Creating a Customer-centered Web Design Experience

Customer Persona and its Significance in Web Design

Customer-centered web design image by Think Big OnlineA common mistake that people make in their web design and development is that they make it all about them instead of focusing more on their customers or buyers.  After all, the point of having a website for your business is to attract prospects which you can market to as profitable leads and hopefully convert into actual customers or buyers.  Thus it makes perfect sense for such websites  to cater to the kind of web experience suited for their targeted prospects.  They often subconsciously ask themselves “ What is in there for me?” when checking out your website and to succeed in web marketing, one has to deliver a website design experience that clearly presents all the great things that your website and business has to offer and why they should care.

Indeed it is vital to approach web development, design, experience and content with your prospects in mind.  As a matter of fact, there is strong correlation between making a sale and how much time a prospect spends on a business website engaged on what it offers.  So how exactly do you approach website development in such a way that you are putting the personas of your prospects first, greatly improving results in web marketing?

Now before you even think about website development or redesigning an existing website, one should take into account the personas of their prospects (marketing personas or buyer personas).  These personas are taken by dividing your targeted prospects into specific groups that fictionally represent your ideal buyers or customers based on actual data taken from audience demographics and behaviour online, along with valuable insights about their needs, concerns, motivation and history.

Let’s say that you are a looking to bring in new business for a hotel through web marketing – you’ll have various different prospect personas to target which includes:

  • Event planning
  • Vacations for family and friends
  • Business travelers or corporate travelers
  • Newly-weds planning their wedding reception

As you can see, each of the personas mentioned above have distinct preferences and interest.  Having your website address these personas in general will doom it to fail in answering the important question – “What’s in it for them?”  It would be best to approach web design with the intention of directly addressing the specific interest and needs of a particular type of prospect that you are targeting, resulting in a much more personalized and comprehensive website that effective fulfills your business goals.

How to identify prospect personas for your business

  • Demographics – Begin developing prospect personas by looking into your current consumer base and pinpoint the most common customers or buyers in your line of business.  Depending on the kind of business that you are into, you can have as little as 2 or as much as 20 different types of personas. Provide descriptions for each one with as much detail as possible such as their name, industry and the jobs or roles that they take.
  • Needs and concerns – What concerns do they have or what issues are they trying to get hold of a solution for?  What current trends are there in your market that may affect their business or personal lives?  What information do they need?
  • Behavior – What do these people do online?  Are they actively using social networks like Twitter and Facebook?  What keywords do they usually use when doing online searches?  What products or services do they usually look up online and how do these people usually make use of these products or services?

Identifying key prospect personas for your business can take a lot of  time and effort but it’s certainly well worth it.  The information acquired can prove immensely valuable not only in website design and web development but in all other web marketing channels like lead generation and nurturing, social media marketing and e-mail marketing.  In order to succeed in your online marketing campaign, one would need to adopt a marketing message or content that caters to the needs of a specific prospect persona.

Web Design for Prospect Persona

Alright, so you now understand the significance of prospect personas and how to acquire such information and what makes these people tick.  How do you integrate all these in web design in order to provide a personalized and truly profitable experience?  Well there are certainly several ways that you can look into:

  • “Choose your own adventure” theme for your website homepage - it is perhaps the easiest and most comprehensive approach to integrating prospective personas to website design. Provide links in your homepage that would enable visitors to tell you who they are and allow your website to provide individual users with the kind of experience and content most relevant to them.
  • Creating personalized pages for every prospect persona – customized landing pages that suit the needs and interest of every targeted prospect persona is where your “choose your own adventure” links should lead to.  Featuring such pages in your web development efforts will enable businesses to feature content, offers, messages and media content that best appeals to a specific segment or prospect persona.
  • Creating and featuring content that offers value and sparks the interest of each prospective persona – this includes everything from special offers like eBooks, demos, webinars and blog posts.

Think Big Online – Web Design and Web Development

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services

Excellent Web Design and Web Development Services image by Think Big OnlineSex sells and the sexier you are, the more you sell. It’s been proven in multiple studies. Check out the video above to find out why this is true and the biggest mistake that businesses owners make when getting a website.

Now one scientific study done by Dr. Daniel Hammermesh found that the average good looking person will earn $250,000 more than their less attractive colleagues over time. Again reported in the journal of economic psychology, that good looking people sell more. How does this relate to your website?

