Steve Brossman Interviews Samuel Junghenn About Think Big Online

Steve: Hi its Steve Brossman here from Business Online TV. Now I got my web guru here but I call him a business growth strategist who actually specializes in online integrated marketing. Welcome along Samuel Junghenn!

Sam: Thanks man!

Steve: Sounds like come on down doesn’t it? (Laughs)

Sam: Yeah, the price is right! (Laughs)

Steve: Now your business is called Think Big Online and from what you tell me you have people come in fixated in certain small things and you actually get them to think bigger and therefore you really over deliver with some of the stuff that you do for them?

Sam:  Yeah absolutely! We have a lot of people I guess come to us and they’ve heard that social media is hot right now and they need to be on Facebook or Google is doing wonders at the moment. It’s the next best trick in overnight successes. They really come in not being able to see the forest from the trees and that’s where we help to sort of expand their vision about what is really possible for them online.

Steve: Now we hear a lot about SEO experts, Pay-per-Click experts and social media experts. All of those bit and pieces on their own can only deal with certain things but what you do is you actually look at the business – you look at what are those that should be used but most importantly whatt you do that most other people don’t do is that you integrate them and that’s the key to your success isn’t it?

Sam: Yes absolutely and once again I think that a lot of people come in thinking about certain verticals and those verticals are great but when you can try two, three or ten of them together you get multiplied results that end up with exponential results on income than what you would get using one or two channels.

Steve: Now he does sound like a geek and this guy really does know his stuff and you’ve actually put a tool together that I’ve had a look at and it just blew me away how this works.

You can actually plug in what people are doing. They might be doing x amount on Facebook or x amount on SEO and things like that and you got a score that you can write like their “getting found” score but the way that you can integrate them really just multiplies that score and as you just said, multiplies their return on investment just by plugging them together.

Sam: Yes absolutely and it’s a proprietary tool that we’ve developed in-house. Like Steve said, it enables us to determine how well they’ve integrated their marketing. Whether they are using Facebook, Google or e-mail marketing – we can give them a pretty accurate score and star rating. It’s a true reflection of how well they are doing with their online marketing.

Steve: Now when people come to you I guess they do come to you talking about tools and taking about bits and pieces of marketing out there but really what they want is more people paying more money more often.

That’s what a business really wants isn’t it and so you sit down and you actually look at the business and say what is the best way to get the best quality people to you and how you can handle them once they are there. That’s pretty unique instead of just saying okay we can give you more clicks or better returns on your pay-per-click but you actually look at it from the business sense more than anything else.

Sam:  Yeah particularly a classic example would be with SEO or search engine optimization – people might come to us and say “We want to be first on Google! We want to be first on Google!”  Everyone wants to be first on Google but it’s not about being first on Google. It doesn’t matter if you are number one if you don’t have a good website to backup the traffic that comes through from having those rankings. 

If you don’t have the proper call to actions or follow-up with e-mails and offers, the number one ranking doesn’t matter squat. You can send a million visitors to your website tomorrow but if you don’t have everything setup and integrated properly then it’s a total waste of time and money.

Steve: Yeah there’s no sense spending a buck a lot of money over here just to have it wasted there and you look at the big picture and say what is the best spend or what is the best bang for your buck and how can you actually get more people paying you more money. That’s the bottom line really isn’t it?

Sam: Absolutely

Steve: Yeah it’s not all about just the web stuff that these very businesses are entitled

Sam: Yeah and I think that’s where we are different in that we track everything to the end point. If clients would let us, we track everything from phone calls to actual sales that they make whether they are in the service business and if they are on online retail then we track everything through the sale so we can pinpoint exactly where the sale is coming from and what caused that to happen.

Steve: Now you were telling me earlier about some fantastic case studies of people that have come to you and you’ve saved them a lot of money and made them a lot more. Can you share a couple of those?

Sam: Yeah sure! So one that comes to mind is we had a big law firm that came to us. They had an okay website and they tried to manage their Adwords campaign themselves. Google likes to make it look very easy and they say you can setup your Adwords campaign. It’s kind of like saying you can go and become an artist – here’s some paint and a canvass so now you’re a painter!

Steve: Google makes it very easy to blow all over the money very quickly with Google Adwords. That’s how easy they make it and that’s why they make it easy but you’ve turned all that around for them.

Sam: Absolutely so when we took them we were spending around 5 and half thousand per month with Google and over the period of 6 months we reduced that campaign spend to about 2 and half thousand dollars and we managed to double the amount of leads they were getting as well so pretty much they are about 4 times better off than before they came to see us.

Steve: Well it’s always good to get a professional in because doing it yourself is some of the great ways to lose money.

You think you are doing okay or you think we got a campaign going and we are getting people so we say wow that’s as good as it gets but when you get a professional in to say well we can make it better or I saved them money and saved them time because they didn’t have to do it themselves.  There’s a factor as well that you didn’t have to put into that. The time that they spent on that and the return on investment was absolutely phenomenal.

Sam: Yeah absolutely and I guess it comes down to the different levels of awareness – There are things we know we know, there are things that we know we don’t know and there are also things out there that we don’t know we don’t know and it’s those things that we can help people with and bring it to their awareness and help them.

Steve: Which is why you are sitting here and we are doing stuff together because there’s a lot of stuff that I know I that I don’t know that I know you are really good at that I don’t  even want to touch. It’s just like saying you’re the man and you can do all that.

Now if you want to talk to Sam or get in touch with him and his fantastic team because you have a great team that you are working with both here and overseas. We’re going to have your web details across here which is…

Sam: and if you go there you can have a look a bit more in depth about what we do. Drop us a line either through phone or e-mail and one of our specialists can take the time to do an audit on your website and your marketing strategy to see the things that you don’t know you don’t know I guess.

Steve: Yeah and be able to just look at it from the business point of view using the tools that people had heard of on the online space. That’s probably the biggest difference that we can point out is you look at it as a business. How can we help you make more money and by the way you can use all the stuff that we are good at – makes sense?

