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A good look at Aweber

Aweber review image by Think Big OnlineThe Aweber is an email marketing platform designed to help customers keep in touch with their clients – automatically sending out new updates on offerings and pull prospects back to your website. As an email auto responder, it is said to be powerful enough to become the centerpiece on one’s email marketing campaign featuring segmented lists, invaluable statistics and information on exactly how recipients are responding to the emails that you’ve sent out.

Having said that, the question still remains – Is it the right email marketing platform for you? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at how it works and how Aweber can be of benefit to you.

.What can Aweber do for you?

aweber 1 aweber 2

Internet marketers can use Aweber in a number of ways:

  • Send out email updates for your latest blog posts. Keep your readers on the loop and encourage them to check back whenever you publish anything new
  • Provide updates on your products or services. Launching a new product or service? Thinking of running a new promotional campaign? Let your prospects know all about it through email notifications.
  • Better establish authority in your niche market by emailing informative and educational content to prospects.
  • Further grow your contact lists and build enticing landing/squeeze pages – offer something of value to convince visitors to opt in on your offerings


What we loved about the Aweber email marketing system.

  • Simplicity and ease of use – a quick setup wizard guides users every step of the way. Simply provide the information needed and automatically start sending out email updates, broadcasts and newsletters. It certainly makes email marketing a heck of a lot easier.
  • Seamless integration – Aweber features high compatibility and works well with most shopping carts, membership websites and payment processing systems. Nanacast is one good example – send exclusive content to buyers the moment they complete the checkout process.
  • Email marketing analytics – get access to detailed information surrounding your campaign and gain valuable insights on how people are responding to your emails. Reports cover everything from unopened emails to what most of your prospects are doing after reading your message.
  • No coding required – with Aweber, users can create professional looking web forms with no technical knowledge thanks to its integrated web form designer. Create stunning opt-in pages by selecting a template, adding personalized text content and integrating the code on your webpage. It’s that easy and the platform even tracks opt-in rate prompting improvements where necessary.


Is Aweber the right email marketing system for you?

Aweber is a complete and fully integrated email marketing platform recommended for practically anyone building and working with an email list. Whether you are running a blog, news site, membership website or an actual business online, Aweber is an invaluable tool for communicating with clients and prospects thru email.

 Are you interested in signing up for Aweber? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].


Online Marketing Consultant Samuel Junghenn On Part 2


Online Marketing Consultant Samuel Junghenn On Part 2 image by Think Big OnlinePart 2 of Online Marketing Consultant Samuel Junghenn On! In this episode Samuel reflects on Think Big Online's integrated marketing technique and answers the questions about the "Bigger" picture of Online Marketing.  Additionally Samuel discusses advertising, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email marketing, auto responders and Video Marketing.  

Constructing sales emails image by Think Big Online

How to Create a Compelling Offer in Your Email Marketing

Let’s face it. Most e-mail marketing offers are terrible. This is not to say that the product or offer itself is terrible. However, too many times e-mail marketing is poorly designed, poorly thought out, or, at worst, spammy. If you want your customers to pay attention to what you’re trying to tell them, then you have to make the offer compelling! Here’s a series of things you can do to improve your e-mail offers right away.

Make the offer appealing.

Most e-mail offers are bland. They simply present the offer in plain terms, and leave it up to the customer to decide how it’s useful. However, most customers are not going to put this much thought into it on their own. So what can you do? Tell them! This can apply to all facets of your e-mail. Look for common, everyday directions, and inject them with descriptive and compelling language. Why say “Click here for more information” when you can say “Click here to learn how (your offer here) can (whatever benefit you expect them to gain)” This takes the guess work out of their hands, and directs their thought processes down the path you want them to take.

Inject enthusiasm.

Stay focused on the benefits of your offer. Let the potential customer know exactly what they stand to gain from purchasing your product or service. Make them see that their business or lives will be so much better off with your service than without it. People need to be told, and when they see how enthusiastic you are about your product, they will begin to get enthusiastic about it themselves. After all, enthusiasm is contagious!

Create a sense of urgency

Give them a cut-off date. People who are on the fence are likely to be swayed in your direction if they feel that they are about to lose out on a great opportunity (because you explained to them what a great opportunity it is). Even if you don’t take the ability to purchase the product or service away from them, show them how much money they will lose by not taking advantage of your special discount.

On the same token, don’t undercut yourself by offering a special discount every other week, or to the same recipient right in a row. People will then come to expect your service at this price, and the urgency you created will be lost completely.