Well your website is a salesperson too!

Indeed your website is a salesperson that works 24/7 and the thing is that just like the homosapien type, you can get the hard to manage, slow and poor performing websites that don’t get out there and bring in sales and you can also get the ones that are easy to manage, get out there, flaunt their stuff and bring in more business that you can handle.

We at Think Big Online only build the latter type because we are an online marketing agency and not just web designers. We understand how to build you websites that don’t just look good and converts visitors into phone calls.

All about our Web Design and Web Development Services

Too many web design companies build sites that look good but don’t make sales. We use a proven formula to make you look like a champion and have phone calls, emails and sales pouring in. You see contrary to popular belief, having a site design is not about having the prettiest design or having it at the cheapest price possible. It’s about building a machine that looks good, easy to use, works on mobile devices, search engine friendly and converts visitors to leads and sales.

Now let us share with you the most costly mistake that most people make when getting a site but before we do, we just want you to know about some of the great things that you can expect out of our web design and web development services:

  • Your website will be built on a platform that is updated daily so that you have an up to date website at any given time and you’ll never have to replace it
  • Your website will be built to sell - Your website is a marketing tool and the front door to our business so we use proven and tested elements within your website to make it stand out from the crowd and convert visitors into buyers
  • Your website will be built so that you can easily manage it and even a one armed monkey standing on its head can create new pages, update content and upload videos and images (It even comes with a blog at no extra cost)
  • You can have as many user logins as you want
  • Your website will be built on a powerful search engine friendly platform to help it rank higher in the search engines and be found by your new customers
  • Your website will be built to integrate easily with social media
  • With mobile usage going through the roof, your website will also be built to be compatible with mobile devices.


Now you may be wondering, what sort of sites do we actually build? Well we build business websites from small 10 page sites to thousands of pages eCommerce sites and everything in between. What’s more is that we offer a full 30 days tech support to make sure that everything is running smoothly and the site is exactly what you want. If you require any further support, our friendly team are always here to help.

A fair warning - other companies build your site but you don’t have control over it and you can’t move it away from their platform. Best case when you can move it, they’ll slug you with thousands just for the right to take it. We don’t buggerise with shenanigans like these.

we build your site so that you have full control over it and if you decide to move the hosting somewhere else, go for it! We don’t have any fine print or nasty exit fees to move which means that you have 100% control and ownership over you site as well as full training videos and documentation for you to have at your fingertips!

Website Design and its Significance in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing and website design

Website design and its significance in internet marketing image by Think Big OnlineWebsite design can be a crucial aspect of running any kind of online business. Internet marketing is no doubt one of the best and most effective ways of generating profits online either by going through web development and putting up your own site that promotes your own products or services or one that promotes the products or services of other companies for a commission. One thing that has proved to be quite a challenge for many people in the web marketing business though is effective web design. This begs the question though, what actually does an effectively designed look like from the web marketing perspective?

Effective website design in web marketing

Now people in the internet marketing business always have the option to hire an expert when it comes to website design but that’s no reason to forget about learning a thing or two about web development from the internet marketing perspective. Many people think that means having an attractive looking website with impressive graphics but that’s not all there is to it. Aesthetics is certainly important in inspiring consumer confidence but that’s only a small part of the equation as far as web marketing is concerned.

One of important things that one needs to pay careful attention to you is the quality of user experience that your website provides. No matter how good your website looks, that won’t do you any good if your website is a pain too use with confusing navigation and pages that seem to take forever to load. Having an efficiently designed website will go a long way to inspire the confidence of prospective customers.

These are but a few simple things that one ought to consider about web development. Knowing these things put you in a better position to discuss with your professional web developers your needs and expectations enabling you to make the best out of their services.

Web Design Principles

Web design options

Web design principles image by Think Big OnlineA lot of options can befall web marketers and online business owners when it comes to web design. No wonder then that a lot of people can easily feel overwhelmed with their options in website design. However, just because one has a lot of options in web development doesn’t mean that web developers can overlook its basic principles. Doing so can certainly keep you from attaining your web marketing goals. This begs the question though, what exactly are these principles?

Essential principles in web design

When approaching the subject of web design, web marketers and web developers should make sure that they stay focused and start things off with your end goals in mind. Web marketers need to consider these goals when it comes to website design. What are the things that you would like to achieve in web development?

