Has Twitter Reached 500 Million Users?

Twitter reaching 500 million users image by Think Big OnlineFacebook is nearing it's 1 billion user mark and it looks like twitter is not far from announcing it's 500 millionth user. The issue will be though, how many of those user accounts are real and how many are fake.  Fake accounts is a problem that twitter has faced for years and generally they refrain from announcing the number of users they have.

Instead they prefer to announce the number of active users on a monthly basis.  Read more here: http://mashable.com/2012/07/30/twitter-users-500-million/

Video Marketing- How its Content is Shaping Power and Reach

Video marketing – changing for the better

Video marketing power and reach image by Think Big OnlineIf you’re going to ask experts in the video marketing business for advice on creating video content for your web marketing campaign, they’ll often tell you one thing – keep it short. This is because most people are believed to have fairly short attentions spans which mean that when you are marketing with videos, you’ll have to get your marketing message across as quickly as possible. But what if all that talk about short attention spans is just a myth although many would certainly disagree – various studies show that abandonment rates in video online marketing can be very high (as much as 33 percent in the first 30 seconds and another 44 percent after a minute. Thus one can easily conclude that it’s a good idea to keep the duration of their videos below one minute although it certainly doesn’t have to be the case.

We can see some quality videos online that are making a scene on video sharing websites like Youtube. These videos are very effective in captivating the attention of viewers for more than one minute. This is primarily because of the quality of the content which can be either entertaining or informative instead of being purely promotional and downright boring. You’ll often find these videos to be the content itself and are concerned with something bigger than the service or product concerned making its viewers care and makes you wonder if people really do have short attention spans.

Check out one such video below called “Push the Red Button” by TNT for their video marketing campaign

The video above was produced by TNT for its channel launch in Belgium. The business hired an agency that approached video marketing in a reality TV kind of ad set in a little town where as you can see, they installed several concealed cameras covering a small red button with a sign that entices people to push it. Eventually, the button gets pressed and a bunch of actors appear performing a series of dramatic stunts and ends with a call-to-action presenting TNT as the people’s “Daily Dose of Drama”.

The video above has amassed well over 33 million views on Youtube alone making it one of the most successful video ads around when it comes to web marketing. Everything came together perfectly and brilliantly entertained viewers instead of simply promoting their services. The trend here is obvious and something that everyone in the business of marketing with videos should think about – it’s better to create videos that features compelling content aimed at capturing the interest of viewers through storytelling rather than churning out video ads that focus solely on marketing a product or service which are guaranteed to drain your viewers attention and interest. Successful videos like the one shown above is proof that people don’t have short attention spans at all and are willing to spend minutes watching a video that entertains or informs them so long as manages to keep their interest at its peak!

Improving your Video Marketing Efforts with Youtube Analytics

Video Marketing and Youtube Analytics

Improving your video Marketing efforts image by Think Big OnlineThe process of creating video content for your video marketing efforts can be a grueling and tedious undertaking demanding hours of work tuning and editing. There is also the matter of actually promoting your videos so that your prospective customers can actually find, view and share it online. It is fortunate then that for people in the business of marketing with videos, Youtube offers a good and detailed analytics report enabling web marketing professionals to easily figure out what is actually working and what’s not (and why). If you are not taking advantage of such features in your video online marketing efforts then you can bet that you are leaving a lot of stones unturned.

Youtube’s video marketing analytics enable people to determine valuable demographics giving you important information about the people viewing your videos, where these people are from and track down sources for finding people who are likely to view your content as well as determine how long your audience have been watching your videos (are they watching the whole thing?) with Retention reports. All these information will prove invaluable in providing you with insights empowering your efforts in coming up with content that appeal better to your targeted viewers and helping you hit your goals when it comes to effective marketing with videos. In order to access the Youtube  analytics report, all you have to do is visit www.youtube.com/analytics and log on to your account. Let’s take a good look at some of the most important insights offered by the Youtube analytics report and how you can make good use of them.

