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Tips for Landing at the Right Internet Marketing Agency

Tips for landing at the right internet marketing agency image by Think Big OnlineSince you belong to the age of modern advancement, you need to be at a constant pace with its demands.  Your company will do well if you learn the ins and outs of establishing a good cyber presence.  A mobile web designer Sydney will help you fulfill this goal.

Agencies to Market Your Company

Everything that concerns the growth and development of your company is of great importance.  This is to answer for a good company reputation in the eyes of your existing and prospective clients.  To maximize the solution to this problem, you might want to think of seeking for the valuable services of marketing agencies that are responsible in making your company known online. Yet, how are you supposed to know that the company is really reputable in this field?

Evaluate these agencies according to your standards.  To narrow down your search, take note of the following characters that they should embody.

  1. Good Experience – Above all things, nothing beats an agency with years of experience in the field of internet marketing.  It would be a great idea to do your own research about agencies that do well in this industry for years now and the clients that they have successfully helped.  If there are clients that have a similar business set-up like yours, you could very well ask if they have been fully satisfied with the marketing agency or not.
  2. Credentials - Be keen about the agency’s credentials.  Learn about their connections and memberships. Through these credentials, you will be given an idea if they are eager to learnnew skills in the internet marketing technology. This will greatly benefit your company since their credentials would also mean if they are legally authorized to promote their services.
  3. Clarity –The agency should be skillful enough in explaining every internet marketing technique that they plan of introducing to your company.  They ought to explain it to you clearly without the need for highly technical terms that would only confuse you.  Through this, you are sure that what they are doing are within your own capacity.
  4. Establishing Good Rapport – You have to make sure that the agency treats you with high respects. This agency should learn to treat every client differently and not just an addition to their profit.  Establishing friendly relations to you as their client means a more comfortable and lasting relationship with them.
  5. Goal Oriented - Make sure you are working with professional who are not just IT programmers. They should also have high regards for the marketing principles since this is the basic reason why you are outsourcing their services. While highly technical professionals understand the cyber world perfectly, marketing principles is a completely different field.

 Searching for the right internet marketing agency Sydney might be challenging search.  However, if you land on a credible agency equipped with the mentioned characteristics, you are ensured of a good catch.


How Online Reputation Management Works

How online reputation management works image by Think Big OnlineIt takes a lot of hard work and constant monitoring for your company to establish a good image in the market.  With the stiff competition going on these days, you need to be at your best when it comes to giving out quality products and services to your clients. Due to this, it is important that you use the services of a company that can provide a good online reputation management plan. 

Web Presence

In any type of business, you have to go with the flow of the modern times in order to survive.  This time you have to let your presence be felt online.  This is your only gateway to reach out to your target market. Through the World Wide Web, you will also be able check out the different concerns of your clients, making it easier for you to act on it. Pay attention to their every need especially when it concerns your products and services.

Social Media

Since you will be maintaining a good reputation online, you need to let your clients or supporters know that you can be reached easily. This can be met by maintaining multiple accounts from well-known social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Posting your product breakthroughs and everything concerning great news about your company will be added to these accounts.  This way, your clients will know what is going on in your company, and you will just be surprised at how comments and likes from your pages will become numerous overnight.  You should be responsible to acknowledge these comments and these tools may help you with it:

  • HootSuite
  • Disqus
  • SocialStream

Be Reachable

Always give your clients the assurance that you can be reached easily at any particular time.  This will give them the idea that you are serious in building a good relationship with them.  This way, you could build a good company reputation.  In the case of prospective clients, do not forget to leave your current contact information like your email address, contact numbers, and even your site address.

Customer Testimonials

It is very important for your company to establish trust amongst your clients.  To add more, it will be a great idea to include customer testimonials in your web pages to give prospective clients a credible notion about your company.  You also have the option to include customer reviews in your sites to be more specific about what your company can do. Quality ratings from accredited organizations also boost the credibility of your company.