Sam:  Absolutely! We won’t work with people that we don’t believe we can make money in all seriousness and there are a number of people that we’ve had to turn away because we feel it’s not ethical. Your marketing should be self-funding and you only market to make money at the end of the day so…

Steve: That’s what it’s all about. Thank you so much for coming and we better get into some of the work that you’ll be doing for me. We’re going to have another fantastic interview coming for you guys coming up real soon. Cheers!

Steve Brossman interviews Samuel Junghenn image by Think Big Online

Don't Do Business With Idiots

Don’t do business with idiots image by Think Big OnlineDon’t do business with idiots – I know it might sound a little bit harsh but I’m going to tell you why. I’m Samuel Junghenn and today we are talking about filtering out your clients and only dealing with people you really want to work with - people who inspire you and motivate you to do a better job in your business.

Now I see this a lot in businesses we consult with and many of them are so desperate for business they accept anyone as their client and they end up not producing as good a result as they could have if they filter their clients and chose who they want to work with more precisely.

So let’s just say for a moment you have a client approach you and they might come in and say “okay how much is your service or your product?”  and then you tell them “okay its $2000 for my product or services”. They may try to haggle with you telling you they can get a better price down the road and try to beat you down on price – that’s the first sign!

You may drop your price or you may not.  I suggest not dropping your price because it comes down to a reflection of how good your business is and what it provides. If you are willing to drop your price then possibly it might show the client you are vulnerable and maybe you don’t believe in your product or service as much as someone else.

By dropping your price you've given them the power over the business relationship and when you start working together this will continue.  You'll often find these kinds of clients always have an issue with what you are doing, something will always be not quite right.

Now they may be trying to control the relationship so that they can possibly haggle with you on price once again.They usually pay their bills late and you need to call them up a number of times which costs you a lot of time in your own business you could have spent working with much better clients to get them a better result or to provide them with better products.

So what this does to us as business owners is it drags us down or drags our motivation down in such a way we don’t feel like going to work or we don’t feel like putting in a 100% effort into this particular client anymore. If you are not putting 100% into this particular client then you are not going to get as good a result compared to working with someone who is fun to be around, always pay their bills on time and very grateful for what you do.

As bad as it sounds everyone does it – if they are better clients you treat them better, you are happy putting in extra hours, stay back late and do whatever it takes to get them amazing results over a person who “bitches and moans” and pay their bills late or always has an issue with what you are doing.

The way I look at it, there are seven billion people on the planet you could potentially do business with and some of them might be a little bit young. The point is there is a whole truck load of people out there you could be doing business with. You don’t need these other people in your life if they are going to make your life miserable or if they are going to make your work not as fun as it could be because they are basically dragging down your whole business.

If you don’t feel like going to work today or don’t feel like spending the extra time and effort and don’t feel like putting the energy in to this particular client - all that filters out to the rest of your business and onto the group of clients who you could be doing more amazing stuff for had you not had a few bad apples in the cart.

So there is really a big opportunity cost here I would like you to see. So if you do business with a fantastic person then there is no opportunity for you to be in business with the bad people or the non-preferred clients – let’ call it that and vice-versa If you take on people that you don’t want to work with.

You only have 24 hours in a day, we all have 24 hours  in a day and you can’t get any more and you can’t get any less – that’s what we've got to work with. If you have an 8 hour project let’s say for example and you allow a non-preferred client to engage in your services or buy your products then you allocated those 8 hours of your life to this particular person. That means you cannot allocate it to the amazing client who is fun to be with and energetic and really appreciates you for what you do in your business.

So you have to think about the opportunity cost – you get to say to this one so there’s opportunity for the person who builds you up and motivates you to do better in your business.

So just a suggestion that you may want to do and it’s something that I do, get a piece of paper and draw it up into 3 columns. In one column you are going to put the ultimate client – you’re going to list every aspect of working with people that you absolutely love. Just paint out the picture and don’t put any constraints on it. Just think about what would be your ideal client and list everything.

  • What age are they?
  • What sex are they?
  • What sort of things are they interested in?
  • What sort of businesses are they in?
  • Do they pay in advance or do they pay just in time?


Whatever it is that you like just list down your ultimate client - how much are they paying you? Do you go out to dinner with clients on a regular basis and is it more on a friendly basis - you know going out to the pub and you have a drink with them? Just list out every single thing that would make up that ideal client.

In the middle column, list out everything that you are willing to put up with a client. These are things that are not negative and they are not positive but this is where the line is drawn. It might be – okay I’m willing to put with payments within 30 days and as long as they pay in 30 days they go in that column if that’s what you are willing to put up with to keep the business going.

On the last column I want you to draw the line and have the deal breakers. These are the things that you are not willing to put up with in your business anymore and what we now have is a very structured filtering process so that if someone comes to purchase your products or services you can easily allocate them to a group.

If they are in the deal breaker column then it’s an instant no – sorry your services or your products are not right for them and you need to get used to saying no because every time you say no it’s going to provide you the opportunity to say yes to the other people that you do want to work with. Now it may seem a little bit counter-intuitive for business and you don’t want to do it but believe me it will make an amazing difference for your business.

For the middle column, what you want to do with these people is you want to try to move them – if you have clients come in and they are “so-so”  you put in all energy and effort and you still give them amazing service even though they are not your ultimate client.You want to try to move them over the ultimate client column.

  Educate them about how you work at your peak and what motivates you to do better for them as their provider of products or services then you continually build your business the way you want to do it. You’ll have more energy and more passion to put into the people that are in your ultimate column and life will be so much easier because these people generally are happy to pay more and don’t question the price or value and they will tell more people than the other columns.

I hope this has been useful. If you got some value out of it, please subscribe to the channel and share the video. This is what motivates me to keep making these videos and providing value to you. It is when I see them being shared that it motivates me to make more. So I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in the next episode!   

How To Rank Number 1 on Google By Matt Cutts image by Think Big Online

How To Rank Number 1 on Google By Matt Cutts


Okay, Okay, obviously this is a very clever rip off of Google's Chief web spam man Matt Cutts and you probably won't rank higher in Google by linking to porn sites, but isn't Matty just so cute!?!?

