Accomplishing More From Your Online Endeavours

Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, you’ll be very familiar with the idea that time is money. This is never truer than when you’re on the internet. As such, maximising your productivity should be a conscious priority at all times. It may seem like a bumpy road ahead, but the simple changes can make the biggest difference in the bid for a smoother journey. 

Remove Distractions 

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it can also be a huge productivity killer. Social media, YouTube, and flash games can all pose significant obstacles. Remove those distractions by stopping cookies, removing shortcuts, and using the two-minute rule. When less time is wasted on those activities, more time can be spent on productive ideas. Moreover, once you start to see the rewards, it’ll provide the motivation to keep up the good work. Once it become a habit, you’ll never look back. 


Computers are more than capable of handling multiple tasks. However, most users struggle to do this due to the challenges of switching between tasks. Split-screening is an ideal solution. You can visit to learn more. When you are actively able to complete several tasks at once, you’ll naturally get more done. One of the best options is to keep spreadsheets, analysis, or research on the background screen. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to complete the associated tasks in the main screen. 

Remove The Guess Work 

It’s the oldest mantras in the book but learning to work smarter rather than harder is vital. Putting in the extra effort during your preparations will make subsequent tasks far easier. For example, embracing the best writing tips before setting out to produce PPC ads will ensure you get better results. In turn, you will save serious amounts of time and money to spearhead greater success. The marketing arena is just one area where the winning strategy will allow you to achieve more by cutting out the wast. Be sure to embrace it. 

Get Support 

It’s easy to adopt the mindset of “me versus the world”. In reality, though, acquiring the support of others can be the key to long-term success and efficiency. Tutors can teach you how to improve your weaknesses, and the faster learning curve can only have positive impacts. Meanwhile, you can hire people to take care of simple admin tasks. Visit htttps:// to learn more about virtual receptionists. When you have more time available or the tasks that actively generate revenue, the outcomes will amaze you. 

Update Your Equipment 

A slow computer or tablet will harm productivity. Consequently, then, updating the operating systems should be considered essential. Every day in which you persist with outdated items is another form of waste. Meanwhile, you should delete unnecessary files to free up storage space. When you do, the facilities will run smoother and faster, particularly on complex tasks. For the sake of your sanity as well as the projects, this is a crucial step to remember. Otherwise, you will continue to struggle. 

How To Stand Out In Your Market As #1

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Learn the secret and build an authority position in the market with video marketing, which is the most popular as the dominant media for building strong personal brands.

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Growing your Business with a Digital Marketing Company

an expert at work from a digital marketing company

Investing in a digital marketing agency?

Are you in the market for a digital marketing company for your business? Perhaps you are wondering if you really need to bother with such services at all. Online marketing companies often tout their services as one that is instrumental to business growth but what does this really mean? It’s a valid question especially among small business start-ups with very limited capital to spend and pondering about the merits of dealing with the upfront cost of having a digital marketing agency on-board.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing company is essentially a marketing agency that specialises in the effective use of digital resources like the Internet, social media and mobile apps as an advertising medium. It is inarguably the most effective avenue for reaching out to potential clients and establishing new business contacts. A great part of one’s digital marketing company profile is the strategic adoption of various internet marketing strategies and methodologies to fuel business growth online.

Digital marketing generally comes in 2 forms:

  • Push marketing – advertiser “push” or send marketing messages to subscribers via SMS, RSS or email
  • Pull marketing – “pulling in” prospects via web content

What can you expect out of such services?

Despite the fact that the internet is a readily accessible resource along with most other digital advertising mediums, the world of digital marketing is not as simple and straight forwards as people might think. Such an avenue in marketing demands extensive knowledge and skill as well as a considerable inclination towards digital technology in making advertising campaigns efficient and profitable.

One can expect a digital marketing company to offer a good mix of online business advertising solutions from web design and email marketing to branding and online marketing – solutions that are all designed to provide business clients with a sizeable advantage over their competitors. You can expect such a company to quickly bring your business up to speed with the most effective digital advertising mediums for getting in touch with prospects.

Now of course you would do well to opt for a proven digital marketing agency with a reputation for meeting or exceeding their client’s expectations and offering invaluable advice for business growth. That is something that we are definitely keen on doing here at Think Big Online. Clients can rely on us to make use of every resource available to us in providing versatile, reactive and highly measurable digital marketing solutions. Get in touch with us today and arrange a consultation with one of the best digital marketing company in Australia.

A Good Look at Web Marketing Agencies in Australia

a keyboard button saying Web Marketing Agencies in Australia

What to look out for in an online marketing agency?

Opting for the right web marketing agencies in Australia can prove crucial to the success of any business online. Needless to say, you would want to partner with an online marketing agency that treats your business like it was their own and is genuinely invested in your success. Unfortunately it can be difficult to find a web marketing company to fit such a description especially when you don’t know what to look out for.

You can start by checking out some common blunders that people can make in choosing a web marketing company and how to steer your business clear of them

Not being able to separate internet from marketing and vice-versa

It’s an easy mistake to make and often we hear about some of our clients asking say, a web programmer or a web designer for marketing advice. Some go as far as asking marketing people for technical help. Although these people can certainly give you some insight, it’s not exactly a sound business practice. Ideally you would want to opt for an internet marketing firm that would give you a good mix of expertise from both sites. One that can help you come up with an excellent marketing strategy backed by all the technical skills necessary to put everything into action.

Zero testing

One of the best ways to figure out whether you are with the right web marketing agencies in Australia is to see whether they do any split-testing. Beware of agencies that simply introduce changes on your website with no regards to results which may actually do more harm than good. A good web marketing agency is one that is keen to contribute to your success even before getting the ball rolling on your marketing campaigns. Of course the only way to do that is to test different versions of your marketing campaign (keywords, design, marketing messages, etc).

