10 Techniques to Build Trust Through Your Website Design

10 Steps To Improve Your Web Design Credibility and Attract New Customers

Your website is the online salesman for your business. People will only engage with your site if they trust it, and if they trust the company behind it. A credible website design presents your business in a professional way that encourages visitors to check out what your business has to offer. Credibility can be broken down into three main factors:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Expertise
  • Attractiveness

There are several techniques and web design elements you can use to establish these three factors. Increasing your website credibility translates into more customers, increased sales, and higher revenue for your business.

1. Professional Web Design 

10 Techniques to Build Trust Through Your Website DesignPeople judge your business based on your website design. If you create your website yourself, and have no web design experience, you’re going to end up with poor end product. It only takes 5 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion of your website, and decide if they will leave or sick around.

Research shows that 38% of people will stop engaging with a web page if the layout is unattractive. If your website is going to inspire credibility and encourage users to explore your products and services, you need a professional and attractive web design.

2. Remove All Errors 

You might think that no one really cares about the odd spelling error or poor use of grammar, but you couldn’t be more wrong. When a visitor spots an error on your website, they make one of two judgements.

You haven’t noticed the mistake, which means you lack attention to detail, or you have seen the error, but you haven’t bothered to correct it. One makes you look unprofessional, and the other that you don’t take any pride in your work - both damage your credibility.

Aside from text errors, broken links are another common web design issue. Whether an internal link or an external link to another website, if a user clicks a dead link, it damages your credibility. Conduct regular audits of your website links - repairing internal links and replacing external links, or deleting them entirely.

3. Clear Contact Information

Providing users a clear means of contacting you indicates there’s a real company behind the website, and it also makes it easier for potential customers to interact with your business. Anything you can do to encourage people to engage with you and take a step closer to becoming a customer should be a priority - 44% of users will abandon a website due to a lack of contact information.

More and more people use their smartphones to access websites and research businesses. That’s why a mobile-friendly web design is so important. Including a button so that users can call you with a single tap can be a great way to improve mobile user experience and encourage users to contact you.

4. Fresh Content

Keeping your content up-to-date shows visitors that you’re an active and vibrant company. If you post high-quality content, you can even position your company as an authority in your niche.

Fresh content doesn’t mean you have to rewrite your entire website every two weeks. It could mean updating product reviews and testimonials, curating relevant industry news, or posting articles on your own company blog.

Whichever way you choose to keep your website content fresh, make sure you do it regularly. Internet users place more trust in sites that regularly update their content.

5. Staff Photos

Internet users are wary of anonymous websites. They want to see the people behind your business and may think that you are trying to hide something. If you don’t show your photo, people will assume you don’t stand by your website, and that you might not stand by your products and services either.

6. Reviews And Testimonials 

People look for validation in what other people think when they make purchasing decisions, with 93% of online consumers reading product reviews. Social proof is the term that describes this psychological trait. Amazon has become the biggest online retailer in the world by harnessing product reviews and social proof in their web design- 63% of people are more likely to purchase from a website with user reviews.

Enabling users to leave reviews on your website allows potential customers to read unbiased opinions and increases the trust they place in your website - even negative reviews aren’t fatal and can actually improve your credibility and authenticity.

The modern consumer wants to make informed purchasing decisions. Never underestimate website visitors, and never put up fake reviews or testimonials. When a user gets suspicious about the authenticity of a review, the whole credibility of your business is in question.

7. Comprehensive Product Information

If you sell products directly from your website, you need to to provide detailed information for every product that you offer. This information can include:

  • Multiple product pictures
  • Product video
  • Sizes
  • Colours
  • Dimensions
  • Weight

You should aim to make it as easy as possible for your customers to make a purchasing decision. If you force visitors to seek out external resources to find out about your products, you damage your credibility and expertise.

8. Guarantees

Offering customer guarantees increase the credibility of your website. Why?

Because it takes away the risk involved for the customer, establishing trust. A money-back guarantee reassures customers by highlighting your confidence in your products and services. Your products must be of acceptable quality if your willing to stand by them.

While warranties and guarantees may vary on each product, you should make your refund policy absolutely clear to potential customers.

