Top 5 Social Media Recomendations for your business.

So what were Social Bakers recommendations?

  1. Monitor and measure your activity DAILY. This will give you real time analytics.
  2. Drive the industry and invest in innovations. i.e redbull space jump.
  3. Devote resources with social media customer service
  4. Post only local and relevant content in a timly manner.
  5. Make sure you get into the newsfeed. Look into when your competitors post, just schedule before them, steal their thunder!

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Why SEO is important for business?

SEO is important for businessThe continuous evolution of technology greatly impactshow we do business today. Looking back to the times where companies rely on TV, radio and newspapers to promote their products or services, things have changed and it is a different ball game nowadays. The use of internet as Marketing Avenue has been widely acknowledged and having great presence online plays a vital role in lifting your business to the next level.

The internet has become one of the most profitable marketing hubs for various businesses these days. Many companies are allocating sufficient funds for their Online Marketing campaigns more importantly on Search Engine Optimisation.

As to why SEO is important for business, see 4 Major Reasons below:

1)      Great source of targeted customers – Search engine has been one of the most widely used medium in finding products or services online. Study showed that a huge chunk of visitors coming from search engines are looking to buy products or avail services. It is important that you are on the front page after a user search so you could showcase what your business has to offer.

2)      High percentage of sales and conversion - Since visits from search engines are targeted visitors, this has high tendency to be converted into sale. It is like serving your products or services to someone whom you know has great intention of buying or availing what you offer. A lot of business had doubled or even tripled their sales percentage year over year by investing in SEO alone.

3)      Long term traffic source – Unlike paid marketing where you pay for every visit and needs essential amount of money to keep your campaign running, SEO provides you with free organic traffic that lasts for a longer period of time, especially if you were able to cement decent rankings for various keywords relating to your offered products or services.

4)      Cost effective Marketing – Search Engine Optimisation has been the most cost efficient way of Marketing your products and services over other forms of promotions such as TV, radio and print. It is definitely more affordable and gives you wider audience reach since almost everyone is on the Internet these days. It also provides quicker ROI once everything is properly setup and your SEO campaign starts rolling.

In summary, SEO services would play a vital role in achieving your business goals. If you don’t have sufficient amount of internet presence especially on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, then you are probably missing out the competition. This is the perfect time to assess the current status of your business and consider integrating SEO as part of your Marketing plan.

If you need help with setting up your SEO campaign or planning to avail SEO services, then feel free to send your inquiries to 

seo consultants are worth the money

Are SEO Consultants Worth The Money?

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Not doing well in major search engines? Missing the opportunity to be at the forefront when users search for keywords that relates to your products or services?  Have not seen any significant improvements with your sales and revenue since you launched your website? 

These are just some of the questions that you need to address in order to have a successful search engine marketing gig online and if you think you fall in the line of these websites that has similar problems, then I think now is the perfect time to assess your current situation and find someone that would provide long term solutions to these predicaments.

Have an idea of whom you should turn to? Well, this is where an SEO consultant comes into play. You would need an SEO expert to guide you in mapping out and execution of your Search Engine Optimisation campaign. A knowledgeable person that breathes SEO and will give you sound advices all throughout.  Someone that is honest, dependable and will help you achieve your online Marketing goals.

Is hiring an SEO consultant really worth the bucks? The answer is a crystal clear “YES”. The money that you will spend for SEO consultation services will just be a grain of what you are about to earn in return, especially  once you managed to rank on top of search engines for your most important keywords. Study shows that organic traffic or traffic coming from search engines bring the highest amount of conversion rate compared to other internet marketing avenues. This results to quick return of investment in a short period of time.

What actually will you get if you decided to hire an SEO consultant? Below are the advantages for hiring an SEO consultant for your online business:

Educates You About SEO – It is very important that you know the SEO basics. Search Engine Optimisation is a complex field and you really need to be informed about how SEO really works. This would help you become more open minded about future developments to your campaign.

Proper Campaign Planning – An SEO campaign should be wisely planned in order for it to have a successful outcome. An SEO Consultant sets up the On-page, Off-page and Promotional plan for your website. He/she gives you an idea on what type of approach you should take and sets strategies that would definitely deliver impact to the success of your project.