There’s no such thing as a “one-size fits all” online marketing solution

Beware of any web marketing agency that would tell you otherwise. The online marketing needs of every business can be distinct and you would want to opt for web marketing agencies that respect such differences and take the time to devise online marketing strategies tailored to fit the business goals of their clients may it be social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content creation, etc.

Underestimating keyword research

Don’t just approach an internet marketing firm stating how you wish to rank for certain keywords. Better yet, be careful about dealing with companies that start out by asking you what keywords that you want to rank for. Chances are these companies are simply apathetic to your needs and don’t realise that market research (which includes finding the right keywords to target) is part of their responsibility as a web marketing agency. Otherwise how can they expect their services to yield any real value to their clients?

What you don’t know can’t hurt you?

While the above cliché can easily pass as a relationship advice, it just doesn’t apply in online marketing. The world of web marketing is constantly shifting from changes in search engine algorithms to the newest breakthroughs in internet technology. You need a web marketing firm that is clearly keeping pace with these changes. Past success can mean absolutely nothing and you’ll want to partner with a web marketing company that maintains an active and ever watchful presence in the online marketing community.

So there you have it – a few things that you definitely would want to look out for when dealing with any internet marketing agency. Needless to say, you would want to have a good and reputable web marketing agency that is very much capable of taking your business to the next level and knowing just what to avoid will certainly help get you there.

Would you like to know more or are you interested in arranging a consultation with one of the finest web marketing firms in the country? Get in touch with us today here at Think Big Online. When it comes to web marketing agencies in Australia, we are keen on giving our clients every bit their money’s worth!

The Importance of Having a Good Internet Marketing Providers in Australia

Are you working with one of the best internet marketing companies in the country?

Internet Marketing Providers in Australia

Is your business benefiting from the services of some of the best internet marketing providers in Australia? It’s a good question and one that all business owners ought to be asking themselves. If there’s one thing about running a business that will never change, it’s the fact that good marketing is the key to successfully running one.

Internet marketing is the most effective way of promoting and advertising any kind of business today.  Marketing a business online involves a number of different technologies and strategies that are all a part of a good internet marketing strategy. These services are aimed at enabling businesses (whether big or small) to benefit from the possibilities that online marketing has to offer. The Internet’s reach as a marketing medium is simply immense with the potential to reach clients from all over the world. Hence it’s the ideal place for people to buy, sell and promote products or services.

What can an internet marketing provider do for you?

All of the best internet marketing companies in Australia are well-versed in the specifics of online marketing – what type of content to create, what links to generate, putting your business on social media, structuring your website, building trust, etc. Such companies may offer specific online marketing functions or provide the complete experience from web design and marketing research to tracking and analytics.

So the question remains – what exactly can a good internet marketing company do for you? Simply put, the goal of internet marketing is to boost the presence of your website particularly in search engines. Such a goal requires a clever combination of website optimisation, PPC (Pay-per-Click) strategies, social media marketing and a bunch of other strategies that can implemented to improve your online presence – article marketing, newsletters, affiliate marketing, etc.

Internet marketing providers lead their clients and navigate a myriad of online advertising solutions that yield the best and most profitable results. Excellent internet marketing services not unlike the ones that we offer here at Think Big Online implement a goal oriented approach wherein clients know exactly what the company does for them and for what purpose. It is our belief that such an approach yields a crystal clear picture of the possibilities offered by online marketing.

Of course one must exercise good judgement when choosing an internet marketing company. Take the time to check out internet marketing company reviews. Just as it is with any other service provider, some will do a better job than others – we at Think Big Online are committed to delivering the best service possible. Get in touch with us today and get your business on-board one of the best and most proven internet marketing providers in Australia!

How SEO can grow your business Samuel Junghenn


Tackling SEO with Samuel Junghenn at Sydney Business Month

Sean Grobbelaar: Welcome to Sydney Business Month streaming live. My name is Sean Grobbelaar and thank you for joining our show. In today’s show we’re talking everything about SEO and how you could use it to grow your business. Now joining me is a guy who is everything about SEO in Sydney. He has worked with a lot of mid-sized, small and big companies looking to grow their business through SEO. Samuel thank you for joining our show!

Samuel Junghenn: Thanks for having me! It’s a pleasure to be here and hopefully we can give the guys who are watching something of value that they can take away and implement in their business.

Sean: Absolutely man and I am looking forward to that! Now you are from Think Big Online Marketing and that’s your business. As an internet marketer you help and work with small, big and medium sized businesses to increase sales and position them as market leaders. A lot of this is through online lead generation by SEO, pay-per-clicks, social media, internet marketing and so forth.

Samuel before we get to the amazing content that you’ll be sharing with us today let me just ask you what actually got you into this and how is business at the moment?

Samuel:  Well it’s actually quite an interesting story way back in 1998 and I just finished school and I heard about these guys making money online and thought that’s an amazing concept – you can do business online and reach people around the world or around the country from your laptop or computer.

So after about 3 or 4 months of trying to figure out what to do and where to go - how to make money online? How to drive traffic to websites and even how to google websites? All my family and friends were saying “you’re crazy and you’ll never make money out of that thing! The internet – what’s that?” It was that old story about listening too much to other people and taking that on-board and so eventually I gave up. I had other businesses.

Now after about 10 years I actually went to a business seminar and it was a multi-speaker event and we had people talking about making money online, traffic, SEO and stuff like that. I said to myself that this was the thing that I was interested in years ago. At that time I was battling through business and didn’t really enjoy what I was doing so I took up some courses and started delving into it a little bit more

I actually started off with affiliate marketing wherein you promote other people’s businesses for a profit share. SEO is one of the main things that I use to drive traffic and make money. Once I figured out how to rank websites in Google, I began getting free traffic and sending it off to other people in order to get a commission at the back of it. That was how I really got started.

