Creating a Facebook Group has been one of the most current social media trends for most Facebook users.

In fact, marketers and non-marketers are now using Facebook groups in different ways. Students are using a Facebook Group for their group projects, families are using it as a party invitation, business owners are using it for networking and marketers are using it for different kinds of marketing strategies.


In this article, we are going to talk about every important detail that you need to know about a Facebook groups.

And, let us start by jumping into the most common knowledge you need to have before creating your own Facebook Group.

  • Basic of the basics – all you need to have to create a Facebook group is a Facebook account. You do not need to have a Facebook page to have a Facebook group.
  • When a member leaves your group you will not be notified.
  • A Facebook group can be deleted by removing all members.
  • You can share files, videos, pictures and within your group.
  • You can remove and block members that are being unethical.

Types of Facebook Group

Public Facebook Group

This is the most common type of group for people who want to generally grow an online Facebook buy and sell group or someone who wants to build a community of the same interest.  Here are some excellent group name and examples:

  • Buy & Sell Australia
  • Australia’s Fashion Blogger Community
  • Digital Marketing Freelancers in Australia

In this Facebook group setting, all Facebook users including the non-members will be able to see your group name, description, location, tags, members, and discussions.

Closed Facebook Group

This is the most advisable Facebook group type – if you are selling an online course, building a filtered online community with qualifications, creating a distributor group for your product resellers, and more.

In this Facebook group setting, all Facebook users will be able to search your group name, see your Facebook group description, admins, and members, Facebooks users can also send a member request but will be subject to approval by the group admins and moderators, and lastly, all your group discussions will be exclusive to your group members.

Pro Tip: To be more organise and in control, you can also fix your Facebook group settings to all members posts can be subject for approval and you can also add questions to your Facebook group for every Facebook user who would like to join.

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Secret Facebook Group

This is the most private type of Facebook group.  This should be the type of Facebook group you may want to use – if you want to use Facebook group features as the family invitation, have an exclusive group for your team at work, brainstorming ideas for a new product launch and any exclusive discussions that you want to remain extremely private.

Secret Groups are not indexed by Google and if someone has the URL to your secret they cannot gain access without being invited by another group member.

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