3 Best Writing Tips That Will Help Your Facebook Ads Convert

Despite all the updates and issues in the past few months on Facebook, one of the most popular and controversial social media platform of the year 2018, it is still pretty clear that people still love using this channel like how they did since day 1 of their registrations.

In fact, according to Statista 2018, there are still over 4.4 million Australian Facebook users who are actively online and scrolling on a daily basis and this statistics is still growing each day which means that there is still a big opportunity for marketers and business owners to get the most out of their Facebook adverts.

Yes, you definitely read it right! Facebook is still one of the best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses and here are some reasons why:

  • Custom Audiences – allows you to target existing users who have visited your site, click your link, abandoned your cart, and more which makes it easier for you to include and exclude the kind of audience where you spend your money on.
  • Location – allows you to target audience by a specific location. You can wisely use this in case you want to test where your niche is popular, or when you just want to expand your business with the use of Facebook advertising.
  • Gender – allows you to target by gender.
  • Interest – allows you to target Facebook users who are interested in what you offer (such as makeup, skincare, fashion, and more.)
  • Behavior – allows you to target Facebook user with their pattern of behavior (active online shoppers, credit card users, and more.)

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These are just the basic features that will help you rethink and make a decision on how your advertising activities should be. There are still some unmentioned reasons for why Facebook Advertising is best for your business.

So let’s be real! Even the most basic features of this advertising platform can help you achieve your goal. That’s why small business owners and marketers are using it all over the world.

And in today’s article, we will help you focus on the 3 Best Writing Tips That Will Help Your Facebook Ads Convert.

Be Straight To The Point

Clear, concise, and consistent ad copies are the keys to success. If you keep on feeding your audience with too much information your ad will not convert. Just give them an overview of what your ad is about and let them want more info from it. You cannot expect your audience to read a 500 words copy and click your link for more details because you have already given it. Excite your audience through 160-350 characters of ad copy and let them do the action.


Intrigue and Connect Your Ad Copy With Your Visual

Your target audience may see 3-15 ads daily depending on the number of times they refresh and check their feeds. This is why your visuals should quickly capture their attention.

In fact, according to consumer acquisitions, images are 75%- 90% percent responsible for your ads performance because they are the initial “attention grabbers” for your ad to stand out. This is why business should focus on high-quality image and a straight to the point copy. Give them something to react and click afterward.

One standout image, short but convincing ad copy, and one call-to-action.

State the Benefits Of What You Offer

Give them something to ‘love’ and ‘wow’ about. If you created a promo that’s unique and stands out from the rest of your competitors. State it. State it clearly and enumerate it. These type of ads will make your target audience click “see more” and once they do, they should be able to see where to get your offer. Direct them to the specific promo link and give them a user-friendly purchase experience. Doing this will ensure that you won’t experience abandoned carts and tabs closed.  Doing this will ensure that you will get your goals and make your ads convert.

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How to Tag Products on Instagram and Why You Need To Do It

Instagram has finally added a new useful feature that we all have been waiting for – you can now tag products in your Instagram Business Profile which will help you sell directly to your Instagram audiences without having to redirect them on your biolink.

How Does Instagram Product Tagging Works?

Instagram Product Tagging is a new feature for business profile where you can directly tag products on your Instagram post so that IG users can easily shop and view your product details while their scrolling on their news feeds.

If an IG user finds your product interesting, they can conveniently tap the image. Then, the product tag will automatically appear.  Once the product tag appears, it will display the price of the item.  If your potential buyer chooses to find out more about what you offer. They can tap the link and be brought to a new section where they can purchase the product directly from their smartphone.

Important Fact: According to Statistica Portal, 83.6% of the population in Australia are actively using their smartphone to surf their Instagram feeds. This is why it is important for you to tag your products and include it on your list of best practices.

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Here’s How You Can Tag Your Products on Instagram

First things first – your profile should be approved for Shopping in Instagram, you need to have the latest Instagram App and you need to connect your Facebook product catalog to successfully tag your products.

Is your Instagram Business Profile already setup for this?

Now let’s get started…

To tag products on your existing Instagram Post

Go to your Instagram Profile Section.

