How I Doubled Online Sales and Got a New Girlfriend Without Spending a Cent on Traffic

Consistently I have people asking “How do I increase traffic to my website?”

Now this is a valid question if you don’t have any traffic to your website already, but if you do, then you may be asking the wrong question.

What if you could increase online sales without spending a cent more on advertising?

What if you could halve the cost of acquiring a lead?

What if you could increase profitability overnight?

It might sound a bit too good to be true, but I assure you by the end of this post you are going to know exactly how we have done this for countless clients and added millions of dollars to their business.

And you are also going to find out why your opinion is probably wrong about what your clients want.

What is a Conversion?

Before I get into that I need to explain what a “conversion” is. When referring to a conversion on the internet we are usually referring to someone taking an action such as; filling in a contact form, downloading something, making a purchase, clicking through, calling or buying something.

To calculate our website conversion rate, we divide the amount of conversions (usually leads or sales) we get by the number of unique visitors we have to the website.

E.G 10 leads/100 visitors = .1 or 10% conversion rate

We can then calculate how much we are paying per conversion. In the below example we are paying $1,000 for 1,000 visitors to the website ($1 per visitor), the conversion rate of the website is 2%. This means we generate 20 leads at a cost of $50 each, meaning we make $1,000 profit.

Doubling online sales image by Think Big Online

The secret to increasing sales and acquiring more leads at a lower rate, so your campaigns become more profitable, is maximising this tipping point of decision. The visitor either takes the action you want or they don’t.

Before we get into how to do this, look at the below image and see the difference it would make to our bottom line if we just increased this tipping point (the conversion point) from 2 to 4%.


We have now taken the same amount of visitors and exact same ad-spend and generated twice as many leads, plus we have halved the cost per lead making the campaign twice as profitable. In effect we have doubled our conversion rate but quadrupled our campaign effectiveness.

You can calculate your websites conversion rate here.

Now those benefits are nice to have on a surface level, but what about the hidden benefits you now have at your fingertips?

By lowering your acquisition cost you can now afford to pay more for traffic to your website. Let’s say you are running Google Adwords, where the more you pay per click the higher your ad shows and the higher your ad shows the more traffic you get.

After running hundreds of Adwords campaigns over the years I can safely say that increasing your ad position from 3-4 to position 1 can be an increase of 3 time or 300%, but before you couldn’t afford to pay to be that high.

Now with your increased conversion rate you can increase the amount you pay per click to $2 to generate more traffic and make more sales, because you are paying the same acquisition cost as in the first example.


This is all nice in theory, but how do we actually increase the conversion rate?

The Same Way I Got My Girlfriend - Split Testing

We do this by running 2 or more versions of a web page against each other with software like visual website optimiser. The software sends the first visitor to version A, then second to version B, the third to version A, forth to version B and so on.

Over time you will see which version the website visitors like more and ultimately which is more profitable.

Side note --> Yeah ok I have to admit, I was doing online dating a while ago and not having much luck, so I decided to split test my profile to see if it would help.

As it happens, after I put the new test version up I had a lot more girls contacting me and more importantly the right one. Without going in to all the lovely dove details of our relationship, let’s just say I am more than happy I ran that test  :-D


Example 1

In the below example you will see 2 different versions that Aussie Home Loans ran against each other in a split test.

aussie split test

Images care of

The one on the right was the original (control) version and the one on the left was a new version. Now Aussie could have keep the original page as it was working well and generating leads, but they are probably glad they didn’t, because this split test ended up yielding a 64% increase in the amount of leads they acquired.

Putting that into numbers – Instead of having 1,000 leads now from traffic, they would now have 1,640 for exactly the same ad spend. Not a bad gain considering with the amount of traffic they get, they could have come to this conclusion within 2 weeks. 2 weeks = 64% increase in business.

Now it doesn’t just have to be landing pages that are split tested, it could be something as seemingly simple as a contact form.

Example 2

Below is an image of 2 quote forms. The one on the right is the control and the one on the left is a new version of the form this company wanted to test.

Form split test

Image care of

Both forms seem reasonable and have all the required information to complete the quote. The result after testing... A 368.5% increase in leads from the version on the left.

What to Split Test?

When split testing for conversion optimisation you want to test the biggest differences first. There is no point in changing a couple small words or a single image, because this will usually cause small results to happen in your test.

