Advertising clutter on the internet and in social media is making it harder for businesses to attract the attention of consumers to their marketing messages.

The ability to craft persuasive sales copy has become increasingly important for marketers seeking to “wow” their target audience and turn them into raving fans.

It’s a skill that takes practice and considerable mental effort.

A lot of business owners find they get stuck when attempting to write sales copy.

However, when you overcome the obstacles, you’ll soon find yourself writing as well as some of the highest paid copywriters.

As a result, you will be able to generate more leads, sell more products and generate raving fans.

You also will also not be at the mercy of Google’s frequent Penguin, Panda or other algorithm updates.

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Using a checklist is an effective method to banish blank page blues and ensure all the items on it have been addressed by the time you get to the end of your sales copy.

The first few times you write copy, it’s a good idea to get your ideal prospect read the copy or even get a professional copywriting audit to uncover any shortcomings you may have made.

The 16 tips shown in this infographic will help you get the perfect start to writing persuasive sales copy and have you writing like a professional in no time.

Persuasive Sales Copy


Infographic Courtesy: GrammarCheck

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Farhad Khurshed is Think Big Online’s Content Marketing and Direct Response Copywriting specialist. He creates copy for websites, sales letters, video sales letters, landing pages, blogs and other marketing content. A strategic thinker, Farhad has a highly developed skill of uncovering a prospect’s fears, frustrations and desires to craft persuasive and compelling copy. He has worked on copywriting projects in a number of industries ranging from finance and I.T. to health and beauty.