9. Lazy Stock Photos

Authenticity is crucial for establishing trust and credibility through web design. Internet users are increasingly more adept at spotting generic stock photos - they damage your credibility and scream “fake” to your website visitors. Research from Nielson Norman Group reveals that people find detailed photos far more attractive than standard stock photos.

Those cheesy stock photos of a smiling handshake will damage the authenticity of your website. If user questions your authenticity, they will question your credibility.

10. Don’t Go Overboard

According to Magicdust, experienced web developers Sydney, it’s essential to balance the credibility elements used in you web page design. Cramming in too much can have the opposite effect on users. If your web design is screaming “I’m legit! Trust me with your cash!”, your visitors are going to be suspicious of your motives.

Moderation is key. Identify the credibility elements that your visitors find most appealing, and give those elements priority in your web page design.


A professional, error-free, and attractive website design is crucial for establishing credibility. Not only does it help instill a sense of trust, but it also does a great job of showcasing your products and services to your potential customers. While these web design techniques are tried and tested best practices, some may not be relevant to your particular industry and business objectives.

Your website is part of your online marketing strategy. As with all marketing activities, testing is crucial. Experiment with different credibility web design elements, making changes one at a time. Track and measure your web page metrics to optimise the credibility of your website and present your business in the best possible light.


5 Importance of a Mobile-friendly Website (Infographic)

Mobile devices have become a necessity in our everyday life today.  For this reason, having a mobile-friendly website for targeting mobile users is a must strategy for every company.  Mobile-friendly (mobile responsive) sites are websites that are designed to adjust and display properly on any resolution especially in smaller screens like smartphones and tablets.

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Mobile Search Statistics

Here are 5 reasons why it's important to make your website mobile-friendly:

1. More and more people are using mobile phones.

As of August 2017, there are more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users. Mobile internet shows promising projections for the next future, as global mobile data traffic is expected to increase nearly a sevenfold between 2016 and 2021. As of October 2017, mobile devices accounted for 50.87% of web page views worldwide.1

mobile-friendly website

2. Improves search visibility.

Since April 2015, Google has given priority to mobile-friendly websites and the "Mobilegeddon" has been created to describe mobile search results and the decrease in ranking for non-responsive websites. Mobile responsive websites are proven to get higher Google Page Rank.  Read more information On April 21, 2015, Google Dropped Another Bomb.

3. Having a mobile-friendly website improves the user experience.

You will never know when or where your target visitor will arrive on your site, so it is important that your website is ready to work on any device they may be.  If your website takes too long to download or is not easy to use on a mobile device, visitors may move along to a competitor with an easier to navigate website.

4. Improved brand identity

It's being said that going mobile is the next best step for building your brand and your corporate identity online. Most companies that practice responsive web design often gets better traffic due to strong brand identity.  Not only visitors can easily recognize the brand when using their mobile devices, but it provides them easy access and familiarity with your business.

5. It improves lead generation.

In 2016, the e-commerce revenue that comes from mobile was $170 billion and it is projected to increase up to $694 billion by 20192.  This year, 82% of people use their smartphones to research purchases they are about to make in a store.

It is necessary to make sure that all of your visitors have a positive experience, regardless of what kind of device they're using to view your website. Eventually, the better experience you can provide to your mobile visitors, the better the chance they will convert into sales.

1 http://gs.statcounter.com/platform-market-share/desktop-mobile-tablet
2 https://hostingfacts.com/internet-facts-stats-2016/

10 Techniques to Build Trust Through Your Website Design

10 Errors To Avoid In Web Design

10 Errors To Avoid In Web Design article image by Think Big Online MarketingThere are hundreds of ways to turn your web design into a success story. As the competition grows stiffer and stiffer, web designers work hard to keep their websites a cut above the rest. This article aims to help you become a better website designer by sharing our top 10 errors to avoid in web design. Scroll down to learn more!

1. Deactivating the “Back” Button

As a website user or visitor, there’s nothing more upsetting than being redirected. Websites that disable the back button in order to redirect their users to another page is a big no. Imagine clicking on a button only to have a new window pop up from your screen. Web designs should be able to serve their purpose without the need for this shrewd tactic.

2. New Windows per Click

Have you seen any website using this strategy where a new window comes up on the screen as the user clicks on something? Well, this is pretty much a long dead trend. You should only make users open new tabs in special circumstances since it doesn’t add much to an enhanced user experience.

