Aweber Review and Bonus – Email Marketing Software

A good look at Aweber

Aweber review image by Think Big OnlineThe Aweber is an email marketing platform designed to help customers keep in touch with their clients – automatically sending out new updates on offerings and pull prospects back to your website. As an email auto responder, it is said to be powerful enough to become the centerpiece on one’s email marketing campaign featuring segmented lists, invaluable statistics and information on exactly how recipients are responding to the emails that you’ve sent out.

Having said that, the question still remains – Is it the right email marketing platform for you? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at how it works and how Aweber can be of benefit to you.

.What can Aweber do for you?

aweber 1 aweber 2

Internet marketers can use Aweber in a number of ways:

  • Send out email updates for your latest blog posts. Keep your readers on the loop and encourage them to check back whenever you publish anything new
  • Provide updates on your products or services. Launching a new product or service? Thinking of running a new promotional campaign? Let your prospects know all about it through email notifications.
  • Better establish authority in your niche market by emailing informative and educational content to prospects.
  • Further grow your contact lists and build enticing landing/squeeze pages – offer something of value to convince visitors to opt in on your offerings


What we loved about the Aweber email marketing system.

  • Simplicity and ease of use – a quick setup wizard guides users every step of the way. Simply provide the information needed and automatically start sending out email updates, broadcasts and newsletters. It certainly makes email marketing a heck of a lot easier.
  • Seamless integration – Aweber features high compatibility and works well with most shopping carts, membership websites and payment processing systems. Nanacast is one good example – send exclusive content to buyers the moment they complete the checkout process.
  • Email marketing analytics – get access to detailed information surrounding your campaign and gain valuable insights on how people are responding to your emails. Reports cover everything from unopened emails to what most of your prospects are doing after reading your message.
  • No coding required – with Aweber, users can create professional looking web forms with no technical knowledge thanks to its integrated web form designer. Create stunning opt-in pages by selecting a template, adding personalized text content and integrating the code on your webpage. It’s that easy and the platform even tracks opt-in rate prompting improvements where necessary.


Is Aweber the right email marketing system for you?

Aweber is a complete and fully integrated email marketing platform recommended for practically anyone building and working with an email list. Whether you are running a blog, news site, membership website or an actual business online, Aweber is an invaluable tool for communicating with clients and prospects thru email.

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Iphone Video Hero Review and Bonus – Professional Video Creation Course

A good look at iphone video hero

iphone video heroNothing gets marketing messages across better than a good video – a lot of internet marketers know that all too well. Unfortunately the knowledge and investment required can make video marketing cost prohibitive for many marketers who simply can’t afford the cost of professional grade video recording equipment. Iphone video hero claims to be capable of changing all that but does it deliver? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look…


All about Iphone Video Hero

Iphone Video Hero is an ingenious video making course designed to enable users to come up with professional quality marketing videos out of a device most people already have on their pockets – the iPhone! (The course also applies to Android devices with rich HD recording features). It practically turns the iPhone into a video production tool and eliminates the need for specialized video recording equipment which can cost thousands of dollars.

Now the course was created by Jules Watkins – a former BBC and MTV director so he does know a thing or two about creating professional quality videos. The course provides a complete walkthrough, tips and strategies on how to create professional quality videos with iPhone. It provides tutorials, recommended apps and effects to come up with videos that are just as good as those taken by more expensive video recording equipment.

What we loved about the iPhone Video Hero

iphone video hero 1

Perhaps the best thing about iPhone Video Hero is the idea itself – creating professional quality videos straight out of an iPhone which is something that marketers never would have thought possible. Whether you are an internet marketer, blogger or running any kind of business online, you can take advantage of the professional video production capabilities of a device you’re likely already using. It’s particularly useful for users who lack the resources to spend on specialized recording and studio equipment.

The course is very comprehensive and covers everything that users need to effortlessly create professional looking marketing videos. Topics that the course covers include:

  • Video Controls and Settings
  • Depth of Field
  • Headsets
  • Steady Recording
  • Audio Setup
  • Voice Recording
  • Lighting
  • Filming yourself
  • Videolicious
  • Video effects
  • Pimping your videos
  • Marketing on Youtube
  • And many more…


Iphone Video Hero also features a “Resource Section” where you’ll find:

  • An image library that you can use for your video covers
  • An audio track collection that you can use as background music for your videos
  • Highly recommended video creation tools and plugins

 iphone video hero 2

Who can benefit from iPhone Video Hero?