The first product that I promoted was in the eulogies market believe it or not. It was a little bit different but there were a lot of people out that wanted to know how to present a eulogy so that’s kind of how I got started!

Sean: Excellent and I guess SEO now days have become a lot more prominent and important as internet marketers grow. If you really want to be found on Google and if you really want to be found by people searching online then you really need to sort all that stuff out.

Samuel: Yeah absolutely and we’ll have some very interesting stats soon to show why it’s actually so important to be there. Some people think that they want to be on the first page of Google but they don’t know the stand or the consequences of being there and not being there which is something that we’ll be getting into a little bit more in a moment.

Sean: Cool! Let’s dive into it and we have about 40 minutes left in this show to teach everyone out there how to use SEO to grow their business. Now look we’re not going to be able to cover everything – let’s be honest. It’s a huge and massive topic that businesses need to get their heads around but they often don’t have the time, space, energy and willpower to do so. So what are we going to touch on or learn about today and what do we focus on?

Samuel: So today we are going to run through the core fundamentals of SEO and give you a few things that you can take away and start implementing straight away that will help you boost your rankings and start to help you get a little bit more of that free traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing as well. Google is the main player.

Sean: Yeah absolutely and it certainly is. I’m looking forward to this Samuel. Take it away man and I own a few websites myself and I know my rankings are not good enough but if you have a website out there then you better stay tuned and watch it because I tell you what – it is going to help you a lot. Take it away Samuel!

Samuel: Alrighty let’s get right into it! Can you see my screen now?

Sean: Absolutely! Search Engine Maximisation!

Samuel: Yup! A lot of people like to call search engine optimisation but I’d like to call it maximization because we want the maximum results from our efforts.


Alright so what we are going to talk about today is the free listings down here when you go to Google and you type something into the search bar you got the listings across the top. Usually they are in yellow, pink or blue with a white shade up here and down the sides. They are all paid listings but what we are talking about today are the listings here that don’t actually cost you any money every time somebody clicks on your ad.


So here are a couple of stats that are important if you are in Google and if you are getting free traffic from there. There are about 18.8 billion searches per month on search engines. That is 18 billion with a “B” which is an absolutely phenomenal number of people out there searching for information about products or services that we may have as a business owner or entrepreneur.

About 96 percent of people don’t look past the first page and we’ve all seen it wherein we go and type something into Google and if we don’t find what we want, we generally don’t think past the first page. Instead what we do is we type in a different search term.

So if someone goes into Google and types in something that you should be searching for and you are not either of two things are going to happen – one is they are going to find your competitor and two is that they are going to do another search and find a different competitor. So it is really a losing situation if you’re not ranking.

One of the most alarming stats though is that about 74 percent of people will actually look you up before doing business. What that means is that if you are doing any type of advertising – radio, TV, newspaper or social media whatever it might be, if people have seen you (they could have had a phone conversation with you before or met you in a networking event), most people would look you up and see what your web presence is before they will actually decide to do business with you.

Obviously you need to appear high for your business at least if you don’t have some good reviews online and a good web presence then people are less likely to do business with you. You’ve may have put in all the hard effort to go through networking events or spent a lot of money on TV, radio advertisements or whatever it might be – it’s not going to be very effective if you don’t have a good web presence.


The reason we talk about Google so much is because it has 85 to 100 percent in Australia. It depends where you get your information but it has majority of the market share. The reason search engines exist is to practically bring chaos to order. Before we had search engines we simply had a lot of files and sites on the internet which made it very hard to find exactly what we want. We had to sift through thousands of websites to try finding what we want.

The whole purpose of search engine is to serve up the most relevant content for searchers and whatever they are typing in the search bar.


So we talked about the relevance of search engines (I don’t know why this photo but I love it and I think it’s cute so I like to show it) but basically we can think about it as an ecosystem where none of these 3 can live without the other.

So we got the user – the person that types into Google in order to find a product or a service, we have you as the publisher and then the search engine. The search engine serves the results to the user when they type something in.  The user then clicks on the website and if they find good information then they are going to use that search engine again. If they don’t then this link will be broken and the user will move on to another website and because they haven’t found what they wanted then they won’t use that search engine anymore.

Someone goes to Google and types in a specific search term and doesn’t find any relevant results out of it then they are not likely to go back and trust the search engine anymore.


It’s important that you publish good quality and relevant content about your product or service that users will like and make them trust the search engine more and come back. Search engines will reward you more by publishing great content. The reason why search engines why they want you to publish great content is because they make money every time somebody clicks on their ads.

Now as mentioned in the previous slide – if people don’t trust the search engine and aren’t coming back then obviously Google would have less people visiting it and even lesser chances of people clicking ads and making money so this is why your content needs to be relevant and useful.


Okay so let’s get a little bit into the technical stuff. The start of your SEO or marketing in general is about thinking like a fish. The best fisherman may go out and think about where all the fish are hanging out, where they eat and what they want to eat. They then set themselves up for success by using the right tackle and the right bait. They go to the right place at the right time to catch the fish.


Thinking like a fish can basically be broken down into 4 steps of the buying cycle. This is where people are going to be at when they go to Google and perform a search. 


The first one is not really important and I just have it in there for awareness so they are not aware and they are not searching for your product or service. Maybe you have a brand new gizmo that you just created or launched so people are not going to be searching for it on Google. Hence you have to do some type of awareness marketing by TV or radio as a part of interruption-based marketing where it’s very different from search and will be much better for you at this stage.


