Most Common Social Media Best Practices That Are Actually Myths

Being on social media is a powerful way to showcase your business’ branding, values, personality, and uniqueness online.

In fact, it is a no-brainer for a businessman to not know that having a social media profile is no longer an option for businesses these days. It has become significant and essential to connect with their loyal and potential customers.

Having said that, we have noticed that the most common and biggest challenge for business owners and other aspiring online personalities is to know which company or person to believe when they seek bits of advice on Social Media’s best practices.

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Are you probably one of them?

Great! Then, keep reading!


In this article, we are going to help you clear out the confusions because we are going to talk about the Most Common Social Media Best Practices That Are Actually Myths.

You Always Need To Sound Professional

Social Media is a place where brands can showcase their brand personality. Too many businesses stay very serious on Social Media which results in their audiences’ boredom.

People get that it is your Facebook Business Page but sometimes it is okay to loosen up a bit and have hilarious memes, original stories, experiences about your product, quotes, and more that surely your audiences can relate to.

Always stay natural and conversational!

You Need To Be on Every Social Media Channel

You need to know which social media channel will your business stand out. Each business niche has the right social media channel where your target audience is actively engaging.

Bonus Tip: If you are not sure about your which social media channel are your audience into. You can always practically and wisely start on Facebook and go broader once you were able to learn more about them.

Posting High-Quality Content is Enough

Consistently posting on Social Media channels is truly one of the best practices but posting high-quality contents without supporting your Facebook page with paid Facebook Adverts is not one of the best practices.

Facebook’s algorithm is consistently updating which means your organic reach and post rank will always be affected. And, in order to make sure that you are reaching as many potential customers as you can you need to have Facebook Advertising campaigns consistently running.

Never Automate Your Social Media Profiles

This is partially correct and partially not.

You should not blindly and lazily automate everything on Social Media because it will affect your brand’s personality. What you can wisely do here is to automate what can save your time and energy through reliable automation tools like HootSuite, Sprout Social, and more.

In fact, you can get more insights from these kinds of software and you will be able to learn more about your target audiences behavior from this.

Bonus Tip: There are also a current emerging automation trends for your Facebook Page Messenger that can be integrated into your website which are popularly known as chatbots. The one that we highly recommend on this one is ManyChats.

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Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Include this 2018

Your digital marketing and business journey for 2017 is about to end while 2018 is just around the corner. And, you are probably having mix thoughts and feelings between trying to celebrate the holidays or wisely use your time in planning for your Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns while searching for practical and effective ways to achieve success.

Well, if you are reading this blog article. You may have decided to wisely use your time to plan ahead of your competitors.


Great decision! Because, in this article, we are going to talk about the Most Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies that You can Include this 2018.

Define Your Goals

Let’s talk about the most important thing first.

Do you already have a goal in mind? Or your goal is broad as the sea? Identifying your goal for your Social Media Advertising campaigns is one of the most crucial part of your success.

You need to have a clear goal in mind whether you want to increase your sales, increase your online fans, improve your branding, support your paid advertising campaigns, and more. You need to stay focus and clear of what you really want to achieve. Because you will have to align your next strategies based on your main goal.

And, the most effective way to do this is to break down your thoughts with S.M.A.R.T.

Your goal should be….

S – pecific

M – easurable

A – chievable

R – ealistic

T – imely

By setting your goals before you begin to strategise in depth, it will be easier for you to align the right content, channels and advertising budget. Your goal should also depend on what your brand is currently missing. It shouldn’t be focused on money alone. It should be focused on your weakness or your strengths to better your brand in all aspects.

Create a Content Calendar

Once you are clear and confident with what the type of goal that you want to achieve. You should also consider creating your own content calendar to be more organise and to achieve a consistent brand voice.

Having a content calendar can also help you stay ahead of your competitors, be in line with upcoming marketing events and it can also unconsciously calm your mind to help you focus on your bigger picture.

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Invest in Facebook Advertising

Paid social advertising can incredibly deliver and support your organic efforts and vice-versa. Your scheduled contents and paid Facebook Adverts support each other to help you achieve your defined goal.

This is why you need to allocate and invest in Facebook Advertising. Not only does Facebook Advertising support your organic social contents, as having a consistent Facebook Advertising campaign also contributes to your long-term SEO results, accelerate your search engine cycle, and discover more about your customer’s preferences.

Just in case, you also want to learn more about Facebook advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.


