Over the last few years we have had the pleasure of working with many different businesses from around the world, including one man bands to ASX list companies and large E-Commerce stores, with the end result being more traffic, leads and sales for every client.

This is a mid sized E-Commerce store that we run an SEO campaign on. You can see that after one month of intensive work we were able to increase the unique sales by 16.76%. Better keyword targeting helped us increase the average sale price from $1,049.65 to $1,096.84.

Both of these combined allowed us to increase the clients total revenue by a whopping $42,733.00 per month, in the first month.

Below is the same clients results over 2 months. this time we compared the previous 2 months to the 2 months from when we started SEO for the client. If you divide the increase by 2 you will see the client ended up with a net gain of $64,278.00 per month from the SEO work we completed after 2 months.

This is small E-Commerce store that we have the pleasure of doing Search Engine Optimisation on. You can see that within 2 months the unique purchases are up 53.54% over the previous 2 months, while the total revenue is up from $47, 369.00 to $68,488.00 for the period. Equaling a net monthly increase of $10,559.50 for this particular store.

This client in the solar power market is selling solar power products and installation services.

You can see that over a 3 month period we have increased their visits by 75.67%, which is a net gain of 2,271 visitors per month just from their organic rankings.

This is a small E-Commerce store selling men’s fashion items.

You will notice that over a period of 5 months we managed to grow this small company by just over 3 times (218.37%). See that the traffic is only up about 2 times on what it originally was. However this combined with better targeting resulted in us increasing the average sale value and also the conversion rate to arrive at more than a 3 X improvement.

This small women’s fashion retailer based out of Sydney is fun to work with.

See over 5 months we were able to increase their unique purchases by 798.76% (or 9 times). This coupled with us increasing the average sale value by $12.35% means a net revenue increase of $902.59% (or 10 times) for this clients business.

This was a brand new website that wasn’t receiving any free traffic from search engines before we started work on it. The business was selling advertising space but was spending a lot of money on paid traffic before hiring us.

You will notice that over 8 months we managed to increase the free traffic to the site by 457.90% (around 5.5 times) which allowed the website owner to charge more for advertising space.

This business is in an adult related market selling adverting and you can see that over the period of one month we manged astounding results with an organic traffic increase of 316.04% (4 times). We also managed to halve the bounce rate (the number of people that land on the page but don’t take any action) which increases the sites over all engagement and profitability.

This is a women’s fashion retailer that we love to work with and you can see that in the short space of a month we were able to increase their organic traffic from 107,441 to 128,060 (19.19%). With net gain of 20,619 visitors per month they are over the moon with the result.

We have the pleasure of working with this online fashion retailer and this is snapshot of 4 months after working on the site.

You will notice the increase in traffic of 45.43%, combined with the increase in average sale value of 6.78% results in a net revenue increase of 56.38% over the 4 month period. Which is truly more than this client had hopped for.

This is a brand new site that we did Search Engine Optimisation of for a law firm in Sydney.

We began the campaign at the start of January and you will notice after 4 short months we manage to get the average visitors up to around 60 per day. Not believing that web marketing works, this law firm has now become a raving advocate for business promotion via the internet.

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