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Pages Have Over 10+ Likes…


Facebook is the most visited website in the world, with over 526 Million active users engaging on the platform every single day. It offers the single biggest opportunity for business owners to engage with current and potential clients world wide.

The problem is though, most business owners have no idea on how to effectively use Facebook to generate results. Instead they start a Facebook Business Page, add a logo and leave it, possibly never
returning again. This actually does more harm to your business than good and you will find out why in a moment.


This Isn’t An Effective Facebook Strategy…
You Need To Connect And Engage With Your Audience


Facebook is a social network, you need to spend time to interact with the audience, you need to provide valuable content and you need to engage them in businesses your story.

We know, this sounds like a bunch of “corporate speak” and you probably don’t have time to “engage” and “interact”. You’re busy enough just trying to keep up with your daily work flow.


Facebook Doesn’t Have To Be Time Consuming
With The Right Strategy And The Right Approach It
Can Be Done In Just Minutes Per Day


Some business owners believe to really get results from Facebook you need to be physically on the site every single day…

…If this was true very few businesses would ever use it. Business Owners just don’t have that kind of time to spend.

Ultimately if you take the steps to set up a professional, well designed and laid out Facebook Business page you can significantly reduce the time required each day.

You’ve probably heard the saying:

If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right!

Well that couldn’t be a more true statement for Facebook, if you really want to get results from your Facebook Business Page then set it up right!

You Need To:

  • Produce A Visually Appealing Cover Photo Image
  • Set Up A High Resolution Profile Image
  • Create Interactive Facebook Apps For Your Fans To “Like”
  • Write Engaging About Us Copy

By doing these things right from the start you’ll see your page start to grow virally!

In fact, one of our clients recently set up a Facebook Business Page and in just 72hrs they had over 500 likes and one post on the page had more than 90 comments!



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