebook Marketing Bible is in sync with the growing need of companies to learn how to use this platform better in effectively projecting and reinforcing their brands as well securing more business.

With the website closing on the mark of 800 million active monthly users, most marketing gurus have been quick to realize the potential and lucrative returns on advertising with Facebook ads to reach their target audience.

 Today, everyone from a baby boomer to an echo boomer seeks information fast and free of cost on the Internet.  Social networking sites such as Facebook are just the right platform for companies to interact in real time with their customers, field their questions, and to get feedback. If you have already been doing all this, you can now do it even better with the comprehensive guidebook launched by Facebook.

The online edition of the Facebook Marketing Bible includes meticulously put together resource pages that cover various digital marketing techniques in extensive details along with all-inclusive how-to guides and remarkable case studies focusing on the most innovative as well as successful marketing and advertising campaigns launched on this site. 

 The key highlights of this book include details pertaining to the usage of the subscribe button by various brands to drive referral traffic for their websites to build their customer base and tips to minimize the CPC bid prices of Facebook ads for a higher ROI.

In addition to that, the book also provides detailed information on synchronizing the Facebook page updates with the company’s Twitter profile and offers an insight on the use of hidden wall feature as well as other innovative tools for page moderation to help online marketers protect the reputation of their brand.

This is just a sneak peek into the Facebook marketing tips and tricks that guarantee ecommerce success when employed strategically.


Google Is Watching In Your Toilet

Proof that Google is watching...