3. Placing Contact Details in Less Visible Areas

Web designers should consider placing contact details in areas where users can easily see them. This is very important in eCommerce websites where you are always looking for conversions. The web page design should include the complete contact details and information. Users will feel comfortable and secure once they see it.

4. Ignoring Broken Links

In a rush to complete your web design, you might not notice broken or bad links on your website. This will result in 404 error messages. To avoid this, you can thoroughly test your website regularly or add a button that lets users contact the website administrator for any errors on the web page.

5. Slow Loading Time

Studies have shown the online users won’t wait for a website to load after the 4-second mark has passed. If your website is experiencing slow loading time, you can cut back on the heavy graphics as those will have a significant effect on your website’s speed.

6. Not Updating Your Website’s Content

Once you have established your website and its contents, it can be tempting to just take a back seat and let time run its course. But websites are not like wine. As the contents of your website age and become outdated, your credibility will take a plunge if you don’t keep it fresh, accurate, and up to date.

7. Confusing Navigation

Web designers should keep in mind that users do not like to waste time in figuring out how a website works. It confuses users when you place poorly thought navigation buttons. Keep your site easy to navigate by placing navigational tools in visible places. Adding a site map will also help.

8. Cluttered Design

Web design can be a fun challenge to the creative mind. However, you need to reign in your

Creativity and not let it run wild. Avoid adding plenty of font styles and inconsistent color schemes in an effort to make your website stand out from the rest. It can only make users frown if you have a cluttered web page design.

9. Dead-end Pages

Dead-end pages or orphan pages are website pages that do not have a link back to your homepage. Always link every page back to your home to encourage users to explore more on your website.

10. Not Adding Links to Your Social Networking Accounts

A website designer must place a link to social media platforms. This will help increase traffic and help gain a strong social media presence. Users will appreciate quick transitions from one platform to another. This will also benefit businesses greatly for the increase in recognition and awareness.


These 10 errors to avoid in web design can be corrected and avoided. If you see yourself committing these mistakes, remember our guide. There is no perfect website project but with time, practice, and experience, you just might be able to build the ideal website someday!


For a a great checklist of what makes a successful website check out this article: 9 Things You Need to do to Create a Successful Website.

Credit: https://www.magicdust.com.au/

Google's Mobile-friendly Search Update Image by Think Big Online

How Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly Search Update Affect You?

Google's Mobile-friendly Search Update Image by Think Big OnlineAround the end of February, Google announced their next big shakeup; incorporating mobile-friendliness as a component of ranking signals when it serves up search results to users. Today is the day Google rolls out their algorithm alteration. It’s being touted as the biggest change to Google’s search algorithms in at least 3 years – but that’s not the important part; the big bit is what this means for you.

It means that not only does your website need to be informative, original, helpful and user-friendly – but, if you want it to show up in searches made by prospects using smartphones, then you need to ensure its mobile-ready as well. This also means you can now look seriously at prospects coming into your sales funnel from mobile phone searches. A market force with enough momentum to induce Google-level changes can also represent an important opportunity for you and your business.

What does making your site mobile-friendly mean exactly? For your website to be considered mobile phone friendly, it must have:

  •  Well spaced tap targets.
  •  Text you can read without needing to zoom in or tap too much.
  •  Easily playable content.
  •  No, or minimal, horizontal scrolling required.

The mobile-friendliness, or otherwise, of your website will only affect your site’s Google rankings for searches made on mobile devices. This means that your website’s rankings will DIFFER depending on the device your prospects are using to find you. If your users search for your business on a laptop, the listed results - and your site's ranking in those listings - will NOT be the same as if they had searched on their iPhone.

While these changes only impact searches made via Smartphones (not tablets – at least, not yet), business owners should be aware that the use of mobile phones to search and locate businesses is on the rise. The number of Smartphone users is set to exceed 2 billion worldwide by next year. These days, hardly anyone is chained to a desk to do business, and commuters especially tend to search for what they want in their ‘downtime’ at bus stops and train stations.

If you’d like to know more about whether or not your website is mobile-friendly – or how to make it more so – contact one of our experts for a consultation today. We’ll tell you how Google’s new changes are likely to impact your site’s search engine rankings – and what you can do to augment your results through the help of effective SEO strategies.