Bad Spelling and Poor Grammar Affecting Page Rank

Bad spelling affecting Pagerank image by Think Big OnlineIn this video by Google's number one spam cop Matt Cutts, he first denies and then basically confirms straight after that part of Google's algorithm to determine the quality of a page looks at spelling and grammar of the information on the page.

Whether the algorithm actually picks up that the spelling and grammar  is incorrect as part of the page rank or if it's in combination with the user engagement of the page and time spent, it's a good reminder to run everything through a quick spell check.  Tip: Before publishing your content walk away from the computer for an hour and come back with fresh eyes to proof read if you are worried about there being mistakes.

What are your thoughts on incorrect spelling and Grammar on a site?  Does it matter to you?

How to Maximize your Marketing Return on Investment

Tracking and maximizing your return on investment

Maximizing your Marketing ROI image by Think Big OnlineGood day! This is Samuel from Think Big Online and today I want to speak with you about maximizing your return on investment. Now before we can maximize our return on investment, we need to be able to track where our investment is going and the return that it is providing and so I’m going to run you through a few great tools that we use to track where our investment is going and the return that we are getting back.

So if you’ve been to our website, you’ll notice that we have a 1300 number up there and this is for a couple of reasons. First it makes us look like a bigger national company than just having a state specific number. We’re in Sydney so if we have a 02 number then we would know our market to a degree because people from Melbourne or Brisbane or wherever might not want to engage with us because they see us as being only in Sydney when actually we service the whole country.

Now the more important reason is that with the 1300 number, we can track every single phone call that comes in and record it.

The phone company that we use is FYI Telco, very good service and we are not affiliated with them in any way so we are not getting any sort of referrals for mentioning them but they have really good service and it’s really cheap. To get started with the 1300 number is about $5 a month then it goes upwards depending on which plan that you want to be on. So check them out if you want to get a 1300 number or a 1800 number and the benefit is we can track every phone call that comes in.

You can see the phone number, the length of the call and how many times they called. Some people may call back a number of times if they have more qualified leads or if they have more questions or basically you can see the level of engagement with that particular phone number that is calling in.

Next thing on the list is Google Analytics - now most people have heard of Google analytics and it’s a free tool that you use by putting a little bit of code on your website and you can see how many people had come through to your website. Now we don’t care so much about how many people are using our website although it’s good to know that and it’s good to know where they come from but the more important metric is how many actual leads you get come through the website actually convert into sales.

If you have 10 million people visit your website and no one calls or e-mails or buys something from you then there is no point knowing that you had that many people to your website. It doesn’t provide any value to you and you are virtually not tracking your return on investment and it’s not a tool that you can use to track your return on investment being the number of visitors that you get to your website.

So what we want to do is go into a Google analytics and we want to setup some goals. You know what goals are, basically is you can setup a target page and once someone reaches that target page it triggers a goal and if we got our tracking setup correctly we can see where that person came from that triggered that goal. So maybe they came from social media campaign, maybe they came from adwords campaign or maybe they just came off the search engines through organic listings.

This is very important to know because if you are running simultaneous campaigns – say for example you may be:

  • Running a Facebook paid advertising campaign
  • You may be running a Yahoo paid advertising campaign
  • You may be running a Google Adwords advertising campaign.


So you want to know where you are getting leads from for the money that you are investing in each one of those mediums. The other thing that you want to know is which services they are interested in. Obviously if you are targeting things like Google Adwords, you are going to be choosing keywords to drive traffic to the website. So if you have a number of services you might be targeting the keywords to specific services.

So as you can see here, we got a number of goals setup for each one of our forms. So we got a social media marketing from, we got an e-mail marketing form, online marketing form and so on. Now if you are sending traffic to the website, you might be investing let’s say for example, $500 per month in social media marketing campaign, you may be investing $500 per month in your e-mail marketing and so on and so on.

If you are investing the same amount of money into each one and at the end of the month you can see that you got 20 social media contacts, you got 5 e-mail marketing contacts, you got 1 online marketing form contact and 10 pay-per-click contacts – you now know which one is providing more leads for your money and you need to take it one step further than that in tracking which leads actually convert to sales.

 Initially an inexperienced person might look at it and say we’re getting a lot more from social so let’s keep doing that but if none of your social media leads turn into purchases but you have only 1 contact from your online marketing form and that one person turned into a lead, it’s actually better to be focusing on your online marketing, keywords or your online marketing campaign because you’ve actually acquired a client.

Now I’m not going to go into technicalities and showing you exactly how to setup your goals and your forms in this video. I’ll have a video somewhere on our Youtube channel that will show you this but for now we just want to focus on the bigger picture on tracking the leads and being able to measure your return on investment.

Effective use of CRM in maximizing return on investment

As I said, it’s not about the traffic that you get and it’s not just about the leads that you get. Yes it’s very important to track both of those but the main thing that you want to track is what ends up in sales.  So we use a CRM called ZOHO and CRM is Customer Relationship Management tool where we can track all of your leads and all of your sales so it’s kind of the next path to our process after Google Analytics and setting up our goals.

We want to have somewhere we can manage our leads as they come through and track them and see who actually turns into a purchaser and who doesn’t. Just on this, we’ve looked at probably 25 to 30 CRMs in our time and spent a couple of hundred hours going through them all to find the one that does what we want.

ZOHO is amazingly affordable, it’s really cheap it’s like $20 or $30 dollars a month and it does everything that we want. It’s very flexible and it’s very easy to use, you can use it on your iPad or your iPhone and it’s just an amazing piece of software.

So everyone should be tracking their leads, if you are selling products or services even for just tracking your day to day contacts through your networking and social groups. It’s a very powerful tool to makes sure that you are staying in contact with the people that you need to on a regular basis and as I said also helps you track all your sales and leads.

So let’s jump in and have a look! So this is just in our leads screen here. Basically we just go to add a lead and you can customize all these fields to whatever you want.

This is the way we got ours setup – you can add the person’s name and you can have a lead source and so when we’re tracking with our Google Analytics with the goals, we can track the lead source and so you would know if they came from Facebook, if they came from the Google Adwords, if they came from the search engines or if they came from Youtube. 