On Negative Comments

You cannot please everyone, so expect that there will be negative comments that will pop out sometimes. As a part of a good reputation management strategy, you ought to counter those negative comments positively.  This means to seek for professional agencies that could skillfully remove negative posts from search engines.  Furthermore, this agency should have full knowledge of putting only a stream of positive comments about your company in your web pages.

Maintaining a good company image is a daily task to do.  Make sure you are prepared for it and solve whatever issues there are regarding your reputation to get maximum customer loyalty and more business in the years ahead.

The Secrets of Online Copywriting

The Secrets of Online Copywriting

Secrets of online copywriting image by Think Big OnlineThe necessity for a web page or similar online presence is well-established in this day and age. All kinds of companies and individuals are earning extra income through an online page and some of them have even moved over to web sites exclusively! Whether it’s a blog with pictures of food, reviews on new products or a web store for a clothing line, the Internet is full of unexpected avenues of earning.

Using an online presence for financial gain takes a bit of time and effort. There are thousands of websites that cater to similar products or services, so standing out in that sea is the task that needs attention. Even for companies that are just listing their offerings online, it’s essential to have interesting and eye-catching content.

The task of creating well-written and attention-grabbing content is normally given to copywriters who specialize in this field. On the other hand, there is no reason you cannot improve your own skills and write your own material, with a few things kept in mind.

How to Create Original and Effective Web Content

There are certain things to remember when you are trying to create really good content for a website. Let’s take a look at what these are:

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important factors as it will determine how well your web page gets displayed in search results. The use of relevant keywords is one example of how this can be accomplished successfully.
  • Try and create interesting titles or headlines for each post or page, as they will be the first aspect to grab the eye. A compelling title can create enough interest for a visitor to read the rest of the page!
  • Make sure you remember to make your written content informative and accurate without being too dry or boring. This takes practise, like any other task, so keep at it till you get it right.
  • Including sub-headings, bullet points or numbered lists serves more than one purpose for well-written copy. They draw the eye onward as well as break the contents of the page into smaller, easy-to read groups.
  • If you have no experience, consider hiring online copywriting services Australia for the task, at least while you are learning how to improve your own skills. This ensures that you can get a steady flow of excellent content which you can study too!

Taking a course in Internet marketing Sydney is a good idea if you are in the area, since you can learn a lot about the best tools and processes used for web page success.

Re-living the Social Bakers World Tour!

In this video I am going to share the insights of Social Bakers CEO, Jan Rezab and how he is mastering social analytic world domination. Additionally you will be told some hard facts about social media that you will want to apply to your social platforms immediately! Grab your pens, paper and laptop as I'm about to share some of the insights shared with me, with you right now!

Re-living the social media bakers world tour image by Think Big Online

Top 5 Social Media Recomendations for your business.

So what were Social Bakers recommendations?

  1. Monitor and measure your activity DAILY. This will give you real time analytics.
  2. Drive the industry and invest in innovations. i.e redbull space jump.
  3. Devote resources with social media customer service
  4. Post only local and relevant content in a timly manner.
  5. Make sure you get into the newsfeed. Look into when your competitors post, just schedule before them, steal their thunder!

Top 5 social media recommendations image by Think Big Online


3 Ways to Solve Duplicate Content Issues on Your Site

3 Ways to solve duplicate content issues image by Think Big OnlineDuplicate content has always been one of the most common issues that a website has.  Website owners tend to forget the long term effect of having duplicate content on their website. They might be ranking well despite having pages with duplicate context but once algorithm penalty (Google Panda) hits them, then that would be the time when they will realise that they should have taken actions long before it is too late.

Listed below are 3 ways to eliminate duplicate content on your website and stay away from future algorithm penalties:

1)      301 Redirection – Most websites has similar versions of a web page showing on different URLs. This is the most common problem that majority of the websites have. A common scenario is when the non www version of the index page does not redirect to the one with www or vice versa, thus creating two instances of the homepage. In order to solve this issue, we should choose our preferred domain and apply 301 redirect on pages that has completely the same content.