Effective Strategy Implementation - Once you have your strategy in place, you cannot just implement it without forecasting its effect to your campaign. An SEO consultant provides you with a timeline on how you could efficiently execute your SEO strategies for best results. He is also up to date with the latest Internet Marketing trends so he knows which strategies work and which are not.

Technical SEO Assistance – Many websites are not SEO-friendly by the time they are published on the web. There are various SEO errors or issues that come up during the programming and design phase of these websites. These include duplicate content, URL errors, crawl errors, redirections and many more. You need someone that knows how to deal with these issues before it affects your website in a negative manner. An SEO consultant possesses the technical knowledge to solve these types of problems.

Sound SEO Advice and Guidance – You will need someone to give you sound advice and guidance throughout the duration of your campaign, an SEO consultant does that. Since he is well verse in Search Engine Optimisation, he/she could be your go to person whenever you’ll encounter some serious problems along the way.

Internet Marketing Success – There is a greater chance to succeed in your Internet Marketing venture especially if you got the right person to back you up. Hiring an SEO consultant is like getting a martial art instructor, a swimming coach or a boxing trainer. All of them got one thing in mind, and that is to help you be the best in what you do.

If you are looking for a proven Internet Marketing consultation service to help you with all your SEO needs, then feel free to contact Think Big Online and send us your inquiries today. We are happy to include you to our long list of successful online businesses which we helped succeed on their online marketing quest.


seo services worth it?

Are SEO Services Worth It?

Are SEO services worth it image by Think Big OnlineIs investing to an SEO service worth it? This is one of the many questions that pop up to the mind of online business owners that are freshly introduced to SEO. Since it is relatively new to them, it is normal that they would have second thoughts and thoroughly analyse if availing such service will be all worthwhile.

To answer this bugging question, I would say that engaging in an SEO service is like buying your business an airplane ticket that would take it above the sky, especially if you fell in the lap of the right SEO Company that definitely knows what they are doing and has sufficient amount of expertise. There are a lot Internet Marketing companies that offers the same service and you should be very careful in selecting which one would lead you to the pedestal of success.

Search Engine Optimisation brings a lot of benefits to online businesses and it has been one of the most cost-effective and long term solution to driving targeted visitors to a website, thus increasing its conversions and sales. Many online businesses had experienced quick ROI within just a couple of months by dominating their competitors in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Compared to Google Adwords and other forms of paid marketing, SEO anchors you toward long term success without then need to spend some serious cash. Traffic from paid advertisements is just temporary traffic which is generated as long as you got funds to fuel it. Companies with the huge amount of budget mostly win this type of game. This has been one of the major hindrances why small businesses are having a hard time to compete with big brands.

And since paid marketing is a costly venture, another downside is the great challenge to regain what you spend, unlike in SEO where you don’t have to pullout huge chunk of your budget to get traffic. The price per click also seems to increase in a very short time especially for competitive keywords. These really affect the ability to achieve speedy ROI and income growth.

SEO traffic also stays for a long period of time especially when you managed to get majority of your keywords rank on top of search engines. In contrast with Pay Per Click advertising, where the traffic stops coming once your funds run out. Imagine having a steady source of organic traffic, the type of traffic that converts very well.

Imagine a huge percentage of people searching for products and services online, it’s important that you are right there at the forefront during their search process. Be sure you are ready to serve them with what they need and provide exceptional user experience.

In summary, I would say that adding SEO to your business is a valuable piece to having a successful online Marketing venture. If you are still hanging and need someone to shed a light on your Search Engine Optimisation or other Online Marketing plans, then feel free to send your queries to us here. We will be happy to help you and provide FREE SEO audit for your online business today!

The Power of Facebook Business Pages

Facebook hash tags image by Think Big OnlineSocial media marketing is now on of the most important platforms for businesses to grow. Social media presence especially on Facebook is now directly linked by Google and other search engines to your rank formula. This means if you don’t have a good social media presence you can say goodbye to your number one ranking on any search engine.