Some things that you might want to test on your website are:

  1. Design – Corporate/funky/modern/simple/aggressive.
  2. Colours – bright/dark, colourful/neutral.
  3. Images – Larger/smaller, bright/darker, with/without, real people/cartoons (you would be surprised), product images
  4. Text – Size, copy, font (yes font can have a huge impact), colour, language, length (no shorter is not always better corporate guys). Start with headlines, because they usually make the biggest difference.
  5. Videos – Different videos and or none.
  6. Call to action – Call/Fill in form, use different text for the same call to action E.G “Get a Free Quote”/”Next Step”.
  7. Buttons – Colour, size, shape, font, text E.G “submit”/”Yes I’m interested”
  8. Domain name
  9. Authority – Testimonials (video, text, images, many, few), as seen on, security icons, clients logos.
  10. Social proof – Social sharing buttons, Facebook box, how many subscribers you have, number of fans.
  11. Forms – The text you use, the number of fields (the less you have more conversions usually, but they might not be as qualified)
  12. Visual cues pointing to the conversion point– Arrows, text, the way people are looking, people’s body language.
  13. Checkout on ecommerce – Multi step/one page, up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells, sign in/guest checkout, payment options (payment plan, credit card, PayPal, EFT, direct debit, invoice), security icons, form style, remind them of benefits. 
  14. Prices – Yes prices. Just because your competitor is offering something at a certain price it does not mean you should match or try to beat them. You will never know what the right price is (what the customer is prepared to pay) unless you test. NOTE: Be careful with this one.
  15. Price strategy – Have decoy prices to contrast the price you really want them to buy at.

And for those that want a huge difference – Test the whole website if you have over 10,000 visits per month then it could well be worth creating an entirely different website and running them against each other. Get out a spreadsheet and run the numbers yourself or contact us and we can give you some idea.

Note: There is NO exact formula for every website to convert higher. Every market, every traffic source, every location, every day and time of the week, the weather and external influences will affect how a website converts.

Hold on Nelly!

Now before getting too excited about split testing, there is one caveat. You need to have traffic to be able to test. How much?

The answer is also dependant on what the difference between the two conversion rates of the pages you are testing. E.G if one page is converting at 2% and the other one 2.5% then it will take more traffic to give a good confidence rate for the winner. However if one is converting at 2% and the other 10% you will be able to confidently call the winner much faster.

Your split testing software will tell you when the test has been running long enough to give a solid winner, because the last thing you want to do is jump to conclusions and use a losing version going forward.



Example of clients test.

That brings up another point – when you split testing elements there is always a chance that your conversions will go down :cry: with the new version unless you have experience in knowing what to test.

This is why we have a done for you conversion rate optimisation service where you can tap into years of experience in knowing what works, to ensure you increase your conversions the first time round.


In the comments below let me know if you have tried conversion rate optimisation and what your results were.

OptimisePress 2 Review and Bonus - Webpage Creation Plugin

OptimisePress 2 review – Is it any good?

optimizer press 2Have you ever heard of a great marketing site creation tool called OptimisePress 2 or OP 2? Looking to learn more about it and whether it’s actually worth looking into? Well read on to know more about this particular digital marketing product.

As the name already implies OptimisePress 2 is the second and latest version of Optimize Press – a premium WordPress plugin and theme designed to enable users to easily create high performance landing pages, membership portals and sales pages that convert well. But that’s not all....

Check out the video below for a quick look at some of the great things Optimize Press offers:

With OptimisePress 2, users can easily create:

  • Landing pages
  • Secure membership portals
  • Sales and marketing pages
  • Product launch funnels
  • Training course pages
  • Authority blogs
  • Webinar registration pages
  • Responsive and mobile ready webpages

Is OptimisePress 2 the right webpage creation tool for you?

Now putting all the sales pitch aside, is OptimisePress 2 really worth the hype? Is it the right digital marketing product and WordPress plugin for you?

OP 2 is ideal for just about anybody looking for an easy and cost-effective solution for their webpage marketing needs. It takes the difficulty out of creating just about any kind of online of marketing pages without the high cost that is often associated with hiring professional web designers and web developers which can easily amount to thousands of dollars.

For as low as $97 (Core Package), one can gain access to this one of a kind OP 2 WordPress plugin – that’s a fraction of the price one would otherwise have to spend on professional developers and graphic designers. If you happen to own the previous version of Optimize Press, you’d be glad to know that you are entitled to a special discount.

Now I was initially disappointed to know that owners of the previous version are not entitled to a free upgrade but it was fairly reasonable considering that the latest version was built from scratch and adopts the latest in digital marketing technology.