Create a sense of drama

Remember the television show 24? People were enthralled and on the edge of their seats just because a ticking clock was added to the cut-scenes. This let people know that time was running out, in a very visual and impactful way. You can incorporate this tactic as well. Don’t just create a limited-time offer, send out one e-mail about it, and then forget about it. Create a series of e-mail that tells them exactly how much time is left. This also helps create the sense of urgency that was discussed above.

If you can focus on these four thing, you will see the conversion rates from your e-mail marketing campaigns markedly improve. Just stick with it. Treat your e-mails with the same importance as you would with a print advertisement. It’s your message, after all.

Are You Marketing For Your Customers Complete Lifecycle?

Customers complete lifecycle marketing image by Think Big OnlineThe easiest way to increase business and drive new sales is to ensure that all leads, prospects and customers go through your complete marketing cycle.  When I talk about complete marketing cycle I’m not talking about just the lead to sale cycle, but what happens after the sale and what happens if the sale doesn’t occur.

While businesses 10 or even 20 years ago could be forgiven for not implementing a complete lifecycle marketing campaign because it was too expensive the same cannot be said now. 

Traditionally to complete full life cycle marketing 10 or 20 years ago you would have had to send out direct mail, which is expensive, or make calls which is also expensive.

Now with email marketing you can replace these expensive tasks with automated marketing campaigns, which cost nothing to deliver and potentially drive new sales for your business.

What Is A Complete Customer Lifecycle?

 A customer lifecycle can be broken down into the following phases:

Phase #1: Lead Generation

This phase is where you are generating people to your lead generation mechanisms.  In terms of online marketing you are generating visitors to your website and having them complete forms or buy products online.

In this phase you would need to create the lead generation mechanism, either the website lead form or the product sales page.  From there you would also need to create three separate follow up sequences.

The first follow up sequence would be the lead to sale sequence, which would email your customer over a course of a few days and drive them to buy from you.  At the end of this sequence you would either have a buyer or a lost lead, and each would then move into a separate sequence.

The two sequences would be Buyer and Lost Lead and the Buyer sequence would email the buyer with retention emails and the Lost Lead sequence would try to convert the lead into buyer.

Here’s a visual representation:

Phase #2: Lead Management

This phase is where you deal with 2 different styles of people buyers and lost leads.  They both have been through 2 sets of email sequences, the first being the lead sequence and the second being either the buyer or lost lead sequence.

After they finish these sequences they then need to go into two separate long term nurture sequences.  These sequences should focus on monthly contact at least and include special occasion contact as well.

The nurture sequence for a customer will be slightly different as it offers the opportunity for upsell whereas the nurture sequence for lost leads will push them to buy your first product.

The following image represents this phase:

Unfortunately what happens is that most business owners stop at the first sequence, they don’t follow up lost leads and they don’t nurture current customers.  By implementing a campaign, which does both for you, can significantly boost your customers and extract more sales from your current leads.

Once you’ve paid the cost of paying the lead you need to maximize that lead for a sale or a referral.  This process outlined in this blog post is the beginning of a complete customer life cycle, which should help you to do that.

Constructing sales emails image by Think Big Online

Interview – Constructing Sales Emails

Recently I was asked to do an email interview, the reporter sent across their questions and I sent back my answers.  As I was writing the answers I realized they’d be relevant for everyone, so here they are:

What Sort Of Products Should A Business Be Selling With Email?

In principle there are no products or services, which can’t be sold via email. I’ve worked with businesses selling managed account services, kids toys, beauty packages, business services, real estate and much more.

With that said though, there are some guidelines you should be following as a business owner.  If you’ve got a new prospect on your email-marketing list then don’t try and sell them your most expensive product straight up.  Take time to build a relationship with them and offer them your lower priced products first.

Remember, if you’re trying to make a high value sale then you need to invest more time into the relationship.  You need to build points of trust with your potential customer so you can then call them to action on your sale.

Should The Nature Of The Medium Attract Different Sorts Of Promotions To The Rest Of The Business?

Email marketing offers you a direct line to your customer, generally they are going to open and respond to the offer quickly.  As such you should be encouraging quick and decisive actions through your promotions.  If they open an email and don’t take immediate action, the likelihood of them taking action in the future is significantly reduced.