Business pages on social media have now become a reference directory for customers. Just like in the old days people picked up the phone book or the yellow pages to refer to the best business in need, today people log online and look for businesses on Facebook. It has become more visible to them because a Social Media Business Page is not just an ad space on the internet; it gives a glimpse of where the person is going and what they are going for. If they don’t like your Facebook Page they will not like your store and they will not come.

Similarly Twitter and YouTube are just as good with constant reviews of your business being uploaded by opinion leaders. It’s all good for business. However Facebook business pages are more significant. They generate traffic for your business and most of all they constantly remind people of your business.

A good and successful Facebook Page is always active, always having new interesting and relative posts that remind people why you like this particular brand and why you need to visit them soon.

A lot of Facebook applications for your business page have also made it very interesting for customers and clients to constantly remain on your Facebook page. Boutiques are using applications to virtually put on the dress on your photo, giving women the pleasure of actually seeing themselves in new clothes and making them want to buy them. Restaurants are running active auctions on their Facebook page to sell off discounted meals to the highest bidder. Electronic stores are running games and contests to win exciting prizes.

Clearly Facebook business page is more than just a promotional platform, it is the very tool businesses are using to link and build relationships with their customers and remind them why they choose to be loyal. This is a very basic social media strategy that all businesses are always looking to build. For the clients, Facebook business pages are easy to build but difficult to establish and keep active. It is essential to keep the page active to keep on reminding the customers that you are still offering the services lest they turn to your competitors in the market.

SEO What Not to DO

SEO – It’s all about traffic

Are SEO companies worth the money image by Think Big OnlineSEO what not to do - SEO or search engine optimisation is all about high search engine rankings and high rankings is ultimately about better traffic. We all know the significance of website traffic especially for business websites with a service or product to sell. Better traffic translates to bigger sales and unfortunately there are people who resort to some shady and underhanded strategies just to acquire it.

Knowing what to do is just as important as knowing what not to do and that is especially true for search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can outsmart today’s search engines in any way as they certainly are getting better all the time at detecting and penalizing websites that break the rules of good online marketing.

Let’s go ahead and check out some of the big dont's in SEO today


Copying content and claiming it as your own is a big no in today’s SEO. As search engines start to lean more towards quality, respect and good search engine rankings can only be achieved with good content. Content is king – you’ve probably heard it all too many times and its certainly true. Simply copying content off others tells search engines that your business is up to no good.

Keyword stuffing

Keywords are what enable search engines to find and identify your website but that doesn’t mean that you have to use them excessively at the point of sacrificing quality of your content. Stuff too much keywords and your website will make little sense to both search engines and actual users thereby hurting whatever chances your website had for good search engine rankings. Seek that fine balance between search engine optimisation and content readability.

Excessive use of frames

Some website owners make the mistake of using too many frames for their website and that can get you into trouble in the search engine optimization department without you even realizing it. To people, frames may seem like a great idea but here’s the thing – search engine doesn’t recognize Flash or Java script so even if Google actually finds your content, it could be missing a couple of key website elements that best represents the value of your website.

Get left behind

The world of search engine marketing is a fast-paced and ever changing landscape. Don’t ignore significant changes and developments as they roll out if you want your website to achieve high search engine rankings and actually keep it. Don’t let competitors catch you off-guard simply because you weren’t keeping tabs on the current trends and updates in the business. You might recall or heard about the infamous Panda update by Google and how it adversely affected hundreds of businesses?

Needless to say, it’s easy for newcomers to feel overwhelmed and lost in the complex world of online marketing. You can always turn to good and reputable internet marketing companies for the assistance you need in running your search engine marketing campaign. Knowing what not to do and what SEO pitfalls to steer clear off is certainly a good way of setting of your online business to a good start!

The Significance of Adopting New Online Marketing Technology

Online Marketing Technology – the need to adapt

 The technology behind online marketing has changed drastically over the years and we can only expect it to keep on changing as new developments continue to unfold. All these had lead to increased demand for technology-savvy inbound marketing experts that are proficient at researching, choosing, managing and implementing a wide range of internet marketing tools and solutions.