Some of the features that I particularly loved about OptimisePress 2 and that many users are all bound to appreciate include:

  • The Live Editor which enables users to configure and shape their webpage exactly the way they want it to without having to save or reloading the webpage users are working on. With the live editor, I am easily able to change menus and navigation bar (a feature that the previous version lacked).
  • It is compatible and works flawlessly with various auto responders like Aweber, iContact and Aweber
  • GoToWebinar integration which allows users to automatically register prospects to their webinar and auto responder list
  • Tons of customization options and professional high converting templates that help even the most basic of users to get started! I was able to customize my pages exactly the way I wanted to. One feature that particularly stood out was the Button Optimizer which enabled me to come up with unique buttons, fonts, borders and other webpage elements – the design possibilities are limitless and without the need for any technical and coding knowledge.
  • Clone webpages or save your work as presets. Now webmasters will be able to come up with webpages that are professional and consistent.


The Bottom line

So what’s the verdict on OP 2? Well if you are looking for a simple and highly intuitive way of creating just about any kind of marketing webpage on WordPress without the high cost of professional web and graphic designers/developers, then OptimisePress 2 is certainly worth a look! The customization features that it brings to the table is simply huge and even novice users can now take advantage of all that without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

OptimisePress 2 practically takes webmasters by the hand and renders the creation of marketing webpages simple and effective. If you are having trouble creating the perfect landing /sales page or just about any kind of marketing webpage for that matter – Optimize Press 2 is certainly a worthwhile and promising investment!

Interested in OptimisePress 2 and benefit from the great features that the tool offers? Purchase this awesome plugin by clicking on the link provided and we’ll throw in a few bonus courses for free to help you make the most out of your web marketing campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase OptimisePress 2 today!

 Are you interested in OptimizePress 2? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

The New and frightening threat for posting online, a must read for all parents!

You wouldn't post your residential address on your Facebook profile, so why allow your photographs to?

Russ Ptacek from NBC reports of a new threat, where criminals can now cherry pick from online pictures to find out your location, where you work, where your children go to school and even your favorite hang out from a simple picture you have posted online.

NBC Conducted a case study with NBC action staffer Susan McDonald and her daughter Lani. She was given  a smart phone just to see how easy it is for someone to find your location after posting a photo online.

NBC then uploaded these photos onto Twitter, Facebook, Craig’s list & Photo bucket. Just by searching for locals, hundreds of pictures of children uploaded simply by their parents to share with family and friends were visible and so was their location. With just a right click of the mouse to access the data file, there was a selection of children and their location ready to be used by criminals.

This is a full threat and although it is unknown whether criminals are already using this technique, it was not even known to crime experts!  Office Mark Chudik of Leawood Police stated that this is the “biggest threat online” to parents and the safety of their children.

When tested, this technique enabled NBC investigation team to find “Lani’s” bed room location, her primary school, her favorite fast food restaurant and even her local park!

So, just how does this invasion of privacy come about? According to Deep Medhi, a  Computer scientist at UMKC, smart phones leave a high tech invisible trail using the same Geo- tracking software used by the social media platform “four square” and used by hand held map applications. Additionally you can simply download this applications for free to easily upload data about someone’s location.

Raising awareness about inadvertent information sharing is the site “I can” which re-posts pictures of unknowing users and tracks their location in real time just to demonstrate how easy of a threat it is to people. The site also has a section on how to deactivate Geo – technology on your smart phone.

Online posting threat image by Think Big Online

I followed these actions on my Samsung Galaxy 2 very easily as you can see in the picture on your left. If you have another smart phone model, click here to view more instructions.

It is an easy fix, however please share this with your friends and especially family members with children, it is a simple privacy issue and it must be known to protect the safety of our children and our private location.


Revenue earning advertising image by Think Big Online

The Revenue Earning Advertising You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

What if your company could advertise to thousands of people at the same time while specialising in each different location or region and make a decent return? This is possible through the innovation and ideas of Eyeview technology.

By seamlessly integrating real time messaging into video, Eyeview provides personalised video advertising to its clients. In its head quarters of New York, Eyeview is broadcasting quality individualized viewing experiences which amplify any brands marketing message to their specific audience.

You can view some of Eyeviews personalisation below.


What separates this form of advertising from traditional video marketing is that an ad for a nation retailer can be tailored to highlight local stores and deals. Although the examples in the video are mostly focused on location, Oren Harnevo, CEO and co-founder said ads can also be personalized based on things like weather and time of day.

Additionally what makes Eyeview king is that their personalisation happens in the video itself instead of being altered using flash banners or other overlay. This means a company can produce as many versions as they like and deliver the correct version of the video to each target market while being able to also update information like pricing and deals.

