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How To Get Facebook Likes

How to get Facebook likes image by Think Big OnlineHi this is Samuel Junghenn and today I want to talk with you about getting more Facebook likes. Now I’m going to share with you a secret – the same secret I shared with one client and they managed to get 5000 likes on their fan page within two weeks. Now I guess the first thing we need to do is determine what actually determines the success of a Facebook fan page campaign.

Most people think that it’s just simply the amount of likes you get on a page when in fact it really comes down to the amount of likes on the page versus the amount of engagement on the page. So if you have a fan page with 10,000 fans but every time you put out a new post on your wall, you only get one like or one comment or something like that – it’s not a very successful fan page.

What might be better is if you have a fan page with say a hundred fans and you get 10 likes or 10 comments every time you make a new post. So that really is the definition of what is a successful fan page. We all know that it’s fantastic to have more likes on your fan page and its really good for boosting your ego and say “ Hey mom check that out, I got a heap of likes on my fan page” but it doesn’t have any inherent value to it.

The value comes from the engagement and the interaction you have with people on your page. So to make it easy for you I’ve devised a 4 step strategy you can use to create a more successful fan page. The first thing is to start by focusing on the value you can provide to the fans of your page or potential fans of your page.  Don’t focus on what you can get from your fans, or how you can force them to like your page.

Instead why don’t you focus on what they actually want and what they are going to enjoy seeing from you every day that will provide value to their lives? You’ll earn likes naturally doing that. The thing with earned likes is that people are going to stick around a lot longer and they are going to enjoy what you have to say more.

Whereas the people you pushed to your page and you forced them to like your page to get something for free or to enter a competition, they are not going to stick around as long because there is no value to them afterwards. They were just looking for that quick win.

So really think about what is it that your target market really wants to see and create content and discussions around what your market wants every day. This is what’s going to draw people into your page and they are going to share your page with their friends and they are going to like and comment on your posts. Remember, every single time they do that, it’s going to show up on their time line so their friends and family can see that as well.

Now the second step to really supercharging your fan page is to run promoted posts – for the posts that you are putting up on your page, you can run Facebook ads and promote your best posts so that friends of friends will see your content.

So for example if 10 people have liked your page and you select in Facebook ads to run ads only to friends of those 10 people then you are going to attract similar minded people because like attracts like. These 10 people probably have friends and family who like what you have to offer as well.

Running Facebook promoted posts will help bring in new people and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. You can start your campaign at $5 a day and you’ll start seeing these likes coming in and start seeing people engaging with your page as the likes grow.

Step three is to monitor the content that you put out there so if you find you put out images of a certain type and you get more likes on those then obviously you want to find more content related to those images. If you find that asking specific types of questions get more likes, comments and shares then you will want to do more of that.

It’s something that I know seems simple but a lot of people overlook and they just put out whatever they want to see hoping to get some result. You may get some result however, what you want to focus on are the things that really spread. Maybe your audience wants some video there and when you put a video up you get more engagement on that. Just be aware of the different content types and use that more strategically in your posts on your fan page.

Step number four is to repeat the process – focusing on value, putting out content and running ads to your friend’s friends. You want to keep doing more of these on a consistent basis monitoring the results and it’s a continuous process of refinement and you’ll end up with an amazing fan page that you’ll start to grow and get people posting.

What your ultimate goal should be is to provide so much value that people just want to come there naturally and share content on your page growing your page naturally without you having to put so much effort into it.

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