Experian Hitwise just released results that show Bing now accounts for just over 30% of all searches done in the US. This is made up of Bing partners like Yahoo, Facebook and of course Bing.com it’s self.

The growth over the last 3 months has been very steady and interestingly if you look at the charts by Experian Hitwise you will see in the same period that the number one search engine Google has drop every month.

Add to this, Bing’s plans to integrate their search with most of the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Linkedin and even Google’s own Google + (Ha!) and Google looks like it might get knocked off it’s dominant position within the next 12 months.

It appears that while Google is trying to take it’s share by being greedy and controlling everything Bing has taken a more entrepreneurial approach by collaborating with others. This seems to be working as Bing’s rise in market share is growing much faster than what Google did in the early days.

Bing takes another chunk out of Google image by Think Big Online

What’s This Mean For Search Engine Optimisation?

This is a big wake up for search engine optimisation companies around the world, especially with tsunami of trouble that Google has been causing with the latest updates to Panda and the new algorithm Penguin.

A few SEO’s have been talking about optimising for Bing for a while now but the trend hasn’t really caught on, however this clear movement away from Google can’t be ignored any longer.

While there isn’t a lot of information about optimising for Bing in the market place yet it is clear that optimising for Bing and Google are very different.

While Google is still (even after Panda and Penguin) heavily weighted on the quantity and quality of backlinks, Bing seems to care less, but at the same time seem takes into account the anchor text of links more than Google does.

Where Do I Place My Bets?

With both search engine optimisation companies making hundreds of changes each year and appearing to go in different directions, SEO’s are going to have to choose which engine they are going to optimise for, because Google is heavily focusing on stamping out people that manipulate anchor text within the backlinks while Bing prefers it (for now).

This could create a huge split in that people optimising for Bing might be penalised by Google with their more aggressive stance on so called “web spam”.

With so many shifts going on at the same time across various Search Engines the only thing that is certain is that anchor text links will still be relevant for a long time, though the amount of backlinks seems to matter less, and social media is NOT a “Maybe” for SEO it’s a “Must”.

Which Search Engine do you prefer and why?

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