Eyeview has taken their efforts to another level by making their product even easier for companies to use as there is no integration required from the video publishers, meaning their personalisation works across all devices.

Harnevo stated that, “In the cloud we’re creating hundreds of thousands of videos that you can then use in mobile, in connected TV, with no limitations... this is a real play for cross-platform, cross-stream personalization.”

Although Eyeview took time making its initial entrance into the U.S. market, they are now working with big advertisers like Land Rover, Lowe’s, Toyota, Paramount and Target. Not convinced by the big names? He also added that revenue grew 6x between 2011 and 2012, and it’s on-track to grow the same amount in 2013.

With funds raised to a total of $19.4 Million, Marker and existing investors, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Gemini Israel Funds, and Nauta Capital continue to supply the new funding that will go towards expanding Eyeviews market and developing technology.


How does Video advertising affect you? Or are you completely oblivious to any advertising out of your mobile screen...or? Tell us what you think!


Facebook rolls out "Embedded" posts.

Recently Facebook rolled out embedded posts to make it easier for people to share posts from their Facebook page to other users of the web. Soon you will be able to add public posts from Facebook to your blog or Website through this neat social plugin.

When you have chosen the content to embed it can include anything from pictures, hastatgs, videos and other various forms. The benefit of embedding your content gives people the option to like or share the post directly from the embed.

Facebook embedded post image by Think Big Online









 For example, after the royal baby was born The Official British Monarchy Page published this post. Despite the content being embedded, users can still click to either “Like” the page or can still click on the #RoyalBabyBoy hashtag directly from the embedded post to discover similar content on Facebook.









 Now have a look at this picture Andy Murray shared after winning the 2013 Wimbledon Championships.  Because the picture was embedded, and as his fan page is on “public” people could directly like his fan page simply by clicking the “Like Page” button in the upper right hand corner.  







Lastly this new installment is optimal for journalists, news reporter’s and of course bloggers. Now when you wish to post detailed commentary about world events, fashion, sports or any news to your timeline you can present it in a neat embedded post. Simply click “See more” to expand the embedded post to read the full story. Conveniently if you enjoy what you read you can also click “Follow” to subscribe to more posts from the author.

Firstly this tool is not readily available as yet; however it is in the pipe line and will be available for users who have "open" profiles. To embed a post, firstly check if the post is public by hovering over the audience selector in the top right hand corner of the box. Let me remind you only public posts from Pages and Facebook users can be embedded. If so, click the "Embed Post" option in the drop down menu.





Then copy and paste the code into your website... 





And now you can like and share the Embedded Post directly from your web page!

Now you will be able to interact with people with Embedded Posts by:

  • Liking or sharing the post directly from your web page
  • Liking the Page or following other posts from the author using the top right button
  • Visiting the post's comments, photos, hashtags and other content on Facebook

If you’re running a Fan page on Facebook then this is ideal to draw traffic from your page to your site and visa versa. These new features will optimize your share ability and help you to share the ground breaking news important to your viewers. Facebook is now working with CNN, PEOPLE and Mashable to master this new tool.

What opportunities does this new tool hold for your business? Are you excited or does this feel like just another pointless update? Tell us what you think!

Click here to view the original story Facebook software Engineers Dave Capra & Ray He. 

Domain Names, Google Analytics and Getting Out of Jail

Domain age and Google Analytics image by Think Big OnlineThis week I’m writing to you from rural Victoria up near the snowy mountains where I grew up.

Even while traveling through the lush green countryside I have still been thinking about ways to improve your online marketing effectiveness

Often I see people running TV, Radio or Print ads and sending people back to their website, which is great because if you have a good site it will do a lot of the work in educating and qualifying leads for you. Or if you have an E-commerce store then it will sell for you.

The problem is if you send them back to your website you don’t know how effective each ad is. The Radio guys says, “well your ad was played 20 times this week and 50,000 people heard it”, so what??

If half the planet heard it and no one bought anything, then your ads are a waste of your time and money. Time and money you could be spending on a nice vacation to Hawaii or the Swiss Alps.

Today I want to share a simple yet highly effective way to track any marketing you do offline. This is one of the pieces of advice I gave one of my high-end coaching clients 1 month ago and she got very interesting results.

It works like this – Lets say you are running a promotion for one of your products.

Step 1 - You need to brand the promotion. For my own humor lets pretend you are a lawyer and do No Win, No Fee jobs.

Lets call the promotion “Get out of jail free” (I know I have weird sense of humor haha!).

