Creating great content is what makes the Web go round, but some times it can take hours to come up with something worth sharing. This is where content curation comes in. Being able to leverage off other interesting stories or statistics to get your creative juices flowing helps you keep out in the market place and save you time to do the things you love.

If you are using WordPress as your platform of choice then I have 3 plugins that will help you drag in content from the web in a flash.

3 Content Curation Plugins for WordPress image by Think Big Online


You can grab the plugin at

 Storify Plugin


The stroify plugin is similar in that it lets you search for a keyword and it will give you suggestions for content that you can make a story out of. It will then post it to your storfy account which is cool except… It doesnt put the content in your post, it puts the content on your storify account and then posts the link to your storify story in your WordPress dashboard.


storify plugin


Download the plugin at

Zemanta Plugin


I saved the best for last. Zemanta is my favourite Wp plugin for content curation, you simply start typing and it picks up what your post is about and then suggests other related articles and images that you can use to link to in your post.  It will even suggest tags to go on your post, with a simple 1 click to use them.

The plugin also gives you the ability to customise where the related content is pulled from. Just enter in the URL’s of your favourite blogs and news sites to have them show in the results.

Zemanta plugin

Download the plugin at

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