Click the post where you want to do the product tag and select the three dots in the upper corner.

Select edit post to proceed with product tagging.

Click the + Tag in the photo. Type the product that you want to tag. Then, click done.

To Successfully Tag a Product When Uploading A New Post

Select Add New Post (+) and choose a photo from your gallery.

Type your post copy and click OK. Then, click Tag Products.

Search for the product that you want to be tagged and click done.

That's it!

If you have more concerns and questions please do not hesitate to reach us by writing in the comment section below or by getting in touch with us.

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Important Reasons Why You Really Need to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

If you still hesitant to make the switch to an Instagram business profile, now is the time for you to discover the important reasons of WHY you need to.

Ready to get started?

Let’s state the statistical facts first.

  • There are over 800+ million Instagram accounts worldwide.
  • 500 million Instagram users out of 800+ million accounts are using this social platform every single day.
  • And 80% percent of these accounts are actively following and engaging with the businesses they like.

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Still not convinced about it yet?

Let’s get into business and talk about the Important Reasons Why You Really Need to Switch to an Instagram Business Profile.

It’s Easier for Your Customers to Get in Touch

Back then when Instagram for Business does not exist, the only way for your followers to get in touch with your business was to send a direct message of click your website link in your profile.

But now that Instagram for business does exist. Once you switched to a business profile, your customers can now easily get in touch with by clicking the call-to-action that you chose to provide which gives you a better brand exposure, engagement, and reliability.

Having a business profile on Instagram can give your customers an easier business transaction – aside from your website information, they will just have to simply choose whether they want to email, call, or find your local store location.

 Access to Detailed Analytics

Instagram Business Analytics section can give a quick summary of relevant information about your followers and their profile activity to yours. You can easily get an overall view of your Instagram account by going to your profile and clicking the insights icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Once you are in this section – you can navigate and explore the information that you want to know about your business profile such as website clicks, new followers, reach, impression, and more within the past few days and week.

It’s Easier for You to Create Your Ads

Instagram business profiles can make it easier for you to setup and create your ad. Before Instagram for Business came advertisers had to access and setup everything through Facebook advertising tools but now that Instagram has thought things well. You can now easily set up your adjust by clicking promote.

Once you chose to promote – you will then be asked to choose the right call-to-action for your ad, set specific advertising budget, choose your target audience, and choose the date range of how long you want your ad to run.


Having your regular Instagram profile switched to a business profile can definitely help you stay ahead of the competition. But aside from looking like a reachable business on Instagram, there are still several factors to consider that can highly affect your business success such as how branding and profile looks, Instagram profile activities – do you also actively engage to your followers and non-followers, and were you able come up with the right Instagram ad?  Just in case you also want to learn the secrets and hacks of advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

3 Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes That You Are Probably Doing

Facebook is one of the most effective money making platforms for today’s successful business owners. But just like the traditional marketing methods – using Facebook advertising as your primary source of business promotion also involves a lot of trial and error process, especially if your industry is needing a real deal of specific audience targeting.

Where at first it can be really frustrating especially if you are being charged $20 - $30 dollars per link clicks or you have been running a Facebook ad for three days with a lifetime budget of $150 dollars with no single purchase. And there could be even the time where Facebook will make you feel like it is just another social media platform to get more engagement and brand awareness.

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But always remember that above all these trial and error processes where your advertising budget got drained and your hopes went low – Facebook advertising will always be worth the testing process since it is where your potential target audience stay most of the time.

Is your hopes getting high by now? Now without further ado let’s talk about the 3 Most Common Facebook Ad Mistakes That You Are Probably Doing.

Not Personalising Your Ads

Often Facebook Advertisers are too confident with the thought that having a professionally optimised ad is all it takes to get more conversions, site traffic, and leads. Don’t get us wrong there is nothing wrong with this thought. Having a professionally optimised ad is indeed one of the key elements to your Facebook ad campaign success but your optimisation will only deliver average outcomes if you do not pay attention to important details such as your ad copy, ad image, and call-to-action. Take some time and try to add this to your priority list with your campaign optimisation and you would be absolutely surprised about the doubled or tripled outcomes from a simple effort like this.