Step 2 – Set up a page on the website about the promotion and use your key term  “Get out of jail free” as the heading.

Step 3 – Register the domain name

Step 4 – Have your Webmaster redirect the domain to the promotion page. This means if someone visits they will land on your promotion page instead of trying to get them to remember to go

Step 5 – In your TV, Radio, Print or any other ads you reference

But there is one catch you MUST have a different domain for every channel you use or you wont know which channel is working for you.

For example you might have for your TV advertising and have for Radio, and then for your print ad.

Now in Google analytics (I am assuming you have it installed on your website, and if not, slap yourself and get it asap.) when you run your ads for offline media you will see visits show up under “referrals”.

These referrals will be from one of your domains that are redirected (,,, so now you know how effective each medium is.

One thing I need to mention - In your ad you should only have one call to action. E.G visit Do Not give them a phone number as well, Do Not give them your main website, Do Not give them your business name.

 If you follow these simple steps you will be able to hone your marketing and make it more profitable.

 Are you using any other techniques for tracking offline marketing online?

Why you should approach your Social Media Strategy like a Wedding.

Social Media Strategy image by Think Big OnlineLike a Wedding, a Social Media strategy will make your break your campaign, or rather “Big Day”. When was the last time you heard someone say I’m going to “wing” my wedding? Said no one! In these 8 simple points I will make you change your mind and tell you why you should place the same emphasis of importance onto your Social Media Strategy as you would your Wedding.



1. Planning out your Day.

Some say being spontaneous is fun and filled with lots of surprises, something you don’t want for your Social Media strategy or wedding! Research is essential; you are not going to book any venue without prior knowledge; likewise you would not jump into just any Social Media Platform and start posting without checking if it is fit for your audience or wedding reception. If you have an awesome Twitter Strategy, but majority of your customers are on Pintrest, you need to rework your targeting. So before you dive into any Social Platform do your research, companies spend thousands annually on B2C targeting and gathering information so start there, it’s free!

2.  The Dress, it’s all about the Dress!

Let’s be honest, the most important thing for a woman at her wedding is the dress. Whether the bride or bridesmaid, God forbid she is caught wearing last season’s runway or a shade of white that is too beige! Similar to a Social Strategy you need to dress your site to impress. Understanding the types of interactions your customers prefer and enjoy will grant you continuous engagement. To gain an insight on what will create appealing posts, monitor they way your ideal customer interacts on social networks then trial run different posts.

3. Something Blue, something old, something borrowed.

If you are a traditionalist, next to the dress are the accessories each bride endures to find. Ask any fashion orientated person and they will most likely say that accessories make the outfit. That little bit of bling could make or break your outfit.

Accessories for your social strategy, although not crucial to running a social media campaign, certainly provide a huge advantage. The Brightside is that majority of these tools are free, or have trial subscriptions! Here are some you should check out.

Hootsuite: The key to Hootsuite is to keep all of your streams organised, with this in order you can track trends, hash tags and schedule posts for the day, week or month; however in saying this having a content plan is essential but it is advised to keep up to date with news and events and allow for real time posting.

Social Mention: One of my favourites is excellent for tracking any topic or tracking competitors within a specified time. It is easy, efficient and works while you are focusing on other tasks.

Commun.IT: Although it is strictly for Twitter it simplifies followers into, highly supported users, main influencers, supporters and those who are most engaged. This is fantastic as you can separate each group and make sure you thank them accordingly. Additionally you can also set up series of key phrases you wish to track and receive notifications each time a key word is used.

4.Being fashionably late, truth or myth?

In this case of a wedding, no one wants a late bridezilla, however in regards to social media if you are too late you can miss your window of opportunity, too early and no one will see your efforts. After conducting research, Bitly informed us that 3pm on weekdays for Facebook is the biggest spike in usage while Twitter is most active on the weekends. Taking note of these times, are you sharing your content at these opportune times for better social media listening or are you being a stubborn bridezilla.

5. Is the venue cost worth it?

The last thing you want is to waste money on a wedding venue which doesn’t give you your money’s worth. In social media, time is money. Resources and tools are needed to perfectly execute your social strategy. If you are new to the social scene, spend a fair amount of time being an observer to see how things are run, when you feel comfortable you too can start conversation.

6. Calm amongst chaos

If you have ever attended a European wedding you will understand how difficult it is to get a word in without screaming across the table for your deaf Nonna to pass the prosciutto. Similarly you don’t want to be shouting at your social media contacts in an attempt to get their attention. With all of the other noise on the internet you need to make sure what you are posting is quality. If you have something very personal or meaningful to say then send a private message. This insures that they will hear what you have to say and identify that you have taken the time to send them the message.