Make sure that you list down these goals as reminder for your web developers while going through the entire process. People tend to get side-tracked by the popular bells and whistles for your website but before you even consider jumping in on all that, ask yourself – is this what your target consumers are going to be looking for?

It would be best to think about the niche market you are planning to engage in. Check out existing sites out there. What are the features that you liked? This is but one of the few simple and practical things that you can do to help you avoid filling your site with unnecessary features that may just discourage online users and adversely affect user experience.

Approach the subject of web development from your target consumer’s perspective. You would do well to make sure that you make your website look and feel consistent with concise and clear web pages. Closely discuss future plans with web developers which would certainly help you in your web marketing goals.

More importantly, it is best that you have your own domain name for your website instead of opting for free hosting services. Although this would mean significant upfront cost, it will all be worth it as doing so will ensure that any future upgrades or enhancements you make for your site won’t be impeded in any way.

Clear and simple navigation and effective use of links are also some of the things that you need to pay careful attention to when it comes to web design. Provide contact information that is easy to find enabling your website’s visitors to get in touch with you should they feel the need to.

This is something that potential clients or buyers are sure to appreciate as it reassures them that they always have a way to contact you for any questions or concerns that they may have regarding your products or services. Needless to say, this serves to make you more reliable and authentic in the eyes of potential consumers.

Last but not least, always remember that content is king. You may have heard people saying it all the time in the web marketing business but this fact cannot be stressed enough. Website design shouldn’t just be aimed merely at making your site look good and attractive but must offer valuable and quality information as well. It is after all, the main thing that would make online users stay and potentially invest in your products or services thereby boosting revenues.

Website Design and Internet Marketing

Website design for your online marketing campaign

Website design and internet marketing image by Think Big OnlineThe World Wide Web is without a doubt, the most powerful tool that any of today’s businesses could tap into. No wonder then that a lot of businesses are struggling to quickly and effectively establish an online presence. Of course in order to do that, business owners need to have a website which is where the importance of quality and effective web design from professional web developers come in especially when it comes to attracting one’s online consumer base. Sounds simple enough although any veteran in the internet marketing business would tell you that there is certainly so much more to it.

Most business make use of open sour source technology for their web development needs aimed at fulfilling and complementing the needs of their online marketing business. Some of the most popular open source technologies in website design include WordPress, Joomla and CMS or Content Management Solutions. All of these platforms provide online business owners with simple and effective interface and tools for website designing and administration. They are fairly popular due to their flexibility and compatibility with all sorts of updates as your business may require in the future.

Open source technology for web development such as Content Management Solutions or CMS, WordPress and Joomla providing the user with easy, simple interface and administration tools. Needless to say though, the internet marketing scenes has become extremely competitive over the years and websites designed for online marketing need a lot more than just establish an online presence.

SEO or search engine optimization needs to be aimed at more than just optimizing your site for major search engines but for social media networks as well such as Facebook and Twitter. Today’s reputable and proficient professional web design and development service providers are expected to offer marketing tools and services such as ORM (Online Reputation Management) and mobile marketing solutions along with tips and insights for enhancing website PR.

Website design - more than just aesthetics

When talking about web design, many people think about putting up visually stunning and attracting web pages. If you are on it to establish an online presence internet marketing though, your web developers need to be capable of so much more. Website designing doesn’t just pertain to how attractive your website looks. More importantly, this also refers to its ease of use or functionality, quality of information and how updated it is with the latest trends and technology in your given niche market among other things.

Many online business owners make the mistake of focusing too much on making their website look good while compromising user functionality or quality of information which can certainly cost you dearly. This is not to say that you can ignore aesthetics in web development because it does certainly help attract your online consumer base.

However, you need keep in mind that user experience and quality content can hold much more weight especially when captivating the confidence and interest of target consumers. Although an attractively designed website can attract the interest of online users, it is functionality, content and ease of navigation that keeps them there.

Web Design for Maximising Sales

Profitable and effective website design

Web design for maximizing sales image by Think Big OnlineWeb design is without a doubt, among the most crucial resource available to any online company or business entity. Needless to say, you are sure to miss out a lot should you fail to make full use of its potentials. Regardless of what kind of business you are running online, you can be certain that there are a lot of other sites online competing in the same industry or niche market as you do. However, you may be surprised that a lot of websites online actually fail to make good use of their potential by failing to adhere to the principles of good website designing and user functionality.

