Most Interesting and Useful Facts About Twitter this 2018

Twitter is one of the most popular online platforms for news, updates, and social networking where users post and interact with one another via trendy status messaging called “Tweet”.

Twitter's Founder First Tweet

In fact, this platform has become unexpectedly popular that even Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder, did not also expect his first Tweet to be a big hit.

And in this year 2018, this social media platform is also turning 12 years old on March 21, 2018, while Twitter users are still growing by numbers.

Amazing isn’t it?

Now, let’s skip through the formalities and let’s talk about the Most Interesting and Useful Facts About Twitter this 2018.

1.Twitter was almost named “Friendstalker” – well it may not be named this way today but don’t you just feel guilty about stalking your friend on Twitter since it has become the world’s second social platform when it comes to sharing their feelings, moods, what they are doing, and more.

2.There is only 330 Million monthly active users in a total of 1.3 Billion accounts created. This number also includes bot accounts, users who created Twitter but wasn’t that into it and accounts that weren’t verified.

3.Most of the Twitter users are from the United States of America (USA). So don’t miss out! If your business is based in the USA – you might as well need to consider creating a Twitter account.

4.707 is the average number of followers on Twitter. If you are below this numbers but would like to start building your following empire. You need to keep applying the best practices of Twitter.

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5.Katy Perry holds the record for the highest number of followers (108 Million) on Twitter.

6.83% of world leaders are active Twitter users.

7.77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been answered by the brand.

8.76% of consumers are likely to recommend the brand by just experiencing a friendly and witty customer service experience.


With all these interesting and useful facts about Twitter. Choosing a Social Media platform for your business still depends on what niche do you belong to. As the saying goes – “Be where your customers are.”  Numbers and statistics can serve as your initial guide to success. But, your decisions and campaigns will still be the main contributing factor to your business success.

In case you are determined to be a successful business owner or an aspiring Facebook advertiser, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

Client vendor relationship image by Think Big Online

Client Vendor Relationship

Just in case you were wondering, we don't cater to clients like this and we sure hope you don't either ;)

Also see an even funnier example here

Will the iPhone 5C and 5S Blend?


The “Blend It” YouTube sensation Tom Dickson is back to test the new iPhone 5C and 5S!

Having only been able to obtain a collection of 5Cs, the 37-year-old Blendtec places the iphones in the blender, only to then be surprised by his flashy, decked out in bling doppelganger who also has a blender and the gold 5S.

Fans that have been patiently waiting for this video will not be disappointed as the former CEO and current board member hits the switch allowing the blender to start.

It’s exactly what you expect, the fast spinning blender reduces both phones to plastic dust, or as Dickson names it “rainbow smoke” and “gold smoke” as Dickson’s gold grille sparkles and an animated unicorn fly’s out from a rainbow of the 5C dust.

The Blendtec Company has previously tested the blendability of other iPhones and iPads, so for more "Will it Blend?" episodes check out their YouTube channel.

Will you be buying the new iPhone 5C or 5S?


Facebook rolls out "Embedded" posts.

Recently Facebook rolled out embedded posts to make it easier for people to share posts from their Facebook page to other users of the web. Soon you will be able to add public posts from Facebook to your blog or Website through this neat social plugin.

When you have chosen the content to embed it can include anything from pictures, hastatgs, videos and other various forms. The benefit of embedding your content gives people the option to like or share the post directly from the embed.

Facebook embedded post image by Think Big Online









 For example, after the royal baby was born The Official British Monarchy Page published this post. Despite the content being embedded, users can still click to either “Like” the page or can still click on the #RoyalBabyBoy hashtag directly from the embedded post to discover similar content on Facebook.









 Now have a look at this picture Andy Murray shared after winning the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.  Because the picture was embedded, and as his fan page is on “public” people could directly like his fan page simply by clicking the “Like Page” button in the upper right hand corner.  







Lastly this new installment is optimal for journalists, news reporter’s and of course bloggers. Now when you wish to post detailed commentary about world events, fashion, sports or any news to your timeline you can present it in a neat embedded post. Simply click “See more” to expand the embedded post to read the full story. Conveniently if you enjoy what you read you can also click “Follow” to subscribe to more posts from the author.

Firstly this tool is not readily available as yet; however it is in the pipe line and will be available for users who have "open" profiles. To embed a post, firstly check if the post is public by hovering over the audience selector in the top right hand corner of the box. Let me remind you only public posts from Pages and Facebook users can be embedded. If so, click the "Embed Post" option in the drop down menu.





Then copy and paste the code into your website... 





And now you can like and share the Embedded Post directly from your web page!

Now you will be able to interact with people with Embedded Posts by:

  • Liking or sharing the post directly from your web page
  • Liking the Page or following other posts from the author using the top right button
  • Visiting the post's comments, photos, hashtags and other content on Facebook

If you’re running a Fan page on Facebook then this is ideal to draw traffic from your page to your site and visa versa. These new features will optimize your share ability and help you to share the ground breaking news important to your viewers. Facebook is now working with CNN, PEOPLE and Mashable to master this new tool.