4 Effective Ways To Increase Your Digital Exposure and Sales This Holiday 2017

It’s exactly 10 days before Christmas and Social Media users are starting to share memes about their feeling towards it. And, I am pretty sure that even you who is currently reading this post – can now feel the excitement and the spirit of the holiday seasons. Don’t you?

Holiday is the perfect time to promote and sell what you are offering.


In fact, according to National Retail Federation, retailers of 2016 accounted for $658.3 billion in sales. 12.6% was from online sales alone. Mobile conversions have also outperformed desktop globally, with 53% of conversions coming from a mobile device.

Amazing right?

This is why brands are now going extra for the holidays to get more sales, leads, and profits. Some are putting up their 12 days of Christmas giveaways while others are consistently promoting their holiday discounts.

Which results in a higher digital marketing competition in the market for you.

And, in this article, we are going to talk about the 4 Effective Ways To Increase Your Digital Exposure and Sales This Holiday 2017.

Guide them with What to Give

Don’t underestimate gift guides. Always keep into consideration that not everyone is good in coming up with great gift ideas. That is why they use blogs seen on social media as their gift inspirations.

Create blog posts that are click-worthy. A click-worthy blog post should give value to the reader’s side. Answer their confusions of WHYs  – Why is your product worth the price? Why would their special person love it? Why is it worth giving?

Provide answers to their questions in mind and don’t forget to put a clickable link or an attractive product banner linking to your product’s check out section while they are in the state of being convinced about your article.

Use Facebook Advertising to Expand Your Reach

There are millions of users on Facebook and thousands of these millions are your potential buyer. Reach and attract them well with attractive and convincing Facebook Ads.

It is the last remaining days of 2017 and people are completing their bucket list before 2017 ends. In fact, psychology says, most people feel like rewarding themselves before the year ends.

Use Facebook ads to reach and sell to these kinds of people. Take advantage of the holiday seasons. Facebook Advertising done right will never fail to give you large figures.

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Pin posts on The Top of Your Profile

Don’t miss out Facebook’s free page features. Facebook did not just add a feature for no reason. The pinning post feature developed by Facebook throughout the years is added to help you sell and reach more. Maximise it!

Pinning your ads to the top of your business page is one of the most effective and practical ways to bring extra visibility to your ads with social proof.

Bonus Tip: Pin your ad with the highest social proof to 'unconsciously' persuade the new page visitor that your ad is something worth opting for.

Make Your Landing Pages Presentable

Your Social Media channels and Google Adwords campaign will drive traffic to your website. Internet users will not go to your website if they aren’t much interest. And, this is why you need to make sure that you are ‘consistently’ giving them the feeling that your product, offering or service is better than your competitors.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate, mobile friendly with professional looking banners, sharable icons, live chats, and most importantly your discount coupons should be tested and working.

If you also want to master the art of selling without selling. You can also join our free training to attract more ideal clients on Facebook.

Top 3 Tips to Create a Professional and Engaging Facebook Group

In the recent Social Media Updates, you may have noticed that Facebook has been paying more attention to developing ‘Facebook Groups’ from mobile/desktop preview improvements and to its new management features from post scheduling, member welcoming templates, page linking and more.

And as a result of these updates, you may have seen a lot of business creating and maximising the opportunities of using Facebook Groups. You may also have noticed that more of the groups of you belong to are appearing on your Facebook Newsfeeds. Didn’t you?

Well, you shouldn’t be just amazed about the updates while watching your competitors make the most out of this Facebook update and roll out. This is also the perfect time for you to create your own Facebook Group or improvise and revive your old Facebook group into something awesome.

Having a Facebook Group is an excellent way for you to personally network with people of the same interest as yours, people who are in need of what you offer and people who can help you level up your business. It is one of Social Media’s best practices for creating great value and connections to the online community around your business.

In fact, according to Tech Crunch, there are billion monthly Facebook users who are actively using Facebook Groups on a monthly basis.

Can you now imagine the opportunity for it?

Keep reading!

In this article, we are going to talk about the most effective tips on ‘How You Can Effectively Create A Professional Facebook Group’.

Think About Your Group Name

Groups are made to build to help you get a BIGGER community. So, think big! Think about a name that is welcoming, easy to search, and speaks for your brand or offering. This will help people of the same interest see you on Facebook Search Engine.

Here are some great group name examples:

Fix Your Facebook Group Settings Correctly

Upon creating your Facebook group, all your settings except for the privacy settings will be in default. You will need to fix your Facebook Group settings based on how you want your group to run. There are many kinds of Facebook Group settings that will help you moderate your online community from questions before joining the group, to post settings, linking your Facebook group to your Facebook page and more.