Youtube Video Marketing Demographics Report

As mentioned earlier, demographics is one of the significant features offered by the Youtube analytics report. It tells you a couple of things about the viewers of your videos such as their age group and gender. Let’s say you are targeting female viewers that are in their midtwenties for your video online marketing campaign but demographics show that most of your viewers are men that are in their midthirties. It tells you that you have a problem with your tailored video content and the demographics report is an excellent resource that you can tap into to determine if you are actually expressing your message to your target viewers effectively.

 Now if you find yourself in a similar predicament to the situation mentioned above, you have to improve your efforts at tailoring your content to captivate the attention of a particular gender or age group. Assess the manner in which you intend to present your message through your videos. This includes the pace, style and editing methods that you are implementing. Older audiences tend to favor videos of traditional presentation that are informative and slow paced as they generally have a longer attention span. Viewers of the younger generation generally prefer video content that is flashy, aesthetically focused and fast-paced.

Views and Sources Report

Okay so you’ve uploaded your videos and are now tracking the number of views you are getting and where its from as well as its number of likes and subscribers. Knowing which channels to effectively embed your videos can prove invaluable to success in video marketing. Analytics can tell you exactly where your video is gaining a lot of exposure (blogs, social media networks or directly on Youtube). This is important simply because your number of views, subscribers and likes is a solid indicator of your success and effectiveness in marketing with videos.

These are but a few of the things that Youtube’s analytic report offers you. The creation of good video content for video web marketing demands a lot of time, effort and resources.Being able to keep track of your video’s demographics, source and statistics can go a long way in the careful planning and effective execution of video web marketing campaigns. This is just what the Youtube Analytics offers for people in the video marketing business.

How to optimise your videos for search engines Pt. 2

How to Optimise your Videos for Search Engines Part 1

Tips on how to optimise your videos for search engine

How to optimise your videos for search engines part 2 image by Think Big OnlineThis article aims to discuss the second part of our Youtube Video – optimising your videos for the search engines found above. Let’s go ahead and check out some good tips on how to get your videos ranked on both Google and Youtube.

Moving on from first part of the video about optimising your videos, one of the best things that you can do to help your video rank better in Google and Youtube is to add annotations. It had been proven that if you add annotations that link to other videos within Youtube, it will help your videos rank better.

All you have to do is click on the “speech bubble” button and put in links for your other videos. You can say “check out my other videos by clicking here” or something to that effect.

The transcript file is another leverage being underutilised majorly by a lot of video marketers. It generally involves transcribing your entire video and uploading it as a text. You need to make sure that you have your keywords within your transcript though. This will help boost your visibility and secure more views.

Another thing that both search engines (Google and Youtube) looks for when ranking videos is how many people liked it and how many people have shared it. You need to keep track of how many people have subscribed to your channel and also how many have commented on it. So in your videos, it’s always a good idea to ask people to comment or leave feedbacks and let people know if it has good content that they can share it.

Most people are not consciously aware of these things all the time once they watch a video and by simply asking politely, your video will spread a lot faster and help your video rank better.

Last but not least is to get backlinks to your videos. You can go to link building services like I Got Link, get your links from there and get all types of backlinks – link wheels, web directories and lots of other stuff. I Got Link does a really good job of optimising not just videos but websites as well. Either way, whether you get it from I Got Link or you don’t, you need back links to your videos to help them rank in search engines.

So there are four points covered by the video above on how to optimise your videos

  • Put links within your annotations to other videos and it will help them rank better.
  • Upload a transcript of your video to the upload transcript section and make sure that you have your keywords in it
  • Ask people to comment, like and share your video content
  • Get back links for your videos


Have no doubt that if your cover everything from the first and second part of the video mentioned above, you will start outranking all of your competitors and start driving lots and lots of free traffic!

How to Use Video Marketing for your Business

Leveraging your online business with Video Marketing

What exactly is video marketing and how can you use it as leverage for success in running a business online? Well before we get to that, did you know that Youtube gets around 48 hours worth of videos uploaded to it every single minute? Now that’s just out there and most people would find it unimaginable – that’s equal to approximately 8 years of content every day. That’s 8 years worth of video playback uploaded to Youtube every day which translates to around 1.4 million videos which is just crazy.

