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With over 1 Billion 

users on Facebook,

it can’t be ignored anymore.


Facebook is here to stay, it’s achieved consistent user growth every single year since it’s first launch and it’s ingraining itself into our everyday live’s just like Google…

…When you want to search for something the worldwide term is to “Google It” and now when talking to friends you’ll often say “Facebook Me”.

This kind of cultural integration of a brand and online platform is a strong signal that it’s here to say…

…Which means as a business owner you need to start getting serious about setting up a social media profile, which engages current and prospective clients for your business.

Right Now Your Customers And Prospects Are Talking About You

…Are You Engaging In The Conversation!

In a recent study it was found that 70% of consumers are searching online for a businesses reputation prior to buying…

…When they search on Facebook and find nothing, it’s almost as bad as finding negative comments.

You see, consumers want to know that you’re easy to contact, engaged with them and constantly looking to improve your business products…

…Not only that but they want to see Fans of your business sharing their stories of success and satisfaction.

If you can have a Facebook presence which does this and then directs your customers to buy your products then you’ve got a winning formula.

Don’t Believe The Bad Press – Businesses Are Making Great

Returns From Facebook

If you’re like us then you keep your finger on the “online pulse” and you probably already know there’s some bad press about how businesses can get “ROI” from Facebook…

…The funny thing is, all this online press is from Big Brands who aren’t engaging and using Facebook as it should be used…

…Facebook users want to see a human face, interact with a human and personalize the companies they are working with.

Facebook is a Social Network so businesses must be SOCIAL to succeed and this is where the Big Brands are getting it wrong!

They’re applying old age advertising methods, methods used on TV, Radio and Print to drive results…

…In this day and age this just won’t work for Social Media, you need to engage Social Media is a new way…

Don’t Believe The Bad Press – Businesses Are Making Great

Returns From Facebook

Let me explain…

…Recently Facebook ran a study where they invited 60 businesses to work with them to discover whether they could generate a return on investment…

…After 3 months of working with Facebook each of the 60 businesses had positively return Facebook campaigns.

They were driving new leads, customers and sales and their Facebook Pages were littered with comments, posts and interactivity.

Now it’s no surprise that Facebook knows how to make it work, the problem for businesses is finding companies who really “KNOW” Facebook.

We’re not talking about a business with a fan page, or someone who’s got a Facebook account, but a business that truly understands the inner workings of Facebook to drive results.


Is A NEW Media It Needs A NEW Approach

Traditional approaches to advertising just wont work on Facebook it’s time to engage in a new approach…

…It’s time to work with a team of experts who truly understand Facebook and how to use Facebook Pages, Facebook Advertising and Facebook Applications to drive business results.


The Think Big Online Advantage

The team here at Think Big Online has worked with small, medium and large organizations to set up and manage successful Facebook Campaigns.

We truly understand Social Media, in fact our founder Samuel Junghenn is a regular contributor on social media news sites like Social Media Today and Business 2 Community…

…We’re considered thought leaders in the social media space and we’d love to work with you to drive NEW business.

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