With all the white noise on social media, it is ideal to take the time to listen to your audience. Observe when your clients are online, see what times of the day they engage the most with your content. Additionally observe when your competition is also online and posting. If you notice they always post around 10am, post an hour earlier to be the head lining news. Additionally, majority of social media platforms have groups, circles or favourites. Taking time to streamline your channels will pay off. You wouldn’t mix your once removed uncles second wife with your Nonna, so why mix your potential customers with already engaged customers?

7. Re-lightening the friendship/family flame.

There will always be part of your family which you don’t want to invite to your wedding, but you know that if you don’t it would will be the talk of the family. On the other hand there is family and friends you have not seen in months, years! And the plus ones they bring along could be even more beneficial for meeting new people.

Similarly in social media there are those old contacts that are stable and have been there for your whole social media journey. Like old friends you have not see them for a while, but when they finally engage again nothing has changed, maximise these contacts as your existing customers can prove to be a valuable resource when figuring out how to attract and engage new customers. There are a variety of ways that you can tap into the minds of your current customers. You could try:

  • Sending out a customer survey and include questions about their social networking habits.
  • Spend a portion of your monthly or quarterly meetings asking what sort of things they’re interested in learning more about on social networks.
  • Asking their opinion on a new campaign you’re running internally to determine if they would find it useful and engaging. 


8. A thank you note goes a long way.

Even though you may not appreciate the matching florescent martini glasses from your 3rd cousin Daniella, it is still proper etiquette to say thank you with a letter. The same goes with social media. When a client helps you out, old or new, a thank you “tweet” or post can go a long way. Not just for your own relationship with the customer to thank them for their contribution and engagement but also for social proof, others will see that your B2C relationship is genuine and set up great credibility for your company and for future clients.

With these tips you will have a strong Social Media Strategy, and who knows you might even be more prepared for your future wedding!




Have you accepted #Facebook #Hashtags?

Facebook hash tags image by Think Big OnlineFor years Facebook has prided it’s self on helping people communicate, to further this mission Facebook joined the “Hash tag” uprising. Facebook added this tool which now allows people to place a ’#’ before words signifying its topic. When clicked on, this topic is collected together with other mentions and presented to the user neatly filed.

Users of the micro blogging platform Twitter or other popular social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and now even Google Plus and Vine have been users of the Hash Tag. For example when the horrific bombings occurred in Boston #prayforboston was circulating around all social networks, or #manofstell which has been a popular hash tag recently in light of the new Super Man film being released last month. It is uncertain if Facebook will also bring out additional features like trends, however it has been said to be in the pipe line.The clear benefits of this recent adaptation are that users will also be able to now click hash tags made when sharing Instagram photos on Facebook. This search will bring up posts with the certain tag also made by other users who have chosen to make their post public.

Currently only 20% of users have this tool on their profile however the service will continue to roll out during the next few weeks.  However let us demonstrate to you the scale of the conversation on Facebook, between 88 million and 100 million Americans are using the service during primetime television hours. Game of Thrones‘ Red Wedding was mentioned 1.5 million times, while there were 66.5 million interactions (which include likes, comments and posts) around this year’s Oscars.

On the business side of things, this tool has almost been a blessing for businesses. Before this update hash tagging on a platform then sharing it directly to Facebook caused room for comments like “hash tags don’t work on Facebook” or “Hash tags have no power here”, etc.  However now Businesses can hash tag to their delight on any social platform and share it directly to their company profile without receiving the obvious comments. It is uncertain to how this tool will adapt among all Facebook users, we predict this new way of search will either emphasises the power of communication or simply over popular our newsfeed which Hash tag nonsense.


Have you accepted the Hast Tag revolution yet? Leave us a comment and tell us why/why not?


 Credit to Meme Center for their hilarious take on Hash Tags. 

Market Samurai Review, Discount & Bonus

Marlet Samuari review and bonus image by Think Big OnlineBefore you buy Market Samurai take the time to look through our full review so you can make informed decision if it really is worth the money for you.

In this review I will cover the:


What are the downsides?

Slow to fetch results - Sometimes it can take awhile to fetch the results if you have a slow Internet connection. I find depending on the time of day the speed can differ. When I am trying to use it in peak download times for my ISP market samurai can be very slow and in off peak times it is good.