We’re going to know when they come through our form where they came from. If they call us up, you can ask where they came from and put them into the CRM or if you want to put in a little bit and get a bit more technical you can run different websites that look the same for different campaigns and then you know. You can have a different phone number with a different domain to track your Adwords, you could have a different one to track your Facebook and so on.

Now as you can see, this is the lead page and we got opportunities and so when the lead came through and we gave them a call or they called us and we spoke with them and decided that they are qualified in doing business with us, we might create an opportunity.

You put a value on the opportunity as to what you are quoting them or what products or services that they are interested in and at the end of the month, or the week or the quota you can pull a report and see how many leads came through from which source, which lead types are converting better and which services or products you are selling more of and then you can contrast it back to the start where you are investing in your marketing.

If you are investing a thousand dollars per month on your Adwords, you can see how that return on investment fares against your social media advertising. This is why it’s so important to be able to track exactly where your leads come from, what products and services they are interested in and what people actually end up purchasing.

So many businesses don’t do this but it’s a very simple process to put in place and once you do it, you are virtually buying clients. If you know that for every $500 you invest, you get so many clients that equal $5000 in business, how many $500 would you spend? It’s really that simple once you can break it down and you have the metrics on where your traffic is coming from, where your leads are coming from, which leads convert better and which products convert better and which are more profitable.

It’s really simple then you can just go and get more of that traffic and increase your business and you know you are going to make a profit.

Where so many people get it wrong is that they don’t track any of these and they just sort of lick their finger and stick it in the air and just guess and they just hope. 90 percent of the times that we see people do this, they get it totally wrong.

They say that “oh well we believe that this is working better and we believe that we are selling more products from our website because of this” but they don’t actually know and there is a certain confidence that comes with knowing exactly how much you are paying for a lead and exactly how much you are paying for a sale to be able to go out there and create massive wealth.

Now before I wrap up, there is just one more thing that I want to say about this CRM. A lot of other CRMs do this as well but this is just another fantastic feature of ZOHO is that you can actually create web forms that go into your site and if someone fills in the contact form in your website it will automatically pull the data into ZOHO for you and so you can setup rules and parameters and then you know exactly where the lead came from and you already have all the data in this.

You don’t need to double handle it; you don’t need to take it from an e-mail inquiry and then come into ZOHO and manually input it all. You can just setup the web form on your site and that will automatically import it for you and that’s a fantastic functionality and saves you a heck of a lot of time.

So I hope you have enjoyed this presentation on tracking your return on investment and as you can see, once you are tracking it’s very easy to be able to maximize your return on investment because you know where to spend your money on a profitable campaign and where to cut back or to stop the things that are actually losing you money because all marketing is just investing.

I want you to think about it as investing and not spending money. So many people come to us and these students saying “I don’t want to spend the money on this, I don’t want to spend the money on that” but it’s not spending money at all. If you are spending money – spending virtually means you are throwing it away. You are putting money out there but getting something back that isn’t of equal or greater value.

You wouldn’t spend money on the share market.  When you look at trading in the share market, you are looking at investing money to get a higher return on investment and I want you to think about that with your marketing as well. Every dollar that you put into your marketing is an investment and you need to track that investment to see whether you are getting a positive or a negative return on it. If you are getting a negative return on it then you know that it isn’t working.

We need to change, we need to do something differently or we need to reposition our offer, whatever it is but you know that you are losing money on it so you know that you need to make a change. If you are making a profit on a particular marketing activity, then you know if you want to increase your business all you need to do is do more of that particular activity to make more money. It’s really that simple! I hope you have enjoyed this, have a great day!


How to Create a Free Report Pt 2

See Part 1 How to Create a Free Report

Creating a free report

Free SEO Report Part 2 image by Think Big OnlineNow to help in creating your report, I’ve come up with some tips that we use with our clients to help them make the report. So I’ll just run those through with you.

Questions and important factors to consider in creating your free consumer report

Okay so there’s our buyer and that’s pretty self-explanatory. What are the 10 most frequently asked questions from your clients and obviously the answer is to them. What are the 10 most important things that a client should know about your industry, product or service that other businesses of the same type in your industry aren’t letting the client know? Is there some hidden truth in the industry that people don’t like to share because they are scared that it might put people off?

What are the things that your prospects don’t know that they don’t know? What are the questions that they should be asking you that they don’t. So you want to come up with, you know – ten is a good number there and of course the answer is to them. So for each of these questions you need to back them up with the actual answers and explain why and how.

The best thing is to go download our free report at and you’ll see exactly how our process works. You can rip that off and copy it if you want and help you to create your consumer buyer guide.

If there are hidden truths, why do other companies hide them and what they are scared of? Totally open the kimono and let them know this. Why do they hide each one? What should the consumer watch out for in your market? Say for example in pest control or in buildings or something, should they watch out and make sure that their provider has insurance or a particular type of license or a particular kind of cover?

 What are the 10 biggest should ask questions about your product or service? It’s very similar to this one up here that I already covered but this is more about the importance of – the important things that people should know and this is kind of what they don’t know.

Why should they ask these questions? Find the biggest problems in your market by searching Google and this will also give you a lot of information that you put in this report. So if you are in pest control you can type in:

  • pest control problem or problems
  • problems in hiring a pest control company
  • pest control scam, pest control scams
  • pest control reviews
  • Risks with pest control.

 If you type in forums in inverted comments with your keyword, you’re going to find forums where people are talking about your specific topic and have a look at what their questions and concerns are. You can use all these information to put in your report because you know what is already going on in the mind of your prospects.

  • What are they already thinking about?
  • What are they talking about in the market that you don’t normally get to see?

You can basically jump in and see exactly what it is and use it in your report to give them education on.

Same thing keyword danger, you can come up with a lot of other combinations. That’s just to get you started.

What makes your business unique compared to competition? That’s not a complete sales tool. You are not directly doing a hard sell on them but you can subtlety let them know about your service and why your service is different compared to some of the competitors.

What other info they might find interesting or useful? So this is basically, anything else that might not be within this template but is relevant to your business. These aren’t particularly in order by the way. I probably have to clean these up a little bit.