The course is highly recommended for anyone looking for a practical and inexpensive alternative to video marketing without sacrificing results. Of course you’d have to own an iPhone or any other smart phone that matches its HD recording specs but that’s already a given.

Whether you are internet marketer who wishes to capitalize on the advantages of videos as a marketing tool without breaking your finances or a casual blogger looking to breathe new life to your content, iPhone Video Hero is certainly worth checking out. For just $97 and a 30 day money back guarantee, most people would have to agree that it’s a steal and far much less compared to what you’d have to spend on expensive and complicated professional recording equipment.

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OptimisePress 2 Review and Bonus - Webpage Creation Plugin

OptimisePress 2 review – Is it any good?

optimizer press 2Have you ever heard of a great marketing site creation tool called OptimisePress 2 or OP 2? Looking to learn more about it and whether it’s actually worth looking into? Well read on to know more about this particular digital marketing product.

As the name already implies OptimisePress 2 is the second and latest version of Optimize Press – a premium WordPress plugin and theme designed to enable users to easily create high performance landing pages, membership portals and sales pages that convert well. But that’s not all....

Check out the video below for a quick look at some of the great things Optimize Press offers:

With OptimisePress 2, users can easily create:

  • Landing pages
  • Secure membership portals
  • Sales and marketing pages
  • Product launch funnels
  • Training course pages
  • Authority blogs
  • Webinar registration pages
  • Responsive and mobile ready webpages

Is OptimisePress 2 the right webpage creation tool for you?

Now putting all the sales pitch aside, is OptimisePress 2 really worth the hype? Is it the right digital marketing product and WordPress plugin for you?

OP 2 is ideal for just about anybody looking for an easy and cost-effective solution for their webpage marketing needs. It takes the difficulty out of creating just about any kind of online of marketing pages without the high cost that is often associated with hiring professional web designers and web developers which can easily amount to thousands of dollars.

For as low as $97 (Core Package), one can gain access to this one of a kind OP 2 WordPress plugin – that’s a fraction of the price one would otherwise have to spend on professional developers and graphic designers. If you happen to own the previous version of Optimize Press, you’d be glad to know that you are entitled to a special discount.

Now I was initially disappointed to know that owners of the previous version are not entitled to a free upgrade but it was fairly reasonable considering that the latest version was built from scratch and adopts the latest in digital marketing technology.

Some of the features that I particularly loved about OptimisePress 2 and that many users are all bound to appreciate include:

  • The Live Editor which enables users to configure and shape their webpage exactly the way they want it to without having to save or reloading the webpage users are working on. With the live editor, I am easily able to change menus and navigation bar (a feature that the previous version lacked).
  • It is compatible and works flawlessly with various auto responders like Aweber, iContact and Aweber
  • GoToWebinar integration which allows users to automatically register prospects to their webinar and auto responder list
  • Tons of customization options and professional high converting templates that help even the most basic of users to get started! I was able to customize my pages exactly the way I wanted to. One feature that particularly stood out was the Button Optimizer which enabled me to come up with unique buttons, fonts, borders and other webpage elements – the design possibilities are limitless and without the need for any technical and coding knowledge.
  • Clone webpages or save your work as presets. Now webmasters will be able to come up with webpages that are professional and consistent.


The Bottom line

So what’s the verdict on OP 2? Well if you are looking for a simple and highly intuitive way of creating just about any kind of marketing webpage on WordPress without the high cost of professional web and graphic designers/developers, then OptimisePress 2 is certainly worth a look! The customization features that it brings to the table is simply huge and even novice users can now take advantage of all that without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

OptimisePress 2 practically takes webmasters by the hand and renders the creation of marketing webpages simple and effective. If you are having trouble creating the perfect landing /sales page or just about any kind of marketing webpage for that matter – Optimize Press 2 is certainly a worthwhile and promising investment!

Interested in OptimisePress 2 and benefit from the great features that the tool offers? Purchase this awesome plugin by clicking on the link provided and we’ll throw in a few bonus courses for free to help you make the most out of your web marketing campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase OptimisePress 2 today!

 Are you interested in OptimizePress 2? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

Market Samurai Review, Discount & Bonus

Marlet Samuari review and bonus image by Think Big OnlineBefore you buy Market Samurai take the time to look through our full review so you can make informed decision if it really is worth the money for you.