This is because of the massive amounts of data that the tool is processing at any one time. As far as I know this tool gathers more information in one place than any other keyword research tool, so I don't mind that it can take awhile sometimes I simply just do another task at the same time.

Update problems - Problems every now can arise because it pulls data from so many places, when another resource updates the way do things it can effect the way market samurai provides results. This mainly a non issue but you can expect that there will be glitches from time to time. All I can say is I would hate to be the MS team having to keep the tool updated every day.

They normally have any glitches sorted out within 24 hours and if you personally have any problems their support team are always very helpful and make sure you get running again should you encounter a problem.




What are the upsides?

Lifetime upgrades - As I mentioned above the team at Noble Samurai (creators of MS) are always working hard to keep the tool up to date. I'm not sure how many full time staff they have continually working to make sure that the tool is working properly, but nearly every time I use it (which is daily) there is another upgrade available.

Fantastic support - Mentioned above as well is their great customer support should you every have a problem running the software on your computer.

Great training - There is a heap of videos available on how to use MS to get the best results at on how to use it at

1 time investment - I'm not 100% sure why they didn't make it a recurring investment to use the tool but bet they are kicking themselves that they didn't. I would have been happy to pay $47 every month to use it, because I get so much value from it on a consistent basis. If you are just starting out online you may not use use it quite as much an SEO company and I think that is why they made it a once off investment.

Works on both Windows and Mac - Because it is a desktop installed online application it works on both Mac and PC which is good for keeping both camps happy.

Easy for beginners - The way it laid out is easy for any beginner to navigate and learn and there are more than 250,000 people using it now so there is always someone that can help out and users post tutorials everywhere, so if you ever get stuck it is easy to figure it out.


Keyword Research Module

While most people call it a keyword research tool, MS is really a market research tool (funny they called Market Samurai and not Keyword Samurai), because the keyword research is just one module out of the 9 that are included.

The keyword research module suggests keywords related to the main keyword you input and then displays a huge amount of data including:

  • The amount of searches
  • The amount of traffic expected for a number 1 ranked site
  • The amount of competing pages
  • The amount of competing pages with the keyword in the title tag (which is a main ranking factor)
  • The amount of competing pages that have the keyword in the URL (another major ranking factor)
  • The percentage of phrase to broad match search that gives a good idea on how competitive it is
  • How much being ranked in the top spot for any particular keyword is worth in $
  • What the chances are of a person buying something that types in a specific keyword
  • How much per click people are paying for a keyword with google AdWords


Some other settings include:

Broad, phrase or exact match - For your keywords to give you a better understanding of how people are searching.

If you want the data to be on daily weekly or monthly basis there is simple drop down option.

You can filter your results so that the tool will only show results within a parameter. E.g If you want to see results of keywords that have less title tag competition than 100,000 and more daily traffic than 5 visitors per day per keyword.

This feature is great for finding long tail keywords very fast that have traffic and you can rank for sometimes in days instead of months.

Exporting - You can easily export the keywords to a CSV file with one click. You are also able to send your keywords to the rank tracker module with the click of a button, this saves you copy and pasting.

There is also a copy to clip board function where you can copy your keywords, to a note pad for other use.

Keyword suggestion - From the keyword tool you can also open up new tabs and Market Samurai will suggest more keywords based on that main one. E.G if you have the keyword "chocolate" as a main keyword MS will suggest "milk chocolate", you can then click 1 button and MS will make "milk chocolate" a main keyword as well and then suggest more keywords related to "milk chocolate", so you end up with a huge list of keywords very quickly.

SEO Competition Module

The SEO competition module allows you to quickly and easily asses the competition and compare how your site fairs again them. It is also great for reverse engineering your competition to see where they are getting their backlinks from and other useful data.

You can compare:

  • Domain age
  • Page rank
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Backlinks to the domain
  • Backlinks to the page
  • Backlinks from .edu or .gov sites
  • Whether they have a DMOZ listing
  • Whether they have a Yahoo listing
  • If the keyword is in the title tag
  • If the keyword is in the description tag
  • If the keyword is in the URL
  • If the keyword is in the head of the page

And you can see all this for the 10 sites on 1 page.

If you want to drill down even more you can click on a site and see the anchor text, page rank, Google trends information, Alexa information, Whois info or their Quantcast data.

I find all this info accurate 99.9% of the time. Every now and then with all tools you get something that doent line up, but no matter what tool you use if you are getting serious about going into a market then you need to use more than one tool to confirm your data or you are asking for trouble.

You can easily export all you competitions data including backlinks PR and anchor text to a CSV file with the click of a button.