What are the biggest misconceptions about the industry? We already covered that one in the report. What questions should your type of company be asking clients? We also covered that!

What are the 10 worst things that could happen if someone hires the wrong (insert your business type here) company? Let’s take pest control for example – What are 10 worst things that could happen if someone hires the wrong pest controller and how can you avoid that happening? And the special offer down at the bottom.

So that’s about it! We’ve got a number of questions there that will help you create your free report so now it’s up to you to create your education based marketing tool, your free report or your eBook whatever you want to call it. Think of a nice catchy name for it and go out there and get aweber and set it up with your report so that people can download it for free then market it everywhere and don’t just stick it in your website. Make a business card with the address and URL on it and give the business card to different people that you come in contact with and send them back there to download the report and you can start building up your database and building up a relationship with them through this powerful report that you’ve created.

I hope that this has been useful for you! Now that you’ve learned it, go out and make it happen. Implement it and have a great day!

How to Create a Free Report Pt 1

See Part 2 How to Create a Free Report

Creating a Free Consumer Report

Free SEO Report Part 1 image by Think Big OnlineHi this is Samuel Junghenn! I’m the managing director of Think Big Online. Today I just want to speak with you about education-based marketing. Now education-based marketing can be particularly powerful if your market or industry has a lot of reservations or a lot of concerns or if there is a lot of blubbery going on in the market with people that may not be as ethical as you or may not as experienced as you in the market that are doing the wrong thing by people out of ignorance or on purpose if they are taking advantage of people in the market.

Now hopefully if you are watching this, you’re not one of those people that are doing that and that you want to build a solid business built of relationships and built of doing a good job and building up your reputation as an industry expert.

Today I just want to talk a little bit about a simple tool, a very simple way that you can educate your market, build massive trust and credibility with your potential clients and also filter out the people that you don’t want to work with. As you can see on the screen here, we created an SEO buyer’s guide because there is a lot of mystery behind SEO and there are a lot of sharks in the industry that, if you don’t have the skills or like to pull the wool over their client’s eyes and charge exorbitant fees and don’t actually provide any value.

Now when I say providing exorbitant fees in SEO, it’s not about getting the cheapest price which you will see if you actually read through this buyer’s guide that we created but what I’m talking about is people that bring a client on-board and say you know we can do fantastic things or you’ll be on the first page of Google and blah blah and they don’t provide the results that they say they will. That’s the type of people that we’re talking about.

Now with the report that you’ll be creating, it doesn’t need to be a marvel. It can be as simple as a 10 page report that runs people through.  I’ll go through all the questions in a moment and the structure on how to do that. The main point is that it doesn’t need to be a gigantic thing and it doesn’t need to take forever.

Also remember that even if you spend a day or two days creating this report, you are only creating it once and it will keep working for you consistently. So if you put it in your website, as you see here you can setup a name catcher.

We use aweber and you can get aweber at if you want to use this e-mail marketing software it’s relatively cheap. I think it starts at about $19 a month but you can build your database there and you can also setup e-mail order responders which I might go into if we have time in the end.

What should your report offer?

Now in this video I’m not going to go into how to setup your e-mail sequences for your order responders and that’s another part to this equation

The main thing that I want to get across today is about creating this report and creating value for the community and educating them so that they don’t get burned with the cowboys in the market and at the same time positions you as the expert and build a lot of trust and rapport with people if you are totally open and honest with them and you give them a lot of information that most other companies in your market will not give them.

Okay so we’ll just pull up the report that we’ve created here and you can see that it is in pdf format that people can download as soon as they entered their name and e-mail address. Got a first page, copyright notice and you can also e-mail me there with my e-mail address.

Notice on every page, at the top of the page we got our logo for a little bit of branding and at the bottom we got the copyright business name, a link back to the website which is very important and the phone number in case they got any questions when you go through this or maybe they’ve decided that we are the company that they want to do SEO with because we’ve been so transparent and given them so much value in this report.

Then we got our content section, we got about the author then the way I structured this is through questions to ask a prospective SEO company because everyone doesn’t know what they don’t know and so by giving them the questions that they should be asking companies, its opening their eyes to things that they wouldn’t have thought of or possibly don’t even know exists.

So we got the questions and we got the answers to the questions. Of course we’re not going to get the exact answers correct however we’ve explained the type of answers that a company should be giving if they are a legitimate company.

Then we’ve gone into being a little bit more creative with “Do not ask Questions” because there are a lot of questions that people will ask an SEO company that are not probably the best questions so they are wasting their time or they are setting themselves up to be sold to by an unethical SEO company or people that are just looking to grab their money and so we’ve put do not ask questions and why you shouldn’t ask them.

Questions they should be asking you – if you are in any type of service business, even if you are in a product-based business, you should be asking the clients a lot of questions or prospective clients a lot of questions to make sure that your product or service is the right fit. It doesn’t matter if you are selling CDs, you need to be listening to your clients and getting feedbacks from them which will one, help build a lot more rapport in the conversation that you are having.

Two is it will help you understand the market and understand people that are buying that particular product or service so that you can then possibly use that in your marketing in the future or in conversations with other people that you are going to have.

Instead of just putting your hand out, even if you are selling something as simple as a CD - instead of just putting your hand out and taking the money, engage in a conversation and ask them questions. In our case particularly with SEO, it is very important that we understand what the client wants to achieve with their campaign, who their target market is, what products they want to sell and so on.

Now this is something that a lot of other companies won’t do and they’ll just you know, focus on the rankigs which rankings if you’ve seen on our other videos, rankings don’t matter squat. It’s about the traffic and the leads and conversions that you get from the rankings but I won’t go into it because it’s a different topic and the main point is that you should be asking your clients questions no matter what industry you are in and that’s a good heading to have in there.

Biggest misconceptions about your industry – this is a really good one. Big misconceptions about any industry no matter what you are in, people will think that they can get it cheaper or faster or better or they are going to get a different result than what actually happens in real life.

It’s all about managing their perception and so by having misconceptions chapter in the eBook or in the report, you can overcome those and you can ground the reader and help them have realistic expectations about the industry or about the product or the service.