The process of 301 redirection is applied through your website’s  .htaccess file. You can do this by going to your site’s root folder and downloading the file to your local computer. Edit the file using a plain text editor such as Notepad.

See sample codes below:

Redirect entire website

Redirect 301 /

Redirect specific pages

Redirect 301 /oldpage.html

Redirect 301 /oldpage2.html

2)      Page/URL Canonicalization – This is another option to eliminate duplicate content on your website. Some duplicate pages are created during website development especially on sites with dynamic URLs. And since it has dynamic URLs, it also has the tendency to produce different versions of URLs presenting similar content. E-commerce websites are normally having this issue because it gives you multiple ways to reach a particular page by navigating through products and categories. It shows different URL paths while presenting the same product or content.

In this case 301redirection is unnecessary since it will cause bad user experience when users search for a product or page then gets redirect to another page. This is solved by placing “rel canonical tag” on pages with the same content pointing the URL of your preferred domain.

See sample codes below:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

3)      Adding noindex, follow tag – This is a meta robot tag that allows search engines to crawl all the links on a page but exclude it on their indices. So whenever you have similar pages that need to exist, then this is another option that you can apply.

This works almost the same as page canonicalization since it allows you to have your similar content pages published without worrying about getting duplicate content penalties.

See sample code below:

<head> <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" /> </head>

Now that we have already enumerated the solutions to avoid duplicate content punishments from major search engines. It is time to evaluate your website and see if you got duplicate issues that should be resolved as soon as possible.  

How To Add A User To Your Facebook Ads Account

Old Method - Facebook Personal Account


Facebook Ads image by Think Big Online

In this video we show you how to share your Facebook Ads account if someone else is doing Facebook Marketing for you. Add [email protected] to the account as an Admin.




New Method - Facebook Business Manager Account

Here is the ID you need to give ADMIN access 734745253229036

Follow these steps to request access to an ad account:

  • 1. Contact the owner of the ad account
  • 2. Ask them to go to the Ad Account tab in their Business Manager and click Assign Agency
  • 3. To give you access, they'll need to enter the number below and choose a role

How to Legally Stalk your Customers

Legally stalk your customers image by Think Big OnlineHi! Samuel Junghenn here and today I want to share with you how to legally stalk your prospects. It’s particularly good if you want some cheap branding and it’s also fantastic for targeting those people that came to your website but didn’t actually make a purchase.

Now I’m going to be sharing with you 3 powerful tips at the end of this presentation to help you maximize your campaign effectiveness.

So the first thing that we need to do is to decide on what the purpose of our retargeting campaign is and now you are probably wondering, what is retargeting. Retargeting is offered by a number of providers and Google is probably the main one that we know of and the most common that we use.

So what they allow you to do is put a tracking code on your webpage which then tags people that comes to the page and then it allows you to advertise to just those people and no one else.

So this is obviously very targeted because people already know about the brand and they might have hopped on there and then the computer might have crashed and they forgot about you or they were going to purchase something and the cat ran on the keyboard and they lost the site.

There are a number of reasons that people might have been to your site but then gone away or it wasn’t the right time for them to purchase. What this tracking code allows you to do is tag people so we can bring people back to your business and its very cost-effective compared to normal Pay-per-Click advertising such as the normal Google Adwords.

So the first step is you got to think about what’s the purpose of it - would you like more branding? In this case you have banner advertising with your logo or your slogan and have your business name on it in order to have it continually imprinted in people’s minds and so this is not to just to any other random people but this is for very specific people that already had some interaction with your business so it’s very powerful.

The second purpose that you might use this for is if you have an e-commerce site and you are selling something online and people came to your shop but they didn’t buy. So what you can do is you can actually tag people that don’t buy your products and services and then show ads to them to bring them back for a second bite at the cherry.

Now this can be particularly powerful if you have a sale on and you would like to run advertising on a specific page say for example you are selling women’s shoes and you might have some targeting on that specific page to bring back people with interests in women’s shoes.