Not Waiting For Your Ads Maturity

It is normal to be charged higher on Facebook if your advertising campaigns are new. But, as soon as your ads start getting more engagements and actions Facebook will then decrease its advertising charge to your active campaigns. Since it will assume that your ad is getting interaction to your target audience because it is highly contributing to them.

Putting Your All Your Advertising Budget in One Ad

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you have enough data to understand your audience before creating an ad. Maximise Facebook’s functions such as lookalike audience, custom audience and a lot enough time to split test which ad delivers the best result. Doing this will help you see which audience targeting is worth investing.


Always remember that there is no perfect audience targeting. What has worked for you now, may not work for you in the next few months. That is why it is important to keep yourself updated, understand and check your audience insights and keep up with the latest Facebook advertising updates. Just in case you also want to learn the secrets and hacks on Facebook Advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.


Most Interesting and Useful Facts About Twitter this 2018

Twitter is one of the most popular online platforms for news, updates, and social networking where users post and interact with one another via trendy status messaging called “Tweet”.

Twitter's Founder First Tweet

In fact, this platform has become unexpectedly popular that even Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder, did not also expect his first Tweet to be a big hit.

And in this year 2018, this social media platform is also turning 12 years old on March 21, 2018, while Twitter users are still growing by numbers.

Amazing isn’t it?

Now, let’s skip through the formalities and let’s talk about the Most Interesting and Useful Facts About Twitter this 2018.

1.Twitter was almost named “Friendstalker” – well it may not be named this way today but don’t you just feel guilty about stalking your friend on Twitter since it has become the world’s second social platform when it comes to sharing their feelings, moods, what they are doing, and more.

2.There is only 330 Million monthly active users in a total of 1.3 Billion accounts created. This number also includes bot accounts, users who created Twitter but wasn’t that into it and accounts that weren’t verified.

3.Most of the Twitter users are from the United States of America (USA). So don’t miss out! If your business is based in the USA – you might as well need to consider creating a Twitter account.

4.707 is the average number of followers on Twitter. If you are below this numbers but would like to start building your following empire. You need to keep applying the best practices of Twitter.

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5.Katy Perry holds the record for the highest number of followers (108 Million) on Twitter.

6.83% of world leaders are active Twitter users.

7.77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been answered by the brand.

8.76% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand by just experiencing a friendly and witty customer service experience.


With all these interesting and useful facts about Twitter. Choosing a Social Media platform for your business still depends on what niche do you belong to. As the saying goes – “Be where your customers are.”  Numbers and statistics can serve as your initial guide to success. But, your decisions and campaigns will still be the main contributing factor to your business success.

In case you are determined to be a successful business owner or an aspiring Facebook advertiser, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

How You Can Easily Optimise your LinkedIn Profile and Improve Its Visibility

Are you new to LinkedIn? Or, do you already have a LinkedIn profile where you want to increase your visibility as one of the real experts in your line of industry? Either way, if you are reading this article. Then, you are probably looking for the best ways on how you can increase your profile visibility through simple profile optimisation.

Now let’s start talking business!

With more than 546 million members in 200 countries, LinkedIn is essentially the world's largest search engine for professionals.

Whether your goal is to increase your business network, find a job, generate leads, and stay updated with the latest industry trends and more. Your profile should be properly optimised.

A well-optimised profile clearly communicates who you are and what you do in a professional and concise manner. Remember, your profile should be the main representation of who you are as a professional individual. It is the key reference to recruiters, potential business partners, clients, and prospective customers – If you are worth doing business with.

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And in this article, we are going to talk about How You Can Easily Optimise your LinkedIn Profile and Improve Its Visibility.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile with Your Latest Position

Try to put what you mainly do in your LinkedIn’s headline section. This part also affects your profile visibility on LinkedIn. If you want to be included in the search engine for a certain position. Put that in your profile headline.

If you are a Junior Digital Marketer with a major skill in Search Engine Marketing. Then write your headline as Junior Digital Marketer l PPC Specialist. This will make your profile appear more on LinkedIn’s Search Engine when recruiters are looking for a specialist like you.