SEO lies companies tell you - this may or may not be applicable to every industry. In our case, it is very applicable because there is a lot of things that goes on in the market and a lot of people just tell rubbish because there it is still a very little knowing practice and there is so much to know that it’s very hard for the consumer to know what is right and what is wrong. So we’ve highlighted some blatant lies that some SEO companies will tell people to basically just get their business.

 On that in general, if you are selling something to someone that’s not going to make their lives better, you should not be selling it to them. Now I’m trying not to get off on another tangent here but we will turn clients away if we cannot help clients with something, with their online marketing.

If we cannot make them a positive return on investment back, we will not work with them on the first place and you probably should be thinking about that in your business instead of just going for the money grab, think about what’s the long-term value of that relationship. If you turn someone away and give them advice and say look this isn’t probably the right product or the right service for you. However they could look into doing something else.

 You can build massive rapport and trust with that person and you don’t know that they might refer another ten people to you over the next two years which you would not have had if you sold them that product or service that they found out a couple of weeks later, was not right for them. They are not going to refer those ten people or whatever it may be to you. They are not going to remember you as the trustworthy and reliable person that they’ve come in contact with if you’ve been totally transparent with them.

So don’t just lie to get the sale. Make sure that you offer true value and think about what the client is going to get as a result of engaging with your product or service and so if you think about it you are going to come up with a lot of questions and lies that other people may tell in the industry just to go for the short-term money grab.

Interesting facts about SEO – we put this in here to offer more education about different statistics and little known facts that clients commonly know about our target market. Now I’m being totally transparent and open here however you choose to perceive this is up to you. Some people might be judgmental and some people might see it for what it actually is in the part of the sales process.

As I said this is education-based marketing so while this is a valuable and totally transparent tool that you can use to promote your business, it is a marketing tool and it is part of your sales funnel to bring new business in. So with the interesting facts about SEO, there are interesting facts in there that help people to realize that they need SEO. They need to be doing SEO and why it’s so important to get started now.

This is starting to pre-sell them on why they need SEO and we’ve already built massive trust and given huge value up here. In our do not ask questions, we’ve also pre-screened people and I guess, filtered out people that we don’t want to deal with. Now it’s our turn to start to persuade them to do business with us. It’s about getting SEO done but obviously if they are reading this from us then it’s sort of suggesting that they should be doing business with us.

Now other tips are a just little bit information or a little bit more of a value ad – we just have some other random tips that kind of didn’t fit in to any other category there. We also put resources as another value ad – so just some tools that people could use to check up on their SEO Company or check out a prospective SEO company and so they are both another value ad.

Then we got our call to action at the bottom. We got our free SEO audit $330 real value which we do normally charge for however as part of our marketing funnel ideas here, we got people opting to the e-mail database and then after they’ve received this free report in their e-mail then they get sent another e-mail and it says you know “have you got any questions?” or whatever.

We give them a chance to respond back to us and engage in a conversation with us and then we follow up by another e-mail which says “If you would like this free SEO audit (I believe it’s at the bottom of this report as well) then you need to go to a hidden URL and fill out your details and we will do one of these SEO audits valued at $330 for your business and then send it to you.

This is qualifying them again – if they got to the end of this report, I think it’s about 27 pages long and if they read through everything, we know they are fairly qualified and they could be a good prospect for us to work with and help grow their business through search engine optimization.

Think about a gift or a one-time special offer. It could be some sort of a discount or a coupon or something else that you could add of value to the prospect at the bottom and you want to have a very clear call to action showing them exactly what to do to be able to redeem that special offer or take advantage of that offer.

9 SEO Tools For Competition Analysis

Tools that you can use for SEO Competition Analysis

9 SEO Tools for competitions analysis image by Think Big OnlineHi! This is Samuel Junghenn and I Just want to run you through today 8 powerful tools that you can use to analyze your competition. We’re just going to run through them very briefly and I’m not going to go in-depth. You can have a look at them and gather up information about your competition in your own time.




Alright so let’s start with Alexa! This is – let’s just do a quick dig on Facebook so we can do a search for Facebook. Now what it pulls up is that it pulls up search queries for Facebook. It also tells us how much traffic the site has got in the world and where it ranks. It currently ranks number two in the US and currently ranks number two in the world for the most amount of traffic.

You can see you know, if the traffic is going up or down so we can see some search terms and it’s mainly people that already know Facebook that are coming to it. We can see search terms that are arriving or falling and we can go to audience and we can see how many people in what age group and what sex, their education, browsing location and if they have children.

These are all pretty important information if you are thinking of starting a business or if you are already in a market, it’s good to know where your competitors are getting their traffic and what the audience is. Scroll down and you can see where they are coming from or where most of the traffic is coming from.

Go to related links you can see some of the competition – it gives you a good idea. So you might be in the market already and you might know of a couple of competitors. Let’s say if you type in the website and you come here, you might uncover a few more competitors that you didn’t know about here.

Let’s jump over the quick stream – you can see where people came from.  The Upstream, so most people are coming from Google so they are probably typing in Facebook into the Google search bar or they are coming from Youtube, next then Yahoo and so on and so on. Downstream is where they go after they’ve been to Facebook and so you can see most of the sites here are pretty much the same as the upstream.

We can also see if there is any review on the website as well and up here you got the amount of sites linking back to Facebook so overall you can tell where your competition are getting their traffic from, you can tell where traffic is going afterwards, you can tell what keywords are driving traffic to the website and gives you a little bit of SEO data. Overall Alexa is a great tool and the best thing about it is that it’s totally free.


Okay let’s jump over to the next one – quantcast. Quantcast does quite a similar thing but doesn’t give you as much free data as Alexa does but gives you some interesting information none the less. So once again you can see the sex, age group, the race, if they have kids, average income and if they ever go to college etc.

Down here I love this; you can see that globally 76 percent of people are addicted to Facebook which is probably not surprising and so yet another free tool that you can use to analyze your competition which is great.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is another fantastic tool and they got free and paid versions. The free version gives you some good data but it’s limited to the amount that you can actually see and so down on the side here you can see how many organic keywords its ranking for about 1.4 million, its running ads and how many organic competitors it’s got.