Level two is that they might have heard of it. They might have been walking down the street when they heard somebody talking about holden or a car and they go to Google and type in holden or cars or what is holden? These people have no real commercial intent behind their search and there’s nothing there that would imply that they want to do business with you and that they want to spend money. Now this particular level (level two) is not worth much to us and we don’t want to target really broad keywords.


Level three is that they are aware of it and it could go either way. They could be on the fence and are certainly worth a lot more. They could be searching for stuff like “Green Commodore” which is a lot more specific than holden but still they could be searching for stuff like green commodore paint or green commodore that they saw in a magazine in the news section or they could be looking to purchase commodore but it’s still unclear exactly what they are searching for.


Level four is they want it now! They have their credit card out and are sitting there ready to hand money to whoever provides exactly what they want. So it’s clear that someone who goes to Google and types in “green commodore 99 for sale” has buying intention and is looking to do business with someone. These are the keywords that we want to target. So in thinking like a fish we want to put ourselves in their shoes and imagine what we would be typing in if we want to search for our product or service.



To help us with our research, Google has something called the Google Keyword Planner. Simply go into Google and type it in to find it. It’s a free tool that you can use to come up with ideas for keywords for your products or services that you can use in your marketing. Simply type your keyword on the top and it will give you suggestions. Other tools that you can use to help you in your keyword research and generate some ideas include, Marketing Samurai and Keyword


A lot of people using the Google Keyword Planner often go for the keywords with the most value. The Google Keyword Planner will tell you how many people are searching for each word per month. You can sort the keywords according to country or location as well as a bunch of other filters. Now we don’t have time to go through all of them today but don’t be too greedy and simply think about the keywords with the most value.

 Remember the 4 levels of the buying cycle? Usually the ones in level two have a lot more volume than the ones in level four which are very specific so you’ll have more chances of doing business with those people at a lesser volume.


Now in SEO we have a lot of people say that “content is king”. Once again I just found this photo that I would like to share and with relevance to this presentation – has absolutely no relevance at all.

So how do we create content? This is where most of our students get stuck with the habit of thinking that they can simply go out there and create content and be a market leader as well as provide value to the community but with no ideas for content.

It’s actually really simple and you can get ideas from stuff such as frequently asked questions – as business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs, whatever your position is, you get asked a lot of questions every day. People type these questions into Google every day as well. A good example of a frequently asked question for us might be – is SEO worth it? We can create an article with that same title or something similar to it. Once you publish that, you will then have hundreds of visitors per month for that phrase because it’s a question that people are typing into Google.

Another source for content ideas are “Should Ask Questions” which is something that not too many people think about. We know a lot about our business, our market and our products or services but our target market usually doesn’t so you can help them a lot while positioning yourself as an authority by publishing should ask questions. You can do different types of content by simply listing them down for unlimited content.

What you should do with your should ask questions is build a high level of trust with people who haven’t thought of asking such questions. You might be demystifying some truths in the market and opening their eyes to things that they could potentially be burned by. Maybe some of your competitors don’t tell people about these things enabling you to create a big level of trust and rapport.

You can also look at the biggest problems for content ideas – creating content around their biggest problems and helping them solve it. Even if you are providing a service you can still create this type of content. What are their dreams? What do they aspire to and what’s the ultimate outcome in doing business with you?

“How to” type of content are also great sources of ideas. Now some people might say that if you teach your customers how to do it then they are not going to do business with you. Now let’s say you are offering an SEO service and you are teaching your customers how to do it.

What I’ve discovered is that there are generally two types of people in the market – the DIY and the done for you. There’s a big group of people who wants to have things done for them and there’s also a big group of people who wants to do things on their own.

The DIY people usually checks into the done it for you content but those who want things done for them rarely checks into DIY pages. Hence you practically never have customers that come up to you saying that they want you to manage their SEO only to say that they want to manage it themselves later. A lot of the time, we teach people how to do it and they might find it too difficult or they might simply not have the time or whatever it might be then they will go to the done for you side of things.

Don’t be scared to publish how to content and add value to the market while positioning yourself as an authority which will bring you customers regardless of whether you are a done for you or a DIY business.

Rich and Unique Content

Okay so let’s speed through this because we don’t have a lot of time. When it comes to content we need to make it rich and unique. Unique is very important – we don’t have time to go through that in detail but just think that your content needs to be unique which means don’t copy other people.

In terms of types of content you can use text, pdf or images to support your text. Images are big on social media at the moment.

You can have infographics wherein you use images to tell a story and they are very popular for the last 2 years now and people love them – they share them which helps with SEO and brings more traffic to your site for free. You can also do power point presentations and put it up online on your site or thru sharing sites like Slide Share and you can get free traffic back to your website from those as well.

You can also do audio content specially those struggling with creating content. It’s as simple as picking up your phone, hitting record and sharing something of value by recording it and uploading it online. It can be that simple so there’s really no excuse for not creating content!

You can also use videos for your content or rip the audio out of it and use it as content by uploading it to itunes or publishing it on your website. It’s another way to get content out there and duplicate it in another form.


With regards to search engine optimization, we’ve broken it down to 8 easy steps:

  • Heading once
  • Body
  • First and last
  • Bullets
  • Underline, bold, italic
  • Internal linking
  • Images to support
  • Ask for comments


A lot of people say that you need to have as many keywords as you can on your web page and stuff like that and yes it is important to have those keywords in there but the most important thing is that you write for humans rather than for search engines. Google keeps getting smarter every single day and they know what real genuine content looks like. Back in the day, you can do SEO simply by packing as many keywords as you can on your content.

 If you have a cat throwing business then you can simply litter your content with keywords like cat throwing or how to throw a cat and regardless of whether it makes sense or not it will rank. That I certainly no longer the case now days and Google now a lot better at looking for content with proper structure that is grammatically correct. Even spelling is a factor and your content can rank differently depending on whether you use US or Australian spelling.