Make Your Professional Skills Standout

LinkedIn showcases Top 10 skills in the skills preview section. Make sure your skills are in proper order. Put the ones with the greatest number of endorsements at the top or mix it with the recent skills you added to get more endorsements, profile views and get more professional credibility.

Add Everything You Achieve

Whether you have a recent publication, small or big project achievement, new certifications, awards, and more. Put them there. List them down. LinkedIn has made a section for each of these individual professional milestones. Don’t miss out! The more you update your LinkedIn profile – the more you’ll appear in a specific search result. Imagine LinkedIn as Google where a recruiter looks for someone who is Facebook Blueprint Certified and more. Aren’t you missing out if you have what it takes but you were too busy thinking your profile is all good even if you don’t add those kinds of kinds of stuff?

Fill in Your Industry Related Course Work

Have you ever attended a workshop or a short course that did not provide any certifications? Unfortunately, this normally happens to some people nowadays. Now, if ever you encountered this too. Don’t feel bad about it. Instead, add all the courses you have taken that would add value to your current position in the courses section.  Whether it is something about business in general, a specific skill workshop and more. It’s your profile – show them what you got!

Add Your Organisation Industry Involvements

In case you belong to any professional organisations in your line of industry. You can also consider adding this to your profile. To increase your profile visibility for the LinkedIn users who are looking for that specific organization.


There are many ways to maximise your business networks. It just depends on how you want to connect and maximise yours. Some people prefer face-to-face business communication while others prefer to start by connecting with a specific person virtually. But if you would like to actively grow yours LinkedIn is definitely one of the best platform and options for you. But in case you also want to find out more about Facebook advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.



Complete List of Social Media Marketing Events and Ideas This February 2018

Not all marketers, Facebook users, and business owners are aware that February can be the perfect month for brands to showcase what they got through paid and organic Social Media Marketing efforts.

Because aside from the popular commercialism that February’s main event is Valentine’s Day.

The month of February has actually more opportunities than any other regular months of the year. It may be the shortest month of the year but it is definitely not the most boring one.

Are you curious about what Social Media Marketing Events am I pertaining too?

Keep reading to grab some golden nuggets!

Social Media Marketing Events and Ideas are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness, generate sales and increase more active followers as long as the event and idea you chose to pull off is the one that ‘RESONATES’ your brand and what you offer.

In fact, there are many factors to consider if your brand is fit to join each marketing events but the main factors to consider is the type of marketing event. You need to make sure and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the event made for all categories in the business industry?
  • Is it an event made for a specific industry?
  • Is the event worth participating?
  • If you are the Head of Socials of a Facebook Ads Manager – bring this idea to your client and personally ask them if they comfortable and willing to spend a specific amount of advertising budget for the said event?

Bonus Tip: In some cases, it is okay for brands to join events that did not originate in their country as long as it is a generalised event made for the industry that their brands belong to. Joining these events will not only help you create ‘new’ content in the viewer’s eye but will help your brand stand out from your competitors that do not do it.

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Now without further ado. Let’s move on to the Complete List of Social Media Marketing Events and Ideas This February 2018.

February Marketing Event Dates

  • February 2, 2018 – National Groundhog’s Day
  • February 2, 2018 – National Wear Red Day (If you are an eCommerce business who sells something red that can be worn. This is the perfect day for you to post something about it.)
  • February 4, 2018 – Super Bowl
  • February 7, 2018 – Rose Day
  • February 8, 2018 – Laugh and Get Rich Day (A perfect event for positive and business coaches)
  • February 8, 2018 – Propose Day
  • February 9, 2018 – Valentine’s Chocolate Day
  • February 10, 2018 – Teddy Day
  • February 11, 2018 – Promise Day
  • February 12, 2018 – Hug Day
  • February 13, 2018 – Kiss Day
  • February 14, 2018 – Valentine’s Day
  • February 15, 2018 – Single Awareness Day
  • February 16, 2018 – Innovation Day
  • February 17, 2018 – My Way Day
  • February 18, 2018 – Wine Drinking Day
  • February 19, 2018 – US President’s Day
  • February 20, 2018 – Love Your Pet Day
  • February 21, 2018 – Single Tasking Day
  • February 22, 2018 – Be Humble Day
  • February 23, 2018 – Play Tennis Day
  • February 27, 2018 – No Brainer Day
  • February 28, 2018 – Pink Shirt Day

Additional February Marketing Event in Weeks

  • February 1–7, 2018 is Women’s Heart Week
  • February 1–7, 2018 is Publicity for Profit Week
  • February 5–9, 2018 is International Networking Week®
  • February 7–14, 2018 is National Marriage Week

There you have it!