Is your website mobile-ready? How do you think it will be affected by Google’s changes? If you have any questions for our experts, enter them into the Comment Box!

Image of Google mobile update by Think Big Online

On April 21, 2015 Google Dropped Another Bomb.

On website rankings that is…

Specifically on non-mobile friendly websites. Significantly dropping their rankings in organic search or completely removing them if they are were not mobile friendly for the end user.

Some people are calling it Mobilegeddon, because it is one of the biggest updates to Google’s Algorithm since the rollout of Penguin and Panda, that had website owners up in arms (and crying) about the huge loss in traffic, as their rankings plummeted.

So what is Mobilegeddon and how does it affect you and I?

Google is always looking to improve the quality of the internet, so naturally as mobile internet usage aggressively climbs (At the time of writing 75.4% of Australian’s use the internet from their phone daily), Google wants to ensure that any website that is ranking in the top 10 positions is providing the best user experience.

Now, we have all experienced:

  • The website that takes forever to load on a mobile phone and hit the back button.
  • The website that is impossible to click on the navigation, only to leave frustrated, never to return.
  • And we have all experienced the website that you can’t click the phone number to call (mostly likely to go to a competitor because it’s too hard to write down the number then type it again).
So why does Google care so much about the quality of a mobile site?
We all know that Google makes it money by the advertising at the top and on the side when you type in a search on their home page, then click and ad.

So if Google were to send everyone to sites that were providing a poor user experience and/or irrelevant content, then no one would come back and use Google, giving them the $59 Billion dollars they made in 2014.

In a nutshell, if your site isn’t providing a world class experience, don’t expect it to be getting free traffic from Google for much longer.

How do we tell if Google hates us?

Google has a nifty tool that will tell you if your site is in fact mobile-friendly or not.

If the tool says the site is mobile friendly then you you have nothing to worry about. If the tool says your site is not mobile friendly then there you may notice that your rankings on desktop seem to be ok, but on mobile they drop out of existence.

Considering that we are seeing some of our clients with up to 83% (at the time of writing) of their Google traffic coming from a mobile device, it’s worth paying attention now while your competitors are off dozing, because you might just leapfrog them in the rankings.

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Premise Review and Bonus – The Complete Digital Sales and Marketing System for WordPress

Build great landing pages on WordPress like an expert with Premise

premise 1Premise is a WordPress plugin designed to help users create optimised and great looking landing pages. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a simpler solution for building web marketing landing pages jam packed into one powerful WordPress plugin compatible with any existing WP theme. However, this begs the question – is it really worth it?



Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what Premise for WordPress has to offer and what it’s all about

Premise review image by Think Big Online

Now the lack of coding knowledge and technical expertise in web programming languages like CSS, HTML and PHP is often a handicap that most marketers have to deal with. Normally such skill and knowledge is required to build beautiful and professional looking webpages but that is certainly no longer the case with Premise. Do all the design and layout you need with a simple “point and click” interface.

Check out all the style possibilities that you’ll have access to with Premise’s point and click interface:

premise 3

Come up with as many style sets as you want and seamlessly switch from one design template to another:


Gain access to an impressive range of premium graphics library that you can use to customize graphics and buttons on your website:

premise 5

Perhaps the best thing about Premise as a website design and landing page tool is that it works well with any existing design or theme that you are using for your site. Hence one can continue to build custom webpages without having to worry about how it is going to affect theme functionality. It’s an excellent tool for creating trouble free sales and landing pages

Check out the video below by B2webvideos for a good look at Premise for WordPress in action:

Some other great features that we particularly loved about Premise

Page Templates

Are you finding it difficult to write the right message for your landing or sales pages? Premise offers a collection of handy templates that should help you get started along with access to a professional copywriting course by Brian Clark – the man behind Copyblogger.

Seamless integration

Would you like to introduce an e-mail squeeze page on your website? Simply copy the code from your auto responder and put it in the “Opt-in” section.  Users also have the option to integrate their website with Google webmaster, analytics and a number of popular optimization tools like Visual Website Optimizer.