Prototype marketing or hybrid marketing – this is often what many in the web marketing industry call professionals with the tech-savvy skills necessary for businesses to effectively navigate the ever changing demands of effectively marketing online. These people are best suited at recommending and working with emerging search engine marketing technology along with strategies that drive:


  • e-mail marketing
  • social media marketing
  • Internet marketing management, analytics and automation
  • And so much more...


Think about this for a moment – among the top predictions of the International Data Corporation states that over 50 percent of new talents in online marketing will require a significant degree of technical expertise. Also consider the fact that more than 70 percent of today’s businesses online feel that they are losing significant part of their revenue due to lack of expertise in new inbound marketing technologies.

People in the world of internet marketing should all be mindful of the current web marketing technology that drives business results. The question remains though – how can businesses keep tabs on the latest and most effective technologies and platforms available and which ones will actually help your business achieve its goals? Let’s go ahead and check out some steps that your business can take to do just that!

Adopting New Online Marketing Technology

Willingness to experiment

It certainly helps to have a business that encourages a great degree of experimentation. After all, how is a business supposed to adopt new search engine marketing technology if it is unwilling to experiment and embrace change? Inspire people in your business to dedicate a part of their time to trying out something new and don’t be quick to punish them should the experiment end up a failure.

Consider what your business could gain through proper experimentation. You’ll either end up with something that works that very people in the online marketing business are implementing or end up with something that doesn’t work and be one step closer to figuring out why. When these experiments

Eyes open

New technology surrounding inbound marketing can directly affect any kind of business online, Thus it’s up to us to keep track of new developments as they roll out and quickly check out anything new that could benefit your business.

A great way to do just that is to set up a good RSS feeds that notifies you of any urgent and relevant news about your industry and internet marketing in general. Businesses can also make it a point to follow blogs, Google Analytics and top publications from relevant industries. Make it a point to check RSS feeds regularly as a daily part of your business routine. Browse through the news over breakfast or during your down times.

Map out a time to research and discover something new

So you’ve found a few new web marketing technologies that might prove beneficial to your business. Now you’ve got to set a sufficient time to learn all you can about it. The amount of time required would of course depend on the complexity of the subject matter. It may take you less than 30 minutes, a couple of hours or a number of days.

Whatever new search engine marketing technology you’re looking into, you’d know you’ve done enough if you have the answer to questions like:


  • How does the new technology work and how can it benefit my business?
  • Has the new online marketing technology been already proven and in what ways can your competitors actually use it to surpass you?
  • Is the technology or development relevant to your business and how can you best implement it?
  • Is the new inbound marketing technology compatible with your current strategy? Are there interferences that need to be considered? Make sure that you factor overall cost from adoption to full implementation.
  • So what’s next? This involves timeline and people responsible for implementing and tracking progress



With everything going on, it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed as new things get rolled out all the time. It’s important not to lose sight of your goals and the plan that you’ve set for achieving it. Think about how the new technology complements your current internet marketing strategy. We can only expect marketing technologies to grow and develop further over. Marketing success in the future would require a lot more than just jam packed ads.

Don’t lose sight of what’s really important and know that you don’t have to come at everything alone.  Get help if you need it and ask what others think about the matter.

Start advocating

So you’ve found a new web marketing technology that seems to fit your business need, now you have to begin advocating it! After all, it is important to gain key players that would leverage such developments for your business.

Let’s say you’ve got your hands on a demo for a new kind of search engine marketing software, you’ve got start beta testing it. Organize a team of tech-savvy testers from your team and ask them to provide you with a detailed assessment for both negative and positive aspects of using that software and explore further uses for improving backend results

Adopting and implementation

At this point, you’ve most probably invested a significant amount of resources on a new online marketing technology. The next step is to have key team members become thoroughly proficient at it and enable the rest of your team to make the best out of it.

Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a new internet marketing technology, you’ve got to dedicate time and effort towards ensuring that your business makes the most of the value that it offers. This means learning campaigns, trainings and if the technology can be used for free, all the more better! Make good use of resources like forums and blogs.

Track Results

Although businesses may differ on how they choose to go about it, the goal of web marketing is essentially the same and that is to drive profitable results down the bottom line. That’s not going to just magically happen – you’ll need well-defined goals and set key metrics for driving success (profit, traffic, efficiency, etc.) More importantly, you’ll need to have a reliable process for tracking results to ensure good returns on investment.