What’s the overall catch?

Joining and using Social Media Marketing event as an additional tactic to your campaigns can help your brand in both paid and organic reach as these events will definitely be on the list of trending hashtags of the day which will help you get more online exposure and audience participation.

Bonus Tip: Always remember to maximise your Social Media Marketing Campaigns with the right budget allocation and Facebook Advertising.  In case you also want to learn the secrets and hacks on Facebook Advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

3 Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics for Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s midmonth of January and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Come to think of it – it is another Social Media Marketing Campaign and Competition!

Small and big brands are starting to plan their Social Media Marketing Strategies with loads of creative twisted promos and gimmicks in order to win the hearts of their target consumers this coming Valentine’s Day 2018.

And, beyond the usual gifts every Valentine’s Day. Consumer behaviours have drastically shifted due to digital influences.  In fact, based on our Valentine’s Day 2017 campaign observations – they have been willing to pay more just to make their loved ones feel extra special every 14th day of February.

Photo Courtesy: weknowmemes.com
Photo Courtesy: weknowmemes.com

That’s why this is where your clear picture and big opportunity to get more sales for your business opens.

So without further ado let’s start talking about the 3 Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics for Valentine’s Day 2018.

List and Share Blog Posts Involving Gift Ideas

It is important for your brand to show that you care and know what their special loved ones want and need. Write blogs about your products and act as the expert by listing your products as a gift idea mix it up with other brands in a different niche. And, of course, state why your gift idea is something that a receiver will love.

Do not just write about your product like it is a regular product description. Always remember to write about the 3Ws – What will your product solve? What is unique about your product? And, Why will the receiver love it?

Give valuable insights and ideas. Not all people are good with gifts. Guide them and help them realise what is worth giving.

Create Catchy and Problem Solving Promos

As stated in our introduction – small and big brands are preparing for Valentine’s Day.

That is why it is important for you to stand out!

There are a lot of ways to create catchy promos for Valentine’s Day such as saying – you’re giving away free shipping on the 14th day of February delivered to their loved ones door step while they are busy working in the office, free gift wrap and delivered before the most awaited day, free personalise dedication card, discounts, bundles and more.  But, you need to make sure that you can actually deliver what you have promised in your adverts. Since your promo will either make or break your brand.

Bonus Tip: Conceptualise something unique, sweet and realistic. Do not overpromise to get more sales. Create something achievable and deliverable.

Invest Early in Facebook Advertising

We know and we are fully aware that Mark Zuckerberg has announced that there will be certain changes in the newsfeeds. But, of course, that announcement should not stop you from advertising. Facebook was built for both users and businesses. Changes are just being made to create a balance between both and increase the user experience.

Starting your Facebook Adverts as early as now is your advantage of getting more social proofs for your business.

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In case you also want to learn the secrets and hacks on Facebook Advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Business Sales on Facebook

Most business owners know that being on Facebook is crucial to their business success especially for local businesses who are wanting to increase their sales and loyal customers.

In fact, a Facebook page is essential for businesses nowadays as without it customers will not be able to easily find your business, check in your business using their Facebook profiles, and interact with your brand.

Your business exposure on Facebook can highly contribute to your success.

Do you want to know deeper why?

Imagine you are ‘friends’ with someone on Facebook who likes to travel a lot. Then, that friend of yours clicks ‘checked in’ into a 5-star hotel as his current Facebook status to let his friends know that he is traveling again and is not just traveling but he is in a 5-star hotel!

Now… This 5-star hotel that your friend has checked into just got a free marketing exposure from your friend who checked into it. Not only did they earn from your Facebook friend who has checked in. They are also now on your friend’s connections hotel considerations in case some of his networks would also like to travel.

Can you now see the BIG opportunity on Facebook and other social media platforms has given to local business owners and aspiring digital marketers?