So when crafting offers to go out over email ensure the following occurs:

  • Reward For Quick Action:  Include a price based or bonus based reward for people who take quick action.
  • Time Sensitive Promotions:  Make all of your promotions time sensitive, so they expire at a certain time and date.  This will apply subtle pressure on the reader to take more immediate action.
  • Multiple Touch Points:  When producing a promotion and sending it out via email ensure you have a set of emails to send.  A single email will not get a complete response from your database.  In my experience you need to send a set of 4 emails at least to get the best response.

How Should The Language Change With Sales Emails?

This really is a difficult question, in essence a sales email should read similar to any other email you’re sending to your database.  You don’t want to change style and language just because you are selling as it won’t seem authentic.

The best kind of sales email is one that is conversational and descriptive but leaves a few unanswered questions.  By leaving those questions in the mind of the reader they will want to find out more, thus visiting your sales page.

Which Combination Of Elements Compels Recipients To Click Through And Actually Buy Something?

Buying out of emails is no different to buying from web pages or even buying in person you need to:

  1. Build Trust:  Prove to the reader that you are a reliable business providing quality products and services at reasonable prices.
  2. Provide Proof:  Provide proof that your product solves the problem, which you are intending it to solve.
  3. Define The Problem:  Define the problem that you’re product is solving and accentuate the problem to the reader
  4. Explain The Solution:  Explain how your product, the solution, will solve their problem
  5. Justify Value:  Justify the value of your product and solution you are providing in terms of benefits to the reader


How Do You Keep The Attention Of Curios Sign-Ups Long Enough To Actually Convince Them To Become A Customer?

To keep your potential customers engaged you have to be willing to provide relevant non-sales content.  I’m not talking about just a list of tips, or a few ideas, but you need to convey great actionable content in the form of stories.

Use real life examples of clients you’re currently working with or hot media topics to convey to the reader the points you’re trying to share.  Not only that but link the emails together, so include in each email a bit of a precursor of what to expect in the next email.

To get ideas for this, watch TV shows, and just before they go to the break, some will show you a snippet of what to expect after the break.  The same concept that works for TV shows will also work for emails.

The Biggest Mistake Social Media Gurus Make image by Think Big Online

The Biggest Mistake Social Media Gurus Make

For some time I’ve been following some of the “big names” in Social Media, quietly studying what they do.  What I’ve found is that they are great at creating a community and engaging with their audience.

The provide valuable content, they ask questions; they mix up their posts they do everything that a good social media marketer should do.  But there is one thing they miss and in my opinion this is the most important part of social media marketing.

The social media gurus don’t actively move their followers, fans and subscribers from their social media account to their email database.  Which means, if there social media account is shut down for any reason they lose all of their hard work.

Now it’s important to understand that there are many well-documented cases of people losing fan pages.  In one case, Brads Deals lost their Black Friday Page, which had over 100,000 active and engaged fans.

They had done nothing wrong, but in the course of authenticating their page there was a glitch on Facebook and the whole page was removed.  After 10 months of working with Facebook to “find it” they finally had it re-instated.

If this isn’t enough to scare you into there are reports across the web of people losing Fan Pages, Twitter Accounts and even some people keeping their profiles but losing all their followers.

In my opinion, a fan on Facebook, a follower on twitter or a subscriber on Youtube cannot be counted as a business asset until they opt in to your email-marketing database.  By doing this, you can ensure you can market to them whether you have access to your social media accounts or not.

So when undertaking your own personal or business Social Media campaign be sure to not miss out on this very important step.  Find a reason and incentive for your social media tribe to move to your email database and build a real asset.  Don’t make the same mistake that so many social media managers are making!

The Google Vs Bing Search Engine War Continues

Google vs Bing search engine war image by Think Big OnlineIn recent times Bing has been slowly edging it’s way towards taking over some of Google’s market share.  Now I’m not talking significant numbers, it’s just a few percent of the market share, but still it’s enough to ruffle feathers at Google.

Google’s going to be even more annoyed as Microsoft’s adCenter has recently been testing a new feature, Product Listing Ads.  These new ad units look extremely similar to Google’s own Product Listing Ads and seem to be launched as a “copy”.

The reason why Microsoft’ introducing them is obvious, they’ve been hugely successful for Google, and they’re wanting to get the same effect.  Check out the ads here:

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Is email marketing dead image by Think Big OnlineIf you read the latest news, or follow some of the biggest internet marketing  bloggers it would be easy to believe that email marketing is dead.  The news seems to be dominated lately with new social network launches, Facebooks IPO, twitters potential sell out and Googles search algorithm updates.