With Premise, users are able to easily create just any kind of marketing webpage including:

  • Email opt-ins
  • Sales page
  • Social network sharing
  • Gratitude page
  • Pricing
  • SEO webpage
  • Video page
  • And many more…


Is Premise for you?

The Premise WP plugin is ideal for anyone looking for a quick and simple way of building customized webpages without ever having to bother with complicated codes. With Premise, one can build an unlimited number of custom webpages and have it installed on any domain. Plugin installation is a simple and seamless process guaranteed to work with whatever theme one is currently using. It’s only a matter of introducing essential and powerful features without hampering any progress that users have done.

Now perhaps the best reason there is for web marketers to get Premise is that it only gets better! With the latest version (Premise 2.5), users can now do a lot more:

  • Create good membership websites on WP
  • Automated content posting over a specific period of time
  • Process one-time or recurring payments from customers
  • Market and sell digital products like e-books, videos and software
  • Build forums using Vbulletin
  • Checkout systems using Authorize.net and Paypal


 premise 6

For a one-time payment of just $165, Premise certainly has a lot to offer any aspiring web marketer especially those who lack technical knowledge and coding skills. If you are still unsure whether or not this plugin will actually benefit you, Premise offers a 30 day free trial aimed at acquainting users with the value that Premise offers.

Are you interested in Premise? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at www.thinkbigonline.com/bonuses. Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].


Thesis Theme Review and Bonus – WordPress Theme

A good look at Thesis Theme

Thesis theme review image by Think Big OnlineThesis Theme is among the most popular premium themes available for WordPress. When it comes to WP templates and themes, popularity isn’t exactly one of the qualities web marketers are looking for but thanks to a ton of features for customizing and personalizing websites, it’s rarely an issue. Let’s go ahead and take a good look at what Thesis Theme has to offer.


All about Thesis Theme

Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if creating great looking websites wasn’t such a pain? No complicated codes, technical knowledge and mind-bending scripts – a lot of web marketers are probably wishing the same thing.  Thesis Theme is a resource designed by DIY Theme that aims to make such a wish come true. That would mean no more going through the long and arduous process of building webpages by code saving marketers time and effort.

Today it gets even better with the updated version of Thesis 2.0 featuring quick loading themes and SEO tools to improve user’s chances of ranking better in search engines

Check out the video below for a quick glance at what Thesis Theme has to offer:

The highlights on Thesis Theme

thesis theme 2

Visual Website Editor – there’s no need to bother with coding just to put up a decent and professional looking website with Thesis Theme. Modify headers, sidebars and the overall appearance of your website with the click of a mouse.

thesis theme 3

Website Templates –build and use various templates that you can save and use later. It’s particularly useful for users who wish to quickly go over multiple design possibilities for their webpages.

thesis theme 4

Shape layouts anyway you like with custom boxes – with WordPress, users normally have to deal with codes in order to set the layout they like. That’s no longer necessary with Thesis Theme and users can get their layout done all with the click of a button.

thesis theme 5b thesis theme 5a

Excellent SEO functionalityThesis Theme comes with powerful integrated SEO functions covering titles, descriptions, keywords, 404 webpages and other Meta information. Thesis makes on-page SEO optimization easy for webmasters right out of the box.

thesis theme 6

Support for Markup Schema as a new web standard

thesis theme 7

Support for Google Rel=author specRel=author is Google’s on-going effort for “notarizing” the web. Have you noticed that some search results have an author profile and image posted next to it? Thesis makes it easy to do the same thing for your webpages.

thesis theme 8

Is Thesis Theme right for you?

Thesis Theme is the ideal web design companion for anybody looking for a simple web design interface couple with quick loading website themes. It can be especially useful for website designers handling lots of clients as it enables users to quickly roll out templates that they can easily modify and personalize.

Everyone in the eCommerce business from large and small-scale businesses to authors and casual bloggers can also benefit from Thesis Theme as the tool offers a complete and easily customizable site design and maintenance experience for WordPress without the need for any technical knowledge or programming expertise.

 Are you interested in Thesis Theme? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at www.thinkbigonline.com/bonuses. Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

Visual Website Optimizer Review and Bonus – Split Testing Tool

All about visual website optimizer

Visual Optimizer review image by Think Big Online

Looking for more reliable information about how your websites are doing? Such data can prove crucial in order for marketers to make better decisions. Visual Website Optimizer is a split testing tool designed to help people do just that and more – but is it really any good? For a paid tool that can cost as much as $399 per month (Gold Membership), marketers certainly want to make sure that they make the most out of it.

Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what Visual Website Optimizer has to offer and how it can possibly be of benefit to your business.

A good look at Visual Website Optimizer

How are marketers supposed to know if their websites are at all effective? Well the only way to do that would be to measure and keep a close eye on results – determine just how changes are affecting conversion rates. Think of the advantages such information especially when dealing with the competition. You’ll be able to get more prospects to purchase, sign up or subscribe on your offerings. Visual website optimizer is designed to provide marketers just that.

What can Visual Website Optimizer do for you?

visual website optimizer 2

Visual website tool is essentially a “split-testing” tool. What this means is that the tool enables users to create versions of their website by easily selecting and modifying the website elements that you would like to change. Users can then track results brought by the changes they’ve made and come up with the best and most effective version of their website.

Thanks to Visual Website Optimizer, one doesn’t need to be an IT expert to do all the things mentioned earlier. There’s no need to bother with complex codes and users can quickly create and preview the changes they make with ease. So how does it actually work?

 Visual Website Optimizer revolves around the idea of showing visitors different versions of a particular website to see and uncover which one actually converts better.

Features to love about Visual Website Optimizer

User-friendly site editor

You don’t have to be an expert in order to come up with the most effective and professional looking version of your website. Use the WYSIWYG editor to add or modify images, headings, buttons and other website elements.

URL Split-testing

Split test URLs that take visitors to separate landing pages to see which one performs better

 Integration with Google Analytics and set conversion goals

The tool tracks unique visitors as opposed to sheer number of webpage views making it a good compliment for Google Analytics.

Live Tracking

Visual Website Optimizer providers a real time graphical presentation of one’s website performance – conversion rate, improvement percentage, comparison with original version and conversion to visitor ratio.

visual website optimizer 3

Heat maps

In addition to real time tracking functions, Visual Website Optimizer also features graphical heat maps that paints a clear picture of what visitors are doing in your site – where they are clicking, how much time they are spending on your site,

visual website optimizer 4

Is Visual Website Optimizer for you?

Visual Website Optimizer is ideal for just about anyone looking to make the most of what their website has to offer. This popular split-testing and conversion improvement tool offers a fast and easy solution for determining what does and doesn’t work. The tool is particularly useful for web design and online marketing agencies as it enables them to run a detailed analysis on their client’s websites.

To get started, one simply have to complete the signup process which will then give users access to all the resources they need to begin optimizing their website’s performance. The cost may seem significant but the tool’s potential for practically pointing marketers to the right direction can be an opportunity that is simply too good to pass up.

 Are you looking to sign up for Visual Website Optimizer? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at www.thinkbigonline.com/bonuses. Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].

Genesis Framework Review and Bonus – Professional WordPress Theme

All about Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework review image by Think Big Online


A common problem among web marketers who are fairly new to the WordPress platform is good web design. Of course it’s only natural for marketers to want a sleek and professional looking website but often, many just haven’t got a clue about where to start.  Genesis Framework is geared towards changing all that but is it really any good? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at what Genesis Framework has to offer.



What can Genesis Framework do for you?

To better appreciate what Genesis Framework has to offer, its important to take a good look at the qualities that make up a professional and effective website. Such qualities include:

  • ·        Easy navigation
  • ·        Consistent design
  • ·        Clean Layout
  • ·        SEO optimized
  • ·        Social media integration


Genesis Framework has all these elements covered in the form of WP “Child” and premium themes that are surprisingly easy to get up and running making the lives of web marketers that much easier. Child themes are basically design element packages geared towards ease of use and make it easy for users to come up with personalized and professional looking websites.

 Features to love about Genesis Framework:

 Ease of changing from one theme, design or template to another

 genesis framework 2

Anybody who has worked with WordPress for quite some time knows that making changes to your website theme, designs and layouts can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately that is no longer the case with Genesis Framework enabling users to quickly make as many changes as they like until they get their website looking just they want it.