Think of it this way – in the brick and mortar business, you won’t be able to draw in even the most casual of customers if you can't present an attractive and well managed store or shop and the same thing can practically be said about business websites – your website must be capable of attracting a visitor’s interest or attention and offer an interface that is fairly easy to navigate.

Effective and profitable web development is as much a thing of beauty as it is a concern of functionality. It is rather unfortunate then that a lot of web developers often get too caught up with creating beautiful web designs but find their efforts lacking in ease of navigation and user functionality. Nothing discourages online users more than a barely functional website with confusing navigation. A website represents your online presence and how well designed it is and the quality of user experience it provides will play an important role in inspiring consumer confidence.

Important factors to consider in profitable and effective website design

If you wish to make full use of your website’s potentials in online sales and establishing a formidable online presence, there are a couple of important factors that have to be covered. For one thing, a simple and effective architecture is important for effective and profitable web design.

This would enable your web pages to come up quickly and present users with a comprehensive and simple interface for helping users find the information they need as quickly as possible. Regardless of how much variety you have in your products or services, you must think of website designing with regards to how well your website actually serve the needs of online users.

Layout is another important factor that needs to be considered when it comes to web development. In accordance with the goal mentioned earlier, web developers need to logical in the layout of your website.

For instance, you can have a colour coded scheme to erase doubts on the part of online users concerning the selection of products or services you are offering which can be found through a comprehensive menu interface. Another of the significant concerns that need to be covered in effective and profitable web design is navigability which is something that a lot many website designs tend to lack. Site navigation ought to be prominently installed at top of the web page or visibly placed in a side bar enabling users to easily comprehend your website’s layout and proceed to the web pages that they need.

Last but not least is content. Any veteran in the internet marketing business would tell you that content is king! It may seem like a no-brainer but the content of your website needs to written for both the search engines and humans. This would mean among other things, striking a fine balance between providing information and content that offer value and captivate the interest of online users. You will also need to incorporate the keywords that enable search engines to comprehend and index the content of your website.

Common Failures in Website Designing

Costly Mistakes in Website Designing

Looking to invest in effective and profitable website designing? The World Wide Web has no doubt revolutionized the way we communicate and disseminate information in the modern world and this is perhaps the best reason why businesses or companies invest much in the services of web developers as it enables them to get in touch with their customers and stay connected anywhere in the world in seconds.

Unfortunately, in their eagerness to quickly establish a firm presence online, various online business and companies often make the mistake of bringing in web developers who simply aren’t capable of addressing their needs. Lack of experience and detailed knowledge in web design often leads to various failures and costly mistakes.

Website designing what not’s

Indeed there are various mistakes or issues that one should be wary about when it comes to web development. For one thing, a lot of web developers often make the mistake of seeing web development as a completely different matter from SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. SEO should be carried out as the core of website designing. It would be in your best interest to make sure that your web developer provides you with an optimized site along with everything from keyword research, multiple domains, HTML and CSS coding, keyword search and many more!

A lot of people also often make the mistake of paying more attention to design and disregard user interaction. Keep in the mind that how successful a particular site is depends entirely on its online users. Improper and inefficient design is likely to result in a poor user experience and this can easily happen when you neglect user interaction. The services of a good web developer can help you grasp a better understanding of the web and how online users interact with it. Simply put, functionality is just as important as design or appeal (in many cases, it may even be more important).

People also often make the mistake of neglecting to measure their website’s performance. You will never be able to realize the significance of something without setting some kind of benchmark for it. You can determine the impact your website is making by implementing metrics which includes reports and charts which can be used to keep track on sources of traffic, page views, keyword reports and number of visitors.

Simply keeping track of how frequently online users are visiting your site would give a good idea about how well your website is faring online and if it has actually reached its target audience.

Businesses and companies often shell out sizeable investments for website development. These are investments that need to be taken better care of. The issues mentioned earlier are but a few of the mistakes in website designing which could cost you dearly. Insights pertaining to such mistakes are certainly bound to serve you well and enable you to make the best out of whatever investment you are prepared to make in website designing.