What opportunities does this new tool hold for your business? Are you excited or does this feel like just another pointless update? Tell us what you think!

Click here to view the original story Facebook software Engineers Dave Capra & Ray He. 

Desk Top Safari: Finding Your Inner Wild Animal While at Work!

Pause your Webinar; stop typing and put down your tax return! You need to start collecting a library full of animal pictures right away! Why? Because Desk Safari has landed and it’s happening in offices around the globe!

Mike Whiteside has combined his creativity with work productivity inventing the very hilarious and entertaining Desk Safari, turning upside down the droning of office workers with the untamed behavior of wild animals.

The Tumblr blog (Click here) is full of submissions from fans of the craze. The best are, without a doubt, where the subject has no idea that they're involved! And of course the pure hilarity of the intentional and well thought out poised photos.Check out some of our favorites below. 

Desktop Safari image by Think Big Online










It truly is a very fascinating idea, combining the quirky characteristics of animals with the bored and motivational lacking office worker. Despite being trapped behind their desk, now they can swim in the ocean (as I did as Nemo), soar through the sky, leap across lily pads, or even (if you have an IPad) hang upside down like a bat.

desksafari blog



Desktop Safari Giraffe








 If your office has taken on the crazy and fun trend, write a comment or even better tag us in one of your creations! 

Why you should approach your Social Media Strategy like a Wedding.

Social Media Strategy image by Think Big OnlineLike a Wedding, a Social Media strategy will make your break your campaign, or rather “Big Day”. When was the last time you heard someone say I’m going to “wing” my wedding? Said no one! In these 8 simple points I will make you change your mind and tell you why you should place the same emphasis of importance onto your Social Media Strategy as you would your Wedding.



1. Planning out your Day.

Some say being spontaneous is fun and filled with lots of surprises, something you don’t want for your Social Media strategy or wedding! Research is essential; you are not going to book any venue without prior knowledge; likewise you would not jump into just any Social Media Platform and start posting without checking if it is fit for your audience or wedding reception. If you have an awesome Twitter Strategy, but majority of your customers are on Pintrest, you need to rework your targeting. So before you dive into any Social Platform do your research, companies spend thousands annually on B2C targeting and gathering information so start there, it’s free!

2.  The Dress, it’s all about the Dress!

Let’s be honest, the most important thing for a woman at her wedding is the dress. Whether the bride or bridesmaid, God forbid she is caught wearing last season’s runway or a shade of white that is too beige! Similar to a Social Strategy you need to dress your site to impress. Understanding the types of interactions your customers prefer and enjoy will grant you continuous engagement. To gain an insight on what will create appealing posts, monitor they way your ideal customer interacts on social networks then trial run different posts.

3. Something Blue, something old, something borrowed.

If you are a traditionalist, next to the dress are the accessories each bride endures to find. Ask any fashion orientated person and they will most likely say that accessories make the outfit. That little bit of bling could make or break your outfit.

Accessories for your social strategy, although not crucial to running a social media campaign, certainly provide a huge advantage. The Brightside is that majority of these tools are free, or have trial subscriptions! Here are some you should check out.

Hootsuite: The key to Hootsuite is to keep all of your streams organised, with this in order you can track trends, hash tags and schedule posts for the day, week or month; however in saying this having a content plan is essential but it is advised to keep up to date with news and events and allow for real time posting.

Social Mention: One of my favourites is excellent for tracking any topic or tracking competitors within a specified time. It is easy, efficient and works while you are focusing on other tasks.

Commun.IT: Although it is strictly for Twitter it simplifies followers into, highly supported users, main influencers, supporters and those who are most engaged. This is fantastic as you can separate each group and make sure you thank them accordingly. Additionally you can also set up series of key phrases you wish to track and receive notifications each time a key word is used.

4.Being fashionably late, truth or myth?

In this case of a wedding, no one wants a late bridezilla, however in regards to social media if you are too late you can miss your window of opportunity, too early and no one will see your efforts. After conducting research, Bitly informed us that 3pm on weekdays for Facebook is the biggest spike in usage while Twitter is most active on the weekends. Taking note of these times, are you sharing your content at these opportune times for better social media listening or are you being a stubborn bridezilla.

5. Is the venue cost worth it?

The last thing you want is to waste money on a wedding venue which doesn’t give you your money’s worth. In social media, time is money. Resources and tools are needed to perfectly execute your social strategy. If you are new to the social scene, spend a fair amount of time being an observer to see how things are run, when you feel comfortable you too can start conversation.

6. Calm amongst chaos

If you have ever attended a European wedding you will understand how difficult it is to get a word in without screaming across the table for your deaf Nonna to pass the prosciutto. Similarly you don’t want to be shouting at your social media contacts in an attempt to get their attention. With all of the other noise on the internet you need to make sure what you are posting is quality. If you have something very personal or meaningful to say then send a private message. This insures that they will hear what you have to say and identify that you have taken the time to send them the message.