The key take away here is that search engine marketing professionals today will have to expand their role to tech-savvy IT decision makers whether they like it or not! Businesses will need to capitalize on new technologies and developments as they roll out running up to date online marketing campaigns and strategies that yields the desired results.

So what new online marketing technology has your business adopted lately?

Top 3 Predictions to Watch Out For Online In 2013

Top 3 Predictions to Watch Out For Online In 2013 image by Think Big OnlineAnother year behind us. The internet and its technology grew by leaps and bounds in 2012, and 2013 looks to be no exception. The number of social media users is higher than ever, more and more people have access to reliable high-speed internet, and people are demanding more and more from the websites they visit. So how do you stay ahead of the curve? Take a look at our top 3 online predictions for 2013.

#1 - Cross-platform integration will be expected by users

Technology had reached the point where users are now relying on and coming to expect  cross-platform integration from their websites. This means the website needs to integrate social media (both theirs and their visitors), mobile devices and apps, multimedia experiences, and so much more. It goes further than just being able to easily get from one platform to another.

Try incorporating things like allowing your users to log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts, making sure you have RSS feeds so they can stay up-to-date, allowing social bookmarking, making your multimedia content less reliant on plug-ins, and using QR codes to integrate with your traditional advertising. The list is literally endless. If you are having problems coming up with ideas, take a look at some of the biggest websites out there and see how they handle such integration.

#2 – Video content will become more widespread

With the vast majority of internet users now having reliable access to broadband speeds, hosting video content is no longer the barrier it once was. Whether you are advertising on video content yourself, or if you are hosting videos for product information, offers, or just entertainment, the possibilities for taking advantage of video media is endless.  In a way, you can think of it as a low-cost alternative to traditional television advertisements. Also, many people are more willing to watch a video for information about a product than they are to read a long article about it. So, it behooves you as a website owner to capitalize on this evolving trend.

#3 – Web Applications will reach an all-time high

Now that HTML5 has (finally!) reached “feature-complete” status, more and more websites will be focusing on taking advantage of this new coding standard by developing new web applications. These applications are a great way for websites to engage visitors and keep them on-page longer, which leads to higher conversions and clicks.

While website owners were understandably reluctant to embrace a standard that was still “in-the-works”, there is no real reason to delay at this point. Especially since the leading web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari) will be quick in ensuring that their browsers render HTML5 content correctly. Businesses that embrace this potential will definitely have a leg up over their competition.

Taking the time now to get ahead of these trends will leave you, the business owner, well positioned to capitalize on them, while your competition is floundering to catch up. Your visitors will thank you for it, and so will your bottom line!

Key Person Of Influence

Become a key person of influence image by Think Big OnlineStanding out in your marketing and attracting better deals has never been harder. Well that's what most people say, but Daniel Priestley author of Key Person Of Influence has made it easy, with his step by step formula for becoming known in your industry.

Proving yourself and your business value image by Think Big Online

Proving Yourself And Your Businesses Value

Over the last two weeks the Think Big Online team has been significantly tested as we’ve taken on short turn around projects with high pressure for some significant companies.

It has been a validating process for us as a team and as a manager of our team I am glad to say that we passed it with flying colors. The reason I share this with you is I want to show you the value of helping other businesses and what they can mean to you.

You see, one of the biggest tests that we encountered in the last few weeks was taking the development work of another company and engineering it to work as the previous company failed. As we took on the project we found out just how great the project was, where initially we looked and saw it as a small project this grew significantly as we got into the code.

We did not let this stop us as we were working on a tight deadline and the company that engaged us had to present the working site to investors. So the team dug deep and put in a few 20 hour days and produced a miracle.

It was great to see our team pull this off but I really share this with you as the upside of this work was significant. We were given a chance to showcase our skills to the client and as a result we won a significant ongoing contract to complete work.

Not only that but we also received referrals to other clients and a significant bump in revenue around these referrals as well. So I ask you today as to what challenges you can help other companies solve and WIN their business by proving your self and your business capabilities in the short term.

Just one opportunity delivered on can drive ongoing business for you and your company long term!