That’s certainly a massive amount of new video content and that’s not all there is to it. Think of all the viewers of these videos which numbers to around 3 billion views in a single day. Yes, that’s billion with a B. Huge number of videos uploaded every single day and massive amount of views on Youtube.

Now Youtube is actually the second biggest search engine in the world next to Google. More and more people are starting to use it in order to find out information on how to do things and not just entertain themselves with music videos or funny video content. Indeed more and more people are using Youtube especially in countries like Australia which is all set to roll out its national broadband network within a year or two which would literally make watching television shows a thing of the past. Developments such as these will encourage people to watch more and more videos online and not just on their computers.

Now just to show you how easily this can be done, think about this for a moment – there are over 1.4 million videos being uploaded to Youtube against 3 billion views every single days. What this tells us is that there is a massive opportunity for us as business owners to become an authority and be noticed or seen as an expert in our market. It doesn’t really matter if you are a massive multi-national company or just a one man operation catering locally to surrounding suburbs.

As a matter of fact, we’ve often seen people become very successful just by putting up videos talking about makeup or how to trim your hedges.Mobile videos are also making an appearance as well. Online videos are now very accessible on iphones, HTCs and other kind of mobile devices like Ipads that enable people to stream videos online faster than ever.

Now you may be wondering why all these things had to be mentioned. Well these current realities are aimed at making people realize that there’s actually a huge opportunity for online business owners to go out there and create valuable video content that people can use and enable them to place themselves as an authority in their market quite easily.

How to use video marketing for your business image by Think Big Online

Regardless of what kind of business you are running online, you too can provide valuable targeted traffic for your business. Even if you are actually not using it to drive traffic to your website, you should at least be using it to stand out from the crowd. Newton accountants for example are not at all fond of using videos for the services that they are offering online. There are presently no websites for Newton accountants making use of videos because they probably believe it shouldn’t be done that way or they simply don’t believe in it but other accountants that do use videos online are getting massive results simply because they stand out from the crowd and are not the same old boring accountants (no offense meant if you are an accountant and reading this).

The main point is that you shouldn’t miss out on video marketing as a means of standing out and be recognized in your market. After all, marketing is all about standing out and being recognized. It’s not about doing the same thing that everyone else does. There is an old saying that goes – if you do the same thing that everyone else does then you get the same thing that everyone else gets.

Why do video marketing?

Now what exactly are some of the things that video marketing offers your online business? Well as mentioned earlier, it’s an easy and effective way to create authority especially if you are publishing videos online on a regular basis contributing value to the market and solving people’s problems. If you can succeed in all these, you will automatically be assumed as authority in market which is a great place to be for many reasons. What exactly are these reasons though?

Now for one thing, being a market authority gets you more business. It also puts you in the position to charge more for your products and services. More importantly, being an authority in your market opens up a whole of other opportunities for you in terms of joint ventures and speaking engagements. When Justin Bieber first started out, he started out with a few videos on Youtube of himself which enabled some very influential people in the entertainment business to see his talent and pick him up. Today he is a young multimillionaire and found much success in the opportunity that his first few videos on Youtube had brought him.

Another good reason to invest in video marketing is that it builds trust – with videos people can see that there’s a lot more depth to whatever business you are running online. There’s a lot more transparency and people are more likely to understand and engage your business if they like you. Of course not everyone out there is going to like you and they are probably people that you wouldn’t want to deal with anyway. However for those people that you are looking to deal with, videos can prove invaluable in helping them better understand your business and create trust which would go a long way in encouraging them to actually make purchases from you as well as invite you to events and specific gigs.