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Here is how you will find your Facebook Group Settings.

Go to your Facebook Group and click “more…”


Click Edit Group Settings and Fix Your Setting Preferences


And of course, don’t forget to save your settings.

Design Facebook Group Cover Photo

This is one of the most important aspects of your Facebook Group because it will contribute to the overall look of your Facebook group. Facebook recommended standard photo size is 815 x 315 pixels. But, of course, you can still upload a bigger photo size to achieve the highest resolution preview.

In case you are also interested in learning advanced Facebook Advertising, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.

A Definitive Guide To A Perfect Facebook Page

Having a Facebook page is no longer an optional social media marketing platform for business owners, coaches, celebrities and more.

In fact, it is has become the most necessary social media platform.

Gone were the days where you can easily raise awareness for something or someone by just posting and giving out flyers. As the rise of digital marketing platforms has definitely driven businesses and agencies to the extent that having one popular Social Media platform like Facebook is a now a business requirement to succeed.

But creating a Facebook page doesn't mean results are instantly given. The truth is ... when it comes to Facebook, you will either have a lot of success in terms of your online fans and conversions, or you will see little results from it – and that all depends on how you exert your efforts in your Facebook page.

In this article, we will go through the most simple but definitive guide to a perfect Facebook page that will definitely help you understand how Facebook marketing works from engagements (reactions, shares, and comment) to conversions.



Why Do You Need to Make a Good Facebook Page Impression

“First Impression Last” – you will believe that a saying is true especially when you can you relate to it. And, that also applies to Facebook marketing.  The impact of Facebook transcends almost every aspect of our daily lives—work, politics, news, connection, and habits. Almost all people can’t even last a day without checking their Facebook accounts.  Aren’t you guilty of it too?

Just simply put yourself in the shoe and you will realise why your overall Facebook Page Impression is important. Whenever you want to go to place it has become a habit to check it out on Facebook, same as when you have a crush and stalk him/her on Facebook, same as when you seek for valuable opinions before you buy something and this cycle repeats and repeats every single day.

Do you get it now? Your Facebook page impression is important because it serves as your brand’s social reputation. That’s why it is clearly important to look professional, to get high review rates and to look responsive.

Would you even care to enquire about a page that has a 1-star review rating on Facebook? Or, would you even want to message a page that looks so inactive? Everything about your Facebook page is important the looks, the feel and the way Facebook users respond to it.

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Why Organic Contents Matter

Posting on Facebook for your Facebook Paid Advertising campaigns is one of the best practices in social media marketing. However, too much selling can tire your audiences’ eyes. And, this is why you need organic contents to keep your page look active, entertaining, engaging and reliable.

You need to give value and connect to the heartstrings of your target audience. Organic contents do not necessarily mean that you can only post something entertaining and motivating. Content is anything that gives value to the reader’s eye. You can also post blog redirecting to your website to increase your website traffic and your product offerings that are not being boosted to showcase what you fully offer.

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Why Do You Need Facebook Paid Advertising

When it comes to reaching out to a broader audience Facebook Ads Manager has unlimited possibilities especially when you tweak it right. You can target people based on demographics, interest, and behaviours.

Take note: These features have successfully contributed large figures to several business owners that were able to get their targeting done right.

If you also want to be one successful business owner or advertiser, you can also join our Free Facebook Training that can generate leads for as low as $10 per day.


How To Prepare For a Black Friday Social Media Campaign That Actually Works

Almost everyone is waiting for Black Friday whether you are a certified shopaholic, a regular shopper, a digital marketer, and a business owner. Black Friday is one of the best and most awaited sale day for all. It is the day where brands go all out to compete with creative advertising strategies and price drop promos. And, of course. It is the best day to shop for something you want.

In fact, according to Shopify’s Illustrated Research, Black Friday generated 3.6x more orders than the average day in November. This is why you should see Black Friday as the real deal.blackfridayedit


And, in this article, we are going to talk about the strategies that will ensure your success for one of the biggest commercial weekends with Social Media Marketing.

Plan Wisely with Proper Research

Smart people learn from their mistakes, wise people learn from other’s mistakes. Do your research and see the best and worst campaigns from the previous year. Improvise those campaigns who have actually work and eliminate the same ideas you have from the campaigns that did not work.