Domain Name Module


Keyword rich domain names are the easiest way to boost you search engine rankings and the domain module of MS helps you to find a load of keyword rich domains both new and used straight after you have done your keyword research.

You simply click a button in the keyword research module and it automatically puts the keywords into the domain module for you. Once in the domain module you can add modifiers to the keywords if the exact match domains aren't available and then hit "find domains" and it will bring back a list for you.

You can filter the aged domain results by domain age, backlinks, domain length, page rank, hyphens and numbers, so you find what you are looking for much faster. You can also filter by the TLD E.G .com .net etc.

Like the other modules you can easily export the domains in a CSV to either add to you wish list or buy them straight away.

Market Samurai Rank Tracker


The MS rank tracker module quickly allows you to see which pages of either your or your competitions sites are ranking for particular keywords.

Once you have done you keyword research like the other modules you can just click one button and the keywords are put into the rank tracker module. You also have the option to manually add keywords if you get them from another source.

You can select which search engines you want to see data from. Either Google, Bing or Yahoo, just keep in mind the more you use the slower the software runs. I only use results from Google seeing as the bulk of traffic comes from there for most sites.

You can also select whether you want to get results from the first 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 search engine results pages. Once again the lower the number the faster the software will run.

It accepts multiple domains so if you have more than 1 site in a market or want to run your site against your competition then simply drop the URLs in and hit update.

Market Samurai Trial Version

The trial version of Market Samurai has all the modules available and when it expires the keyword research module stays active but you need to upgrade for all the other modules to continue working. So make the most of the tool in the trial period so that you can make a properly informed decision.

Main points:

  • You can see exactly which are the best keywords in your market
  • You can publish content straight from Market Samurai
  • You can use it for SEO and paid traffic
  • You can find keyword rich domain names
  • Discover low competition, high traffic niches
  • Find great content for your site
  • Find where your competition are getting their backlinks and get your own
  • It saves you a massive amount of time analysing your markets. You get detailed reports on keywords, domains and competition. It makes it easy for you to analyse your competition in minutes
  • 1 Off price so you don't have to pay every month
  • You can choose daily, weekly or monthly results


Market Samurai Discount

Market Samurai is normally $149 but if you want to save yourself $50 then all you need to do is, sign up for the trial version and then upgrade to the paid version before it expires and you will get it for $99. Note: If you don't upgrade before it the trial is over then you don't get access to the discount.


Market Samurai Bonus



If you decide that Market Samurai is for you and you want a $197 bonus (yes it is strange buying a product for $99 and getting a bonus of $197 and it's because we want you to succeed online and you may just give us a nice testimonial one day), then all you have to do is buy it through our link (we get a small commission) and then send an email to samuel AT along with your recipt and we will send you

So what is SEO Mumbo?

SEO mumbo is the complete "how to SEO" course covering:
Keyword research - How to find those keywords that you can rank for and get heaps traffic very quickly. No one is teaching some of the techniques covered in here
Domain names - How to find the best domain names for seo and blast past your competition
Content creation - How to create content and have other people do your seo for you for free
Off site optimisation - Where we go through the best link building techniques and places that you should be getting links from
On site optimisation - The small stuff you must do on your site that will get you big results
Existing sites - The things you can do to existing sites to make them rank faster, get more traffic and fly past your competition
New sites - Everything you must do when setting up a new site to give it a head start to ranking
Wordpress - A full module dedicated to wordpress and if you aren't currently using wordpress you will see exactly why you need to be using it or you will be out ranked
Reverse engineering - How to spy on your competition and figure how they are ranking and then do the same but add a few extra tricks and grab that top spot
Automation - How to automate a great deal of your seo work, so your sites start ranking on their own

The course consists of 10 main modules that are broken down into 23 videos and 12 mind maps. There is over 5 hours of content for you to go through here.

At the time of posting, this isn't even available to the public, only some private mentoring students and when it is released it will sell for $197. I know its a bit crazy giving a $197 bonus to something that is only $97, but I want to make sure get massive value and have every chance of succeeding online.

You must purchase through our affiliate link to qualify and then simply send me your recipt from market samurai to samuel AT seomumbo .com and I'll send you the SEO mumbo course for free as a bonus.

My honest overall rating of Market Samurai is 4.5 stars
And it really is one tool that my students or I can NOT do with out but don't take my work for it grab the free version, you don't have to buy it. Test it out for for a week or so and if you don't agree that it is the best market research tool available then you have lost nothing. Just make sure you go through the link below if you want me to send you SEO mumbo.

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