Some of the great things that can be said about video marketing is that it’s very leveraged – you only need to do a particular video once and you can keep using or re-purposing it. If you have them on Youtube or any other video sharing sites (Youtube is the biggest among video sharing sites), you can continue to get views indefinitely. The Youtube algorithm actually works in such a way that that the more views, likes or comments you have on your videos,  the more likely it is to show your videos whenever people are making relevant search terms for it. It’s an exponential process and what’s more is that you can rip the audios off it and re-purpose them as podcasts.

Another good reason to do video marketing is that fact that it’s very shareable. Videos a lot more shareable compared to other kinds of media. People love to share videos! It might be something or something useful, whatever the case; people are more likely to share videos quickly compared to most other things.

Doing Video Marketing

Now how exactly do you go about doing video marketing? Well it doesn’t need to be complicated in fact it’s actually lot easier than most people think. For one thing, you can do a talking head video and for this you can use your mobile phone or a flip camera. A good flip camera will typically cost you no more than 150 dollars.

You can do a video of yourself talking about important subject matters in your market. If you are not too keen about getting yourself in front of the camera then there are other types of videos that you can come up with.For one thing, you can do interviews and take a video of somebody else asking them questions to create quality content that you can publish online. If you are both in front of the camera though it’d be much better as it will grant you a lot more authority if you are say, sitting next to an expert in the field and being seen as somebody of equal stature.

You can also have yourself interviewed by other people (that is if you don’t mind getting in front of the camera) or come up with slideshows using Power Point presentations. You can go for animations with your voice or any type of robotic voice. There are websites like www.goanimate.com that can make the process a lot quicker and easier. Indeed there are a lot of simple yet effective ways to do video marketing and these are but a few of them.

Content ideas for video marketing

Alright so you’ve decided to invest in video marketing seeing the massive opportunity that it offers for your business, but what type of video content should you put out there? Well for one thing, you can give comments about what is going on in your market. If someone has just released a news or press release concerning your market, you can talk about what you do and how it all ties to your business. You can comment on recent events or somebody else’s videos or blog posts. Take a commentary position or acts as a reporter taking a journalist's perspective and use it to go out there and create the video content you need.

You could also use frequently asked questions or FAQs to generate great video content. Look for FAQs being asked in forums relevant to your business or  on other people’s blogs that are on the same niche market as yours. What are the FAQs that your business encounters on a regular basis from potential customers? Take note of all of them and create video content addressing each and every one of them because by answering all of these questions or concerns in your videos, you instantly build rapport with viewers adding value and touching their lives in a manner that you wouldn’t be able to do any other way.

Another great idea for creating quality video content is to go for “Should Ask Questions”. Simply put, what are some of the questions that people should be asking you about your business that they aren’t? What are some of the hidden truths in your market that no one else seems to be talking about? If you succeed in putting them out there as your video content, it will provide you and your business massive credibility and trust among your prospects.

3 Steps to video marketing

Now that we’ve established the significance of video marketing and some great ideas for quality video content that you can put out there, let’s tackle the important steps that you need to take in order to succeed in video marketing. First off, you need to be consistent in your video marketing efforts. Consistently put out videos out there and It doesn’t matter if you are putting out one a week or one a month, just commit and have it done on a consistent basis in order to gain some momentum. If you become too lax and inconsistent in your efforts, you’ll likely end up losing your moment and motivation as well as your Youtube channelsubscribers as they become bored and eventually unsubscribe to your channel.

Think about it – if you are putting out new videos online once every two weeks, that will leave you with 26 videos by the end of the year which is pretty good having 26 videos out there that will stay out there being seen by viewers and bringing you business as well as adding credibility and authority. Let’s say you increase that to just one video per week, now that’s 52 videos at the end of the year. 26 compared to 52 is a huge difference and it’s not that much work on your part. You don’t really need to spend countless hours creating videos for your marketing efforts and  as a matter of fact, 5 minute videos would do just as well.

Step two, do it consistently. Make sure that you are putting out new video content for your web marketing efforts on a consistent basis as mentioned earlier. Step three, I bet you can’t guess – do it consistently. Its importance cannot be emphasized enough and well you probably get the point by now.