Let’s go over the SEO steps mentioned above very quickly:

  1. Use the keyword in the heading once. Like the example mentioned before in the article “Is SEO worth the Money?” That was our title and the keyword that we wanted to rank for.
  2. You need to have your keyword on the body – the main part of the text.
  3. If you can, have your keywords on the first and last sentence of your article body. Think of these things afterwards and focus on creating amazing content and fit your keywords afterwards where they make the most sense.
  4. Use bullet points and put your keywords in there
  5. Format your keywords with underline, bold and italic – you don’t have to do every single one of them but this is how genuine content looks like and what search engines are generally looking for.
  6. Internal linking – link your webpages. Let’s say you have a post about “Is SEO worth the Money?” you can link it with other relevant posts on your site perhaps one that is about creating content for SEO. Doing so will help visitors become more engaged and level of engagement is one factor that search engines use to judge whether your page is good or not. It’s one thing to rank for search engines and it’s another thing to have people come into your site and spend a great deal of time there reading, scrolling and clicking on your site’s offerings which will validate site rankings
  7. Use images to support your story
  8. Ask for comments – if you are on your blog, do ask for comments. If you got people commenting on your site that is free content that other people are creating for you with no work on your part not to mention that it is an indicator of site engagement and search engines will certainly reward you for that.




You want to use related keywords in your content. In our example before about Green Commodore, related keywords that you can use in your webpage includes holden, cars, tires, motor and other things that are related to that keyword.

 Google looks for content that have relevance. If you have a whole page that talks about something totally different like cooking and put in keywords like green commodore in order to rank for it, it’s not going to work. Google looks for keywords that support the main keyword that you are trying to rank for.


One of the important things about content creation is that it needs to be consistent. If you came up with 50 articles after this presentation because you it got you so amped up and excited making you ready to publish content on your website and become an authority that will drive you loads of free traffic – you are better off spreading those articles out over the next 6 months.

Google is going to look at your website and how regularly you update it. If you publish all 50 articles today and nothing for the next 6 months, it’ll make the search engine think that you are not updating your website and whatever information you have in there is outdated. If you are publishing something once a week, a couple of times a week or even daily, Google will see that you must be maintaining your website because you are publishing content regularly on a consistent basis.


Social media has been affecting SEO in a big way and it has been for quite some time now. It has become immensely important in recent years so web marketers need to be on social media and integrating them with their website.

The easiest way to do that is to have social media sharing buttons on your website. You’ve probably seen these buttons yourself while looking at a blog or a webpage that say things like “Share this in LinkedIn”, “Tweet this on Twitter”, “Like” or “Share it on Facebook”. All these things send a signal to Google that your content is good because people are sharing it on these other websites.

It’s such an easy thing to do – you can use webmaster to put those buttons up or make use of plugins for WP users.


Google+ is affecting search engine results in a huge way. Now not too many people use Google+ but it’s actually catching up with Facebook. More importantly when it comes to SEO, both Google and Facebook knows that “likes attract likes”. If you are connected to somebody on Google plus and you clicked “+1” on a webpage, that person will most likely see the same webpage if they search for keywords in the future that are related to that webpage.

Indeed It can have that much impact on search results hence you should be using Google+ and connecting with people in your industry as well as sharing content on there and implementing author tags. It’s a fairly simple process and Google webmaster ought to show you exactly how to do it.


Once you get your content out there, you need to promote it on social media. Don’t just leave it to other people to promote it for you. As soon as you publish a new blog post jump in to social media networks like Facebook and share it, post it on your LinkedIn profile, post it in Google+ or your Youtube channel. What you are doing is building links to your site which helps bring in traffic to your site as well.

If you are a member of forums you can post links back to your website or blog on the footer or signature of your forum profile. Every time you make a comment or a post on the forum, you’ll be creating links back to your website which will help boost your rankings.

You can also go out there and post comments on other people’s blogs. Add value to the community so that when people see you out there and they notice you, they are going to keep coming back to your website. Commenting on blogs won’t cost you anything other than time and enable you to put links on other people’s website for people to come through and engage with your site which will ultimately help your rankings.

Ads are also an option in promoting your website especially Facebook ads which are very cheap and particularly useful for promoting content and driving cheap traffic back to your site.


Links essentially connect one webpage to another. Search engines use them as a casting vote for determining search engine rankings. The more quality votes you have, the better your rankings. It’s similar to an election wherein whoever comes out on top with the most votes wins.


Building quality and relevant links is something that I really want to drill in. It used to be that you can build links to website practically from anywhere. You can build links for a site about Green Commodore on a cat throwing or dog grooming website and it will still rank.

Now this is certainly no longer the case now days and Google has become a lot smarter at identifying genuine links from those who are simply trying to manipulate search engine rankings. If you have a site about Green Commodore then you will need to build links from relevant websites that are about cars, tires, motors and other sites related to Green Commodore.


Here is a list of directories that you can build links from:

Free business directories

  • DMOZ
  • Hotfrog
  • Truelocal


Paid business directories



You can submit your website to these directories and get a link back to your site which will help boost your rankings. These are generally business directories but if you have a blog, you can still post your links in there. DMOZ is free but it takes awhile to get approved. Of course free is not always better – paid directories are more powerful and not all links are created equal.

Some links will give you more power and a lot more juice to your site than some of the free ones will. Take that into consideration when attempting to save money when it might actually be costing you more. If you have a link in paid directories then it will greatly help boost your rankings more so compared to links that you might have from free directories like Hotfrog or Truelocal. Of course links from free directories will still help but the paid ones tend to produce better results.


