Google Adwords VS Facebook Ads

Which is better - Facebook Ads or Google Adwords? It’s a good question and one is commonly asked here at Think Big Online for people looking to start advertising on the web.

Now we hate to disappoint you but there’s really no direct answer to which one is better; the truth is that these are two different marketing mediums and work well for different businesses under different circumstances. What we’ll do in this article instead is to go through the different points and scenarios wherein Facebook ads and Adwords may or may not work for your business. Only then can you assess which marketing medium is actually better suited to your business. Let’s get right to it!

The Buying Cycle

Adwords target “ready to buy” people; Imagine the buying cycle as a funnel and you have people on top that may be aware of your business but just are not ready to buy anything just yet. The people at the bottom of that funnel are the people that are ready to put money into your bank account as they have an immediate need for your products or services. Google Adwords lets you target the people who are right at the bottom of the buying cycle. People that already have their credit card out and are simply looking for someone to give their money to.

Unlike Adwords, Facebook Ads targets people in the full buying cycle. There’s no way to specifically target people who are the bottom of funnel and ready to make the purchase. That said, targeting people who are the top of the funnel is definitely still worth looking into and with Facebook ads, you have the potential to effectively do just that and with generally better results than that of Adwords.

The marketing reach of Adwords

Adwords, as a marketing medium possesses a much broader reach compared to Facebook ads. You can target people on Google itself, Properties or on Youtube; it’s all thanks to the vast network Google has in place. Facebook on the other hand is only limited to the social media platform.

Brand Awareness on Facebook

Although Facebook is limited in terms of reach, it’s still the dominant social network on the web and a great place to promote local brand awareness. Nearly everyone maintains an active presence on the social network and with good content marketing, you can effectively position yourself as a brand authority in your niche market.

Tracking in Adwords

Adwords present a more effective means of tracking purchases and inquiries which is a great boon for businesses that rely heavily on lead generation. You can even track phone calls and best of all these are all free services and come with the use of the Adwords platform. This tracking feature is something that is yet to be seen in the Facebook marketing platform.

Social Proof in Facebook

Facebook may not offer much in the way of tracking but most web marketers would agree that it makes up for it by way of social proof. Come up with a good ad and people are bound to like, comment or share your ad which builds trust so that people are more likely to purchase the products or services that you’re offering.

Dynamic Insertion Ads on Adwords

It’s a significant advantage of Adwords over Facebook ads and to better explain this feature, it would be best to cite an example. Let’s say somebody goes to Google and does a search for “Red Hats”. Well with Adwords, you can insert that particular search term dynamically into your ad. The result is an opportunity to create ads that are on point and convinces people that it’s exactly what they are looking for online.

Targeting your audience on Facebook

Facebook offers 3 ways of targeting an audience for your marketing ads - interest, geography and demography. Of course Adwords offers something similar but what makes Facebook marketing truly powerful is that you can easily overlay the 3 to create a highly targeted and more profitable list of audience to market to. Facebook also offers a means to split test your ads, making it so much easier to identify what’s working for you.

Youtube is owned by Google

Google owns Youtube and that’s yet another significant advantage when it comes to marketing with Adwords. This means that you can run your Adwords off Youtube which is actually the 2nd biggest search engine on the Internet. There are millions of searches done on Youtube everyday and Adwords lets you tap into yet another rich pool of audiences that you can market to.

Rich Media in Facebook Ads

Facebook lets you create ads that contain rich media in either text, images or videos. You can always combine any of those to create your ads.

So there you have it - the specific advantages of each platform. Of course to really decide which is better for your business, we need to also tackle the specific disadvantages of each platform. Let’s get right to it!

The disadvantages surrounding Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Poor Overlay targeting in Adwords

One problem that most marketers often encounter when it comes to doing Google Adwords is that while you can specifically target people based on their intention and what they’re looking for, there’s currently no way to overlay all that with certain demographics like age, gender or interests. Hence you stand to waste some of your ad budget as you go about tweaking your campaign.