In this review I will cover the:


What are the downsides?

Slow to fetch results - Sometimes it can take awhile to fetch the results if you have a slow Internet connection. I find depending on the time of day the speed can differ. When I am trying to use it in peak download times for my ISP market samurai can be very slow and in off peak times it is good.

This is because of the massive amounts of data that the tool is processing at any one time. As far as I know this tool gathers more information in one place than any other keyword research tool, so I don't mind that it can take awhile sometimes I simply just do another task at the same time.

Update problems - Problems every now can arise because it pulls data from so many places, when another resource updates the way do things it can effect the way market samurai provides results. This mainly a non issue but you can expect that there will be glitches from time to time. All I can say is I would hate to be the MS team having to keep the tool updated every day.

They normally have any glitches sorted out within 24 hours and if you personally have any problems their support team are always very helpful and make sure you get running again should you encounter a problem.




What are the upsides?

Lifetime upgrades - As I mentioned above the team at Noble Samurai (creators of MS) are always working hard to keep the tool up to date. I'm not sure how many full time staff they have continually working to make sure that the tool is working properly, but nearly every time I use it (which is daily) there is another upgrade available.

Fantastic support - Mentioned above as well is their great customer support should you every have a problem running the software on your computer.

Great training - There is a heap of videos available on how to use MS to get the best results at on how to use it at

1 time investment - I'm not 100% sure why they didn't make it a recurring investment to use the tool but bet they are kicking themselves that they didn't. I would have been happy to pay $47 every month to use it, because I get so much value from it on a consistent basis. If you are just starting out online you may not use use it quite as much an SEO company and I think that is why they made it a once off investment.

Works on both Windows and Mac - Because it is a desktop installed online application it works on both Mac and PC which is good for keeping both camps happy.

Easy for beginners - The way it laid out is easy for any beginner to navigate and learn and there are more than 250,000 people using it now so there is always someone that can help out and users post tutorials everywhere, so if you ever get stuck it is easy to figure it out.


Keyword Research Module

While most people call it a keyword research tool, MS is really a market research tool (funny they called Market Samurai and not Keyword Samurai), because the keyword research is just one module out of the 9 that are included.

The keyword research module suggests keywords related to the main keyword you input and then displays a huge amount of data including:

  • The amount of searches
  • The amount of traffic expected for a number 1 ranked site
  • The amount of competing pages
  • The amount of competing pages with the keyword in the title tag (which is a main ranking factor)
  • The amount of competing pages that have the keyword in the URL (another major ranking factor)
  • The percentage of phrase to broad match search that gives a good idea on how competitive it is
  • How much being ranked in the top spot for any particular keyword is worth in $
  • What the chances are of a person buying something that types in a specific keyword
  • How much per click people are paying for a keyword with google AdWords


Some other settings include:

Broad, phrase or exact match - For your keywords to give you a better understanding of how people are searching.

If you want the data to be on daily weekly or monthly basis there is simple drop down option.

You can filter your results so that the tool will only show results within a parameter. E.g If you want to see results of keywords that have less title tag competition than 100,000 and more daily traffic than 5 visitors per day per keyword.

This feature is great for finding long tail keywords very fast that have traffic and you can rank for sometimes in days instead of months.

Exporting - You can easily export the keywords to a CSV file with one click. You are also able to send your keywords to the rank tracker module with the click of a button, this saves you copy and pasting.

There is also a copy to clip board function where you can copy your keywords, to a note pad for other use.

Keyword suggestion - From the keyword tool you can also open up new tabs and Market Samurai will suggest more keywords based on that main one. E.G if you have the keyword "chocolate" as a main keyword MS will suggest "milk chocolate", you can then click 1 button and MS will make "milk chocolate" a main keyword as well and then suggest more keywords related to "milk chocolate", so you end up with a huge list of keywords very quickly.

SEO Competition Module

The SEO competition module allows you to quickly and easily asses the competition and compare how your site fairs again them. It is also great for reverse engineering your competition to see where they are getting their backlinks from and other useful data.

You can compare:

  • Domain age
  • Page rank
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Backlinks to the domain
  • Backlinks to the page
  • Backlinks from .edu or .gov sites
  • Whether they have a DMOZ listing
  • Whether they have a Yahoo listing
  • If the keyword is in the title tag
  • If the keyword is in the description tag
  • If the keyword is in the URL
  • If the keyword is in the head of the page

And you can see all this for the 10 sites on 1 page.

