Have you ever wanted to organically grow your Twitter followers without paying for any ads? Been seeing your competitors profile and you’ve been wanting tie the score and soon to be more than that?

Well, in reality, Twitter has no magic trick to get you more followers when you just created a new account or reactivating your old account. Investing in organic growth takes big time effort and consistency but when you eventually get the hang of it. You’ll see that it’s worth the effort you have been pulling out. It will serve as the support of your business’ credibility and endless doors of opportunities.

Now, let’s move on to the most interesting parts of Twitter for your Business with the proper detailed guide in growing your followers without trying to buy followers by ads or fake followers by unsafe websites.




Growing your relationship and audience on Twitter takes time and effort. That’s why it is understandable that some business owners are looking for shortcuts. However, taking the short run will put your Twitter account on a big risk and may result to user suspension.

Looking into your Twitter Fan Growth journey, there are helpful tools that are friendly with Twitter’s terms and conditions. These tools have free trial and you can also consistently use them with some standard features such as seeing engaging hashtags, new followers, unfollowers, refollowers and the inactive users on your following list.

If you really want to get more followers, you better hire social media experts to get the job done for you or you can simply follow the simple tips and tricks we have provided.

For detailed enquiries, you may simply fill up our form or reach or directly reach us on Facebook @TBOMarketing and one of our experts will answer your questions and other relevant concerns.

Tricia Canlas

About Tricia Canlas

Tricia Nichole Canlas is a Certified Digital Marketer who specialises in Social Media Marketing. She is also Google Adwords, Twitter Flight School, and Facebook Blueprint Certified. When she's not hustling enthusiastically with content plans and deadlines, she loves to keep up to date with the latest social media trends.