No targeting based on keyword searches on Facebook

This is a significant flaw one would currently find in Facebook ads; there’s simply no way to target people based on whatever search terms they are using on the social network.

You need a good website to draw people to in Adwords

To be truly effective, Adwords requires a substantial website to direct your audience to. You can’t just set up a basic page to drive traffic to and expect good results, While Adwords may bring you lots of traffic, those mean nothing if your website doesn’t successfully convert that traffic, whether in the form of sales or completing a capture form.

Banner blindness on Facebook

While Facebook is definitely a popular avenue to market your products or services, people will become bored if they are shown the same banner and images. Such limitations can adversely affect the performance of your marketing campaign over time. One way to combat this is to always make sure that you regularly rotate your ads and switch up your images.

Limited audience with Adwords search

While you can target people on Adwords based on their intention, there’s only a certain number of people doing a particular search on a given day regarding a specific topic or keyword phrases. Scaling up can be a problem as you are limited to the number of people searching for your product or service on a certain day which might restrict the effectiveness of your web marketing campaign.

Facebook ads make it difficult to promote boring topics

Facebook marketing is primarily driven by excitement which makes it a challenge for businesses engaged in selling products or services that people don’t find particularly interesting. Say you’re in the business of selling basketballs; enthusiasts are likely to buy your products simply because it interests them. If you’re a law firm however offering legal assistance for a divorce then that can be a problem because it’s a subject that people generally don’t find exciting or interesting.

Adwords search ads is restricted to only a few lines of text

On Facebook, you can literally write an ad consisting of a whole article. Granted you’ll need a good writer to come up with content that people will find interesting and engaging. This is something that you simply can’t do in an Adwords ad.

Content restrictions on Facebook

As a reputable social network, Facebook imposes a lot of restrictions on the type of content shared on the network. This can be a problem for businesses that delve in such restricted content such as alcohol, weight loss products and adult-related products.If you’re niche belongs to any of these categories then Facebook is definitely not for you.

You cannot use Adwords to split out devices by type

Adwords literally forces you to run your ads through a wide range of devices - laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. This can affect the profitability of your advertising campaign whereas Facebook ads grant you the option to only show your ads to an audience using a particular device.

Cost of Facebook Ads can be affected by seasonality

Ad expenses can spike significantly depending on the season as there are bound to be an increase on the number of businesses promoting relevant products on the social network. This can drive up your marketing expenditures compared to Adwords where ad spending remains relatively the same.

So there you have it - the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. One marketing medium is not necessarily better than the other and as a matter of fact, it’s a good idea to combine the use of the two if you’re in a highly competitive market. You can target people on Facebook that share the same interests then drive those people to your website for a much lower cost. You can then apply retargeting using Adwords to maximise your chances of getting those people to buy your product or service. This will drive your total cost down while shaping an extremely competitive business on the web. Inversely, you can target “ready to buy” people first using Adwords and then re target them using Facebook making it seem like you’re everywhere. Either way, Facebook Ads and Adwords are both excellent marketing mediums and you need only implement them based on their their specific strengths and weaknesses.

Online Marketing Consultant Samuel Junghenn On Part 2


Online Marketing Consultant Samuel Junghenn On Part 2 image by Think Big OnlinePart 2 of Online Marketing Consultant Samuel Junghenn On! In this episode Samuel reflects on Think Big Online's integrated marketing technique and answers the questions about the "Bigger" picture of Online Marketing.  Additionally Samuel discusses advertising, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email marketing, auto responders and Video Marketing.  

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Are You Wasting Your Facebook Ad Budget?

Facebook Ad budget image by Think Big OnlineRecently we’ve been working with a group of clients to optimize their Facebook Advertising and we found something surprising across all of their accounts.  While they had good budgets, good ads and had targeted their demographics correctly there conversion was low.