Down here you got a bit of a graph of the same- it’s currently getting about 52,000 search engine traffic per month and It’s currently getting nearly 200,000 traffic from paid ads and search engines. The ad price is about $335,000 base spending on paid ads per month and Up here you can see the terms again you can click on there for more extensive reports.

 It tells you the competitors or those that it thinks are competitors -competitors with ads and so you can just click on here. If you don’t have a paid account you’ll just see a screen like this - so what it will do is that it will just block off the rest of the information until you have a paid account.

There is also an SEO Quake plugin for Firefox browser which will give you some of these data when you just visit a site or when you are in a Google search results page it will send you some information about your competition just for a quick analysis. So if you have Firefox it’s worth downloading that plugin and running it while you browse the internet. Cool! So let’s move along!

We got doesn’t give you a lot of data free which doesn’t mean it’s not as good as the others. However if you want to buy the paid account, it does give you some amazing information. So this is pretty much what it gives you free and it’s not a whole lot but if you upgrade into a paid account it does give you a whole lot of other fantastic information. Just check out all the products that you get with your complete account.

Okay so that’s it for general competition analysis tools. Now let’s jump into social media.

Wild Fire

This is a very cool tool done by Wild Fire Social media. Let’s just grab, I just got two twitter accounts here. Just for demo sake. What we can do is just drop in the Facebook pages, Twitter pages or both of a few different sites so you can run this against your competition or you can run a few of your competitors against each other to see who is doing good stuff on social media.

Alright so if we have a look here, we can see that Orange is an SEO Book and they’ve been growing relatively steadily over time but we have a look down here, there is SEOMoz and they just sort of, about April 2011 they just taken off and experienced exponential growth there. So you can go there and have a look at SEOMoz and have a look at the strategy that they are using for their Twitter and see what you can do to emulate that with the same success.

Okay so we have a different graph here, here is the daily information. Okay so this one is just at Very cool tool and once again it’s totally free.

Keyword Spy

Now let’s move over to PPC. Okay so if you are doing any paid advertising on Google Adwords, you want to see what your competition is doing. Now both of these tools I’m going to show you have free trials and they have a paid option as well. So let’s have a quick analysis on Facebook again.

So this is just in the free account, this is what you can see – so it tells you how much Facebook is spending per day with the ad budget. It tells you some of the keywords that they are using and it also tells you their competition running the same or similar ads targeting the same keywords. It will show you some ad variations that they are running at the time and it will also show you some organic keywords that they ranking for as well and their organic competition.

There is some of their organic listings and down there you got – you can click more specifically so you can see that Facebook is running about 465,000 ads. This is only in the free account that I am in at the moment so we only get to see the top ten.

Once again you can see:

  • the ads
  • you can see the keywords
  • you can see how much volume that keyword has got
  • how much they are spending in a week roughly
  • where their ads are being shown and what position
  • How many times their ads are seen and when their ads were first and last seen.

So it’s quite a powerful tool. Once again you can:

  • drill down into the keywords more
  • You can drill down into the organic keywords and
  • You can drill down on the competition.

So once again if you are only aware of one or two players in your market with competition, you can put their URL in here and you will find a whole heap of other competitors that you might have not heard before. Plus you are getting all these other data giving you ideas for keywords and how to write ads. So that’s it for


Let’s jump over to Spyfu. Spyfu is very similar to Keyword Spy. Once again it will tell you:

  • how much you are spending or how much your competition is spending
  • average ad position
  • Organic traffic and paid vs. organic.
  • Down here you got keywords that you are using, paid keywords, the top competitors, the organic keywords and the top organic competition.

Now the reason you are going to have to use both of these is because sometimes the tools run a little bit differently and they pick up on different elements possibly. So you might get more keywords from Spyfu that you didn’t see on keyword spy or different ads and you might find different competition. So if you run them through both of these you are going to be pretty well covered. Okay so that’s it for PPC.

Majestic SEO

Now let’s jump over to Majestic SEO and this is for fondly enough, an SEO competition analysis tool or your own site if you get stuck into SEO a little bit more. Okay so that will come back and this is the fresh index so this is over the last 30 days and here it tells how many referring domains are linking to Facebook and here it tells how many backlinks have gone to Facebook within the last 30 days.

So there’s about 3 trillion backlinks over the last 30 days which is pretty astronomical. You can use historic as well and that is how many links are pointing back over that domain. Down here you can see the top backlinks that are pointing to your site.

So this is all free data that you can get once again.  Just down here it tells you the top pages. We can dig into top backlinks a bit more.  You can go to referring domains and dig into that. It will show you the top referring domains.

 If you get a paid account you can see a lot more information but you can dig up quite a lot with the free one as well. You can check back link history, you can do two back links- let’s just do Facebook and Twitter nice and easy. So here we can see how many backlinks each of them have and compare them side by side. We can see here that they are pretty close actually and so you can run them side by side.

You can do a neighborhood check to see what other domains are in their hosting you might pick some other competitor’s domain there. So once again have a play around with it and you’re going to dig up a whole bunch of fantastic information for free.

Market Samurai

Now last one that I want to show you very briefly is Market Samurai. Market Samurai has a free trial again and it also has a paid option as well. It’s only a hundred dollars or something which is ridiculously cheap. It’s worth getting the paid version and it’s on a 30 day trial I believe that the SEO competition works and after the trial expires I think you’re going to have to upgrade to the paid version.

So this is how the paid version looks like in the SEO competition. You can quite easily see – I’ll put a keyword in there “internet marketing” and then I’ll let it run. It tells you a lot of important factors for ranking your website. I’m not going to go into SEO in-depth in here but what am I showing you is this very cool tool that you can see very quickly how likely it is that you will rank for a keyword and how much work you have to do to actually rank for that keyword.

Here we can see – these are all the sites that are ranking from 1 to 10. Here is the domain age, the page rank of the website, how many pages they got on their website, how many referring domains are pointing back to their site, how many domains are pointing back to that actual page, how many backlinks, how many backlinks to the domain, how many edu and gov links, if they got a yahoo listing, the keywords in the title tags, the keywords in the URL, the description and the header.