Actually, this example is not only the reason why Facebook should be used by every business. This is just the beginning for you to realise more opportunities and higher success rate because Facebook can also help you generate a higher volume of sales to help your business grow but only if used properly and wisely.

So without further ado let us talk about the 4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Business Sales on Facebook.

Have a Presentable Facebook Page

Think of your Facebook page as your second website or better if you think of your Facebook page as another website where you can continuously showcase your products and services. Your Facebook page is your overall business impression on Facebook. This is why your page should have attractive looking posts, banners, high review rates and engaged users. It is where you build your business credibility on a Facebook user’s mind.

So make sure you are a review, engage, tag, and check in worthy!

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Spark their interest and Show Off What You Got

Having a Facebook page setup is just the beginning for you. You need to give them consistent quality contents that will make them unconsciously realise that they want, need, and trust your product. Show off what you got by all means!

There are many ways to show off what you got but one of the most effective ways is to have attractive photos whether it is your actual product photo or an edited one consistently expose what you are selling in a convincing way.

Give Them a Call-To-Action to Let Them Do The Action

Showing off what you got is a good start to spark your audience interest. That is why it is now the time for you to take advantage of that spark by adding a call-to-action on your post directing them to the specific page where they can get what they clicked for.

In fact, it is very safe to assume that if a Facebook user has clicked it. They are highly interested in it. So consider it as your perfect chance to make some sales, appointments and more.

Use Facebook Advertising to Strengthen Your Brand

Mix up your organic post with boosted posts to show your new visitors that you are truly credible. Facebook is also about strengthening your brand through connecting and building your online relationship with the right audience – this can be achieved through Facebook advertising.

There are several kinds of Facebook Ad type objective. You should just need to set your goals right and choose the right objective and audience targeting.

Just in case, you also want to learn more about Facebook advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

Most Common Social Media Best Practices That Are Actually Myths

Being on social media is a powerful way to showcase your business’ branding, values, personality, and uniqueness online.

In fact, it is a no-brainer for a businessman to not know that having a social media profile is no longer an option for businesses these days. It has become significant and essential to connect with their loyal and potential customers.

Having said that, we have noticed that the most common and biggest challenge for business owners and other aspiring online personalities is to know which company or person to believe when they seek bits of advice on Social Media’s best practices.

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Are you probably one of them?

Great! Then, keep reading!


In this article, we are going to help you clear out the confusions because we are going to talk about the Most Common Social Media Best Practices That Are Actually Myths.

You Always Need To Sound Professional

Social Media is a place where brands can showcase their brand personality. Too many businesses stay very serious on Social Media which results in their audiences’ boredom.

People get that it is your Facebook Business Page but sometimes it is okay to loosen up a bit and have hilarious memes, original stories, experiences about your product, quotes, and more that surely your audiences can relate to.

Always stay natural and conversational!

You Need To Be on Every Social Media Channel

You need to know which social media channel will your business stand out. Each business niche has the right social media channel where your target audience is actively engaging.

Bonus Tip: If you are not sure about your which social media channel are your audience into. You can always practically and wisely start on Facebook and go broader once you were able to learn more about them.

Posting High-Quality Content is Enough

Consistently posting on Social Media channels is truly one of the best practices but posting high-quality contents without supporting your Facebook page with paid Facebook Adverts is not one of the best practices.

Facebook’s algorithm is consistently updating which means your organic reach and post rank will always be affected. And, in order to make sure that you are reaching as many potential customers as you can you need to have Facebook Advertising campaigns consistently running.

Never Automate Your Social Media Profiles

This is partially correct and partially not.

You should not blindly and lazily automate everything on Social Media because it will affect your brand’s personality. What you can wisely do here is to automate what can save your time and energy through reliable automation tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, and more.

In fact, you can get more insights from these kinds of software and you will be able to learn more about your target audiences behavior from this.

Bonus Tip: There are also a current emerging automation trends for your Facebook Page Messenger that can be integrated into your website which are popularly known as chatbots. The one that we highly recommend on this one is ManyChats.

In case you also want to be one successful business owner or an aspiring Facebook advertiser, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.