Start an early Paid Advertising Campaign

One of the key element to success is to always start early. Give your audiences a clue that they can expect something from your business on Black Friday. This will give you the lead from all your competitors since your loyal and potential customers are aware that you are giving them a good deal on Black Friday which basically means ‘there is a minimal chance for them to steal your customers’ and you will also be able to attract new potential ones using the right target audience.

Understand Your Audience

You cannot sell something to someone that is not interested in what you offer. Look into your Facebook Audience Insights and study the type of people that have already engaged in your Facebook page. Think of yourself as one of them and in this way you will definitely perfect your target audience.

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Maximise Social Media Platforms

Your plan will be nothing if you do not maximise your Social Media accounts on each platform. A week before Black Friday, you should make sure that you actively engage with your audience and this includes promptly responding to your online community. If you are juggling between one task to another, try considering installing a Facebook Messenger Bot like Many Chats and of course, do not forget to add value by giving them a reason to subscribe on your Facebook page.

Here are some additional useful bonus tips to skyrocket your Social Media Marketing Campaigns on Black Friday:

  • Increase your advertising budget
  • Use hashtags like #BlackFriday #BlackFriday2017
  • Use attractive and high-quality images on your Facebook Ads.

If you also want to master Facebook Advertising. You can also join our free training to attract more ideal clients on Facebook.

Top 3 Psychology Tips For Social Media Marketing

Social Media Managers are definitely not a psychologist, but we have commonly observed that majority of successful social media marketing campaigns employ psychology in both paid and organic contents.

Well, the reason why this effectively works is very simple.

You cannot expect to achieve social media success if you do not understand your audience.

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In fact, marketing and psychology have gone hand in hand ever since the advertising industry became more competitive. And, in this article, we will talk about the Top three (3) Psychology Tips for Social Media Marketing.

Post Something People Can Proudly Share

Sharing is not a new thing. Before social media platforms, people used to share great kinds of stuff over lunch. The way of sharing has just upgraded together with the digital age.

According to a Social Media Research, 68% of people say they share to give others a better sense of who they are.

‘WHO THEY ARE’ particularly answers to these five (5) categories.

  • What do they do?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they love?
  • What do they care about?
  • What are they interested with?

That’s why big brands like Apple, Nike, Sperry and more can easily get shares. This is form from the social buzz of ‘goals’ and ‘needs’ which is very common to most social media users nowadays.


Post Something People Can Relate to With Someone

This is the most common thread tactic for the online communities such as 9Gag, Buzzfeed, Insider Australia.

Here is a post sample to help you imagine what we mean.

9gag relatable post

Post Something People Can Like

We are all guilty of liking what we like, right? Whether it’s our crush posting a new picture, our Hollywood celebrity idol, new shoes, makeup highlighter and more. The key to this is to make your photo worth liking.

Your photo should make your target audience say in mind that “I like that” actual or edited pictures can actually work well on this part.

Here is an excellent example of Sephora’s Facebook fan page.

sephora like

Overall, there are many ways on how can stay engaging. However, you should also remember that your Facebook Fan page and other social media platforms should resonate your brand and not all engaging contents may apply. It all depends on the industry that you belong to. You should always remember to make everything look professional in terms of your branding and tone.

If you also want to master the art of selling without selling. You can also join our free training to attract more ideal clients on Facebook.


Your Ultimate Guide to Facebook Fan Page Image Sizes

Your Facebook Fan Page plays a vital a role in contributing to your initial business impression. Online users will often see you by surfing on the search engine, and their online activities come with a chain reaction.

And, here’s how it usually works – users searches for something, finds something interesting in you, visits your website and stalk your social media profiles for review. On the other hand, sometimes you will be seen on Facebook and if you’re luckily targeting the right people who are really interested in your products they will eventually visit your website.

Either way, your Facebook Fan Page profile should always look professional because this has been their digital channel for reference if your brand is reliable, credible and trust-worthy.

This is why you need to be conscious about how your profile will look like. And, in this article, we will go over all the most common types of images used on Facebook fan pages.

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Page Profile Picture

By default, your page profile picture will always be resized to 160 x 160px, and Facebook will recommend you the standard photo dimension of 180 x 180 px. However, if you have a big logo, it might cut the preview out and make the quality lower. To make your page profile picture look its best on the retina display, you should at least do a photo that is twice or thrice bigger than recommended. We recommend that you use 360 x 360 px or 800 x 800 px if your logo is wide.