  • ·        Featured Page
  • ·        Featured Posts
  • ·        News and Updates
  • ·        Latest Tweets
  • ·        User Profile


 genesis framework 7  genesis framework 5 genesis framework 4 

No coding knowledge required – complete control over site elements such as:

·        Navigation - modify your navigation bar however you like from secondary menus on your navigation bar to flashy drop downs all with just a click of a mouse.

·        Breadcrumbs – assist your visitors with a navigation interface that can be shown on your site anytime you wish

genesis framework 8

·        Trackback and comments – users have the option to be notified via email whenever someone leaves a comment or links back to your website.

·        Content Archives – show your content exactly the way you want it to

genesis framework 9

·        Select which blog page to show

genesis framework 10

·        Integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) –disabled by default if you have are using a different plugin for SEO.

·        Export and import settings – a great function that saves time and effort as it saves user preferences so that you don’t ever have to go through them ever again.

genesis framework 11

Another great thing about Genesis Framework is the array of plugins that comes with the platform that enables users to make the most out of their website:

  • ·        Simple Edit – quickly edit post, footer and meta information
  • ·        Simple Hooks – Easily update your content without having to go through each and every posts
  • ·        Simple Sidebars – assign various sidebars on specific pages on your website
  • ·        Simple Menu – build personalized menus for your website


Is Genesis Framework Review for you?

Genesis Framework is for anyone looking for a simple and convenient solution for creating personalized and professional looking websites without having to bother with code or any technical knowledge required in managing any website. It’s a stable and highly well coded platform for WordPress that it even experienced web designers can benefit from as a powerful template thereby saving them both effort and time.

For as low as $59.99, the benefits offered by Genesis Framework certainly outweighs its cost!

 Are you interested in Genesis Framework? Purchase through this link and choose one of several great bonuses that we offer at www.thinkbigonline.com/bonuses. Simply send us the receipt of your purchase at [email protected].



LeadPages Review and Bonus – Lead Generation Software

Leadpages review image by Think Big Online

A good look at LeadPages

Internet marketing and lead generation can prove difficult for many people with no coding knowledge. LeadPages is a digital marketing product designed to bridge that difficulty. Is it really any good though? What does the software have to offer and is it the right digital marketing product for you? Let’s go ahead and take a closer look.

All about LeadPages

LeadPages is primarily a lead generation platform that enables users to easily create stunning webpages through customizable and professional webpage templates with no coding required. The software is the brainchild of lead generation expert Clay Collins – founder of LeadBrite and creator of some of the finest conversion tools on the market today. LeadPages enables users to launch their marketing webpages quickly and effortlessly even with no technical knowledge required.

Examples of webpage templates that you can use for your website:


What we loved about LeadPages

LeadPages is one of the simplest and most user-friendly web marketing tools in the market today without sacrificing valuable features such as analytics and email integration. Of course the tool isn’t just designed to make things easier but better as well. Many experts consider it as the weapon of choice in webpage creation as it helps them create high converting landing pages without any fuss. It’s also simple enough to outsource as the platform is easily accessible online and requires no extensive training.

To use LeadPages, simply log on to your account, choose a template and customize it for your business – It’s that easy. The tool is entirely web-based which means that users won’t have to install anything on their computer not to mention the added convenience of being able to use it anywhere.

A look at creating a simple squeeze page with LeadPages:

Choose the elements that you wish to modify – menu, text, buttons, etc. for a truly personalized and professional look.


Modify colors, add logos and background image however you like it – absolutely no coding knowledge required. Even complete beginners can get their webpage online and come up with professional looking results.

leadpages leadpages 

Personalize your message with custom headings, subheadings, privacy text and more.


 Another of the great features that we loved about LeadPages is the fact that it works well with most other web marketing tools like Office Autopilot, Aweber, Mailchimp, GotoWebinar, CMS platforms like WordPress and even social networks like Facebook.

leadpages leadpages



The webpages that created via LeadPages features a responsive design and can be viewed on any mobile device which is perfect considering the rising popularity of mobile internet-capable devices. Great for mobile marketing!

 responsive web design


Who can benefit from LeadPages?

If you are looking for a simple solution for building highly effective webpages especially landing pages and squeeze pages, LeadPages is certainly for you. People looking to get started with web marketing but are taken aback by their lack of knowledge in coding and web design will certainly find the tool most useful.

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