If you want to drill down even more you can click on a site and see the anchor text, page rank, Google trends information, Alexa information, Whois info or their Quantcast data.

I find all this info accurate 99.9% of the time. Every now and then with all tools you get something that doent line up, but no matter what tool you use if you are getting serious about going into a market then you need to use more than one tool to confirm your data or you are asking for trouble.

You can easily export all you competitions data including backlinks PR and anchor text to a CSV file with the click of a button.

Domain Name Module


Keyword rich domain names are the easiest way to boost you search engine rankings and the domain module of MS helps you to find a load of keyword rich domains both new and used straight after you have done your keyword research.

You simply click a button in the keyword research module and it automatically puts the keywords into the domain module for you. Once in the domain module you can add modifiers to the keywords if the exact match domains aren't available and then hit "find domains" and it will bring back a list for you.

You can filter the aged domain results by domain age, backlinks, domain length, page rank, hyphens and numbers, so you find what you are looking for much faster. You can also filter by the TLD E.G .com .net etc.

Like the other modules you can easily export the domains in a CSV to either add to you wish list or buy them straight away.

Market Samurai Rank Tracker


The MS rank tracker module quickly allows you to see which pages of either your or your competitions sites are ranking for particular keywords.

Once you have done you keyword research like the other modules you can just click one button and the keywords are put into the rank tracker module. You also have the option to manually add keywords if you get them from another source.

You can select which search engines you want to see data from. Either Google, Bing or Yahoo, just keep in mind the more you use the slower the software runs. I only use results from Google seeing as the bulk of traffic comes from there for most sites.

You can also select whether you want to get results from the first 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 search engine results pages. Once again the lower the number the faster the software will run.

It accepts multiple domains so if you have more than 1 site in a market or want to run your site against your competition then simply drop the URLs in and hit update.

Market Samurai Trial Version

The trial version of Market Samurai has all the modules available and when it expires the keyword research module stays active but you need to upgrade for all the other modules to continue working. So make the most of the tool in the trial period so that you can make a properly informed decision.

Main points:

  • You can see exactly which are the best keywords in your market
  • You can publish content straight from Market Samurai
  • You can use it for SEO and paid traffic
  • You can find keyword rich domain names
  • Discover low competition, high traffic niches
  • Find great content for your site
  • Find where your competition are getting their backlinks and get your own
  • It saves you a massive amount of time analysing your markets. You get detailed reports on keywords, domains and competition. It makes it easy for you to analyse your competition in minutes
  • 1 Off price so you don't have to pay every month
  • You can choose daily, weekly or monthly results


Market Samurai Discount

Market Samurai is normally $149 but if you want to save yourself $50 then all you need to do is, sign up for the trial version and then upgrade to the paid version before it expires and you will get it for $99. Note: If you don't upgrade before it the trial is over then you don't get access to the discount.


Market Samurai Bonus



If you decide that Market Samurai is for you and you want a $197 bonus (yes it is strange buying a product for $99 and getting a bonus of $197 and it's because we want you to succeed online and you may just give us a nice testimonial one day), then all you have to do is buy it through our link (we get a small commission) and then send an email to samuel AT along with your recipt and we will send you

So what is SEO Mumbo?

SEO mumbo is the complete "how to SEO" course covering:
Keyword research - How to find those keywords that you can rank for and get heaps traffic very quickly. No one is teaching some of the techniques covered in here
Domain names - How to find the best domain names for seo and blast past your competition
Content creation - How to create content and have other people do your seo for you for free
Off site optimisation - Where we go through the best link building techniques and places that you should be getting links from
On site optimisation - The small stuff you must do on your site that will get you big results
Existing sites - The things you can do to existing sites to make them rank faster, get more traffic and fly past your competition
New sites - Everything you must do when setting up a new site to give it a head start to ranking
Wordpress - A full module dedicated to wordpress and if you aren't currently using wordpress you will see exactly why you need to be using it or you will be out ranked
Reverse engineering - How to spy on your competition and figure how they are ranking and then do the same but add a few extra tricks and grab that top spot
Automation - How to automate a great deal of your seo work, so your sites start ranking on their own

The course consists of 10 main modules that are broken down into 23 videos and 12 mind maps. There is over 5 hours of content for you to go through here.