You can create articles and submit them to article websites like Ezine Articles and Article Dashboard. Put a link back to your website on the articles you’ve submitted which search engines will read as a vote of confidence from these sites. You can look into these websites for specific methods on how to create anchor text, place links and all that other stuff which can vary from one article directory to another.


Build links on forums via signature links which will appear every time you make a post or a comment on the forum. Another great way to build links is to reference blog posts – check out the popular questions people are asking on the forum and then create a blog post about it. You can then go back to that forum and drop your link in there directing users to go to your content for the answer to their questions.

You’ll be adding value to the forum community and at the same time, you’ll get more traffic back to your site – everybody wins!

When creating links remember that more is not more – there are places like and others wherein mass links which don’t really work anymore and can get your site penalized by search engines which can be very hard to remove.

Be wary about offers like “5,000 links for $5” and all that other stuff by using automated software to build links – don’t do it and you’ll only regret it especially if you have a website that you’ve worked so hard to build and keep only to end up shooting yourself on the foot. Even worse is that one you get flagged by Google for these activities, you’ll be on Google’s radar for the foreseeable future.

If you choose to hire a company to do SEO for you don’t hire based on price. It’s the easiest mistake that people can make and I’m not saying that because we want them to hire us as their SEO Company – genuinely want people to make that decision based on results and not on price.

You can look for a Bravia TV on the market and buy one from sellers offering the lowest price and that’s fine – the end product is practically the same. You cannot simply say the same thing about SEO and companies can have different case studies and methodologies which yield different results.

The difference in knowledge and skills in SEO is like chalk and cheese hence one really ought to look into the strategies and quality of their work as opposed to simply looking at cost and focus on initially saving as much money as possible only to end up with poor results which can ultimately cost you a lot more. It’s not to say that good SEO companies are always the more expensive ones but rather don’t look at the price first.

I’ve actually written a report about the subject and it covers everything you need to know about hiring an SEO company. You can download it if you want at


  • Think of the users first
  • Mix up the text
  • Don’t overdo it


Now as mentioned earlier, links count as votes from other websites but where we have the most power are the links that are in our own site. Every page on your site has a certain amount of power in it and we obviously have complete control over the pages on our site. Hence we can change the links on our site to yield the best SEO benefit.

Let’s say we have a page about dog grooming and another one about removing fleas on dogs. As long as they are relevant to one another, we can link these pages together. Use keywords to link webpages on your site but always think about your users first – is it logical to link those pages together in the first place? If it’s not then people are not likely to click on it and Google will take that as a poor user experience and while you may rank well for awhile but inevitably those rankings are going to drop as Google sees the way users are interacting with your site.

Mix up your anchor text – we won’t go into the matter too extensively (anchor text importance and percentage) but you need to mix it up and use variations of your keywords. Instead of using the anchor text “how to remove fleas from dogs” and using it as anchor text for your links all the time, you can mix it up by using related terms like “flea removal for dogs” or “how to kill fleas”. Link back to pages on your site using these terms to boost page rankings.

Don’t overdo it – if you have a page with 300 links pointing to other pages on your site, it’s going to provide an extremely bad user experience and we don’t need to tell you that. Again think of your user’s first and only put links where it actually makes sense.

So that’s about it! SEO can be very rewarding and one can make a lot of money out of it not just by providing it as a service but ranking your own websites or leasing it to others. Affiliate marketing and link generation are all valuable skills and there are not too many people out there that can do it well.


If you want to learn more about it, you can check out a course that I just released called Search Fast Start and goes into everything that we covered here with more depth. It’s basically the A to Z of SEO and everything you need to know about search engine optimisation. If you are interested then do check it out.

Let’s switch back to Sean now for any questions?

Sean: Absolutely man and I think you covered a lot of content so thank you very much for that! I think a lot of people are getting confused these days about black hat SEO and white hat SEO. What is right and what is wrong? I guess a good start for these people is to download that book from your website and at least discover what they need to be asking their experts out there in terms of what they need to do and how to get started with their websites.

Samuel: Yeah absolutely and if you are looking to hire someone to do SEO for you then check out that book first. It’s really more of a “How to” guide but going through it should provide you with valuable insights about how the SEO industry works and how SEO companies approach clients when trying to get them on-board. There are some people out there that don’t do the right thing for their customers and unfortunately giving the industry a bad name. The guide is meant to open the kimono on the industry and help people.

Sean: What is that site again? Where do people go if they want to download that eBook?

Samuel: To download the eBook, simply go to or simply go to and you’ll see the report there somewhere since it’s prominently displayed on the site.

Sean: I see and it certainly is a good read and something that people ought to do. Look if somebody wants to get in touch with you or talk to you about doing SEO for them, where do they go and how do they contact you?

Samuel: Again simply go to or send me an email at [email protected],au then we can have a chat and see how we can help.

Sean: Very good! I guess these days getting ranked high on Google is very important. I seldom go to page 2 on Google and I’m sure it’s the same for many people.

Samuel: Yeah and it’s all about convenience and time saving these days. Most people are just too busy and don’t have the time to be clicking through the second page. People just want what is easy!

Sean: Samuel thank you so much for being a part of Sydney Business Month once again. You’ve been an absolute star at helping business become a lot more effective online at being found and being relevant. Your suggestions at creating content that is relevant as well as linking it all correctly so that people may find, share and communicate with it are all invaluable. One thing that I took away from it was that being online is a community – we need to be online, talk online or communicate online just as we do in an offline business.

Samuel: Yeah absolutely 100 percent! It’s something that I noticed awhile back is that these businesses that are really good at getting exponential results are those that realize that it’s not a one on one thing anymore with Clients. It’s a circular process of building a community around your business and the internet makes it easy for us to do that these days.