Some closing remarks in video marketing

Now let us leave you some important questions that you can ponder about as you go about your web marketing efforts:

  • What can you do with videos today?
  • How can you get started in video marketing?
  • What are your FAQs and “Should Ask Questions” in your market for your products or services?
  • Where and when can you do it? If you are in the service base business can you make a video as you visit a client’s house or when you report to job site?
  • Can you make a video providing a dramatic demonstration of your products and how it compares to others?
  • What can you report about your industry today?
  • What is going on in your market that you think people should know about?

We are seriously in the gold rush days of video marketing. It’s now more important than ever, for online business owners to go out there and implement video marketing for their business if they are to succeed in the highly competitive world of internet marketing or web marketing. Investing in video marketing doesn’t have to cost you much and as a matter of fact, you can set up your own Youtube channel for free. Video marketing can provide tremendous results for your business -  leverage in online marketing that you can have fun with and no online business owner should miss out on!


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All about Video Marketing

A good look at video marketing

All about video marketing image by Think Big OnlineLooking for some quickest forms of online advertising to leverage your web marketing efforts? Well you’ll certainly find all that and more in video marketing.  As one of the fastest and most effective solutions in internet marketing, it has attracted a lot of attention among web marketers and online users. If done right, it practically ensures much needed exposure as well as significant improvements in web traffic. Thus online marketing with videos is certainly a leverage web marketer and online business owners should be without. If you’re bent on spending your time and money in such online marketing solutions though, it would be in your best interest to know all that you can about it before jumping in on the video marketing bandwagon.

Investing in video marketing

One of the first things that web marketers ought to know about video marketing is that the title of your video is almost always the first thing that online users look at. Mess up the title and you can’t expect too many people to actually click and view it no matter how good it is. Thus the title should be catchy but at the same time, relevant and genuine. Make sure that you optimise it with the best possible keywords to maximise its visibility in the eyes of major search engines. Strive to put up quality and helpful content that viewers will find engaging and interesting.

Videos can be one of the most effective resources that anyone could tap into in the world of internet marketing. When used effectively, it can drive substantial amounts of web traffic while creating an opportunity to improve branding. It certainly is an excellent way to secure web marketing publicity as people often prefer watching a video rather than reading or simply listening to ads. If you’ve never done marketing with videos before then you can bet that you are missing out on one of the most effective online marketing services in the business.

Now when it comes to video marketing, it is crucial that you pack your videos with as much quality and desirable content as possible. For instance, you can very well add music to your videos but has to be somewhat relevant and it better not irritate most of your viewers.

Think about the kind of viewers you would like to target in your internet marketing effort and put it up with them in mind. If you wish to be successful in your web marketing efforts, you simply cannot afford to forego any leverage that you can get your hands on. Marketing with videos can certainly prove to be an invaluable and effective solution to your internet marketing needs as it captivates attention like no other form of ads in the business.

Video Marketing – Effectively Boosting Website Traffic

Improving website traffic with video marketing

Video Marketing – Effectively Boosting Website Traffic image by Think Big OnlineVideo marketing is among the most effective solutions for generating much need website traffic for online businesses. Video traffic carries more weight when it comes to being noticed or captivating the attention you need when done right. More importantly, when you leverage the power of video marketing, you can tap into the power of video sharing websites like YouTube which is actually one of the most visited online. If pictures are worth a thousand words then videos are worth millions!

Marketing with videos online present various advantages compared to other web marketing solutions. For one thing, web marketers wouldn’t have to go after traffic so much due to the fact that video marketing gets you ahead of where a lot of traffic is going online. YouTube videos alone are seeing as much as 3 billion views on a daily basis.

However, one should not think that this approach in web marketing is as simple as putting up a video together and slapping it unto video sharing websites expecting great results because it simply does not work that way. There are a couple of things that one needs to consider in effective video web marketing.

Effective video marketing

Indeed effective video web marketing is not as simple as it seems. You can’t just upload YouTube videos and expect video traffic to just flow in. For one thing, you need to pay careful attention to video optimization.