At the time of posting, this isn't even available to the public, only some private mentoring students and when it is released it will sell for $197. I know its a bit crazy giving a $197 bonus to something that is only $97, but I want to make sure get massive value and have every chance of succeeding online.

You must purchase through our affiliate link to qualify and then simply send me your recipt from market samurai to samuel AT seomumbo .com and I'll send you the SEO mumbo course for free as a bonus.

My honest overall rating of Market Samurai is 4.5 stars
And it really is one tool that my students or I can NOT do with out but don't take my work for it grab the free version, you don't have to buy it. Test it out for for a week or so and if you don't agree that it is the best market research tool available then you have lost nothing. Just make sure you go through the link below if you want me to send you SEO mumbo.

SEOPressor Review, Discount & Bonus

There are a bunch of Wordpress SEO plugins to make our lives easier in getting search engine rankings and today I'm going to show you another one in this SEOPressor review, plus if you think that it might be for you then I have an SEOPressor Bonus for you at the end.

In the mean time I am going to give you the most unbiased review of Daniel Tan's SEO Pressor so that you can be best informed if it is for you or not.

Lets start of with a brief over view of how the plugin helps you with SEO and what it does, so that you know where I am coming from in the rest of this review.

This Wordpress plugin helps with your on page SEO properties and gives you a guide as to the elements that need to be adjusted on your page or post for maximum effect in the search engines.

Once you have installed the plugin and activated it you will see a field for SEO Pressor. Once you have written your post or page, you just put the keyword that you want to rank the page for in here and then hit publish.

The plugin will then score your page/post on the following on page aspects that are important for SEO:

  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
  • Keyword Density
  • Internal link to another page
  • Do you have an image with the alt text
  • Do you have enough keywords to bold, italic and underline


The plugin will also bold, italic and underline your keyword for you automatically. Though this doesn't make a huge difference to your SEO it may help give you that little edge.

You can then adjust your post/page and hit update again, each time you do this it will update your score as a percentage and show you what needs to be changed to get a better score. This takes the guess work out of writing new content and save you time in the process.

SEOPressor Review

Downsides Of SEOPressor:

The biggest downside of this plugin is that it tells you, you need a H1 tag (heading 1 in the wp page editor) when some times you actually already have one. You see it only looks at the content that is in the page and not the actual heading of the page.

Most Wordpress themes these days have the post/page title as the H1 tag by default but the way SEO Pressor is set up it doesn't check this and so in the case of some sites it is telling you to put in a H1 where you don't need one.

This is important because for the best results you only want one H1 tag per page (H2-H6) you can have as many as you want, but only one H1) and if you put two it may harm your results.

It's quite simple just go to any page on your site that you DO NOT have a H1 in the body and right click on the page >> click view page source >> Press Ctrl + F >> search for "H1" you will then see if your theme automatically makes your heading a H1 tag. If after a <h1> you see your heading for that page, then you have one. If your search comes back with nothing then you don't have one.

If it does have one then in you page editor, when SEOPressor tells you that you don't have a H1 just ignore it and the percentage score it gives you.

If you didn't find a H1 in the source code then you can follow what SEOPressor says and add one in to your page.

Other downsides
Two things that the plugin doesn't check is the title tag and the URL to see if your keyword is on these as well. Both of these are important factors in your SEO so it would have been good to see these included in the plugin.

Upsides to SEOPressor:

SEOpressorThe upsides to the plugin are that it saves you a bunch of time in checking the main things when publishing a new post or page and also servers as a good reminder in case you forget anything.

It is very easy to install, it's just like most other standard plugins where you upload activate and go. There isn't any other set up required.

It's perfect if you are new to SEO or if you have outsources that are making posts for you, so they can easily check and make sure the content is correctly optimised. Even being fairly experienced in SEO I still use it because it saves me time and brain power thinking if I have included all the elements for good on page SEO.

Overall rating 4 out of 5 stars

SEOPressor Bonus

I have tried to be as transparent in this review as I can to help you make an informed decision about SEOPressor. If you think that it is for you and you decide to purchase through my affiliate link then I will send you a bonus as a thank you.

This isn't just any bonus though I will send you my full SEO course, SEO Mumbo valued at $197. Now I'm not going to take up your time on this post if you want to see what it is all about and the crazy rankings that we are getting then have a look at and if you decide to buy the SEO Pressor plugin through this link, just shoot me your receipt to samuel and I will send you access to the full course.