With all the white noise on social media, it is ideal to take the time to listen to your audience. Observe when your clients are online, see what times of the day they engage the most with your content. Additionally observe when your competition is also online and posting. If you notice they always post around 10am, post an hour earlier to be the head lining news. Additionally, majority of social media platforms have groups, circles or favourites. Taking time to streamline your channels will pay off. You wouldn’t mix your once removed uncles second wife with your Nonna, so why mix your potential customers with already engaged customers?

7. Re-lightening the friendship/family flame.

There will always be part of your family which you don’t want to invite to your wedding, but you know that if you don’t it would will be the talk of the family. On the other hand there is family and friends you have not seen in months, years! And the plus ones they bring along could be even more beneficial for meeting new people.

Similarly in social media there are those old contacts that are stable and have been there for your whole social media journey. Like old friends you have not see them for a while, but when they finally engage again nothing has changed, maximise these contacts as your existing customers can prove to be a valuable resource when figuring out how to attract and engage new customers. There are a variety of ways that you can tap into the minds of your current customers. You could try:

  • Sending out a customer survey and include questions about their social networking habits.
  • Spend a portion of your monthly or quarterly meetings asking what sort of things they’re interested in learning more about on social networks.
  • Asking their opinion on a new campaign you’re running internally to determine if they would find it useful and engaging. 


8. A thank you note goes a long way.

Even though you may not appreciate the matching florescent martini glasses from your 3rd cousin Daniella, it is still proper etiquette to say thank you with a letter. The same goes with social media. When a client helps you out, old or new, a thank you “tweet” or post can go a long way. Not just for your own relationship with the customer to thank them for their contribution and engagement but also for social proof, others will see that your B2C relationship is genuine and set up great credibility for your company and for future clients.

With these tips you will have a strong Social Media Strategy, and who knows you might even be more prepared for your future wedding!




Have you accepted #Facebook #Hashtags?

Facebook hash tags image by Think Big OnlineFor years Facebook has prided it’s self on helping people communicate, to further this mission Facebook joined the “Hash tag” uprising. Facebook added this tool which now allows people to place a ’#’ before words signifying its topic. When clicked on, this topic is collected together with other mentions and presented to the user neatly filed.

Users of the micro blogging platform Twitter or other popular social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and now even Google Plus and Vine have been users of the Hash Tag. For example when the horrific bombings occurred in Boston #prayforboston was circulating around all social networks, or #manofstell which has been a popular hash tag recently in light of the new Super Man film being released last month. It is uncertain if Facebook will also bring out additional features like trends, however it has been said to be in the pipe line.The clear benefits of this recent adaptation are that users will also be able to now click hash tags made when sharing Instagram photos on Facebook. This search will bring up posts with the certain tag also made by other users who have chosen to make their post public.

Currently only 20% of users have this tool on their profile however the service will continue to roll out during the next few weeks.  However let us demonstrate to you the scale of the conversation on Facebook, between 88 million and 100 million Americans are using the service during primetime television hours. Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding was mentioned 1.5 million times, while there were 66.5 million interactions (which include likes, comments and posts) around this year’s Oscars.

On the business side of things, this tool has almost been a blessing for businesses. Before this update hash tagging on a platform then sharing it directly to Facebook caused room for comments like “hash tags don’t work on Facebook” or “Hash tags have no power here”, etc.  However now Businesses can hash tag to their delight on any social platform and share it directly to their company profile without receiving the obvious comments. It is uncertain to how this tool will adapt among all Facebook users, we predict this new way of search will either emphasises the power of communication or simply over popular our newsfeed which Hash tag nonsense.


Have you accepted the Hast Tag revolution yet? Leave us a comment and tell us why/why not?


 Credit to Meme Center for their hilarious take on Hash Tags. 

And The Winner Is...

Thank you to all who participated in our survey!

32 GB Ipad Mini prize image by Think Big Online

We have collected the data from business owners, managers and heads of marketing and have come across some amazing statistics.

In an industry that is constantly changing and updating its great to know the latest news and to gain an insight to what other businesses are doing with their Online Marketing. This is what we are going to offer you in our 2013 Online Marketing report!

Now for the part everyone has been waiting for (drumroll please)

The winner of the 32gb iPad mini is……….

  • Martin Whelan!!


Congratulations also  to our surprise second  draw winners who will receive a bottle of TBO wine! 

  • Kathryn Crofts
  • Chris Moses
  • Mark Costello
  • Melinda Wood
  • Jesse Stephens


We are very excited to share the report with all of you, it is full of data that may change the way you plan to structure your Online Marketing for 2013! 

Jump over and see the full results Here.

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Don’t You Just Love Technology…

I know, this post hasn’t got much to do with Internet Marketing, but when you find a cool piece of technology or a great gadget you’ve got to share it.  Today I was browsing over at Mashable and saw an article about a suitcase, which automatically follows you.

It’s pretty amazing actually, you can check it out here: