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While the basic principles of business success remain unchanged, there is no doubt that CRM has changed a lot – and for the small business owner things couldn’t be better. Or, seemingly, more confusing. There are so many ways to market your business and track your client behaviour these days, that it can be difficult finding exactly the right system for your business.


We’re not here to push a particular product on to you. We’re here to work with you to achieve results-focused solutions for your business – and every business has its own unique needs and operating style.

This is your business.

These are your customers. 

No one knows them like you do – so consider the comparisons below with care.


Speak with one of our Consultants for free advice and insights. They’ve used both CRM systems and can help you work out which one best meets the needs of your business now – and into the future.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the two products – and the types of businesses for which they’re most suited. Have a look, keeping in mind what you want for your business – now, and into the future. Remember, when selecting the best CRM for you and your business, it really is all about YOU.


CRM Setup and Costs:


Consultants are offered – and required – to help with your personalised Infusionsoft setup. Infusionsoft’s biggest advantage is how customisable the software is to your business – and it’s this very flexibility that is the reason you’ll want some help to get your setup just right. With so many options and such a wide range of choices when you set up your systems, you will need assistance if you’re to get the most out of your CRM investment.

The Kickstart fee is around $2000, and ongoing monthly fees range between $199-$379 a month. These include:

  • A business needs analysis.
  • 1:1 consultation to get you up and running for your first month.
  • Step by step implementation guide that lays out a plan for your first 2 months.
  • Assistance in activating the components of your CRM that will give you the most bang for your buck right out of the gate.
  • Help in setting up your database and dashboard configuration – getting this right is crucial as it forms the backbone to all your successful sales and marketing programs.



No setup fee already makes Ontraport more attractive to small business owners, although the ongoing monthly fees (ranging from $279-$579) can actually be higher. There is also a much shorter lead time from purchase to setup. You get an Account Manager (your ‘Hero’) and a complementary 2 hour setup session which covers:

  • An overview of Ontraport’s key features and how they work.
  • Ontraport how-to session with an Implementation Specialist.
  • How to set up processes automated specifically for your business.
  • Actually setting up some of your sales and marketing processes while they hold your hand, so you can get going right away.
  • A focus on the specific features and functions of Ontraport that your explicit business model requires.


Traning and Support


Lead time to launch: 4-8 weeks

Infusionsoft takes longer to get up and running than Ontraport – and this is mainly due to the Kickstart training program that they offer to you. However, while the training period is long, you will be working on your setup as you do it, which you will have to do anyway so it’s not like you have to learn it, then do it. You’ll be setting up as you go – and working one on one with your personal consultant as you tailor Infusionsoft to your business.

Once your setup and training period is complete, you will likely be well equipped to hit the ground running. Not only will you know your way around Infusionsoft well enough to get your sales and marketing programs underway, but you’ll be able to start automating some of your business systems and processes, and planning more long term options for automation.

You will also have access to Infusionsoft’s user community – and this can be invaluable. Thousands of business owners posting what’s worked for them, and how – and what hasn’t – is a big bonus and can save you time and money as you grow your business, automate more and more of your processes and improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of your sales and marketing programs. Infusionsoft also offer workshops, training, and information sessions both in person and virtually, including events where you can meet other business owners and attend mastermind groups to find out innovative ways of making the most out of your CRM investment.

The 24/7 chat support is a good feature for any busy business person who might be doing a lot of their sales and marketing program setups in the wee small hours. They also have live phone support.



Lead time to launch: 1-4 weeks

Ontraport is definitely easier to set up than Infusionsoft. The training is faster because the software is simpler and more intuitive. You have your own consultant to help you with this as well, although there are only a dozen or so of these staff members. As you can imagine, many of their support calls are very involved and can take a long time – which, if you’re the next client waiting for assistance, can be a test of patience. You can hire someone to assist you with moving your client records across to the new system, and also to do the initial setup if you are time poor.

While Ontraport also have live chat and phone support, neither are 24/7. Their online training videos and help pages are easier to use and navigate than Infusionsoft’s. Ontraport is a newer software and has not got quite the same sized user base, although this may change with time. It is an entirely less ‘scary’ system to look at using, although it is not as flexible in some areas as Infusionsoft and it does not have the community following.


CRM Features:


Tagging and Leads:

Infusionsoft’s tag management is good – you can track just about any action users take on your site, and link these to automated followup marketing programs. You can tag information that comes from opt-in forms, surveys, site visitor actions, and during check out. Tagging whether or not a site visitor has attended a live event, viewed a webinar, or even clicked on a portion of a video (and which portion) is useful information for clever marketers and competitive salespeople. Infusionsoft’s 100 custom fields per record offers the opportunity for a great deal of information per client.

You can also utilise the lead scoring system in Infusionsoft to assist your sales team (if you have one) in making the best use of their time. This feature allows you to quickly and easily identify which leads are warm so your team can close those sales.

There is a tight focus on keeping your data clean and deleting repeat records – something over which every marketer grinds teeth. Infusionsoft’s data also allows you to keep B2B clients distinctly separate from B2C customers. This is not always necessary for every business but it is a featuire that most CRM systems for small businessowners do not offer.

Sales Management:

If you do have a sales team – or even part time representatives – Infusionsoft’s sales pipeline management is a very useful feature. You can assign tasks to sales teams – including leads – and update product information rapidly and easily to your sales force. You can also recommend products for specific clients via their salesperson. Ontraport does not offer this feature.



Tagging and Leads:

Ontraport does have a tagging and lead scoring system that you can customise to suit your business, but it is difficult to automate this part of your sales process. The number of tags and lead scoring per record is less sophisticated than Infusionsoft’s, but it still offers some kinds of businesses more than enough to work with. For example, Ontraport offers 150 fields you can customise for your list breakdown. However, keeping your list to unique contacts only is a manual process in Ontraport.


Social Media Integration:


Ontraport’s Facebook integration is very good for lead capture and will cost you nothing extra to set up and use. The client record is created as the leads come through from your Facebook advertising, so it is simple, automated – and included right out of the box.



Infusionsoft on the other hand, offer a plugin that works extremely well, but is only available for an extra monthly fee.


Membership Sites:

Ontraport’s membership site plugin for WordPress is both free and simple to use. This makes Ontraport the top choice for information marketing businesses. While you can get a plugin for Infusionsoft that does this just as well, again, it comes at an extra monthly cost.



While both Infusionsoft and Ontraport offer excellent plugins that allow you to create landing pages, online forms and membership sites relatively rapidly and hassle-free, it is the huge number of third party plugin creators that gives Infusionsoft the edge here. Their connection with this marketplace ensures you will be able to addon almost any functionality you may require as your business grows. Ontraport’s capabilities in this area are sufficient – but limited.


Marketing Programs – and Automation:

Aside from sales and list building, the other components every business owner looks for in a new CRM are:

  • The ability to create customised marketing programs.
  • To automate as much of this as possible once initial setup is complete.

So, how do these two CRMs compare:



Web pages:
Includes a webpage builder that allows you to create simple landing pages with drag and drop functionality. There are a range of available templates you can use and once your training is complete, this is easy to do. If you prefer to create your web pages exactly the way you want them rather than using the templates, you can do this as well but it takes longer to do and can be tricky.

Templates are provided for these too. Easy to use and format, Infusionsoft’s email templates are well done. You have the option of adding other functionalities to your client email campaigns, and you can personalise them for your clients as well. You can also tag contacts from any links clicked on in your emails.

There is no split test function though – and this seems to be quite an oversight, given the excellent Campaign Builder and the marketing focus of Infusionsoft’s CRM system overall.

Campaign Builder:

Hands down the best one on the market for small businesses – the kind of campaign builder usually reserved for huge organisations with millions of clients on their lists. You can plot out every facet of every action as your customers enter and leave your sales funnel. You won’t miss any touch points and can have a plan and program for each and every customer entry and exit point on your site – now that’s a marketing plan!

Then – wait for it – you can automate those touch points. Create your email chains (or whatever), set it all up – and let it run. It is widely acknowledged as the best marketing automation tool available at this level.



Webpage Builder:

The page builder in Ontraport is less intimidating than Infusionsoft’s – it’s also easier to customise. You’ll find this is also the case with their online order forms, landing pages and print-ready postcards. Ontraport also offers Personalised URLs (PURLs) which gives your marketing a very personal touch as your clients can logon using their own name. The PURLs offer up unique stats and information that give the impression you really know your client – it’s all automated of course.

Campaign Builder:

While Ontraport’s campaign creation tool can’t hold a candle to Infusionsoft’s (it’s nothing personal – Infusionsoft’s is simply the best out there right now) they do have one. It is easy to use and simple to create if-then marketing programs. In terms of automation, it is very effective and quick to do. You also can split test easily in Ontraport, and adjust your marketing programs accordingly. This is a great time and money saver and something Infusionsoft lacks.


E-Commerce Functionality:


Infusionsoft offers a multiple item cart, with buttons to move the buyer through the checkout process. You can tag every part of the client’s actions throughout this process, and gain useful information for building in upsell or downsell programs. Using this feature together with your Campaign Builder results in powerful sales revenue.



Ontraport doesn’t offer any e-commerce functionality, although you can purchase third party plugins if your site requires shopping cart functionality.


Affiliate Centre:


Infusionsoft has a hosted affiliate centre that is out of the box and ready to go. The work required by you to set this up is minimal.



Ontraport’s self-hosted affiliate option requires you to build your own affiliate site via a third party plugin. It may end up more tailored but it certainly takes more time to establish.


Third Party Plugins


The third party community is forever creating and launching new functionalities for various types of businesses and Infusionsoft’s connection to this community is a big plus. Whatever feature you want, you stand a good chance of finding a provider who has it. This is however, simply a result of Infusionsoft having been in business longer than Ontraport.



Ontraport simple does not have the third party network that Infusionsoft offers. This may be something that the younger organisation can improve over time. Still, if you’re scaling up your CRM you want it sooner rather than later right?


Analytics and Tracking:


Infusionsoft has standard reporting functions that you will likely want – and need – to customise. With such dynamic sales and marketing programs, you will need specific reports. It is possible to find third party analytics tools for Infusionsoft and you may find these preferable. You can never have too much tracking.



Ontraport’s analytics, on the other hand, shows what activities visitors engage in when they land on your site. Their reporting tool is easy to use and highly visual, which is a distinct plus. You’ll get data and charts telling you where they clicked, on what, and which pages they spent more time on. You receive reports on your split testing too – on data and chart formats. The same for your PURLs; this kind of easy to see information makes deciding on campaigns quick and easy.


The Verdict?

Which CRM system is best depends on what you want it to do for your business – now, and into the foreseeable future. It really is all about you and what you need.

The bottomline is that if you work with a sales team, or run a business with a physical product, Infusionsoft is likely to be the better CRM for you. This is probably the answer for most companies.

However, for microbusinesses, consultants, information marketers, speakers, and authors, Ontraport seems like it has more of what these businesses need.

There is no doubt however, that Infusionsoft offers more future scoping at this stage. It’s much easier to scale your business campaigns up – or down – in Infusionsoft. The software is designed to be dynamic, and grow with your business needs. That said, Ontraport is newer and has a lot more still to come. If you can wait it out, it could be a case of Watch This Space. As always, the choice is yours’.


If you’d like to talk your business CRM needs over with one of our trained consultants:


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