Now this brings me to the first tip – now the first tip is you can have one-time offers for people. So if you know that people had been to your e-commerce site and then visited a particular page, you can tag them for that particular page and you can serve ads to them for that related part. What you do is that you don’t drive them back to the same page that you tagged them on but you drive them back to a separate page with the one-time offer.

So say for example over here when they visited the page for the first time, these women’s shoes were $150 and they then don’t buy and you tag them and they go away and they are doing their business. They might be on Youtube or surfing somewhere else and they might see your ads for the same women’s shoes and you bring them back to the other page that has the one-time offer that says something along the line of get these fantastic shoes with all the bells and whistles but today’s only price is for $130.

You can explain to them briefly and simply that if they leave the page the offer would not be valid anymore. Because this is a hidden page on your website, it’s a very powerful technique and maybe they really love the shoes but it’s a little bit too expensive or they had other things that they committed to buy but they see that its now reduced just for them, you’ll get extremely good conversions with this technique.

The second tip is to always split test. Whenever you are running any sort of advertisement you need to be split testing. So what you would do in this case if you are running for the ads for the shoes you might have one ad that says “limited time offer, only $130 for this pair of shoes”. The other ad you might show might say nothing about the price but it might have pictures of the shoes and your branding and bring them back to that same specific page.

So what Google will do is serve up one ad to the first person and one ad to the next – A B, A B. What you can do over time is track which ads actually convert better and then you just start serving that ad to obviously increase your profit.

Now third and final tip that I have for you with running a retargeting campaign is you want to limit the amount of impressions that people will see once you tag them because you don’t want people going out there being tagged by your retargeting code and they are then seeing your ads like 50 times a day.

One, it’s very annoying for them and they’ll probably end up hating your brand but two is it will actually hurt your Adwords campaign and lower the quality score of your ads and so Google will make you pay more for those ads.

If you like these tips and this video then please share it and subscribe to the channel and get it out there as much as possible. My motivation for making these videos is seeing people engage with it and like or share it enabling me to add value to the community. So if you can help me by sharing it, it will motivate me to make more videos for you. Okay thanks!

Using Images With Purpose

One of the pet hates we have here at Think Big Online is when we visit websites and find images placed across the site, which are not relevant.  Not only that, but images which have no intended purpose, they don’t communicate a message, they don’t build brand and they just seem “out of place”.

 It’s important to understand that your whole website, every page is part of your marketing message and you should be ensuring all content and images are working together to generate your result.  Now this is also an important part of your site, if you don’t know what the purpose or “desired result” is from your site it’s almost impossible to design images and text that drive your results.

 Creating A Site With Purpose

 To ensure that your images have purpose the first step is to create a site with purpose.  Now for an ecommerce the purpose is obviously sales, but this is not the only style of site, you may have sites generating leads, building user engagement or even developing your brand.

 Once you’ve defined your sites purpose then you need to define the purpose of each page and how that helps to build to your sites overall purpose.  For example, an about us page can help build credibility and build trust with your potential buyer therefore increasing buying behavior.

 Creating Images With Purpose

 Now that you’ve got your sites purpose defined it’s important now to use images with purpose.  Let me give you a few examples:

 Example #1: If you’re selling physical goods online and you have a warehouse, then including an image of your warehouse is a great idea.  By including this image you can prove you are a real business with a real warehouse and you’re ready to ship the product.

 Example #2: If you’re accepting credit cards and you have security encryption on your page then including an image that represents this security encryption adds confidence to the buyers.

 Example #3: If you’re inviting the visitor to register for a consultation with you then an image of you in your work environment is important.  This allows them to visualize who they are working with and creates a greater connection with your customers.

 As you can see just from these 3 examples, using images can help to build trust, confidence and connection with your customers.  Not only that but it can help to illustrate the point you are making to your customers as well.

 When creating images for your site make sure they have a purpose, don’t just add them because they “look pretty”.  To help you out, I’d suggest you leave a comment below with a link to your site, so our readers can do a review of the images on your site and tell you what they convey to them.