Facebook Cover Photo

According to Facebook, the dimensions of your cover photo for personal profiles are 851 x 315px, and 828 x 315px for business pages. Your cover photo design should depend on what you want to prioritise – Do you want to your fan page to look best on desktop or mobile? Or, Do you want to stand out on both?

This is something that you should genuinely think about to some business having a mobile and desktop friendly cover photo is easy because the design can easily be aligned for both. But, most businesses have to choose between the two. Yes, frankly speaking even the big brands do!

Here’s an excellent example of how we were able to do achieve both.

Desktop Preview

Dream Courts Desktop View

Mobile Preview

Mobile View Dream COurts

Facebook Square Posts

If you want your Facebook Fan page to look more engaging, it is best for you to go with this. Square posts are the most common type of images used on social media’s organic posts. Since this is the type of photos that memes and users use. The best size for this kind of posts is 800 x 800 px.

Facebook Square post

Facebook Event

For Facebook Events, the standard recommended size of Facebook is 1200 x 628 px. However, Facebook will minimise your photo resolution by default. You need to upload at least a photo that is twice bigger than their recommended size.

Facebook EVent

Page Like Ad

There many ad type objectives and one of this is Facebook Page Like Ads to get more online fans for your page. If you are a coach or a profession that is related to public speaking and you may want to use a professionally taken photo shot of you that is speaking in front of a crowd of people. Your minimum photo size should be  560 x 210 px. On the other hand, if you are thinking about having an edited photo for your business your photo size should be 1200 x 444 px.

page like ad

Facebook Carousel Ad

In cases, you want to look techy and modern with a goal of sales conversion. You may also want to consider creating a Facebook carousel ad. Facebook can automatically generate product photos from your website but if you want to change them. The most recommended photo size is 600 x 600 px.



Carousel Ads

Regular Facebook Ads

We are saving the best for last! This is the most common Facebook Ad type to generate sales, leads and website traffic. To create the best stunning and attractive ad type, Facebook’s standard photo dimension is 1200 x 628 px.

Pro Tip: In doing this kind of ad, you should always consider Facebook’s 20% rule. You can test your photo if it passes the Facebook Photo standards here.

BCNU Facebook Ad

You can also download your Free Facebook Marketing Toolkit here.

Top 3 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes This 2017

Having a social media profile is essential for your business. Since Social Media is the best platform to create your business buzz. People are sharing their personal experience with your brand, giving opinions to their groups of the same interest whether to try your product or not, and it has also become a search engine platform for product and service enquiry.

In fact, according to Social Media Today, 71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals, and 74% of consumers rely on Social Media before making the purchase decision.

social media


This is why you need to use social media correctly. And, this where the saying of Brandon Mull applies – “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But real sharp ones learn from the mistake of others.”

Now, let’s be wise and kick-start your social media marketing journey by learning from the 3 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes committed by new businesses this 2017 to help you head start your profiles for the upcoming year 2018.

Creating Too Many Social Media Accounts on Different Channels

Here’s the most critical part of social media. You need to know where your business niche will stand out. If you are in the beauty industry focus in creating Social Media Accounts where your qualified audiences are very active. You cannot expect makeup artist to be ‘always’ active on LinkedIn. You need to assess what social media do are they into. Don’t waste efforts on things that won’t work for your business.

The best way and most practical go-to social channel a business should have is Facebook. Facebook is the most essential and flexible social media channel you can wisely use for your business. Since most people are signing up for it, it hasn’t been considered the number one Social Media platform for nothing.

Paying For Fake Followers and Likes

Having thousands of page fans and followers is definitely tempting to increase your business credibility. However, it is not best for long-term choice and benefit. All Social Media Platforms have their algorithm that clears out and removes fake fans and followers. It will not go be deleted instantly but will surely decrease from time to time.  And, would you want to have fans that are not even engaging with your content? If you have fake followers – surely will reach no one. Your organic post reach and social proof will not organically increase.

The key is to aim for genuine online fans that are truly interested in what you offer. This will eventually increase your social proof and help you build stronger community ties. There are many types of Ad of Facebook that will surely help you get the real ones.

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Do Not Over Share Contents

Posting too many contents in minutes and hours is the best strategy if you want to turn down your follower’s interest.  As much as possible, you need to strive to create quality contents, not quantity. Social Media Channels have their algorithm wherein they weight your post relevancy and show what’s best to your audience. You need to stay relevant, human and fun. You need to focus on how to be socials not how to do socials. That is where you find success in your social media journey.

If you need more help with Facebook and other digital marketing campaigns. You can also contact us here to have a free digital marketing consultations.