Initially they thought it was something to do with their offer, but upon further investigation we discovered their budget was running out very quickly.  For example, there daily budget reset each night at midnight and before 6am their local time each day the budget was spent.

The rapid spending of their budget meant their target market wasn’t actually seeing the ads at a time where they were likely to take action.  Instead the budget was being wasted on late night clicks where resulted in very little action.

As a fix to this we suggested moving them from using just the Facebook advertising interface to a Facebook ad management software solution.  The reason being that Facebook doesn’t offer a time based advertising solution like Google Adwords.

In Google Adwords you can select specific times that you wish your ads to run to ensure you’re ads are displaying at the optimal times for your business.  Unfortunately Facebook does not have this feature, but many Facebook Ad Management solutions do.

The move to the managed solution meant they had more control over their budget and when their ads were shown.  This resulted in an increase in their return on investment and ultimately a better advertising campaign.

Many business owners steer clear of using paid Ad management systems because they can be expensive, but often they don’t realize that they will pay for themselves.  We strongly recommend that when undertaking any paid advertising that you seriously consider ad management solutions as they often offer features which can save time and money.

In this specific case the ad management solution made an unprofitable campaign profitable.

Facebook Launches Sponsored Results

Facebook sponsored results image by Think Big OnlineIn another move by Facebook to improve it’s revenue outlook and halt it’s falling share price, it’s been announced today that a new advertising service is launching.  The new service, dubbed Sponsored Results, is currently in testing and is being called “Facebook’s Answer To Search Advertisements”.

Very simply put, when you search in the search bar on Facebook traditionally you only saw free results.  Either you saw Fan Pages, Events Or People, now businesses are being given the opportunity to include advertisements into this search bar area.

The move by Facebook is a good one as it should help to bring onside media buyers who are familiar with the search buying market place.  Previously Facebook has had a strained relationship with media buyers as they struggle to show results and win over advertisers.

Hopefully this move to a more “normal” style of search based advertising will help to attract more businesses into advertising with Facebook

Sponsored Results A Step In The Right Direction

While the announcement is a step in the right direction, some analysts are saying they have not yet taken the step which needs to be taken.  They are referring to allowing advertisers to direct advertisements outside of the Facebook platform.

Currently advertisers can only direct prospects to Facebook Pages which is restrictive in the style and type of advertisements that can be used to entice buyers.  Many analysts believe that a move to allow businesses to direct clicks straight to their own websites or landing pages should increase advertisers.

At this stage though it does not look as if this is a step Facebook is willing to take, they are very protective of their traffic and users, which to date has worked for them in terms of growth.

As the financial pressure continues to grow on Facebook though it’s quite possible they will open up this avenue in the hopes of increasing revenue.  Now for those of you looking for the sponsored results within your advertising dashboard, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

The program is still in testing and only available to selected users.  But if you plan on using this service or have a comment about Facebook’s latest change feel free to jump in the comments below and leave your thoughts.

Facebook Announces Another Ad Change

Facebook Ad Change image by Think Big OnlineFacebook is at it again, looking for more ways to increase their revenue, this time they're releasing a new advertising unit which allows businesses to promote to users who aren't fans of their page.  Facebook announced they are releasing a new test advertising platform where businesses can use promoted posts to get to people who are not fans of their page.

Traditionally promoted posts were shown to fans only, this change is another one in a recent spade of changes by the social media giant.  Read more about it here:

The Google Vs Bing Search Engine War Continues

Google vs Bing search engine war image by Think Big OnlineIn recent times Bing has been slowly edging it’s way towards taking over some of Google’s market share.  Now I’m not talking significant numbers, it’s just a few percent of the market share, but still it’s enough to ruffle feathers at Google.

Google’s going to be even more annoyed as Microsoft’s adCenter has recently been testing a new feature, Product Listing Ads.  These new ad units look extremely similar to Google’s own Product Listing Ads and seem to be launched as a “copy”.