Sean: It sure does! Well thank you so much for your time and that is the end of our show guys. Samuel I really appreciate your involvement and we encourage you guys to hop on to his site and download the eBook and try out his products. Samuel is an easy-going guy and someone who enjoys a good conversation if you are out there and wanting to improve your SEO. Samuel, again thank you very much mate and I look forward to having you again as a part of Sydney Business Month.

Samuel: Thanks for having me!

Sean: Cool! Well that was another episode of Sydney Business Month and it’s been awesome having you as part of the show and we look forward to seeing more of you in our upcoming shows. Head to and you’ll find all of our shows there or the other 120 shows that we are a part of! Samuel is just one of many experts that we have here at Sydney Business Month. This is Sean Grobbelaar bidding you goodbye and see you in our next show!

Samuel: bye!

One Legged Wonder

This week was a good reminder of just how fragile our businesses can be if we put ourselves in, seemingly harmless, but yet so dangerous positions.

I had someone come to me who was stressed out of their mind, because his business is in the worst state it has ever been and he doesn’t have any money to fix it.

He lost “one” major client, which accounted for 80% of their business.

His “one” core piece of machinery broke down and they can’t afford to fix it, because their leads have dried up, so they have no new clients coming in.One Legged Wonder image by Think Big Online

And it’s all because of one thing…

Literally “one thing”.

This person has been very successfully promoting their business online for around 3 years, with a one legged table.

Now before you go to Google and search for this magical new traffic source, I need to let you know something.

It doesn’t matter what stage of business you are in, if you are just starting out or if you are in a global powerhouse. “One is the most dangerous number in business”, at least that’s what some famous guy once said. And I agree.

As we all know it doesn’t take much to knock a one legged table over and in this businesses case, Google came past and bumped their table.

It bumped their table so hard, that they have lost their one and only seemingly reliable traffic source overnight.

Now I don’t need to go into what the traffic source was and have you think that the cause of his problems was Google or that this particular source is unreliable.

The cause of his problems is that he became complacent with having one of everything.

 Now I’m not talking about being greedy or having excess (like my sister in law, with 250 something pairs of shoes).

I’m talking about being smart and diversifying your traffic sources as soon as you can, because it doesn’t matter if it is Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, banner ads, email marketing, Twitter or anything else.

I can guarantee you that if you are doing well out of it now, things will change.

Now I’m not being a pessimist.

Things will change, whether it is more advertisers come in to your market and drive the price of ads up.

The rules of the platform change and your type of product is no longer allowed. 

The traffic source falls out of fashion and all the people that were on it have moved to the latest and greatest thing.

 Just because Facebook is hot right now and has over a Billion users it doesn’t mean that it will be the market leader in 5 years time. Look what happened to the giant Myspace. Gone, well not entirely they are still struggling to reinvent themselves in an effort to gain some market share.

I could go on and on about how many times I have seen problems like this arise because either;

1)   The business owner gets complacent

2)   They say “we can’t afford to do more advertising and we are busy enough”

DO NOT mistake this for a sales pitch for our services. It is not my intention.

This is a heart felt plea, for you to put a reminder in your calendar for every 4 months to explore new traffic sources online so you don’t suffer the same fate as the guy this week. 

Instead of making it a “should” make it a “must”, because you don’t want to be a one legged wonder.


I’d love to hear what you are currently doing that is working well, so post your comments below.

Nanacast Review and Bonus – Online Shopping Cart

All about Nanacast – is it the right shopping cart system for you?

nanacast 1

Looking for a powerful platform for your eCommerce site? If so then you might have already heard about Nanacast but is it really the right system for you? What does Nanacast have to offer and what sets it apart from other online cart systems in the market today? A lot of marketers use Nanacast or are switching over to it especially for managing membership sites and for good reason - let’s go ahead and take a closer look.

 A Good Look at Nanacast

Nanacast is essentially an online business automation platform created by Josh Anderson – eCommerce marketing expert and CEO of Unlike most other eCommerce platforms, setting up Nanacast is a fairly simple process and helps marketers with practically everything from payment processing and communication to around the clock product delivery.

nanacast 2

Check out the video below for a full discussion on what Nanacast has to offer as presented by Josh Anderson himself in a video interview with Internet marketing guru - James Schramko 

Features to love about Nanacast

  • Completely automated sales funnel
  • Membership website management system – clients, subscribers and affiliates
  • Content storage and delivery
  • Integration with email auto responder and CRM platforms
  • User friendly API and seamless integration
  • Coupons
  • Print and ship on demand


Get started in minutes with Nanacast’s Membership Wizard

nanacast 3

As you can see there is certainly a lot to love about Nanacast from their step by step new membership wizard all the way to their product, affiliate and design wizard. Nanacast supports WYSIWYG and HTML editing and tons of options to shape your webpage exactly the way you want it to.

Support for various memberships

Users can come up with different membership plans to suit the needs and finances of different clients or subscribers.  A popular strategy among users of Nanacast is to provide trial memberships in exchange for email information for effective list building. It’s particularly useful for email marketing and promoting your product or service even further.

Web hosting for your sales page

Not so sure about putting up your own website just yet? You can have Nanacast host your sales page for the time being at least until you manage to get your own site hosted. Nanacast works seamlessly various platforms like WordPress, OptimizePress and LeadPages.

nanacast 4

Secure Affiliate Tracking

Effectively manage your affiliate programs and prevent scams that can be caused by a handful users trying to manipulate your system to their advantage – stealing affiliate links and commissions, purchasing through their own affiliate links.  Nanacast logs every purchase through cookies and IP address information to ensure that affiliates get the commissions that they are entitled to.

Payment Gateway integration

Nanacast works with most payment processing systems available in the market today which includes Paypal and E-way. To begin accepting payments via Paypal all you have to do is specify your Paypal address.