This involves among other things, the careful selection of effective keywords that your targeted consumers are more likely to use when searching for information about your products or services. You can then come up with videos based on those keywords and as you strive to provide your viewers what they want and need.

One also needs to pay attention to video value if you wish to acquire sales from traffic with your video marketing efforts. This value essentially refers to quality content and information. It is important to make sure that your videos are actually worth watching and sharing. Content is king when it comes to web content and videos are certainly not the exception.

Last but not least is aftermath – what do you do after uploading your YouTube videos or any other video sharing website? Many web marketers simply upload their respective videos and leave it at that which is an unfortunate mistake. It’s the things that you do after uploading your videos that generates the most traffic in video marketing.

For one thing, you’ll have to promote it and secure more views in order to get it into the top search results among search engines and video sharing sites. Success in video marketing lies in your ability to send your videos and its message out to as many viewers and prospective clients as possible.

Leveraging Your Web Marketing Efforts with Video Marketing

Video Marketing as an effective internet marketing strategy

Video MarketingHad you ever considered what video marketing can do to benefit your web marketing efforts?  A lot of people in the online marketing business may be unaware this it but it actually represents one of the best internet marketing strategies one could implement in this particular line of business.

This is not really at all surprising considering the fact that video promotions attract a lot of attention among online users or potential buyers. Thus it certainly makes sense to invest in creating high quality videos and submitting them to popular video sharing websites such as YouTube and Viddler. If you’re looking to take advantage of video marketing for your web marketing efforts, here are a couple of tips that should get you on track.

Tips for effective video marketing

One of the first things you ought to know about video marketing is that quality is king! Now you don’t really have to use the most expensive and sophisticated camera for the job but you certainly need to make sure that you are using high quality video cameras, microphones and lighting equipment  to capture videos or images you intend to use for your video promotion.

Otherwise, you can’t expect much of it as a web marketing effort. After all, nobody appreciates watching poor quality and grainy videos with dim lighting. High quality video equipment can certainly be considered a good and viable investment in your online marketing efforts. In addition to your video equipment, you also need to consider your production setup. This includes the location, props and actors as well as all the props you need to come up with a great video.

You can very well think of yourself as a small television production crew although you certainly don’t need to go that far. For starters, your garage or any spacious room would often prove sufficient for the task. The important thing is that you come up with a place where you can go about your business quietly. Ideally, it should spacious enough for all your equipment as you move around setting everything up.

Once you have created the video you intend to use for your internet marketing campaign, you shouldn’t be too eager to post it right away. Take the time to make sure that you optimize it for the search engines which will certainly help your video promotion efforts. For one thing, you should make sure that you are using your best keywords as a part of the video’s file name and not a bunch of nonsense or computer generated file name which won’t mean anything in the eyes of major search engines like Google. 

In addition to the video’s file name, you should make sure that you are naming your video in the most descriptive and objective manner possible. Avoid being vague about this matter and again, make sure that you are using your best keywords as well as the best possible description for your video.

To boost the effectiveness of video marketing, video sharing websites like YouTube enable users to write captions and descriptions about their videos. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these features. It would certainly benefit your web marketing campaign. Again, make sure that you are being as descriptive as possible and make use of your targeted keywords. Don’t overdo it though; keep it short and direct to the point.

One you have submitted your video, it’s time to delve into the task of actually promoting it. No matter how great or optimized your video is, it won’t mean anything if you are unable to effectively promote it. Create links for it in the same way that you are doing it for you own site. It’s also a good idea to make use of social media and networks like Twitter and Facebook for your video promotions.

These are but a few video marketing tips that you can look into to make the most out of your online marketing efforts. Video marketing may seem complicated and way too demanding in terms of effort and investments. However, it’s certainly bound to pay off as one of the most effective online marketing strategies in the business. Ask any veteran in the internet marketing business any they are bound to tell you that video marketing is a leverage you simply can't afford to be without!