Business MeetingOptimising your website for SEO is one of the most effective ways to generate more traffic and gain new leads. Organic traffic is free, and it often converts better than traffic from paid sources. When people type a query into Google they’re already looking to buy a product or service. That means they’re more likely to buy a product from you, versus someone who arrives at your site through advertising.

Another advantage of a search engine optimisation service is that if your website will show up near the top in the search rankings, potential customers are going to automatically assume that you are an expert in the field. Before a user even sees your website they’re already going to be biased towards believing that you’re one of the most reputable businesses in your niche. This is an impression that used to take years of branding and hard work to achieve. Now, by optimising your site for SEO, you can achieve the same result in significantly less time.

When you work with an SEO firm there are other benefits as well. A search engine optimisation service will make your website easier to navigate. That means that potential customers will spend more time on your site, and they’ll leave with a good impression. This is incredibly important, as having a frustrating web design is one of the surest ways to ensure that you don’t get potential customers to come to your site a second time.

Finally, another service offered by the best SEO companies is a responsive makeover for your website. That is, a good SEO firm will ensure that your website looks good on a mobile platform. This is important for two reasons. If your website is not responsive (performs poorly on a mobile phone) then Google will actually lower your search rating. In addition, a non-responsive website will leave mobile users frustrated and less likely to return to your site. Mobile purchases are a growing source of sales and you can’t afford to miss out on them.

If you’re from Australia, and you’re ready to optimise your website for SEO, you’re in luck. There are a quite a few competent firms that offer different SEO Packages in Australia, and in the Sydney area in particular. Here’s what to look for when you’re searching for a firm for your business.

How to Pick the Best SEO Marketing Agency

When looking for a SEO firm in Australia, or in Sydney in particular, there are a couple of key questions you should ask about every potential agency.

  1. Do they have experience? If your business is in Australia then you’re going to want to find an Australian SEO company that has a proven track record. In this case, you should judge the different SEO firms not just on how long they’ve been in business, but by the results they’ve achieved for their customers.
  2. A SEO marketing agency that’s easy to work with is also a must. While your site is being optimised you’re going to need to work closely with the firm of your choosing. That’s why you want to make sure that they have good customer service and are quick to answer any questions that you pose.
  3. If you have a business in Sydney, then you’ll want to pick an SEO company in Sydney that understands the area. That’s important because it’s important to find a SEO firm that understands your local area and is capable of optimising your website to attract local customers. Google is embracing local search results and in order to maximize this, hiring a SEO company from Sydney is a must. Here’s why.

Local SEO Work in Sydney

Large Electronics StoreLocal SEO results are already being prominently displayed in search engines. When you type in a query into Google:

“Best electronics store in Sydney”

In addition to the standard results, you’ll also usually find a list of businesses on the right hand side of the search results. These are local listings, and if your website ends up here it’s guaranteed to get more organic traffic. However, there’s a lot of competition for these spaces and only the best SEO companies in Sydney are going to stand a chance of getting your website into one of these spaces.  

While these local search results are already a prominent part of Google’s structure today, they’re going to become even more important in the future. There are two reasons for this.

  1. Location based devices (smartwatches and smart GPS units in cars) are growing in popularity. When a person uses one of these devices and they type a search into Google, they do it expecting to get a local result. If a person is walking around downtown Sydney and types in “best espresso” they don’t care about results from Perth or Brisbane. That’s why Google strives to offer the best local result possible. By hiring a firm to optimise your website for SEO, you can be one of the top ranked local businesses in your niche.
  2. Google works to promote local businesses. For local search results, given the choice between a large chain and a smaller local business, Google is more likely to pick the small guy. That’s good news if you’re running a business that isn’t grossing two hundred million a year.

Clearly local search results should play a big part in your SEO marketing strategy. They can be the difference between a 50% growth in traffic and a 300% growth in traffic. If you own or run a business in Sydney then you should be looking for a SEO company in Sydney that understands the area and will be able to propel your website to the top. There are a lot of options out there, but there is one firm that stands out from the pack. It consistently provides the best results to its clients, and offers a superior service to all Australian businesses.

SEO Packages Offered by Think Big Online

Picture of Sydney BayThink Big Online is an affordable SEO firm located in Sydney. We have experiencing working with customers from all over Australia, although our specialty is providing search engine optimisation services to businesses in the Sydney area. At Think Big Online we offer comprehensive SEO services to clients in a variety of different niches. We understand what it’s like for business owners in Australia and we always deliver a superior product to our clients.

Part of what makes us unique are the different SEO packages that we offer. In addition to optimising your website for Google and other search engines, we also offer Adwords (PPC) marketing. This is a great addition to any SEO campaign and in the correct situations can provide your website with a large boost in traffic. By targeting keywords that your SEO campaign may not necessarily include we can ensure maximum lead generation and sales.

Another service that we offer at Think Big Online is copywriting. This is essential because good copywriting is a big part of converting prospective customers into paying customers. SEO generates traffic to your website, but it’s the copywriting that sells the product. Our in-house copywriter was responsible for $3.7 million in sales during 2012 and he’s ready to put that expertise to work for you.

Finally, another popular service is A/B testing. When we A/B test your website, we implement two different configurations and use the results to determine the most effective layout. This is a special service offered at Think Big Online, and it’s not something that you’ll find at every SEO company in Sydney.

Optimise Your Website for SEO Today

The most obvious benefit that you can expect to see from SEO is an increase in organic traffic. That means less money spent on marketing, which will free you up to spend more on what really matters. SEO has been proven to be one of the most cost effective investments that a business can make.

SEO PlanAnother less tangible benefit is the authority and brand awareness that SEO can bring to your website. By appearing at the top of organic search results users will automatically assume that your business is an industry leader. That means that people will spend more time on your site, and be more likely to sign up for your mailing lists and buy your products.

Finally, potential clients who find your website through SEO are more likely to convert than people who find you through traditional advertising. The best SEO marketing agencies will be able to drive superior traffic to your website, while charging less than a traditional marketing firm.

Think Big Online is an affordable SEO firm based in Sydney, Australia. We know the local culture and we understand the needs of local businesses. This gives us a big advantage over the competition. We have years of experience in the field of online marketing and we’re one of the most respected SEO companies in Sydney. Give us a call today at 02-9460-0581 or get in contact with us through the form below. Don’t waste another day, optimise your website for SEO now!

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