The reason why Microsoft’ introducing them is obvious, they’ve been hugely successful for Google, and they’re wanting to get the same effect.  Check out the ads here:

Study Reveals Google Users Clicking On Ads More...

Google users clicking on ads more image by Think Big OnlineA surprising study was released by Wordstream in the US today where it was shown that on searches with "commercial intent" users were more likely to click on paid advertisements then to click on the organic search results.

This is interesting as in the past it has been thought that only a very small number of users were clicking on google ads and as such you needed to focus efforts on SEO to get market share.  This latest research has only been done on a small market segment but shows promising signs for Google Adwords advertisers.

Read more about the study here:

Google Adwords PPC Management

 What can our Google Adwords PPC Management services do for you?

Google Adwords PPC management image by Think Big OnlineWould you like to discover the fastest way to drive streams of highly targeted buyers to your website in the next 24 hours and have the phone ringing like a smoke alarm in an Aussie barbecue?

Just before I get into that, we want to let you in on a little secret – websites don’t make money. It’s not about the sausage, it’s about the sizzle and it’s not about the website, it’s about the visitors you get to your website.

Now you’ve probably heard of Google Adwords and you know that you can setup a campaign yourself or you can send one of your staff to attend courses on how to effectively run your campaign. We can tell you now that around 96 percent of all people that come to us for Adwords management that have an existing campaign have been doing it wrong and wasting fistful of money every day.

It’s not about how many visitors you get to your website but rather it’s about getting highly targeted leads that will be more likely to buy your product or service.  Sure we can send 2 million visitors to your website tomorrow but if no one buys that would be a waste of time and money so we would rather send 200 targeted visitors to your website tomorrow and have 100 of them pick up the phone, send you an e-mail or buy something giving you better returns on your marketing dollar and make more profit.

So how do you get more targeted visitors to actually pick up the phone, e-mail or buy from you? It all starts with tracking and this is where 99 percent of Adwords managers drop the proverbial ball. Think Big Online is the only company in Australia that has developed a state of the art tracking system that tracks every visitor on your website so that you know which types of people actually convert into sales. Once we know this, we start targeting more of these people to increase your return of investment.

Now you may be wondering, why is tracking so important? Well It’s because you can’t improve something that you’re not measuring. If you are running an Adwords campaign and not measuring which keywords and ads turn into phone calls, then you are burning money - money that you could be spending on a holiday in Bali, ski trip to France or a shiny new car.

You see that is where we are different - aside from driving floods of visitors to your website, we track everything so it’s simple for you to see that you are making money on everything we do.

Imagine when you get reports at the end of the month and you can see that for every $1,000 you invest outwards, you get $10,000 back in sales. How many thousands of dollars  would you invest? Think Big Online offers you all that and more!

Think Big Online Google Adwords PPC Management Services

As a full-service internet marketing company, our Google Adwords PPC Management Services here at Think Big Online includes:

  • In-depth keyword research (we target unlimited keywords)
  • Competition analysis
  • Tracking for all e-mails and phone calls
  • Full month reporting for position, traffic and leads

Here at Think Big Online, we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about dealing with any sleazy salesman, false promises and big stupid technical terms. We fully intend to bring our clients more leads for less and more sales resulting to higher return on investment and more money in their pocket. Some clients benefit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the services that we offer.

Go ahead and get in touch with our PPC consultants today for nothing less than excellent and truly profitable results!

SEO Still Number 1

In a recent study by Web Marketing 123 SEO was found to contribute 53% of all leads generated from online marketing ahead of PPC 28% and social media 19%.

Suprisingly the report also cover that 75% of business to consumer businesses actively use Facebook for marketing followed by 8% on Twitter and 6% on Linkedin.

B2B businesses were more evenly spread with their social activities having 34% using facebook, with 26% Twitter and 25% Linkedin.

With only 46% saying that their main objective was to generate more leads online, the question becones to be asked "we the other 54% involved for Branding?".

You can download the full report at