The Verdict

Nanacast is ideal for anyone looking for a complete all in one solution to eCommerce that only comes short of an auto responder which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Taking in too much of a good thing can be a recipe for disaster and auto responders are better off being handled by a focused and more dedicated system – Nanacast knows this all too well.

 Are you interested in Nanacast? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

OptimisePress 2 Review and Bonus - Webpage Creation Plugin

OptimisePress 2 review – Is it any good?

optimizer press 2Have you ever heard of a great marketing site creation tool called OptimisePress 2 or OP 2? Looking to learn more about it and whether it’s actually worth looking into? Well read on to know more about this particular digital marketing product.

As the name already implies OptimisePress 2 is the second and latest version of Optimize Press – a premium WordPress plugin and theme designed to enable users to easily create high performance landing pages, membership portals and sales pages that convert well. But that’s not all....

Check out the video below for a quick look at some of the great things Optimize Press offers:

With OptimisePress 2, users can easily create:

  • Landing pages
  • Secure membership portals
  • Sales and marketing pages
  • Product launch funnels
  • Training course pages
  • Authority blogs
  • Webinar registration pages
  • Responsive and mobile ready webpages

Is OptimisePress 2 the right webpage creation tool for you?

Now putting all the sales pitch aside, is OptimisePress 2 really worth the hype? Is it the right digital marketing product and WordPress plugin for you?

OP 2 is ideal for just about anybody looking for an easy and cost-effective solution for their webpage marketing needs. It takes the difficulty out of creating just about any kind of online of marketing pages without the high cost that is often associated with hiring professional web designers and web developers which can easily amount to thousands of dollars.

For as low as $97 (Core Package), one can gain access to this one of a kind OP 2 WordPress plugin – that’s a fraction of the price one would otherwise have to spend on professional developers and graphic designers. If you happen to own the previous version of Optimize Press, you’d be glad to know that you are entitled to a special discount.

Now I was initially disappointed to know that owners of the previous version are not entitled to a free upgrade but it was fairly reasonable considering that the latest version was built from scratch and adopts the latest in digital marketing technology.

Some of the features that I particularly loved about OptimisePress 2 and that many users are all bound to appreciate include:

  • The Live Editor which enables users to configure and shape their webpage exactly the way they want it to without having to save or reloading the webpage users are working on. With the live editor, I am easily able to change menus and navigation bar (a feature that the previous version lacked).
  • It is compatible and works flawlessly with various auto responders like Aweber, iContact and Aweber
  • GoToWebinar integration which allows users to automatically register prospects to their webinar and auto responder list
  • Tons of customization options and professional high converting templates that help even the most basic of users to get started! I was able to customize my pages exactly the way I wanted to. One feature that particularly stood out was the Button Optimizer which enabled me to come up with unique buttons, fonts, borders and other webpage elements – the design possibilities are limitless and without the need for any technical and coding knowledge.
  • Clone webpages or save your work as presets. Now webmasters will be able to come up with webpages that are professional and consistent.


The Bottom line

So what’s the verdict on OP 2? Well if you are looking for a simple and highly intuitive way of creating just about any kind of marketing webpage on WordPress without the high cost of professional web and graphic designers/developers, then OptimisePress 2 is certainly worth a look! The customization features that it brings to the table is simply huge and even novice users can now take advantage of all that without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

OptimisePress 2 practically takes webmasters by the hand and renders the creation of marketing webpages simple and effective. If you are having trouble creating the perfect landing /sales page or just about any kind of marketing webpage for that matter – Optimize Press 2 is certainly a worthwhile and promising investment!

Interested in OptimisePress 2 and benefit from the great features that the tool offers? Purchase this awesome plugin by clicking on the link provided and we’ll throw in a few bonus courses for free to help you make the most out of your web marketing campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase OptimisePress 2 today!

 Are you interested in OptimizePress 2? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

Revenue earning advertising image by Think Big Online

The Revenue Earning Advertising You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

What if your company could advertise to thousands of people at the same time while specialising in each different location or region and make a decent return? This is possible through the innovation and ideas of Eyeview technology.

By seamlessly integrating real time messaging into video, Eyeview provides personalised video advertising to its clients. In its head quarters of New York, Eyeview is broadcasting quality individualized viewing experiences which amplify any brands marketing message to their specific audience.

You can view some of Eyeviews personalisation below.


What separates this form of advertising from traditional video marketing is that an ad for a nation retailer can be tailored to highlight local stores and deals. Although the examples in the video are mostly focused on location, Oren Harnevo, CEO and co-founder said ads can also be personalized based on things like weather and time of day.

Additionally what makes Eyeview king is that their personalisation happens in the video itself instead of being altered using flash banners or other overlay. This means a company can produce as many versions as they like and deliver the correct version of the video to each target market while being able to also update information like pricing and deals.

Eyeview has taken their efforts to another level by making their product even easier for companies to use as there is no integration required from the video publishers, meaning their personalisation works across all devices.

Harnevo stated that, “In the cloud we’re creating hundreds of thousands of videos that you can then use in mobile, in connected TV, with no limitations... this is a real play for cross-platform, cross-stream personalization.”

Although Eyeview took time making its initial entrance into the U.S. market, they are now working with big advertisers like Land Rover, Lowe’s, Toyota, Paramount and Target. Not convinced by the big names? He also added that revenue grew 6x between 2011 and 2012, and it’s on-track to grow the same amount in 2013.

With funds raised to a total of $19.4 Million, Marker and existing investors, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Gemini Israel Funds, and Nauta Capital continue to supply the new funding that will go towards expanding Eyeviews market and developing technology.


How does Video advertising affect you? Or are you completely oblivious to any advertising out of your mobile screen...or? Tell us what you think!