In fact we just did a quick Google news search and it’s almost impossible to see anything about email marketing.  It makes you wonder is email marketing dead?

Being avid internet marketers we decided to investigate further and see whether email marketing is still generating a strong return on investment, here’s what we found:

For Every $1 Spent In 2011 $40.56 Was Generated

According to the Direct Marketing Association during 2011 for every $1 spent on email marketing $40.56 was generated.  This was the highest return on any marketing method with search returning $22.24 and mobile advertising returning $10.51.

$67.8 Billion Dollars Will Be Generated From Email In 2012

In a recent study it was predicted that in America this year $67.8 Billion in sales will be generated as a direct result of email marketing.  This number is predicted to rise to $82.2 billion by 2016, indicating that profits from email marketing are still on the rise.

72% Of Surveyed Businesses Marked Email As A Good Or Excellent Return

In an email marketing census study conducted in 2011 72% of the surveyed business owners marked that email marketing was a good or excellent return on investment.  In the same study business owners indicated they would be increasing their investment in email in 2012.

As you can see from just these 3 key statistics email marketing is most definitely alive and well.  In fact it’s the “quiet profit generator” for a lot of companies.  Hopefully these stats serve as a reminder to not get caught up in the media too much and focus on strategies that work.

Obviously at the moment the number one strategy that’s working is email marketing!

E-mail Marketing – Can it really Benefit You?

A good look at e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing image by Think Big OnlineAre you wondering if e-mail marketing is really important? A lot of web marketers tend to doubt the value of email marketing. When used an implemented effectively though, it can be valuable resource that anyone engaged in the online marketing business can tap into.

Think about it – you’ve probably sent hundreds of e-mails ever since you can remember for various reasons. In many occasions, you may have requested something from whoever you sent the e-mails to and in a sense, sending out emails for web marketing is fairly similar to that.


Overview and insights for effective e-mail marketing

The fact that nearly everybody has used or are pretty much familiar with emails makes it one of the most effective and proven internet marketing solutions in the business. It’s not a simple matter of just sending out emails asking people to buy your products or services though and in order to actually benefit from it though; much thought should be put into creating effective emails. 

Ideally, its subject line should remain short but catchy and its contents must present value to its readers with informative or helpful information actually worthy of attention. More importantly, web marketers need to exert all possible effort in indentifying with potential customers through e-mail marketing which includes providing contact information or website address among other things.

A good and well planned email marketing strategy can prove invaluable to the success of your online marketing efforts. Such web marketing solutions can be a long term or brief web marketing campaign lasting only a few months. It all depends on how often you’d like to your e-mails sent out to potential clients or buyers on your list. In order to truly make the best out of it though, you need to make sure that you are targeting the right readers which would significantly improve web traffic but that’s another story.


Constructing sales emails image by Think Big Online

Email Marketing for Online Success

The Significance of email marketing

How important is effective email marketing? Many web marketers tend to make the mistake of thinking that the development of their online business revolves around connecting their products or services to prospective customers. While this is indeed a significant part of it, that’s not all there is to it. As you may already know, effective email marketing is one of the most proven and effective solution for online business development. Email marketing services present various benefits that can be reaped by any web marketer looking to succeed online.


 The benefits of email marketing in online business development

Indeed email marketing presents various notable advantages in online business development. For one thing, it’s a great and simple approach for attracting potential customers. Email databases possess nearly unlimited reach in attracting potential customers. In the same way, e-mail marketing services are also a great way to generate good leads. Interested customers are likely to contact you about the product or services that your offer enabling you to come up with a database for potential leads to further your web marketing efforts.

Email marketing can also leverage your efforts at online business development through effective research. Email campaigns tend to provide the fastest response when compared to other conventional forms of web marketing. Needless to say, conducting research and analyzing the acquired responses can prove invaluable in assessing demands and what prospective clients need and expect out of your products or services.

More importantly, effective email marketing is a good way to promote your online business regardless of niche market because of its unique benefit of reaching out to a wide array of potential customers across various sectors.

 Email marketing - the bottom line

Businesses who fail to take advantage of the benefits offered by effective web marketing tools such as e-mail marketing services can be likened to a vehicle that’s missing its engine. Naturally it wouldn’t be able to start up. In pretty much the same way, online business development demands the effective use of email marketing. Email marketing can prove invaluable in achieving business goals by customizing and promoting your products or services with some of the widest reach yet at some of the most affordable of cost.