So if it’s black it means that it’s quite competitive. Once again this is a fantastic tool for seeing very quickly how competitive a keyword is to rank for in the search engines. Apart from just that section of the tool, you can also do keyword research. Rank trackers can keep track of where you are ranking for all your different keywords.

You can search for domains in your industry and there’s a whole other bunch of cool things that market samurai does as well. So you can get that at

So if you found this video interesting hit the like button or hit the share button. Leave us a comment and always subscribe to our channel for more fantastic videos. We put out new videos every single week so make sure you don’t miss out on them just hit the subscribe button!

Think Big Online – Web Design and Web Development

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services image by Think Big OnlineSex sells and the sexier you are, the more you sell. It’s been proven in multiple studies. Check out the video above to find out why this is true and the biggest mistake that businesses owners make when getting a website.

Now one scientific study done by Dr. Daniel Hammermesh found that the average good looking person will earn $250,000 more than their less attractive colleagues over time. Again reported in the journal of economic psychology, that good looking people sell more. How does this relate to your website?

Well your website is a salesperson too!

Indeed your website is a salesperson that works 24/7 and the thing is that just like the homosapien type, you can get the hard to manage, slow and poor performing websites that don’t get out there and bring in sales and you can also get the ones that are easy to manage, get out there, flaunt their stuff and bring in more business that you can handle.

We at Think Big Online only build the latter type because we are an online marketing agency and not just web designers. We understand how to build you websites that don’t just look good and converts visitors into phone calls.

All about our Web Design and Web Development Services

Too many web design companies build sites that look good but don’t make sales. We use a proven formula to make you look like a champion and have phone calls, emails and sales pouring in. You see contrary to popular belief, having a site design is not about having the prettiest design or having it at the cheapest price possible. It’s about building a machine that looks good, easy to use, works on mobile devices, search engine friendly and converts visitors to leads and sales.

Now let us share with you the most costly mistake that most people make when getting a site but before we do, we just want you to know about some of the great things that you can expect out of our web design and web development services:

  • Your website will be built on a platform that is updated daily so that you have an up to date website at any given time and you’ll never have to replace it
  • Your website will be built to sell - Your website is a marketing tool and the front door to our business so we use proven and tested elements within your website to make it stand out from the crowd and convert visitors into buyers
  • Your website will be built so that you can easily manage it and even a one armed monkey standing on its head can create new pages, update content and upload videos and images (It even comes with a blog at no extra cost)
  • You can have as many user logins as you want
  • Your website will be built on a powerful search engine friendly platform to help it rank higher in the search engines and be found by your new customers
  • Your website will be built to integrate easily with social media
  • With mobile usage going through the roof, your website will also be built to be compatible with mobile devices.


Now you may be wondering, what sort of sites do we actually build? Well we build business websites from small 10 page sites to thousands of pages eCommerce sites and everything in between. What’s more is that we offer a full 30 days tech support to make sure that everything is running smoothly and the site is exactly what you want. If you require any further support, our friendly team are always here to help.

A fair warning - other companies build your site but you don’t have control over it and you can’t move it away from their platform. Best case when you can move it, they’ll slug you with thousands just for the right to take it. We don’t buggerise with shenanigans like these.

we build your site so that you have full control over it and if you decide to move the hosting somewhere else, go for it! We don’t have any fine print or nasty exit fees to move which means that you have 100% control and ownership over you site as well as full training videos and documentation for you to have at your fingertips!

Google Adwords PPC Management

 What can our Google Adwords PPC Management services do for you?

Google Adwords PPC management image by Think Big OnlineWould you like to discover the fastest way to drive streams of highly targeted buyers to your website in the next 24 hours and have the phone ringing like a smoke alarm in an Aussie barbecue?

Just before I get into that, we want to let you in on a little secret – websites don’t make money. It’s not about the sausage, it’s about the sizzle and it’s not about the website, it’s about the visitors you get to your website.

Now you’ve probably heard of Google Adwords and you know that you can setup a campaign yourself or you can send one of your staff to attend courses on how to effectively run your campaign. We can tell you now that around 96 percent of all people that come to us for Adwords management that have an existing campaign have been doing it wrong and wasting fistful of money every day.

It’s not about how many visitors you get to your website but rather it’s about getting highly targeted leads that will be more likely to buy your product or service.  Sure we can send 2 million visitors to your website tomorrow but if no one buys that would be a waste of time and money so we would rather send 200 targeted visitors to your website tomorrow and have 100 of them pick up the phone, send you an e-mail or buy something giving you better returns on your marketing dollar and make more profit.

So how do you get more targeted visitors to actually pick up the phone, e-mail or buy from you? It all starts with tracking and this is where 99 percent of Adwords managers drop the proverbial ball. Think Big Online is the only company in Australia that has developed a state of the art tracking system that tracks every visitor on your website so that you know which types of people actually convert into sales. Once we know this, we start targeting more of these people to increase your return of investment.

Now you may be wondering, why is tracking so important? Well It’s because you can’t improve something that you’re not measuring. If you are running an Adwords campaign and not measuring which keywords and ads turn into phone calls, then you are burning money - money that you could be spending on a holiday in Bali, ski trip to France or a shiny new car.

You see that is where we are different - aside from driving floods of visitors to your website, we track everything so it’s simple for you to see that you are making money on everything we do.

Imagine when you get reports at the end of the month and you can see that for every $1,000 you invest outwards, you get $10,000 back in sales. How many thousands of dollars  would you invest? Think Big Online offers you all that and more!

Think Big Online Google Adwords PPC Management Services

As a full-service internet marketing company, our Google Adwords PPC Management Services here at Think Big Online includes:

  • In-depth keyword research (we target unlimited keywords)
  • Competition analysis
  • Tracking for all e-mails and phone calls
  • Full month reporting for position, traffic and leads

Here at Think Big Online, we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about dealing with any sleazy salesman, false promises and big stupid technical terms. We fully intend to bring our clients more leads for less and more sales resulting to higher return on investment and more money in their pocket. Some clients benefit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from the services that we offer.

Go ahead and get in touch with our PPC consultants today for nothing less than excellent and truly profitable results!